Used Stunning Teen Automobile Fucking

Used Stunning Teen Automobile Fucking
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Eva watched warily as the white cargo van stopped next to the curb and the man in the passenger seat leaned out the window. "Hey, baby," he called to her, motioning her to come closer. "How much for me and my partner here, two at once, take us around the world?" he asked as Eva stepped a bit closer. She glanced quickly across the street and saw Carla, her partner, talking to another prospect through the open passenger window of his car.

"You looking for short time or long time?" she asked, hoping they wanted to play a while. "What's the difference?" the prospect asked. "It's one fifty, one person, for up to an hour I'll do you both for two fifty. Long time, two hundred an hour for the both of you. You pay for the room, of course." She smiled, hoping they liked the prices; it was getting damned cold as the sun went down, and an evening fucking in a warm hotel room could make her a few hundred bucks.

Maybe this weekend she could go to see Cody, her son, who was living with her in-laws. She could take a day off tomorrow, smoke a rock or two, and go see him Saturday, if her in-laws would let her.

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She'd have to stay straight for that. The driver and passenger conferred a bit, taking longer than Eva had expected.

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"One fifty an hour, short or long time, I'll cut you a break," she said finally, wishing they would hurry up. A quick conversation between the two, then the passenger said, "Cool, hop in the back and we'll go to our hotel…" Eva was shaking her head no. "We usually use the Star, across the street there," she pointed, toward where Carla was still haggling with her prospect.

"We got a room at a better place already," the passenger said, looking at his partner.

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"Already got the room, paid for, nicer hotel…We'd really rather go there…" To make his point, her pulled a roll of bills out of his trouser pocket and slipped the rubber band off them, as if to count them.

Eva glanced over at Carla again, to see her disappearing into the Star while her prospect drove around the corner to find a parking place. Damn, it was getting chilly out here… "Done, then," she said, grabbing the door handle to slide the cargo door open.

It slid toward the rear of the van and Eva started to step in, then realized someone else was there three others, in fact, all men.

Two of them grabbed her arms, one on each side, and yanked her into the van, while the third pulled the door closed behind her. Eva was violently slammed to the floor of the back of the van, and the two men who had hold of her arms grappled to hold her down as the third shoved his hand under her skirt.


There were no panties there for him to strip off her and stuff in her mouth for a gag, so he looked around the back of the van and found an oily cloth to gag her with. Eve kicked and bucked wildly, trying to escape, until one of the two men holding her down punched her once, twice in the face, almost knocking her unconscious, leaving her only semi-lucid… [] [] [] There seemed to be a heavy mist swirling around them as Eva and her husband, Don, shared their last night in bed together before he was to leave for Afghanistan; their last night in bed together ever, as it turned out.

He kissed her passionately as they stripped each other, his shorts and her panties and nightshirt thrown to the floor as they explored each other's bodies, searching out those spots they already knew would send each other wild with passion.

On their knees facing each other, Don pushed her back so that her lower legs were underneath her, her knees spread, her pussy wide open to his probing fingers, followed quickly by his tongue. She came once, twice as he ate her pussy, then a third time and a fourth as he mounted her in the same position and fucked her, starting with long slow strokes of his cock.

He increased the tempo gradually, until he was fucking her as fast and as hard as he could, his cock pistoning in and out of her as her orgasm rolled over her in waves… [] [] [] Eva slowly came back around and realized she was being pulled from the van and hustled into a nearby building.

She could feel the wetness between her thighs, the cum inside her pussy, and knew one of the men, maybe more, had already taken a turn at her in the back of the van. The building was an abandoned tenement, condemned and posted as awaiting demolition. One of the men used a key to open the heavy padlock so they could get inside, and Eva glimpsed the original padlock, that they had cut off the door, lying on the ground a few feet away.

The five men dragged Eva up two flights of stairs, past mounds of trash, and into an abandoned apartment, then back into a bedroom, empty except for a box spring and mattress on the floor, both of which had obviously seen better days, judging by the stains and torn fabric. Eva was thrown onto the bed, her skirt and tube top ripped off her, and two men held her down as a third, one they called Rico, who had been driving the van, stepped between her thighs and dropped his pants.

