Gracious hunk lured into having wild blowjob with homosexual

Gracious hunk lured into having wild blowjob with homosexual
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Belittled Stephanie woke up and couldn't move. It wasn't long before she realized she was tied down. Three large leather straps ran across her chest, belly and hips and pushed her down into the mattress.

Her arms and legs were free to move about. She pried on the leather straps but she couldn't find a buckle anywhere. What was going on? Where was she? It was dark, she could barely see a thing. The silhouette of bars surrounding her. Was she in a cage, but why tie her down if she was already caged, that seemed a bit excessive. She stared into the darkness. It wasn't a cage. Little plushies were dangling over her.

It was as if she was in some sort of cot with a dangling mobile. She pulled on the leather straps once more, she pushed her hips up, she kicked her legs high up in the air, but all in vain. She screamed in frustration. Around her just silence. Silence and darkness. She took a few deep breaths and tried to calm herself, she needed to think rational.

How did she end up here? She searched her memories. The last thing she remembered was after work walking home from the bus stop to her apartment building. Did she ever make it home? No, there was this stranger, wasn't there?

He tried to talk to her, he was handsome and kind at first, but quickly he became creepy and pushy, insisting they would go out for a drink right then and there. She had rejected him and he had pushed a smelly cloth into her face. She remembered the stench, the light-headed feeling. She got goosebumps. Did that mean she was kidnapped?

It felt surreal. Why on earth would anyone want to kidnap her? She wasn't rich or famous, she wasn't powerful or political. Ever since she'd finished college she was stuck in this stupid Barista job, almost thirty she was, she thought she would've achieved more by now, but she didn't even have a boyfriend.

Not pretty enough maybe.

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She was a petite girl, barely 5 ft 2, and her breast were tiny, her cheeks full of freckles and she had kind of floppy ears.

She worked out a lot though to stay in shape, and she liked her hair, she did have nice blond curls. But still, no one would kidnap her for just her hair. It just didn't make sense. She struggled in her bounds for a while. After a few minutes she was sweating and panting, but the straps hadn't moved an inch.

She cussed and banged her hand against the bars. She screamed for help until her voice got hoarse and her throat hurt. After a while the darkness faded away, it became morning, some faint light shined through the curtains and Stephanie could finally see the room she was in. It was a nursery, but everything was adult size, the cot she was in, the high chair, the clothes in the wardrobe, frivolous silk dresses and velvet footsies. There were toys on the ground and there was a changing station with stacks and stacks of diapers.

Stephanie was still dressed in her own clothes. She looked down at her jeans and faded t-shirt. The door swung upon. A burst of light. A silhouette entering her room. 'How's my little girl?' A male voice asked. Stephanie blinked against the bright lights until she could see the man. He was tall.

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Way older than her. He must be in his fifties maybe. His face was calm and friendly. He leaned into the cot and winked at Stephanie. His hand reaching into the cot and patting her belly. 'You're awake I see. Did you sleep well sweety?' Bewildered Stephanie stared up into the mans face. 'No?' she said hesitantly. She pushed his arm away and started struggling and squirming in another futile attempt to escape the bounds.

'No? Didn't you sleep well? Daddy is sad to hear that sweety. Daddy likes his little girls to be happy and well rested in the morning.' 'You're not my Daddy.' She said.

'Yes I am.' He said. 'Or at least I will be soon.' 'No your not.' Stephanie yelled. She kicked her legs through the air, but she couldn't reach him. He just smiled at her, then his face disappeared. She heard rumbling and moving around in her room but she couldn't see what he was doing. 'Let me go.' She said.

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'Untie me right this instant.' When he didn't react to her commands she started pleading and begging, but he still didn't pay her any attention, she just heard some clinking and rustling. 'What are you doing there?' She asked. 'What are you going to do to me?' Now his face appeared again, he was looming over her cot and showing her a baby's bottle of milk.

'I'm just spiking your milk with some muscle relaxer and some psychotropic drug that will help you obey me, you think I need to add some general sedatives as well?' He clacked his tongue. 'Yeah, maybe I need to do that, you're quite worked up already, aren't you? We need you to be nice and calm, nice and calm is better. Be right back.' She heard some more clinking and banging noises.

