Esposa MILF mexicana disfrutando verga

Esposa MILF mexicana disfrutando verga
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I was a thirty year old man that had ED which was cured not by taking little blue pill, or, visiting doctors, but rather watching my wife being screwed by two foreign exchange students. I was thirty and having male issues, to be blunt, I could not obtain an erection. I went to my doctor and he gave me the blue pills.

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These did not work so he suggested that I go to a urologist. The urologist ran all kinds of test and they came back negative. He said that sometimes it is a psychological issue. Sometimes, we are all under a great deal of pressure and we can not relax. He stated that something will happen or you will see that will stimulate you and you will be back to normal. My wife Nicki was very understanding during this tough time.

We tried different thinks to get me excited again. We watched porno films, she applied creams and lotions on me, we tried kinky things but nothing worked. One night in bed, we were watching a program regarding sex.

The theme was "How to stimulate your sex life". A guy called up and he stated the way that he got his sex life back whenhe watched from the closet, as his wife was being nailed by her boss.

He said it was a turn on for him as well as for her. I started to look at my wife, Nicki said, there is no way. She laughed, my boss is close to seventy and your boss is a woman. She said there would be no way that she would making love to someone while I was in a closet watching. I didn't say a word but I thought it was kind of exciting. It was a forgotten matter. My problem still persisted and Nicki was coming more frustrated. I had to go on a business trip down to DC at the end of the month.

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Things were very tense in our house. She was on the phone with her girlfriend. She said to her, things have become desperate. I must do something that will get him out of this way. I'm not sure what it is but I have to do something. Nicki seemed to be in a world far away.

She was always in deep thought.

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She said that she had alot on her mind as she was planning to shoot which entailed lots of preparation. Nicki worked for small production company that did short films and documentaries. She set up the camera's, lighting and what was needed for the film. She was virtually a woman crew. It was a short trip as I would be gone for three days. I getting ready for my trip that morning, when I went to the living room. There was Nicki setting up camera's in all parts of the room.

I could tell that she was nervous about this particular shoot. I reminder her that I had called Charlie (our landscaper)and he was going to send Bjorn over to finish the yard. I said maybe I'll cancel him because he may get the way. She said, that will be fine as I'm sure that he will not get the way I reminded her that he should plant more flowers, trip the hedges and take care of that bush near the oak tree.

As I walked out the door, I heard her say, I'll be sure that he take care of the bush. When I returned, she was very excited to see me. I said that she looked exhausted. She said the shoot was more than she anticipated. She said this was a very cutting edge type of film for her. She stated that the project was exhausting. It fact she said, I almost scrapped the whole thing.

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I en counted obstacles that I was not sure if I could handle. She also said that the footage was very difficult to get. She said the scenes were only shot in two rooms. She said that she had five camera's in each room to get the proper angle. She said that the lighting was also an issue but she managed to overcome it.


Nicki laughed, things were bigger than I expected but when it was done, I was very satisfied. In fact you could say that I was satisfied on a number of occasions.

She said the goal with any film is to captivate the audience and you know that the end of the film I asked, What kind of film is it? She said you could say it is an action movie.

I can't wait to show you as ,I edited the film yesterday and today. Nicki said that she wanted to show me the film later tonight when we were in bed. We went to bed that evening, she laid very close to me. I never took my eyes off the film The first scene was of my living room and the door bell ring.

My wife came into the room in a tee shirt and jeans, and yelling for Bjorn to come in. Borg came into the room along with Hans.


Nicki said, I thought it was only going to Borg today. Bjorn said that Charlie thought since it was our last day, it might be easier for the both of us to handle the job. Hans said, I'm sure you will be pleased with the both of us. Nicki said, Hans I know that you have been here before and you have done fine work. Okay that will be fine.

She said I know that I could handle one but not two. I have to forget the whole thing, as she is shaking her head. Bjorn and Hans had a confused look on their faces. Never mind, said Nicki, I'm just talking silly. The guys went to the backyard to start work. Nicki stood and watched their every move.

It was warm and they took off their shorts.

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As the scene ends, Nicki was walking back to our bedroom taking off her tee-shirt The next scene opens up with my wife in tight shorts and and button down, low cut blue blouse. which showed off her beautiful breasts. She had the first button upon and there was plenty of cleavage to be seen. Bjorn and Hans come into the room for a drink of water as they were done. They were 6'2 with blue eyes, brown hair and very broad. Bjorn asked, where is MR P? Nicki said that he is out of town and she got their water.

She suggested that they take a break and go inside and sit down on the couch. She went into the kitchen and came back with cut up fruit which she placed on both end tables. She sat between them as she started playing with Bjorn's hair.