Eva tried to struggle once again, squirming and wriggling as he tried to line his cock up on her cunt, and one of the other men punched her in the face again, twice, harder than before.

She blacked out as Rico began to fuck her, shoving his cock as deep into her as it would go. [] [] [] The fog was back, as the Marine chaplain at her door told Eva Don's patrol had been ambushed and Don had been killed in the firefight that followed.

She could see herself after that, moving in with Don's parents with her son Cody, her attempts to find work in a faltering economy with no job skills, finally finding herself turning to prostitution to make some money to help out with the bills around the house. To overcome the guilt, she had turned to drugs, marijuana at first to help her relax while she turned her tricks, then harder drugs later on to help her cope, and finally the crack cocaine.

After her first arrest, her in-laws had tried to help her get off the drugs and straighten her life out, but it hadn't worked.


Within two weeks, she had been arrested again, again for prostitution and possession, and a third arrest followed a week after she bailed out of jail the second time. Her in-laws asked her to move out then, and told her they were keeping Cody with them until she was able to get off drugs and stay clean.

[] [] [] Eva came to again, and determined this time to just go with whatever happened to keep from being hit again. Another of the men was fucking her now, one called JayJay, and another one, whose name she didn't catch, was pulling her around on the bed by her hair.

She now lay across a corner of the bed, so that her cunt was exposed on one side and her head near the edge on another. JayJay continued fucking her, ramming his cock deep into her pussy, while the one who had pulled her around put the head of his cock to her lips. "Suck it, bitch," he ordered, and Eva opened her lips to take the cock into her mouth.

He thrust his cock into her mouth, pushing until it was in her throat, gagging her, and she looked up to see him holding a gun to her head. "You bite it, cunt, an' I'll blow your fuckin' brains out," he told her, obviously unaware that from the angle he was holding the gun to her head, he had a very good chance of blowing his own cock off as well.

Regardless, Eva had already guessed that any attempt at retaliation on her part wouldn't be a good idea, and had decided to just go with whatever they wanted to do to her in order to get out alive and, hopefully, uninjured.

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JayJay fired his load of cum into her cunt, and his place was immediately taken by another one she had heard the others call Mac. He pounded his cock into her pussy, thrusting as rapidly and as deeply as he could.

The one whose cock she had been sucking, she had heard someone call him Georgie, pulled his cock out in time to splatter his cum all over Eva's face, then another took his place as well, Rico, the one who had fucked her earlier.

Mac began to cum, shoving his cock as deep into her cunt as he could as he blew his cum into her, then he was replaced in turn by another one, Santo.


He was probably the most vicious of them all, pinching and twisting her nipples as he fucked her, and slapping her almost senseless once Rico had pulled his cock from her mouth. It went on for several hours, as Eva was repeatedly fucked vaginally and anally, and had cock after cock shoved into her mouth. None of them was gentle with her, but she was used to rough customers, and had even been involved in a few gangbangs that became a bit rough. She hadn't cared for them much, she wasn't fond of the rough stuff, but it was all part of the job, and she had taken it, and the money that came with it.

This time, though, was nothing more than gang rape, and she had no illusions she was going to be paid for her trouble this time. The only time she got a break from having a cock rammed down her throat was when Santo fucked her. He was so rough, slapping and beating her about the face and head as he fucked her, and even choking her as he fucked her, none of the others were willing to have their cock in Eva's mouth as he was fucking her.

He was just as bad when she was sucking his cock, shoving it so far down it gagged her and keeping it there, and choking her when he wasn't gagging her. He left her breasts and face black and blue, but none of them gave her a break, fucking her and feeding her cock continuously for hours.

While they were fucking her, Eva could smell the smoke as they smoked the rocks she had been carrying with her, and began to become frantic that now she had none left for herself. Santo was fucking her again and began to choke her, and she forgot her resolution not to resist and began to struggle with him in her anxiety over her crack. He beat her even harder than before, and began choking her, still pounding his cock into her ass, and she lost consciousness again.

