Doghouse Ficke Ihn Und Sie Können Mich Ficken

Doghouse Ficke Ihn Und Sie Können Mich Ficken
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I spent the whole day at Alex's place saturday.and by night I went home, I kept thinking about what we had done.and even had a wet dream, of course.I knew I was bi but like him, I liked boys better, and I never really thought of me falling in love with my new found best friend.and in just one year.

Sunday we texted eachother, mostly only to disturb him, then I went to have a haircut and I ended my day with him like that, and finally on school we met again. "Hey Alex!" I said screaming at him.

"Hey Buttface" He said when I got near. "Got anything to do today.besides homework?" I asked. "Nope.well.after class I got robotics club.but that's only 1 hour or so." he said. "So we can go home togheter.I got sword club anyway." I said.

"So we meet after 3rd class" he said. "Tired?" I asked. "Yeah. a little." He said. "You can lean over my arm if you want." I said joking. "Nah thanks.I'd like to have my pillow and not some chubby body" He said smirking. "Oh.Now I'm fat huh?" I asked.

"Duh." he said. I said "Well you gotta prove it to me." I said poking his chest tickling him. "No way! Cut it out!" He said laughing. "So.?" I asked. "Hoe.oh.nice haircut by the look if you're 14." he said. "come you're overdoing it." I said. "Don't like being called young? Ok.Old man" he said laughing. "Shush.You gotta go to class anyway.and me too." I said. "Ya.but you're keeping me here." He said.

I looked around and we were the only ones in the hallway, I looked at him and gave him a peck on the lips. "You better go before you get in trouble." I said. "Yeah.uh.thanks for the little kiss." He said. "Talk to you later chubs" I said moving away to my class and him to his.

After the first 3 classes, we went to have a snack and I sat with him and some friends. His mood ws totally different from the one in the morning, he seemed happier and turned on, he'd talk, joke around and other stuff.much more around his friend Mark, he was random and funny, anytime we were all togheter he'd do something random, like a silly face or anything alike it.

"What are you watching.?" I asked Alex. "Spongebob.shhh" he said putting his hand on my face. "Whatever you say Squarepants." I said drinking a little of Gatorade, I noticed Mark looking at it for some minutes until I looked at was as if his eyes were shining while he looked at the Gatorade bottle. " want some Mark.?" I asked. "You bet I do!" He said grabbing the bottle fastly.

" must love Gatorade."I said. " He does.he's a sucker for Gatorade" Alex said. "Shut up Spongebob." He said. "ya ok.Gatorade." Alex said poking his face.

"I feel myself surrounded by kids." I said opening my mentos. They looked at me with a creepy smile. "Get Him!" They screamed tickling me all over until I fell of the floor with my eyes tearing. "T-That's not fair!" I said regaining my breath.

"Blah.shut up." Alex said grabbing my mentos fom me and running off with Mark. "Hey Hey! Give it back!" I screamed running after them, when I caught both we ended up cacking up and Alex returned me the Mentos. After the other classes, we had to stay a little more for our clubs and when we were done I was walking through the hallway and I met Alex getting choked by a big dude, he let go of him and pushes him against the locked, all I did was get near and punch the guy, he fell on the floor holding his jaw and looked at me in anger.

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"Are you crazy or you want to die today.?" He said.his name was Nathan Green.he was actually an ass. "Alex can you wait outside.I'm not gonna take long." I said, he only nodded and ran. I was left alone with Nathan. "Out of my way are only an outsider.don't act like you are all cool" He said.

"Maybe.but I got more true friends than you do on your little lifetime." I said. "Bitch." he said running at me to attempt a punch. I did nothing but put the Bamboo sword in front of his hand with it still in it's cover."Youd do know it's a rule not to use objects from the clubs outside their respective clubs right!?" He asked.


"I'm not using least not unless I take it off.but I didn't." I said before I pushed it against his stomach, "now.I'm going home.if you lie a finger on Alex again.I'm not gonna only make you trip and fall." I said slowly walking away then I hear him running against me, I took the sword still in it's cover and slammed it against his chest making him fall down coughing, then, I walked off school where Alex was waiting for me.

"What happened inside there?" He asked. "I should be the one asking you that." I said.

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"I dunno, he only came at me and grabbed my throat! That guy's crazy!" He said. "Maybe he is."I said. "Hum.thanks for coming." He said. "No problem."I said walking through him. "still can't let him hurt my boyfriend.uhhh.I mean." I let out.

"What did you say?" He asked. "Can't let him hurt you." I said. " said I'm your boyfriend." He said. " hum.wanna be my boyfriend.?" I asked, a bit ashamed. "No." he said.

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"Oh.hum." I let out. "Just kidding buttface.of course I want to!" He said hugging me. "Wow.don't do that.I had a mini heart attack." I said relieved. He looked at me, only then I noticed he was wearing glasses.