'You're going to drug me?' She said. 'But why?' He was shaking the bottle fervently as he appeared above her cot again. 'So you'll learn to be daddy's little girl and you'll learn to be a good, obedient, subservient young lady.' 'But. but.' she muttered confused, not sure what else to do or say. He reached the bottle into the cot and bumped the nipple into her mouth.

She screamed. She screamed at the top of her lungs and try to push the bottle away, with her hands. She hit him and kicked her legs, and then she screamed some more. 'Dear, oh dear,' he said bemused. He was stronger than her, he just pushed her swaying arms to the side and thrust the nipple into her mouth.

A drizzle of milk seeped over her tongue into her throat. She tried to spit it out, but lying on her back it just kept on dripping into her gullet and she had to swallow or else she would've choked on it. She tried to push the nipple away with her tongue, and tried to turn her head away from the bottle. But he kept on force feeding her.

A fuzzy warmth in her tummy, it was there, suddenly she noticed. A tingling feeling that spread through her limbs, her arms and legs feeling warm and heavy all of a sudden. She felt quite good actually. Sort of like being tipsy or drunk, only way calmer.

'That's my girl.' The man said. 'That's my little baby girl. Yeah, you're starting to feel the effects of the milk, aren't you. Good girl, keep on drinking sweety.' He reached into the cot and caressed her forehead and her cheek while she was suckling on the bottle. 'Such a good, girl.' He said again. His voice was quite soothing and comforting actually. She had trouble moving her arms, they were too heavy, they didn't respond the way she wanted them to.

She seemed to sink away further and further into the mattress. A serene calmness, her thoughts were numb and fuzzy. Slipping away from her quickly, she couldn't think anymore.

She just laid there in the cot, obeying him, drinking the milk like he told her to. 'All finished,' he said, showing her the empty bottle. H e fidgeted somewhat with the bars and the side of the cot swung open. He sat himself down next to her, he stroke her breasts. He had large hands, but yet his fingers moved very very tenderly. Caressing her. A tingling floaty feeling in her stomach, her mind dazed and dizzy spinning around.

Her breast became more and more sensitive and every little touch of him released a new burst of tingles in her her stomach as well as in between her legs. She breathed heavily, panting almost, closing her eyes in pleasure. His hand wandered further down, he stroke her thighs, approaching her crotch ever so slowly. She was trembling with anticipation, then he pushed his fingers against her crotch, she wished she wasn't wearing jeans anymore.

She rocked her hips and rubbed her pussy against his fingers. 'Good girl.' He said cooing. 'That a daddy's sweet little girl. Yeah.

You're my little sweety. Yes.' He gave her a friendly nod as he kept on probing around in between her legs. Stephanie vaguely remembered something wasn't right, but she didn't know what. Her head was so fuzzy, her thoughts numb and tranquil. There was a calm comforting euphoria flushing through her body.

'See, obeying daddy feels good, doesn't it?' he said. She nodded. 'Say, yes daddy.' 'Yes Daddy,' she mumbled, her mouth and lips felt weird, strangely detached, she could only barely mutter those words. 'Good girl. Listen closely to me.

Listen closely to my words. You will sink deeper and deeper into this hypnotic trance, it will completely overtake you, my voice will overtake you, my words will completely overtake your mind and body. You just want to surrender to my words, surrender to my will.

Surrender and obey. The more you obey the deeper you fall and the deeper you fall the more you want to obey. From now on you're my little girl, you're my precious little baby, a completely helpless baby that needs her daddy to take care of her. You'll need daddy to change your diaper, you'll need daddy to feed you your milk with all the special medicine that will help you become an even better little girl for Daddy, you'll need Daddy to give you your bath, you'll need daddy to touch you're pussy, you'll need daddy's approval to orgasm.' His voice was rhythmic and mesmerizing, it tickled in between her legs, a warmth, it grew intenser and intenser, it build up, higher and higher, she wanted to let go, she wanted release.