Do you guys have girlfriends? Bjorn said his girl was back in Sweden and Hans said his girl was back in Norway. It has been 2 year since we have seen them. Nicki said, you must be quite lonely. She turned towards Han's rubbing her hands on this chest. As she is rubbing his chest, he says the only bad thing about being a foreign exchange student is that it gets very lonely.

As he was talking, he is looking down my wife's blouse looking at her tits. My wife, yes they are real. Busted!!! He gets so nervous and embarrassed that he knocks over his drink on the table. My wife jumps up, don't worry, leans over to clean it up. The guys got a full view of her tight ass.

They smiled at each other as she sat back down. There was some body lotion on the table which she takes. Hans would you please put some on my legs. She lays across the guys with her legs in Han's lap and her head in Bjorn's lap.

Hans starts applying the lotion below her knee. Oh please Hans, on my thigh were it is dry. He takes his strong hands and begins rubbing the lotion into her thigh. She looks up at Bjorn, would get me a strawberry please? He takes the strawberry and doesn't know what to next. Nicki opens her mouth and he places the strawberry in her mouth.

She said, I love to suck the juices off. Hans was working his way up her thigh and Bjorn was feeding her more fruit. She felt Bjorn was quite ready and with her leg Hans was also ready I think it is time for you guys to get work.

Did you guys finish in the yard? Oh yes said Bjorn, My wife gets up, I believe that you guys have one more bush to work on. Bjorn's says, I thought we did everything. No not quite, there is a bush in my room that you need to work on.

As the scene ends, she is walking away towards our bedroom The next scene opens with my wife standing by the bed in a short shear black nightgown. She yells Bjorn, Hans come here. The guys come in and could not believe their eyes. The stood there and stared as if they were in cement.

My wife removed the nightgown and touches her bush. This is the bush that you need to work on as she touches her lips. It took all of 3 seconds for the guys to undress as the camera shows my wife's face with a large smile.

The camera shifts to Bjorn's with his large cock and Hans with his enormous cock. My wife climbs on the bed as Bjorn goes on one side and Hans on the other. My wife begins to kiss Hans as Bjorn is slow kissing down to Nicki's breasts.

Nicki reaches down to play with Hans cock. Bjorn plays with Nicki's nipple while reaching down to her pussy. His finger gently and slowly enters her. My wife pulls Hans closer to her as she reaches for his cock. Her tongue plays with top of his cock.

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Bjorn repositions himself between my wife's legs. He kisses her inner thighs working his way up to her lips. He placed his tongue on her moist lips. She wrapped her legs around his head so that he got a better sweeter taste.

He then sat up and placed in cock inside my wife very moist pussy He then thrust back and forth in Nicki While this was happening, she had placed Han's cock in her mouth.

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My wife's head drops back on the pillow as she begins to come never letting go of Hans cock. She begins to shiver as she comes with her hand sliding up and down on Hans' cock.

With in a few seconds, Bjorn's lets out a large grunt as he is ready to come. He shots his load over the side of the bed and then collapses onto the bed. My wife did not say a word as she went back to sucking Han's cock. He pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth and rolled her over. He then went behind her lifting her up. He started kissing and rubbing her ass.

The then was directly behind her. The camera zoomed in as his cock entered her wet pussy. You could see the juices around her lips as that cock went inside of her.

It went in deeper and deeper as my wife moaned in ecstasy. Oh Yessssssss she screamed. I could not believe that my wife came again, so quickly. Hans was not done as he continued to thrust back and fourth. The next shot was Nicki on top riding Hans. There was a close up of his cock going inside of her. Bjorn started kissing Nicki's breasts as he became hard again.

Nicki noticed that he was hard again and started stroking his cock while con tined to ride Hans.

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Han's face turn red as he came inside of her. Nicki climaxed for the third time just as Hans was finishing. She dropped on the side of Hans. My wife was like a wild animal. She pushed Bjorn on his back, placed her hands around his cock and sucked him off. The three of them went to sleep as the film ended. Nicki said "well I was able to captivate my audience" as we saw my erect cock as through my boxers.

We started kissing passionately like we had never done before. I rolled on top of her and placed my cock inside of her. She was so wet and It felt so good. You don't realize what you missing until you don't have it. The warmth of her body next to mine was a fantastic feeling. Nicki was moaning in pleasure as she came.

I felt the build up beginning and I tried to hold it but it was like a damn that burst. I don't think that I had every come for so long. The doctor was right, once I was able to overcome the initial problem, I was back to normal. In fact, Nicki and I lovemaking has never been better.