Admirable adorable teen girl fucks on camera hardcore and blowjob

Admirable adorable teen girl fucks on camera hardcore and blowjob
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The sound of thunder woke Lynn from her sleep. Trying to shake off the effects of her sleeping pill she moved her arms, and felt the smooth silk around her wrist, and then her ankles. The smell of the spring rain came through the open window on the cool breeze, causing her nipples to harden against the cold.

Lynn turned her head to see her surroundings but found nothing but darkness.


"Great." she thought to herself. "I am naked, tied to a bed, and blindfolded, what happened?" She tried to remember, but her pill was not helping any.

"Good, your awake." a deep voice whispered in her ear. She started to feel her juices flow, as if the sound of his voice somehow opened the gate.

"Who are you?" Lynn asked turning to where the voice came from. She waited but no answer came, another breeze came across her body causing the goose bumps to rise on her skin. She felt something warm and moist across her right nipple causing her to shutter as his lips closed on and sucked lightly.

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A slight moan escaped her lips, not meaning to as he lightly began to bite and nibble on it. With a final lick she felt him pull away, she felt herself longing for more. "Wait," she whispered, "come back." He didn't make a sound but she felt the same warm moisture of her left nipple a second later as he repeated his actions on this side.

As he pulled away Lynn felt herself wanting more, the moisture between her legs had grown, she felt a warm breath on her clit as the stranger lightly licked her lips, spreading them apart to taste her. Lynn moaned again as histongue traced the outline of her lips.


Hetickledher with the tip of his tongue. "I have an idea." he whispered as he gave her another quick lick. Lynn felt him get up. "Where are you going?" she asked, wishing she could see what was going on around her. A few moments later she felt him sit at the end of the bed and a thrill filled her wondering what he was doing.

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She heard a familiar sound that couldn't be placed, then something light and warm being rubbed all over her public region. The smell of aloe drifted in the air and she knew what the sound was as the first stroke of the razor started removing all the hair from around her dripping pussy. With a free hand the stranger reached up and pinched her nipple playfully, causing Lynn to flush from the sensation. When the razor have completely finished its job and left her as bare as the day she was born, a rag washed off theremainingshaving cream.

"There, that's better." his low voice said, as he kissed the bald spot where her hair has once been.

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Thesensitiveskin shuttered with his touch as he started kissing her entire area. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, thrusting it in and out of her, paying special attention to her clit, lightly sucking on it as he passed over it.

Her breathing began more shallow and her moans louder as her orgasm came on, bucking her hips against his face, pressing her pussy even deeper into his face. Her heart raced as her orgasm came to an end, and her body relaxed. He slid up and kissed her lips, she returned the kiss, tasting herself on his lips and his tongue. He continued to slide up until she felt a small wet substance touch her lips, as she licked them to get it off she felt the head of his cock on her lips.

She licked her lips again and licked his tip as she did, slowly taking it into her mouth. She let her mouth and tongue continue to pull him in as he slid his entire length into her mouth, almost causing her to gag as he burried his cock against the back of her throat. He slid back out and then buried it again this time her accepting it with better ease.

He picked up his pace until Lynn could only lay there as he thrust his cock into her mouth as forcefully as he would in her pussy. As she continued to suck he reached back and slid his fingers up and down her wet slit, the skin still tender from the shaving send t shock through her body as he buried 3 fingers deep inside her and started to rub her g-spot as he continued to has his way with her mouth.

Her body shook again as her next two orgasms washed through her body making her moan into the cock buried deep in her throat.


He removed his stiff cock from her mouth and his fingers from her pussy, licking his fingers clean of her juices. As she laid there breathing hard, coming down from the last orgasm, she heard the chirp andclickof a picture being taken with a camera, followed by several others.

She felt his fingers part her pussy lips and anotherpicturesnap. She was still catching her breathe and unable to speak when he felt his cock against her lips again, she opened her mouth to take it in and heard the camera again.

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Lynn continued to hear the camera click shot after shot. She felt something against her pussy lips and felt him push his cock into her, hearing the camera several more times.

Finally he started to slide it deeper into her and she moaned again. He thrust himself into her waiting pussy as she moaned louder, finally letting loose and fighting against her bonds as her body shook again and again with pleasure as he continued to fuck her.

When she thought that she couldn't handle anymore orgasms, she felt him bury himself as deep as he could into her as she felt the warm shots of cum let loose into her.

He stayed inside her for another minute,reluctantlypulling his slowlydeflatingcock from her pussy. She felt his warm cum ooze out of her as he snapped a few more pictures. He reached back and untied her ankles, thenscoopedup the dripping ooze from her pussy and brought it to her lips, sheeagerly suck it off his fingers as he bent down and kissed her again, tasting their mixed juices flow between their mouths. He reached up and untied her wrist, and finally her blindfold.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him kissing him longer. "Lee, that was amazing." she whispered to him. "Thanks baby, I remembered you saying that was somewhat of a fantasy of yours." he whispered back looking into her eyes. "Hope it was everything you hoped for." "It was." she said as she reached down and touched her now bald pussy.

"Yeah about that." Lee said smiling. "It's fine." she said looking at it.

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"After seeing all those pictures I thought about doing it anyway." she looked over at the camera on the bed. "so, are you going to post those up tonight?" she asked him.

"No, will wait till tomorrow I think." he responded.

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"Not sure that we are finished here yet, may get some more good ones." Lynn smiled at him and picked up the camera. "Let's see what we have so far though." she said turning it on and snuggling close to his side.