"What.?" He asked. "You actually did came with glasses on." I said smiling. "Duh." He said. "Shut up." I said as I pulled him by his shirt as we walked home, we went chatting all the way home until we stopped in front of my house. "What buttface.? Not gonna let me go home?" He asked. " one is home right now.wanna.make me company?" I asked.

"Oh.alright." He said turning to my house as I opened the door. "Make yourself at home." I said as he only took off his shoes, I sat on the couch and he sat by my side leaning over my shoulder.

"Wow.boney." he said. "What.? You're sore or something.?" I asked. "I just had to work like.for real today." He said. "I got an idea." I said getting up and moving behind the couch putting my hands on his shoulders "Tell me what you think of it when I'm done" I said as I started massaging him, he closed his eyes, he was enjoying it.

"Mnnn." He let out.people always said I had a special touch with massages.and I actually liked doing that.and then when I got tired, I stopped. " was it.?" I asked.

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"Awsome.awww why did you stop?" he asked. " hands got tired!" I said. "I bet you don't get them tired jacking off." He said. I jumped back near him. " hands are tired.but my lips are up to this." I said leaning to kiss him. We started making out in the living room, and when I touches his crotch, he looked at me and smiled.

"Change places.?" he asked.

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"We better.let's go to my room." I said guiding him there, we got in and I fell on the bed, he got on me and we continued making out, I began stripping him naked as we did that.and he did the same to me.and in no time we were touching our dicks togheter, we were leaking precum like crazy, I switched places with him and grabbed his dick while I lowered myself.I kissed his dickhead and started sucking on it.he moaned loud caressing my hair as I sucked on him.

"It's so.good.don't stop." He said, but I stopped anyway. "Wanna try a 69.?" I asked. "Sure.get that dick here." He said, I positionated myself and kept on sucking on him, with him sucking on me felt amazing then he stopped his blowjob.

"what.?" I asked. "I gotta repay you for the otherday right.?" he asked. "If you want." I said. "I do want" He said getting on his hands and knees. "I wanted to try something different." I said as I spreaded his buttcheeks so I could see his virgin hole.I still couldn't believe on what I was doing.but I was going to do it anyway.I licked his hole, he seemed a little surprised and tensed up a little.but soon he got relaxed as I ate his ass softly sticking my tongue inside it, he moaned and moaned as I stick it in deeper and finally, stopped it.

"Ready?" I asked pointing my 6.9 inches dick at his now fresh-with-spit hole. "Come on." He said. "I'll go slow." I said slowly and carefully sliding it in, I felt the head going inside and he gave a quick jump. "Are you ok.?" I asked. "'s just.I'm new to this." he said. " too." I said as I remained stopped for some minutes.then I warned him. "I'm going to start moving now ok.?" I asked. "Ok.but go slow" he said as I slid it in a bit deeper, he moaned softly and I went back and forth slowly.and when he got used to itI asked him.

"Can I speed it up.?" "Do it!" He said.almost like demanding. I went a little faster and he moaned loud, I held him through his hips and went faster, he put his arms back, holding my ass forcing me deeper, he felt and squeezed it pulling me deeper into him.I loved how he did that.

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"It's all the way in!" I screamed between my moans. "Ah Matt!


Fuck me." He said "Let's change positions." I said sliding it out. "Right." He said, panting a little and turning around putting his legs up and holding them behind his knees, I leaned and gave a quick suck on his rock hard dick and pointed my dick at his ass again.

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"You drive me crazy you know." He said. "Thanks." I said sliding it in again, he hugged my neck and I moved slow thrusts on him and he moaned softly as I gave small bites on his ear.I continued my moves, I could tell he was loving it as much as I was.I looked at him smiling, our faces sweaty, I couldn't resist it, I went and kissed him passionatedly.I caressed his hair as we kissed and my thrusts became deeper and faster, I broke the kiss and he got up over my lap as I held him, my dick still inside him.I gave one last thrust and I moaned loud as we came togheter, he came on my chest as I filled him with my cum.we kissed again as our orgasms died out, I slid my dick out and finally we laid on my bed panting and looking at eachother.

"It was.intense." I said trying to regain my breath. "And.there goes our virginities." he said. "I guess." I said before laughing a little. ".Matt." he said looking at me. "Yeah.?" I asked. "I love real." He said. "get here chubs." I said pulling him for another kiss. " I love you're my boyfriend and I want to give you all my love."I continued. "I knew you were special" He said.

"And I'm a good friend too.don't forget that shorty." I said winking at him. " I'm chubby AND Shorty?" He asked.


"Pretty much." I said laughing. "You're an idiot." He said. "Thanks." I said, then I felt his hand holding my face. "Not supposed to be compliment!" He said.

"Thanks anyway." I said taking his hand off my face.


"Buttface." He said. "Oh come on.I'm kidding.come on, let's get cleaned up and I'll walk you home." "Fine with me!" He said as we got up and walked to the bathroom, totally satisfied with ourselves.

-To be continued-