Marica Hase On the Set

Marica Hase On the Set
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Fbailey story number 414 Good Morning Girls I walked out my back door and looked over to see Monica the woman on my left sunbathing on her chase lounge lying face down with her bikini strings untied and her bottom pushed down far enough to show just a hint of her ass crack.

It drives me crazy and I think that she knows it. I looked over to the right and saw Amber and her friend Heather sitting on a towel in their bikinis trying to get a better tan on their legs or something.

I smiled, tilted my head, and said, "Good morning girls." Oh my God you would have thought that I had slapped them in the face. Amber shouted back quite loudly, "We are women now. Not girls! My brother fucked us both last night." I looked at them in disbelief then I looked over at Monica. She was staring at me, her mouth was open, and she too was speechless. When I looked back at Amber her hand was over her mouth and Heather was punching her in the arm calling her a blabbermouth. I looked over at Monica again just in time to see her sit up and cover her breasts with her one hand and arm.

I got to see her dark areolas and nipples, but just for a brief moment. She picked up her bikini top and called over, "Would you like a glass of wine?" I said, "Yes, thank you" and the two girls also said, "Yes." I looked to them and then to Monica.

Monica said, "Okay. I have enough for everyone. We can drink to womanhood and the men that gave it to us." As I stepped down from my back porch the girls, sorry, young women rushed past me on their way to Monica's house. When I got in her door Monica had her top back on and was trying to open the bottle of wine. I took the bottle and pulled on the corkscrew. I also told her that I would buy her a better opener. She laughed and said that she had better openers but that if she struggled enough men always opened them for her.

She poured four equal glasses even for the younger women. The girls drank them down like Kool-Aid and Monica filled them again. I looked at Monica and she smiled at me. Her and I had only drunk half of our glasses when the girls were asking for their third one. Monica handed me the corkscrew and another bottle of wine. Within the hour Monica was asking the girls to tell her about becoming women.

As they started talking Monica put her hand on my leg and pulled it up higher. I put my arm around her shoulders and rested my hand on her breast. She smiled at me, pulled her hand up closer to my crotch, and then we listened to the girls talk. After they finished telling us the story of her brother fucking them last night Monica said, "I cannot believe that you girls let that little rat bastard brother of yours fuck you when you could have had a real man." The girls looked at her in shock.

Monica pulled my hand down tighter onto her breast and raised her hand higher up to my crotch. Of course I had a raging hard-on. Then the hand that had pulled my hand onto her breast went to her own crotch. She gave her pussy a little rub and then pulled the string on one side freeing the material. She adjusted her legs open, slipped the material off her pussy, and inserted a finger as she started moaning.

After giving herself an orgasm she asked, "Would you two women like to join us in my bedroom for a foursome?" She said it in a way that was both a request and an order at the same time. She then got up and took me to her bedroom with both girls right behind us.

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Monica's bikini bottom fell off when she stood up and her top was on the floor before we got out of the living room. My T-shirt and shorts were off before we got to her bed. All the while I was trying to figure out 'why me' since Monica had never given me any indication in the past that I could have sex with her.

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I was pushed onto my back and she sat her pussy onto my hard cock without any effort whatsoever. She was very wet and I was very hard so it certainly worked out well. Monica lowered her breasts to my face so that I could suck on them. Then I watched as she pulled Heather closer to her and helped her out of her bikini.

As I sucked on Monica's nipples I saw her suck on Heather's nipples. As I fucked my cock up into Monica's pussy I watched as she fucked two of her fingers up into Heather's pussy.

Right then I realized that I had been used, as a pawn, so that Monica could get to those two girls. Did I give a shit? Hell no! I would gladly let Monica have them as long as I could have all three of them. Just as soon as I had finished cumming in her, Monica jumped off from me and tackled Heather to the bed.

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She was in that girl's pussy before my cock even hit my leg. Amber was watching the other two girls make out so I just reached up and untied her top and one side of her bottom. She was frozen in place staring at the girls going at it. I removed her bikini tossing it in the pile on the floor with Heather's bikini and my clothes. Since she was in a trance I positioned her on her back under Monica's pussy.

Monica was busy eating out Heather so this gave Amber something to do. As she lifted her head up to Monica's pussy and started sucking my cum out of the older woman I slipped my new erection into her slowly. She was tight, she was very tight, but she never flinched or said a word as she slurped up the dripping cum.

