Slut ex gf Candice de la doing what she does best

Slut ex gf Candice de la doing what she does best
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Auntie had me pull up her panties; she looked down at, smiled, and patted my head, "you're going to do just fine Paulina". She turned and walked out of my room. I slipped my cum filled panties off, thinking about all that has happen, my mind was reeling.

I just couldn't figure out what was going to happen next? I left the butt plug in, as instructed by my Auntie Jean. I cleaned my little cock off, and washed my bottom down, sprayed myself with lavender cologne, the smell was so sweet.

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I choose a light green of panties and matching bra, a white top, and denim mini skirt, sat down at my vanity, and freshened up; II picked a white pair of pumps to complete my outfit. Looking in my full length mirror I couldn't help but like what I saw, a sexy young woman; I was hoping that Danny would like it too! I walked back into the living room, Mom and Auntie Jean were talking, Danny had just gotten there, they all three looked at me, "Nice Paulina", Danny said.

"Yes I would say", mom replied. Auntie Jean smiled. "Well now Paulina I take it that your Aunt explained to you about herself?" Mom said, as went to sit next to Danny. "Of course I did, and Paulina took it all in", Auntie Jean said with a smirk.


"Well Paulina, what did you think of your Aunt's story?" Danny asks me. "It was interesting to say the least", I replied. "Good, Jean we need to let them get going, they have date", Mom said. "Of course, we so much to do anyway, you two go off now", Auntie Jean said. Danny got up, and took me by the hand, as far as I could remember I had never been out of the house dressed as a girl. I hesitated.

"Come on Paulina, it will be okay, we've done it before", Danny said. Something in his voice made feel at ease, I started to let him lead me, when I heard mom say "You need your purse Paulina". I stopped never thought about having a purse before, but I guess I had one.

"it's right here Paullina", My Auntie said as she handed it to me. Giving me a hug, she whispered in my ear "Do what you are told; Danny will take care of you". I looked at my Auntie and nodded yes. I followed Danny to his car; he opened the door for me.

When he got in the car I felt the butt plug vibrating, my legs got weak. "How does that feel Paulina", He said. I had forgotten that it was there until he turned it on.

'It, it, feels good", I moaned slightly. "Good then if your nice and do as I say, then I will let you have the real thing", He said in stern voice, it was hard to speak, I just nodded yes. We drove for about twenty minutes, and pulled up to a large house" "Get out, now and go to the door", Danny barked at me.

I looked at him confused, not knowing what to do, "Paulina I said out now, aren't you suppose to listen me?" I stammered out the word "Yes". "Good then, do it".

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I did it, went up to the door and knocked. The door opened, and there stood a man about fifty, light brown hair, and eye's, nice build ,in a black tight fitting bathing suit, Looking down I saw the bulge in he was so big, my heart skipped a beats.


Without a word he took my hand and pulled me into house. I wonder what I had gotten myself into. He lead me into his living room, pointing to sofa, he said "Sit" young lady. I started to talk but he cut me off, saying, "you're here to listen and do as your told, not to speak", he said. I nodded yes. "Good, then you sit here and wait, someone else is here", he said as he left the room.

I was wondering what the hell was going on, but something keep sitting there I felt as if I was glued to that spot and couldn't move, in walked a woman, followed by the man. "Stand in front of her", he told the woman.

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She did as she was told. "You pull off her skirt and her panties" he barked at me. I reached up looking at the woman, she had green eyes, red hair, smooth looking skin, I was surprised when her skirt and panties hit the floor, and there in front of me was a smooth long cock. "Suck her cock NOW!" he said.


I started to take her in slowly, but he grabbed the back of my head and forced on her cock. "Ummm", she moaned, I was sucking for what seemed like twenty minutes, when the man pulled my head off her cock, and pulled it to his rock hard cock, "You want that slut?" he shouted, at me.

Staring me in the face was the biggest cock I had ever seen, it must have been ten inches, and thick, there was no way I could swallow that without a lot of practice.

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He laugh, "Not now, there will be time for that", he said as he force my mouth back to her cock. "Hold her head, don't' let her pull off Stephanie", He told the woman; I felt her hands grab hold as she began to fuck my mouth. It wasn't long until the woman moaned, "Yes master, fuck me".

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I felt his hands come around Stephanie, and grab hold of her hands. He was fucking her with his monster cock, while I sucked her off.

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This went on for thirty minutes, when he moaned out, "I'm cummming", and Stephanie's hips went forward and filled my mouth with her cock, I began to gag. I heard Stephanie say "relax Paulina, relax, I'm going to cum".

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She filled my mouth with her sweet cum! The man had filled Stephanie's ass with cum, Stephanie, pulled out of my mouth, gasping "swallow it all Paulina" as the man pulled out of her. She bent down and gave me a soft warm kiss, and said, "I need to clean master's cock, sit right girl". I sat there as she turned and dropped to her knees, and proceeded to lick him clean. When she finished, the man left the room.

Stephanie smiled at me, "you did really good Paulina, now wait here, I have something for you, and for Danny. She returned in five minutes with an envelope. "Now Paulina, there is 200.00$ in there for you, after all when you start school a young girl will need to be able pay her tuition, that's what Auntie Jean taught me". I started to say something but she cut me off, "listen now, don't interrupt me, there is an address that is to where you will go next give it to Danny, I will see you one more time before you move; now leave Danny is waiting for you.

I got up and headed to the door, turning around to say bye, I noticed that no one was there; it's as if Stephanie had disappeared