[] [] [] "I miss you so much, Eva," a soft voice was saying from somewhere in the fog. The voice seemed to come from all directions at once, and was so faint, almost a whisper, she could not tell who it was.

"Who…where are you?" she called out, turning and looking, unable to locate the voice or its owner. [] [] [] Rico looked at Eva, unconscious on the bed, her legs splayed apart, their cum seeping from her cunt and splattered across her face and body.

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"Shit, man, we can't just leave the fuckin' bitch here, she's seen us, she can identify us," he said as he pulled on his pants. Georgie grinned and pulled a revolver from his jacket pocket.

"No sweat, man, she ain't gonna say a fuckin' word to nobody," he replied, shoving the muzzle of the weapon into Eva's mouth. Mac returned just then, his cock in his hand, hoping there was room for him to get another turn at her pussy or fuck her in the throat one more time. "Awright, I'm all set," he began. [] [] [] Eva heard her name being called again and finally located the voice, in the fog behind her, and turned to see a familiar figure standing there, outlined in the dim light.

"Don?" she asked, trembling, then stepped toward him, afraid if she moved too quickly he would disappear. "I'm here, love," Don replied, holding his arms out to her, folding them around her as she pressed her body into his.

"I'm here&hellip." [] [] [] Mac heard the blast as Georgie pulled the trigger, the magnum slug tearing the top of Eva's head off and splattering brains and gore over the wall on the far side of the bed.

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"Motherfuck me, man, why the hell did you do that?" he asked Georgie, his hard cock still in his hand. "She woulda ID'd us to the cops, man, c'mon, get your clothes on, we're gonna split," JayJay told him, throwing Mac his clothes. The other three, already dressed, began to leave the apartment and head out of the building, but Mac dropped his clothes on the floor and stepped across to Eva's body.

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"Shit, man, she ain't cold yet," he mumbled to himself. He wanted one last turn at this bitch, and by God he was gonna get it. Rico, the last one out the door, turned back to see Mac push his cock into the dead whore's cunt, and just shook his head as he hurried down the hall to catch the other two.

"Hey, guys, wait up," he called out. "You ain't gonna believe this…" [] [] [] Detective Lieutenant Mullaney had been working Homicide over twelve years now, and was getting close to retirement. He arrived at the abandoned tenement and parked his car out front, along with the half dozen or so marked cars that were there, along with the evidence van, their lights flashing in the rain.

The medical examiner's van was already there as well, but Mullaney knew they wouldn't move the body until he had a chance to look at it.

The medical examiner was standing in the hallway outside the apartment, talking to one of the uniform cops, when Mullaney made it up the stairs. He looked over at Mullaney and told him casually, "Obvious gunshot, took the top of her head off, probably been dead at least 36 hours." Mullaney grunted and started to walk into the apartment when the uniformed cop quipped, "Just another dead crack whore, Lieutenant." Mullaney stopped and turned to look at the uniformed cop, checking his nametag.

"Really, Officer Camden? Just another dead crack whore?" Mullaney took his glasses out of his pocket and took time to wipe them clean before he put them on, then looked back at the officer. He was young, probably no more than a year on the force, a year and a half tops just enough to get over being a rookie and start feeling cocky.

"She's someone's daughter, Officer Camden. Maybe someone's sister, or mother, or girlfriend, or wife you ever stop to think about that, Officer Camden? She didn't deserve this, and she certainly deserves for whoever did it to be brought to justice for it, just as much as any other person in this city. You remember that, and take it to heart, and you might get somewhere in this job.

Otherwise you'll be just another blue-suited flatfoot collecting a paycheck and waiting to get your thirty years in so you can retire. It's not your job to decide whether or not someone is worthy of justice, your job is to see they get it." Mullaney turned to the medical examiner again.

"More than I've said in a fuckin' week," he told him. "Fuckin' noobs…" he said as he went into the apartment.

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