Gay sex videos twink first time Then he goes back to smooching him

Gay sex videos twink first time Then he goes back to smooching him
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This continues for 'fun in the dorm bed' please comment For the next few days we chilled and nothing really happened between us until we decided to bunk prep one night.

James and I were very tired from rugby and since we didn't have any home work we didn't go to prep and instead went to his bed cubical to what some movies.

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While he went to the bathroom to take a leak, I took out his laptop and started looking at his movies because he said that I could choose which one we watch. It was all old movies I had seen before until I came across a file called 'new'.

I double-clicked and boom, I had found the biggest porn stash I had ever seen in my life. I click on 'little horny slut's vol.4' and started watching. About 10 minutes into this hour long porno, James came back. He was surprised that I had found his porn and sat next to me watching it.

By that time I had a massive boner in my pants that if you looked really hard you could see and as I would soon find out, James's saw it. 20 minutes into the movie the slut started riding the guy's 8 inch cock and evidently I still had my raging rock hard cock in my pants. While in deep concentration watching this girl been pumped in the pussy, I felt James's hand slowly reach under the elastic waist band of my boxers. In my boxers he slowly started fondling my shaved balls and I was beginning to precum but suddenly from out of now where our head of house, a gr 12, poked his head around the corner of the cubical wall spotting us.

James quickly removed his hand from my boxers; his hand now had precum all over it. Luckily the sight of James with his hand down my pants was blocked by the laptop screen and the head of house didn't notice anything. After he gave us a whole lecture on bunking prep, he gave us punishment. We would have to wash the dishes after supper while everybody else left to take their free hour.

Later that night. We sat at the same table together, waiting for everyone else to finish eating and leave so we could start the gruelling job of washing everybody's dish's which would take a long time. Once everybody had left we reported to the kitchen to be met by the head of house. He pointed to the basin, cloth, dishes and said one word "go". We started washing dishes but after awhile we could not stand the boredom anymore. I had a plan and I whispered it into James's ear. As soon as I told him, he azure blue eyes lit up with excitement.

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We had unfinished business from before He dropped his cloth on the floor and he slowly got onto his knees under the sink counter, and then came the sound of my pants fly been unzipped. I continued to wash the dishes as I would normally do and then I felt it.


His perfect pink lips slowly embraced around the head of my hard cock and slowly but surely he to it into his mouth, inch by inch. The feeling was absolutely glorious. With his one hand he played with my ball sack again and with the other he played with my ass cheeks.

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I felt the immense sucking power of his mouth as he moved up and down my shaft with his tongue rolling from side to side. All this was happening while I was still washing dishes from under the sink counter, what a thought. He started moving it in and out faster and faster because he knew I was close to cumming and he wanted to give me the best cum possible.

Then the feeling hit me, I became weak in the knee's and almost felt like I was going to be able to support my own body weight and would collapse to the ground but it was too good to let that happen.


He kept sucking while I was reaching my cum point. I dropped my cloth in the basin and grabbed onto the ledge of the counter it felt so good and need to keep myself standing up, then my cock jumped in his mouth. One shot. Two shot. Three shot.

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4 shots of my great cum rolled down the back of this throat. He continued to suck my cock dry of any evidence that I had just came.

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It all seemed way too good to be true . and it was. Just as that thought ran through my mind, I looked through the serving counter window to see the head of house walking towards the kitchen. I relayed this information to James below the sink.

He swiftly grabbed my cock and tucked it back into my boxers and he then zipped up my pants but it was too late. The head of house bolted into the kitchen asking me were James was, I was lost for words.

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Then all of a sudden James pops up from under the counter (the head if house couldn't see him under the counter from his side because it was closed off) and said "here I am". The head looked suspiciously at him and asked him what he was doing under there. He then made up the excuse that he was fetching the cloth he dropped.

I thought we were in the clear. The head noticed a white substance on James face and asked him what it was. James quickly wiped of off with the sleeve of his tip and made up another excuse of custard.

Weird colour custard said the head and he walked off. This time we were really safe. Wow nearly caught twice in one night but it was all worth it in the end.

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The excitement was the best part of all of it and I couldn't wait for the next time we would do something dangerous like we had just done, thoughts of new things to do were already running through my head.

After we finished, we went and showered in our own showers then we headed to our dorm and went to bed.