Sexo amador com a namorada japa

Sexo amador com a namorada japa
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I had noticed that I got very excited at the sight of female feet from the age of 9, but I only had the courage to take this forward when I was 20, and the person I had my first foot fetish experience was, none other than my 18 year old cousin. She had the most beautiful skin, soft, smooth, warm and fair.


Her eyes were enchanting and whenever she came over to visit, she would always end up barefoot or kept her socks on. She had the most perfect feet, pink soft soles, delicate and smooth heels, cute and petite toes.

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It was a Saturday night, we were in my room doing things we always did when she came home, played cards or wrestling, with her always winning (since I let her). It was a cold, windy night so she decided to keep her sneakers on. I tried my best to concentrate on what we were doing, but the thought of her beautiful toes and warm feet submerged in her sneakers got my heart racing.

I did my best to hide my erection, which had made itself present in my pants. As we continued to hang out, the games got boring, and that's when it happened, she undid her laces and loosened her sneakers, but still keeping them on.

I decided to break the ice.

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Is everything okay? I asked, trying to be as nornal as possible. She replied: "Yeah dude, just tired from walking around the mall today, and my feet hurt". That was it! I knew if I had to make a move, it had to be now or never, so I calmly said, "Hey cuz, if you allow me, I wouldn't mind giving you a foot massage, I promise you will feel better afterwards".

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To my surprise she said " That would actually be awesome". She got up, laid on her tummy with her legs facing me and gently kicked off her sneakers. Naturally I was expecting her feet to be smelly from walking around all day, but to my absolute surprise and delight, my cousin was one of those girls who did not have smelly feet.

As she lowered her feet towards my lap, I quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it on my lap so that her feet would not touch my raging hard erection that was dying to be released from my jeans. Her feet finally came to rest on the pillow as she pulled her phone out and got glued to it.

I gently touched her feet, feeling her warm socks, as I began gently massaging her soles through her socks. I pushed my knuckles into her soles and then rubbed up and down her foot with my thumbs. After about 20 minutes, I mustered the courage to ask her: "Hey, this would be more effective without your socks in the way, can I take them off?" Her reply was "Yes, but won't you feel dirty, considering I was walking around the whole day?" "Cuz, relax and let me take away all the stress from your feet, you deserve it after the day you had", was all I was able to blurt out before returning my hands to her soft feet.

I gently pulled off her socks, one by one until I had her bare feet on my lap. I began massaging them whilst at the same time, trying to hold back from bursting my load in my pants. After a while it got too much to handle, as I started to rub myself with my right hand whilst I massaged her feet with the left.

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Feeling my massage with one hand, she turned to me, which made me jump at being caught. Although she didn't see what I was up too, it did make her suspicious as to why I was massaging her with one hand.

I then lost control, and threw the pillow to the floor and let her feet rest against my hard cock. This immediately triggered a reaction from her, when she turned back and was greeted with my pole, standing hard in my pants.

What she did next shocked me.

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She flipped over, and whispered: "Wow cuz, I think you need to loosen up, it looks like your zip is going to burst any second". As she said this to me, an embarassed look shot across my face, which made me drop my head, when I suddenly felt a hand pull at my zip, and behold, it was my cousin, pulling down on my zip. As she pulled it further down, my cock began throbbing with excitement at being released any second.

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Once she pulled my zip all the way down, my cock shot out, still covered by my boxer shorts. You could see the front of it soaked, as a result of my pre-cum. Having felt this level of comfort, I proceeded to open my belt and let down my pants, sitting there with just my boxers and my rock hard dick probing its' way through my boxers.

I told my cousin that I had a foot fetish and was really turned on by her feet. "Do you think my feet are pretty cuz"? My reply was a loud "YES", which shot a smile across her face.

She pushed the soles of her feet onto my dick and began rubbing her feet up and down, causing me to moan in utter passion, and the naughty look on her face made it more worth while. Here I was, with just my boxers, and my 18 year old cousin, rubbing her sexy feet on my cock. Naturally I began thrusting my hips forward, to meet her feet and feel it press harder against my cock.


She threw her head back, and that was when I took her right foot in my hand, and put it to my face, inhaling as deep as I could.

Her foot did not smell dirty, but instead smelt of a mixture of rubber, and a sweet smell (which I guessed was from her lotion). I then grew bolder, and decided to lick her sole, to which I heard a soft moan of pleasure from her. I got more bolder and began licking her sole even faster, as her moan got louder, whilst her left foot worked my throbbing dick. I licked her sole till it was wet and pink like I was used to seeing, before shifting to her left foot.

I continued this for 20 minutes, before taking her toes deep into my mouth, unleashing a scream of pleasure from her. I sucked her toes, in between her toes all the way down to her heels and then back up again.

The pleasure drove her over the edge as she pulled my boxers down, and began stroking my dick with her hands, I almost blew my load there.

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It was not until she wrapped her warm feet around my dick and started stroking me up and down, that I started my moaning. It seemed my moaning gave her courage as she got faster and faster in perfect rhythm. I was nearing my end and told her this.

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She continued whilst looking me dead in the eye. I could not hold it back anymore, and I blew my load all over her toes. The first shot went in the air and landed on her knee, but every shot after that, landed directly on her feet and dripped between her toes. I think I came for a full 5 minutes, before I came to my senses and felt my dick start to soften.

I opened my eyes to find her rubbing her feet together, letting my cum cover those pretty soles and toes. She got up after that, washed her feet and came back to sit next to me. She took her feet and started using her toes to play with my balls, and rubbed her soles on the length of my dick, until my dick began growing again. Stay tuned for part 2!