I loved the fact that I had just had my cock in both of my neighbors and that they were also enjoying one another. I fucked that tight little pussy assuming that her brother had just pushed himself in and probably hadn't given her any pleasure. I had caught Monica's innuendo earlier about having a real man fuck her. So naturally I had to live up the standard that Monica had set for me. I was pretty sure that she had let me come in her so that I could last longer in the girls. She had also wanted to put on a really good show for the girls.

Interestingly enough we both got what we wanted. Separately neither one of us could have pulled it off, but together we reeled in both girls. I had wanted to slip my cock into Amanda ever since she started loosing her baby fat, growing tits, and filling out. Now at fourteen she was just about perfect for me.

Heather at fifteen had already reached that point of perfection that I desire and she was definitely next on my 'to be fucked list.' Well after several minutes of stroking into Amanda's pussy I picked her legs up to my shoulders and tried to thrust my cock into her cervix as I leaned over and licked Monica's puckered asshole. I set off a chain reaction. Licking Monica's asshole started her orgasm.

Her tongue or teeth started Heather's orgasm. Monica's love juice pouring into Amanda's mouth mixed with my cock pounding into her cervix took care of her orgasm. Seeing what I had caused started my climax and I filled Amanda's pussy with as much baby cream as I could. I had no idea if she was on birth control and I really didn't care. If her brother could cum in her pussy then so could I.

I backed off the bed and watched the three of them spin around.

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Monica was now sucking my cum out of Amanda's pussy and Heather was sucking my cum out of Monica's pussy. I certainly wanted to fuck Heather but first I needed to get my cock hard again.

Amanda wasn't busy at the moment so I dangled my limp dick in front of her face. Surprisingly she seemed to know what I wanted her to do and sucked it into her mouth. She wasn't very good but I didn't care. Looking at that kid suck on my cock gave me flash backs for the past few years.

I remembered seeing her in a cute pink dress squatting down and showing me her little lacy panties when she was about nine. I remembered seeing her in a wet white T-shirt when she was about ten with her cute little nipples sticking out of her flat chest.

Around eleven I saw her out searching for her cat in a cute little baby doll nightie, without any underwear on. I knew that because I had offered to hold the ladder while she climbed up to look for her cat on the porch roof.

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At twelve I saw her in her panties and bra running to the end of her yard and back as part of a truth or dare game with some of her girlfriends. I had seen Heather in just her panties that same night. Then last summer I looked out my sliding glass doors and found two sets of lip prints, tittie prints, and their ass prints on the outside of the glass.

They even signed them. Later when I went outside they were giggling, smiling, and waving at me. I really hated to wash it off. Before I knew it I was rock hard and slipping my cock out of Amanda's mouth and into Heather's pussy. As soon as my hips pressed into her fine ass cheeks and my balls swung between her legs and bounced off her pubic bone I knew I was home. Heather was the culmination of every dream that I had ever had about fucking a teenage girl.


The feel of her back and her hips as my hands went around to her perfect firm tits with their perfect hard nipples. They just hung there in the palms of my hands. I pressed into her ass until I felt the head of my cock kiss her cervix. God I loved little girls because in them my cock felt really big.


They gave me that tight fit that I couldn't find in older women, the hole was not drill as deep either, and the intense pleasure that I received from fucking them was worth the risk of getting caught. Being my third time I lasted forever before filling her up. She pulled her lips off from Monica's pussy lips long enough to thank me for a wonderful fuck and to tell me that I could fuck her whenever I wanted too.

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Amanda at the other end said the same thing. Then Monica said that we should all meet in her bed the next morning too. She just wanted to make sure that she got her fair share. I liked the fact that the girls were not in my house.

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Soon I was watching Amanda suck my cum out of her girlfriend's pussy. As I watched the two teenage girls going at it, Monica came to stand beside me and watch the show. She flicked my limp dick with her finger and asked if I had had enough sex for the day. I sure had. I pinched her nipples and tweaked her clit and asked if she had had enough for the day.

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Surprisingly she said that she had. I got dressed, kissed Monica goodbye, and headed home. As I stood on my porch three little lovelies asked me if I had seen Amanda and Heather. I smiled knowing where they were and sent them over to Monica's house then I disappeared inside. The End Good Morning Girls 414