Ebony tranny shemale tranny masturbates

Ebony tranny shemale tranny masturbates
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I had never expected the birthday present Liz gave me. We usually kept to a few sex toys (like anal plugs and vibrators, which we tended to wear out surprisingly quickly) and some drinks with friends. We would go dancing, and I would always tell her to do something like take her panties off in the middle of the dance floor and hand them to some poor deprived bastard before we left.

Or one time I told her to grasp every guys dick on the dance floor.

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She always did as I told her to, and when I slipped a finger into her pussy afterwards it would be shivering and the liquid would run down my fingers. Bar bathrooms are surprisingly good for fucking, and no-one asks questions. They just listen in. Which made her that much hornier.

We were at one bar, in the stall, me pounding her from behind, her groaning and quivering beneath me, eyes closed, biting her lip, hands spreading her ass cheeks, when she hears someone come in and the laugh they make when they realize what's happening. But this time, she reached over, pushed open the stall door, and looks straight at the guy who just walked in.

Without breaking eye contact, she growled at me, "In the ass. In my fucking ass." So I ripped out my dick and plunged it deep into her, further than her pussy had ever allowed me.

The other guy by this point had taken his own rod out and started furiously jacking at it, and Liz never broke eye contact, just moaned louder and louder, and I swear it was the hottest thing I ever saw, until the guy gets the balls enough to walk up to her and smear his precum over her mouth.

As he did that she pushed herself violently back onto me, biting her lip to stop herself from screaming, and I felt a jet of liquid as she squirted her load onto my shoes and the floor.

She opened her mouth to start to pant from her orgasm when the guy shoved his dick in her mouth, and I swear to you, she took that guys whole eight inches and fucking suckled him.

This was too much for me and I felt my balls tightening and I yanked myself out, cum shooting out onto her bare ass.

She disengaged her mouth long enough from the strangers dick to order me, "lick it up. All of it." So I bent down, tongue starting on one cheek and taking one finger to swirl a little cum around her relaxed little asshole.

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I was so absorbed with the feel of her heartbeat through her anus that I didn't realize that he was cumming until he jerked his head back and moaned something about "magic tongue". She just smiled and swallowed.

But I'm getting distracted. You're here to hear about my birthday present.


Usually on birthdays the one who's birthday is not being celebrated will wake the other up with sex, and maybe a new sex toy or costume. That had been our tradition for four years so I was honestly disappointed when I woke up under my own steam. I was just plain confused when I looked over and she wasn't there. I had a massive erection making a tent in the sheets, and it begged for attention, but after masturbating for a minute or two I had to stop.


It just felt wrong. So I sighed, got up and showered, and walked to my closet. All the clothes were gone, except one pair of black pants, one white shirt, and a pair of black shoes. A note was pinned to the shirt: no underwear. And in the pocket was a little box containing my car keys, an address, a room number, and two little pills.

Viagra. A little note fell out of the box after them. Eat me. I did. I drove for maybe half an hour, and was incredibly surprised when I showed up outside of the Dorchester Hotel, one of the most expensive and high-end living quarters for the rich and famous. By this time my boner was huge and ready to go, so I pulled my car up to valet and showed them my room number. "Go right up," my valet said. Five minutes and a room key later, I found myself outside the penthouse suite, with a lacy black thong wrapped around the door handle.

I went it. Now, Liz was fucking beautiful. She was tiny at a mere five foot two, and had the most stunning figure, with wide hips, wavy blonde hair, a big ass and double d's. But when I saw her in the middle of the hotel room in a black lace-up corset, thigh-high lacy stockings, and heels, my erection nearly jumped through my pants. It wasn't until she moved aside did I see the three other girls in the room.

One, a small Asian, with nothing but an open kimono, another was tall and black, with a beautiful lithe body that made very move seem like a dance, and the other a voluptuous ginger in a see-through negligee. I looked at Liz. "Wha.?" She winked. "Your birthday present." She motioned to the small Asian. "Lin, come here." Lin stood up from where she was kneeling, bowed to me, and walked over, her firm white breasts perky and perfect for the palm of my hand.

Without another word she started unbuttoning my shirt, pulling it away from my body, running her hands across my chest and kissing and licking bare skin wherever she pulled the shirt away. Next she moved to my pants. Slowly unzipping them while she sucked on my nipples, lightly biting them as her fingers only barely brushed my cock as it sprung out of my pants, making me groan. But she never touched it, her hands instead worked their way to the inside of my thighs, kneading them with a strength that surprised me, kissing down my calf until she stepped back, and was instantly replaced by the black woman, and my cock disappeared into her mouth, and I could feel the precum come faster as her tongue lightly and teasingly ran up and down my shaft.

I gasped when she clamped down, not painful but extremely erotic, and shoved me as far back as I could go, and quickly picked up the tempo. I was thankful for the Viagra, because by now I would have dumped my load and been done, but the pleasure just kept escalating.

