Ella sabe moverlo lo hace rico

Ella sabe moverlo lo hace rico
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Fbailey story number 520 You Undressed Me I was in my tent in the backyard jerking off to a Playboy that a friend had given me. The Centerfold reminded me of the lady next door. Maybe that was why I was beating off so much lately.

Anyway when Teddy called out for help, I rushed out to see what he wanted. There he was next to his mother's car. She had driven home but couldn't get out of the car. She was drunk as a skunk. I unhooked her seatbelt, grabbed her under her arms, and pulled her out of the car. I grabbed her right under her breasts while Teddy grabbed his mother's feet. Together we got her in the house but that was as far as Teddy could carry her. Apparently she had let him stay home along while she went drinking.

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My mother would turn her in for child abuse. She certainly wouldn't let an eight-year-old boy stay home alone. I sent Teddy to bed and told him that I would take care of his mother. Amelia was a single mother of twenty-five raising her eight-year-old son on welfare. She was really pretty and I was secretly in love with her. Teddy and I had gotten his mother in a kitchen chair and I was holding her up.

I could see down her top and she wasn't wearing a bra so I pulled it out a little for a better view. I had never seen anything like that before. Amelia had absolutely perfect breasts with nice size dark areolas and her nipples were hard too. My first look at real breasts and it was my dream girl. I bent over and spread her knees so that I could see her panties. They were pink and very pretty. I held her up enough to get them down past her butt, then I pulled them off.

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My next look up her skirt was at a shaved pussy with a landing strip above her slit. She did look like my Playboy model. She moaned and brought me back to reality.

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I got her up but she went down to the floor on her hands and knees. From there I hooked two fingers into her pussy from behind and lifted. My other hand was tightly holding one of her breasts. Using that hold I managed to get her up the stairs, down the hallway, and onto her bed. I looked at Amelia and decided that I had to see her naked so I removed her shoes, her top, and her short skirt. I could envision her in Playboy, boy could I. She was naked, I was hard, and I hadn't gotten to finish jerking off yet.

To hell with it I was going to fuck her. I pulled off my pants and my underwear and then I got on the bed at her feet.

I spread them and crawled on my knees closer and closer to my prize. When I got close enough I raised her ass and slipped my cock right into her pussy as if it belonged there.


I lost my virginity in her. She groaned but her eyes didn't open. In no time at all I was cumming inside her. I pulled it out and looked at her beautiful body. That made me hard so I fucked her again, and again. The forth time was the best because it took forever.


Jerking off was never going to be that good again. I put her under the covers, got dressed, and left. The next morning there was a tapping on my tent pole, then my tent was unzipped, and Amelia crawled inside with me. She sat at my feet on the end of my sleeping bag and said, "You put me to bed last night?" I replied, "Yes, ma'am." Amelia said, "You undress me?" I replied, "Yes, ma'am." Amelia then said, "And you fuck me?" I am sure that I turned beet red as I lied, "No ma'am.

I wouldn't do that." Amelia smiled and then said, "I think you did. My pussy was full of your cum, my bed was wet with some of your cum that dripped out, and I found your underwear on my bedroom floor." She looked around and said, "Those are the panties that I was wearing last night." She picked them up and examined them before saying, "As I thought, no cum stains. I didn't get fucked until after my panties were removed.

That means that you fucked me. Right?" I decided that I had been caught so I might as well own up to it, "Yes I did. I'm sorry but you looked so beautiful lying there naked. You looked just like the Playboy centerfold that I had been jerking off too." Amelia said, "Show me." I pulled the magazine out from underneath my sleeping bag and handed it to her.

Amelia looked at the date on the cover and then she opened it up to look at the centerfold, unfolding the piece of paper to see the entire body. Amelia smiled and said, "You are right. She does look a lot like me. Except I was only seventeen when those pictures were taken and I was pregnant. Thank you for the compliment." She slipped the magazine back under my sleeping bag and said, "You can stop jerking off.

I'll let you fuck me whenever you want too." I looked at her and asked, "Really? You mean it?" She zipped up my tent and said, "We can do it now if you want too." I opened up my sleeping bag to show her that I was naked.

Amelia slipped out of her clothes and then slipped into my sleeping bag with me. She kissed me and she placed one of my hands on one of her breasts.

Then her hand went to my cock, it was already hard. Almost instantly she was on top of me with my cock up inside her pussy while she was humping away furiously. Her nice tits hardly bounced at all, they were that firm. When I started to squirt in her she clamped down hard on my cock and I watched her cover her mouth to keep herself from crying out. She shook, she quivered, and she collapsed on top of me smashing her breasts into my chest. For a brief moment we were nipple to nipple before she rolled off and placed her head on my shoulder.

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All I could do was hold her close with my arm. Amelia whispered, "Now that's what I was talking about." I whispered back, "Can we really do this whenever I want too?" Amelia said, "Yes. But you cannot tell anyone, not your mother, and not my son. Is that clear?" I replied, "Yes, that's clear. I won't tell anyone. Can I ask you something?" Amelia said, "Of course. What do you want to know?" I asked, "Can I kiss you?" Amelia laughed and said, "Honey if you can fuck me you can most certainly kiss me." Amelia pressed her lips softly against mine and kissed me.