She didn't register any separate words or sentences anymore. It was just a blur, a hypnotic haze. Daddy talked her into an orgasm, she was dangling on the edge, ready to go, all she needed was just his permission. Then he finally ordered her to have an orgasm, she wanted to obey so badly, her body rocking and trembling with arousal, it washed over her, wave after wave. He kept on talking to her, pulling her into that hypnotic daze even further. Bewitching her mind, taking over her mind.

She didn't know how long he kept on talking to her, she didn't know what he said, she could barely remember anything, she just remembered him counting to three as she opened her eyes. She was still lying in the cot. Daddy sat next to her on the mattress and patted her tummy. It was as if he had just woken her up that morning, no memories from before this moment, she must have been asleep, she must have been dreaming.

A vague uneasiness. Something was up, something was wrong, but she couldn't remember what. 'Did you sleep well, sweetheart?' Daddy asked.

She nodded. 'Yes Daddy,' she said. Her voice sounded different, higher, younger. She tried to rub her eyes but her muscles were weak and uncontrolled, it was as if she had the motor skills of a toddler.

Confused she looked at Daddy. He would know, he would explain, wouldn't he? He just smiled at her. Then he reached under the bed and loosened the leather straps, the pressure around her torso was gone and for a moment it felt like she was floating.

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She tried to roll over, but with one hand Daddy could keep her in place. Was he so strong or was she so weak? 'Give Daddy a kiss.' He said. He bend over her and pushed his lips against hers, his beard chafed her skin, his lips were soft and wet, and he smelled nice, fresh and musky at the same time. 'Let's undress you.' Daddy said. He helped her sit op straight, she swayed back and forth and he had to balance her against his shoulder while he pulled the T-shirt over her head, then he unhooked her bra and threw it out.

Careful and tenderly he laid her back into the bed. He stared at her chest. His fingers stroking over her skin as if he was admiring her, the tip of his finger ran over her collarbone down onto her breast, swirling around and around, slowly closing in on the nipple. He briefly put his finger into his mouth and licked it, then he spread his saliva all over her nipple by rubbing his finger up and down over the nodule. He blew, a cool breeze, her nipple firming up.

'Beautiful.' He mumbled. 'You're a beautiful babygirl, you know that?' Her body filling up with giddy feelings, arousal and horniness but also a mixture between shyness en pride. She smiled at Daddy. 'Yes, you are.' He said again. Now he unzipped her jeans and slipped it of her hips, hooking his finger behind her panties and slipping them down as well, all in just one motion.

He pushed his finger against her pussy, then slipped it inside. A surprisingly warm and full feeling, she felt his finger moving slipping in and out of her massaging her on the inside it seemed. He pushed her legs wider, her knees to the side, so he could enter her pussy more easily. 'That's a good girl.' He said. 'That feels good now, doesn't it?

It feels good to be Daddy's little baby doll.


It feels good to be Daddy's little fuck toy, doesn't it?' 'Yes, Daddy,' she said panting and confused by all the feelings that rushed through her body. She felt magical but at the same time she was ashamed and powerless. 'Good girl.' he said. He crawled on top of her. A heavy warm weight on top of her. With his knee he pushed her legs further apart and he positioned himself so that his groin would touch her crotch. Slowly moving back and forth. His pants rubbing against her skin.

Arousal tingling all through her body. 'So if you're Daddy's little fuck toy, daddy can do with you as he pleases, can't he? Daddy is allowed to do anything he want with you, isn't he?' 'Yes Daddy,' she muttered. He gave her a little kiss on her cheek, moving towards her ear and nibbling on her lobe for a while, she quivered and couldn't repress a little moan.

Daddy now hovered over her face, moving in, he kissed her. His lips opened slightly and his tongue prodded into her mouth. Daddy was panting as well. Still rubbing his crotch against hers. He unbuttoned his trousers and took them off. She saw his dick. It's was of an average length but the girth scared her.

It was so wide, just so thick. It wouldn't fit. He licked his fingers and rubbed the saliva over his dick, the purple shiny head, a blue vein twisting and curling around the shaft. She wanted to feel him inside badly, she could imagine him filling her up. She tilted her hips. 'Daddy.' She said. 'Daddy, please.' 'Are you begging for my cock sweety?