"Happy Birthday Chris," Liz whispered to me as she walked up, kissing me lightly, teasingly, biting my lips and flicking her tongue out of her mouth, darting it into mine. Then she whispered "now" and I stood stock still. The ginger was behind me, her tongue artfully exploring my ass. Liz and I had done anal before on her, but never on me. But it did nothing but make my dick pulse even harder, and the woman blowing me laughed as I grew in her mouth.

Soon enough the tongue found my hole, and slowly pushed itself in, my cheeks spread and my muscles twitching uncontrollably.

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I moaned as I felt my climax near, and I felt my cock hit the back of her throat and I felt the tongue insert itself all the way and my load jetted out for what seemed like a year. The black woman, Grace as I later found out her name was, released me from her mouth, and the ginger, Cherry, came around to my front.

My cock, surprisingly, did not seem like it intended to lose its hardness, and I shot a questioning glance at Liz. "That wasn't normal Viagra, was it?" "Nope," she replied, smiling, as Cherry took my hand and led me to the bed, "I may have gotten something a little…special.

Relax. Enjoy it. I know they will." The girls all laughed at this, and while Cherry pushed me down Grace and Lin sat on the edge, kissing each other boldly, even hungrily, and soon Grace had Lin laying on her back, her tongue exploring her small, tight pussy as the tiny Asian squirmed and moaned.

Cherry was not exactly blowing me, more like licking, but I had never felt such a tingling before. When I tore my eyes away from the couple beside me, I was surprised to find Liz staring at them as well, vibrator out and buzzing, her eyes half-closed as she pleasured herself.

Then I heard a little high-pitched squeak as Lin orgasmed, laughing and thanking Grace before she tackled the larger woman down and started to reciprocate the favor, Grace's long fingers twining in the young girls hair as she pushed her face into her neatly trimmed cunt. But they were promptly pulled away from their fun as Liz said "Girls, remember what I hired you for." Grace smiled, and Lin even blushed, before turning back to me.

Lin gently pushed away Cherry, who got up off the bed, kneeled before Liz, and said, "mistress, I ask for the favor of pleasuring you." In response, Liz smiled and opened her legs, placing the vibrator instead against the tip of her nipple, her eyes never leaving me as Lin positioned herself over my rock-hard rod, and slowly sat down.

I flat out gasped.

She was tiny. I thought that Liz had the tightest cunt I had ever experienced, but the tiny Asian on top of me beat even her. She felt like a virgin, and as I went progressively deeper into her tiny vagina, her muscles instinctively tightened, and I felt my climax rushing to meet me as her butt slapped my thighs with an ever-quickening tempo.

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She orgasmed seconds before me, and her clenching spurred mine. She lifted herself off me, and my cock was immediately being sucked clean by Grace. Amazingly, again, no hardness was lost, and its insatiable hunger became quite apparent when Cherry appeared before me, having finished a very satisfied-looking Liz, got onto the bed, knelt before me, and presented her ass for my inspection.

My dick visibly jumped as I saw the black plug, and Cherry handed me a bottle of oil. In an instant I had myself slick and the plug out, and myself base-deep in her anus. Instead of letting me pick the speed, she slowly rocked back, giving me an excellent view of her huge breasts swaying beneath her body, and the feeling of her clenching her muscles around me was heaven. What I didn't expect was a hand to snake around my body and grasp my balls, gently massaging as the busty redhead painstakingly attended to my member.

I felt two hands behind me push my legs a bit apart, and soon a mouth had my balls in its possession, sucking in one and then the other as the other hand massaged the one not currently being suckled on. Then Grace came into my view, positioning herself under Cherry, mouth oh her nipples and hand on her clit, and the redhead began to pound herself against me, eyes closed, breathing heavy and fast, moaning and grunting with each hard slap of flesh.

Her ass shook as it rode me, and I brought my hand down with a smack, and she let out a startled "Oh!" as I felt her tighten around me, so I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me as hard as I could, shoving my dick as hard and as far into her as was possible.

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She let out a scream, shaking under my hands, staying stock-still as the orgasm rocked her body until she collapsed, smiling, on the bed. But I was not about to stop when I was so close to cumming, so I straddled Grace and shoved my still-slick cock into her pussy.

Her well-muscled legs wrapped around my back, and her sex was almost animal, biting and scratching and hard and erotic, her movement making it obvious she wanted harder, harder, harder and I pushed into her with an almighty shove as my climax came.

I collapsed, exhausted, and so did my dick, finally sated. I vaguely heard Liz thank the girls and dismiss them before falling asleep, Liz spooning me, the bed wet from the pleasures of the day. When I woke up, Liz was on top of me, gently riding a boner I had gotten in my sleep. I reached up a hand to brush away a strand of hair that had gotten caught in her mouth, and her eyes sparkled in the light of the sunset streaming through the window.

And while she may not have been as tight as Lin, as good with anal as Cherry, or as animal as Grace, I knew her, I loved her. The sex was soft and beautiful, slow and drawn out, neither wanting to leave the other.

And when she came it was a sigh and a soft kiss, a collapsing in on herself to nestle in my arms.


We slept inside each other. Needless to say, it was the best birthday ever. And man, can I not wait until next year. You should see the strippers I ordered for her.