She kissed me several times until I started to get the hang of it. Then she added just the tip of her tongue with a sweet taste. In a while we were French kissing, tongue fighting, and swapping saliva like old lovers or young teenagers.

I was just getting good at sucking on her hard little nipple when Mom called, "Lunch time sleepyhead, get up." I hollered, "Be right in." I kissed Amelia on the lips, then on both of her nipples, and then I kissed her wet slit just under her landing strip.

I got dressed and then I whispered that she should get out in a couple of minutes while she could. I went into the house and kissed my mother right on the lips. She gave me a funny look, licked her lips, and then she smiled at me.

Lunch was just a toasted cheese sandwich, mushroom soup, and a big glass of orange juice. I went off to play some basketball with my friends.

When I got back Amelia was waiting for me.

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She pulled me behind a big bush and said, "Your mother called me right after you left. She tasted cum on your lips and wanted to know if I had seen anyone in your tent last night. Of course I told her that I hadn't." I giggled and said, "I kissed her on purpose but I didn't think that she could taste anything. What should I do?" Amelia said, "Nothing, but you better keep kissing her on the lips, that's what first caught her as strange.

Then she thought that she tasted cum. Then she wondered if it was yours or if you had turned gay or something. She is very confused. Be nice to her." I kissed Amelia on the lips as I fingered her pussy. Then I went into my house. I kissed Mom on the lips and told her that I had a girlfriend and that I had lost my virginity. When she asked me what was on my lips when I had kissed her at lunchtime I replied, "Probably my own cum. I kissed her pussy after we had made love." Mom inhaled and said, "I can smell her on you now, go take a shower." I replied, "Not yet.

I have her scent on my finger and I kind of like smelling of it." I raised my finger to my nose and inhaled. Mom grabbed my hand and pulled it to her nose and inhaled.

Then Mom said, "Not bad. Not bad at all! I'd like to meet this girl." I said, "I don't think you would approve." Mom laughed and said, "You don't know what I would approve of, young man.

That finger tells me that I would approve of her." Then Mom sucked my finger into her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling around my finger washing it clean. Then Mom released my finger and said, "Oh yes, I approve of her all right. Does she belong to that pair of panties that I found in your tent?" I blushed and said, "Yes." Mom said, "She has good taste in panties and she tastes good.

Keep her, and bring her home sometime." I ate dinner and then I went back out again. I doubled back and slipped into Amelia's house. I explained everything to her. She asked me, "Do you think she's cool." I replied, "You bet I do. You didn't see the way that she attacked my finger. She might be part lesbian." Amelia told Teddy that she was going over to visit my mother and that he should go to bed at his usual time.

Then we went over to my house. Mom just looked at us and said, "Hi Amelia are my son's girlfriend?" Amelia smiled and said, "I guess so. At first I just thought that I was his fuck buddy." Then Mom said, "You know, you look a lot like the centerfold that he has been jerking off too." Amelia said, "I know. He showed it to me but I was pregnant for Teddy when that was published…and I was only seventeen years old." Mom laughed and said, "Traci Lords was only sixteen when she posed." Amelia said, "Honestly, it wasn't me.

I swear." Mom asked, "So how do we work this? Do you sleep here or does he sleep there? Who takes care of Teddy?" Amelia replied, "I can trust Teddy for short periods of time.

For now why don't we start out with sex morning, noon, and night and then see where it goes from there." Mom smiled and said, "I don't think that'll work at all." I looked at Mom and then I looked at Amelia. She looked at me and then she looked at Mom. Mom just smiled and said, "If he is anything like his father it won't work at all.

From what I have seen about his masturbation schedule he is even more sexual than his father ever was. This young man is going to need your body practically every waking hour until he finally gets it out of his system." Amelia smiled at me and then kissed me.

She asked, "Is that true? Do you want me every hour?" I giggled and replied, "I would like that if I can have it." Amelia kissed me again and said, "I already told you that you can have it whenever you want it.

Remember? That was just before you kissed your mother after you had kissed my pussy." Mom said, "Just for record, I like it. He can kiss me anytime no matter where those lips have been." Amelia asked, "Are you part lesbian?" Mom said, "I could be with you.

My son isn't the only one that masturbated to your centerfold." Amelia said, "One last time, it wasn't me." Then Amelia hugged Mom and kissed her on the lips. Mom returned the kiss and cupped Amelia's ass thrusting her pelvis against Amelia's pelvis.

I followed them into Mom's bedroom and watched them undress one another. Mom wasted no time in pushing Amelia back onto the bed and diving into her pussy. I watched closely so that someday I might be able to perform oral sex like that. Mom drove my girlfriend crazy. Amelia must have had three or four orgasms before she pushed Mom away and begged me to fuck her. Then it was Mom's turn to watch. I tried my best not to cum too early but I was just too excited.

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After I had finished and rolled over, Mom was right back in there. When she was done with Amelia, I fucked her again. We kept it up until Amelia cried Uncle. Amelia said, "I'm too tired to eat you out." Mom said, "That's okay.

I can wait until morning. You two stay here in my bed and I'll go over to your house and sleep in your bed, just in case Teddy wakes up." Amelia said, "Thanks." Then she kissed me, cuddled into me, and fell asleep.

I managed to keep my eyes open long enough to watch Mom get dressed. Then she kissed me. I smiled and licked my lips knowing exactly where hers had been. The End You Undressed Me 520