You want it that badly, don't you? Yes you do.' 'Yes Daddy.' She said. He pushed the head against the opening of her vulva, a little pressure. He was looming over her, watching her beg, her plea, her squirming. A sly smile on his face. Ever so slowly he penetrated her, inch by inch his dick slid inside of her.

She was going crazy with pleasure, with arousal, with a sense of purpose, she was his fuck toy, she was suppose to be fucked, this was her place in live. It just made sense. 'You alright sweety?' He asked. 'Am I hurting you?' She shook her head. 'Only a little, Daddy,' she mumbled. 'But I don't mind.' 'You don't, do you? Cause you're Daddy's little fuck toy.' He was now completely inside her.

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He started to thrust. Slowly at first but quickly picking up speed. His eyes closing, his lips slightly parted, panting, pushing his pelvis against hers. She was swept up in all the sensation, confusing pleasures. She stopped resisting, she just leaned into it, let it wash all over her.

He was grabbing onto her, pushing his nails into her shoulder, trembling all over. She felt his cock pulsating, her pussy throbbing.

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'Cum for Daddy,' his voice stuttering, stumbling. Over and over again. 'Cum for Daddy. Cum like a good girl. Go one. You're permitted to.' It was like an explosion of feelings, rushing through her body, intoxicating her. Her body kept on rocking, trembling. Every time he told her to have an orgasm a new wave burst through her loins.

In the end she and Daddy were a sweaty heap of limbs, hers still heavy and uncoordinated, his lazy and languid on top of her. He stroke her gently. After a while he got up. He picked her up from the mattress and put her on the changing station.

'What's happening now?' she asked. 'Sshhh,' Daddy said. 'It feels good to be Daddy's little girl, doesn't it? You'll want to be Daddy's girl forever don't you? But then you have to be dressed like Daddy's little girl as well.' He got a wet wipe and cleaned her in between her legs.

The wipe cold against her skin, but his fingers moving around down there were nice. He sprinkled a little baby powder onto her crotch, then he swaddled her hips and diapered her.

He got a yellow velvet footsie out of the wardrobe, he put one foot in first then the other, he had to lift her up slightly so he could slide her arms in, then he buttoned her up. He patted her tummy. He picked her up and helped her to sit up straight, then he brushed her hair.

Loving strokes. He made two little ponytails and put matching yellow bows in them. 'Look who's a pretty little girl,' he said. 'Me daddy?' She asked. He smiled at her and nodded.


Then he glanced at his watch. 'In a while the medication I gave you will wear off.' He said. 'But you don't want them to wear off, do you? You want to be my baby girl forever, don't you? You want to have loads and loads more of all those nice feelings you get when you're my baby girl, don't you, sweety?' 'Yes Daddy,' she said nodding, not really sure what he was saying exactly. He told her to climb up in the high chair and then he secured her in the harness.

He pushed the table tray into her stomach so she couldn't get out anymore. Then he walked to a dresser, he prepped her a bottle of milk and she saw him drop all sorts of medication in. While he was shaking the bottle he came back to the high chair. He set the bottle on the tray in front of her. 'If you want to be daddy's little girl you have to drink your bottles, you will be trained and brainwashed daily until even the tiniest sliver of your adult mind is gone, only the obedient, only the subservient, only daddy's little fuck toy can remain.

You'll be drugged, hypnotized, used, punished and corrected until you're my perfect little girl. That's what you want, don't you, to be my perfect little girl?' 'Yes Daddy,' she said.

'Well then be a good girl and drink you milk.' He said. She picked up the bottle herself and put the nipple in her mouth.

It felt strangely familiar, somewhat comforting even. She suckled and the milk seeped into her throat. For a moment she hesitated. It wasn't right. Something wasn't right. Wasn't she suppose to be at work or something? How did she end up here with Daddy? Wasn't she kidnapped? But as she drank the milk more and more of those thoughts faded away into oblivion, not a single thought remained.

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A warm fuzzy feeling, tingling, warm and heavy. Dazed and drugged. A surrendering feeling. The only thing she wanted to do is listen to Daddy. Obey Daddy.

She looked at him questioningly. 'Good girl.' He said. 'Gulp it all down.' As she tilted the bottle and poured even more of the milk into her mouth, he patted her on her head.

'That's my baby.'