Kinky Couple Make Sex Video With Hung Pornstar

Kinky Couple Make Sex Video With Hung Pornstar
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Alright.I just have to say this. I had a sex dream when I was taking a nap. That's why it goes straight to the point. Originally it was really straight to the The girl was masturbating in class, but I wanted to give a little bit of background before.

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That's what dreams do though.go straight to the sexy stuff. Gah, or maybe those are just mine. There are only two girls in the classroom and they are both attractive. The teacher is walking around the room as he teaches. Everyone is pretty much bored at this point, but the two girls find the teacher to be a complete babe.

He is in his late 20s, early 30s. Tall with a muscular build and could control any situation. His dark eyes looked down at the brown-haired girl reading a book, not paying attention. "What do you think you are doing?" She looked up at him. Her brown eyes staring into his dark ones and blushed. "Nothing&hellip." She stammered. "You're reading a book. Did I ask you to read a book?" "No…" She looked around at the rest of the class.

The guys were grinning at her. Happy that they had a reason to stare at her pretty face colored in embarrassment. Usually she was the one laughing at them or teasing them. They loved to have the chance to stare at her body without getting the glare.

"Well, you must be punished for this." She stared at him perplexed. "What? But.I could just pay attention…seriously Mr. Samuels. Do you really have to punish me?" Mr.

Samuels looked around at his students. He noticed the majority of men and only one girl. All of them were staring at them. He had been lonely for a while and wanted to see something. He couldn't help it. He was bored of the lesson as much as the rest of the class.

"Get up." She stood up. Her breasts were large. They shouldn't be fitting in the small shirt she was wearing now. It looked as if they were about to bust out of her top. He could see she was wearing a black bra and he felt his erection increase.

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"Now go over to Sally and sit on her lap." "What?" Sally and the girl asked at the same time. "You heard what I said, get moving." He watched as the big busted girl walked over to the gorgeous red-head. The men grinned as she sat on the red-heads lap. They were pressed against each other so tightly that her breast was touching Sally's cheek. Every man in the room was getting turned on now.

"Kiss each other." The two girls stared at him. "No." Cassie, the brunette said, but before she could even express another word Sally grabbed her hair and pulled her down.


Their lips interlocked and the men cheered as they saw their tongues playing with one another. Cassie tried to lift her head up but Sally firmly held her head down.

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"Touch her Sally" Mr. Samuels commanded. Sally kept one hand tightly wrapped into Cassie's brown locks and then moved her other hand underneath her shirt. The men watched as Sally moved her hand to the back. Cassie moaned "No." But Sally didn't care as she unhook her bra. Being a strapless bra it easily came off and her hand grasped Cassie's firm breasts. She squeezed and kept on kissing her. The men watched as Sally moved her mouth down and start sucking and licking on her neck.

The groans from the other women were now vivid. She was no complaining as the young woman placed her lips around her nippled. "In her skirt Sally." Mr.


Samuels said, his cock pressing against his pants. Every male in the room had their hands in their pants, to make it more comfortable.

They were too entranced on the scene to start masturbating. Sally unzipped Cassie's skirt and lifted her up on the desk in front of her. "No, Sally don't…please. It's embarrassing." But she kept her remove all of her clothing besides the shirt.

As the panties came off. She touched the girl's clean vagina. Her fingers went right up into the other girl. She gasped in pleasure and started moving on the desk. Her hips humping her fingers. Sally looked over at Mr. Samuels and grinned then she plunged her tongue into her new friends hole. Cassie screamed in pleasure. At the same time.

A boy, who was only really excited because of all the male testosterone in the room, went down on his knees in front of Mr. Samuels. He didn't' say anything knowing that his teacher wouldn't notice because he was too excited about the girls.

He removed the guys pants and then sat in the seat in front of his cock.

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The head of his penis was showing in the hole of his boxers. The boy grinned and placed his mouth on the head his cock, licking around it and then looking up at his teacher. Mr. Samuels groaned. He looked down at the student and should have shrunk but the groans from Cassie and the hotness of the entire situation made him stay hard.

He stood there in shock as the young man's blue eyes stared into his. His head was moving back and forth along his large cock. Licking every inch as he shoved the 8" inch penis into his mouth. He hummed when the head was in the back of his throat and Mr. Samuels groaned louder.


His eyes were half -shut and the sounds of Cassie's moans were fading as he felt the tightness of his students throat. He couldn't move his body or he would fall, but he instead placed his hand in the boys hair. The boy grinned and moved faster along his teachers cock. He was swallowing all of his precum and licking as if it were a lollipop. Suddenly Mr. Samuels shoved his student's face against his body and the boy sucked. The tightness of his mouth and the pressure.

He knew the boy just wanted his cum and he burst. As his cock erupted he looked at the blonde-haired boy. He was swallowing every last drop, nothing was coming out of his mouth as he stared into the dark eyesof Mr.

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