Gagged beauty hard whipping training

Gagged beauty hard whipping training
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I take a minute to think about it this time, bent over the couch, ass in the air for the third time this week. You'd have thought that by now I'd have learnt my lesson by now, but no if you can't listen then you must feel at least that is how my Master sees the world.

If only he knew how I wrack my brains coming up with mischievous things to do to earn my spankings.

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This time I'd taken it a little far, I know. I'd cum and left my wet panties on the bedroom floor, in a space that I was sure he would see them. My Master is not an unreasonable man, but is not a fan of messy living.

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I hear his footsteps and I close my eyes to sink back into a zone, a zone where I hope he doesn't realise how much I like my spankings, how I crave them and act out to deserve them. The real punishment is not having them, and I would surely earn that punishment if he ever did find out.


I thank him for the spanking I am about to receive, this is not one of his orders but rather something that I volunteered, being told my place always gets my neck tingling. At the age of 27 I find myself in little girl pink panties only bent over a chair, hair dangling to the floor, it's safe to steal a smile.

Then I feel hands on my back, strong large manly hands, hard and slightly scratchy to the touch and my skin begins to shiver even in the heat of the day.

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They roam over my back, caressing my bum that is so clearly on display, owning it, firm and with purpose. I barely prepare myself for the first one, easily sliding into the alluring false security of my Masters touch to be rudely shaken by a stinging slap to my left bum cheek. "Shit" I hiss under my breath, I guess I know who is in charge now, only to feel another smack full handed and sending me scooting over the arm of the chair slightly, this is followed by another 6 fast hard slaps in a row on my left cheek, so fast that I did not even have time to try and shy away from them.

I feel unbalanced now with one cheek that is on fire and must be looking a blushing shade of pink and one cheek perfectly cool and soft. I take a deep breath and centre myself again, the point of this being to get to that point where pain and pleasure mix in a haze of ungroundedness.

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He lifts his hand again, the threat is more than enough and I cower to the extent possible in this position I so willingly placed myself in. The stings rain down, I can't tell if he's actually making contact, it's just the edge of his fingers whipping against the apple of my behind over and over and over, at some point I can't hold in my breath to stabilise the pain any longer and when I take a breath the pain comes rushing through me, the vicious tumbling of the waves of pleasure eating away at my resolve and I scream out as my pussy floods.

My Master knows that he has just again beat my spirit and stubbornness, taking the control from me and plunging me into a sea of dark and light, pain and pleasure, reality and unconsciousness.

The orgasm rolls my body through a fever of pleasure and finally I see the surface and I reach it with the tingling effects of that rough current still plaguing my body in a delicious delirium of dream versus being awake. Play time has just begun for my Master and he is now going to hammer his point home in every way that he can.


He playfully strokes my warmly flushed cheeks with the hook of his index finger, my eyes are still drunk and drugged in pleasure and lust. This serves his purpose well as he takes advantage of this and pulls the panties back up between my legs, further than they should go until I feel them slip between my wet lips and pull tightly against my clit and he keeps pulling, the string up between the crack of my bottom and he then roughly man handles my wanting cunt covering it completely with one hand and rubbing all the wetness into the panties until they are soaked.

As uncomfortable as this may be I wouldn't know, I am lost in the craving of any attention to my warm cunt. His hand becomes wet with the teasing of my pussy and soon he removes my little girl panties only to make me wear them as a gag, wet part now in my mouth.

I have never admitted to my Master that not only have I tasted myself before but also that I enjoy the taste, his eyes look evil and I pretend to fight the intruder in my mouth, entertaining and amusing him. He grabs my hair in his fist and tells me to lie down on my back in the middle of the bed, legs open wide, eyes shut. I do as he says excited at the prospect of being tied up but acting non chalantly in case he should see me.

I hear him enter and then I hear a soft hum and I know it's a toy he is going to torture me with. He slowly rubs the tip of his finger down from my neck, over my chest, tummy and through my lips, I relax again in a lull of security and suddenly he grabs a hold of my left ankle, I have entertained and enjoyed the thought of being spread eagle tied and I lie back to relish the sensations, and my left arm is yanked abruptly and before I can comprehend what is happening he has tied my knee and wrist together, and then he starts on the right set.

I consider my predicament and start trailing through the recesses of my mind for my safeword but before I can any firm hold on a trail of thought I am plunged into darkness with a blindfold.

There is no movement now and I lie nervously contemplating the fate that I so eagerly entered into.

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Giving my Master a false sense of control while secretly enjoying what is happening was acceptable but this, this was me helpless naked and bound and at the mercies of a delightfully wicked man. The humming came back into my ears and I felt finger tips tracing over the soft flesh of my heated pussy, never inside, never my clit, but everywhere else, over and over, the finger explored the flesh varying in speed and force, my pussy wanted to be touched inside, it wanted to be touched badly, my clit was practically begging, swollen and out of its hiding place and still the fingers continued, maddeningly slow, gentle and avoiding where I wanted them most.

I began to squirm, not of a conscious decision, but my body now had a need of its own and my skin, my flesh shivered and trembled with need of its own volition.

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My breathing was now shallow but rugged and I considered my options carefully, I fought against the need that was raging inside of me making my pussy soak itself over and over until eventually breathless and full of defeat I whispered the words that I knew my Master was hungering for, "Please." The bullet vibrator cold and intrusive was pushed merely into the opening of my pussy, not enough to do more than lead me into unbearable frustration, as my nipples felt a rough tongue swirl and consume them one at a time.

The vibrator on low, and the feel of warm breath near my shoulder and collar bone, and then a cool breeze, stiffening my wet nipples as it chilled them, only to be nibbled and pulled gently to warmth and again with the cool air freezing them momentarily until they stood out, confused, swollen and hard, willing to accept any feeling but anticipating none, just as long as they could be given attention again. My pussy again contracting wildly trying to pull or push or cause some movement on the little bullet, squeezing thin air over and over as the blowing extended down my torso and finally to my cunt.

I felt my Master move down, quietly relishing the fact that I would finally be given the attention I wanted, only to feel the cruel cool air rushing over my clit causing me to squirm wildly. I rocked and squeezed and squirmed, desperation now not just my feeling but my master as well.

Teasing and taunting me edging me slowly closely to the edge of madness where my pussy clenched for dear life, I was a puddle of begging, shivering, whimpering girl, incoherent and lost, I couldn't hold on any more, I felt myself slipping into the darkest deepest unknown and as my mind let go you ordered "Cum!" and I slipped passed it all until I was the fluid gushing from my cunt and reaching death-defying speeds in a whirlwind of ultimate ecstasy.

I awoke, lying in your arms, your chest warm against my face.

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With a cheeky smile you whisper in my ear, "maybe next time you should leave the wet towel on the bathroom floor". I smile back, I've met my match.