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Teen fucks big dick xxx eva plowing her classmate
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Vicky sat on the bed and watched while her friend Daph modeled the proceeds of her latest shopping trip. On those occasions when they hadn't gone shopping together, these get-togethers were an opportunity to get trusted feedback about their purchases, and also show-off a little.

"That's nice, Daph" said Vicky as Daph spun around in a cute floral summer dress. But secretly she thought it would look better on herself. Daph checked herself out in the mirror.

"Pretty darn cute if I say so myself!" she said chirpily, before pulling the dress up over her head and tossing it over a chair. She bent down and began rummaging around in her shopping bags for the next item. Vicky averted her eyes from the rather lewd display of Daph's rounded ass clad in pretty silk panties and looked out the window. It was a nice day outside.

"Ouch!" exclaimed Vicky as something bit her on the neck. She slapped it and a large mosquito fell dead to the ground. It was an unusual specimen, iridescent pink and green. Its scientific name, if she had known or cared, was Japonicus Futanarius. "You okay?" asked Daph, pulling a navy-blue one-piece swimsuit out of her bag and holding it up for inspection. "Sure. Just some insect." Vicky replied, knowing that Daph's attention was now fully on the swimsuit and she probably wasn't even listening.

Daph reached back to unclip her bra, then shrugged it off before tugging her panties down and kicking them away. Vicky watched idly. She'd seen her friend naked many times before.

As she scratched idly at the mosquito bite, Vicky suddenly began to feel dizzy. A sensation like a thousand nervous butterflies spread quickly from the pit of her stomach, making her heart flutter.

She put her hand on the mattress to steady herself. Something was seriously wrong. "Daph…" she gasped, but her mouth was dry and her call for help was barely a whisper. Daph tugged the navy one-piece up her thighs, oblivious to her friend's distress. It was a tight fit. She adjusted the gusset between her legs, then yanked it tight so she could get her arms through the shoulder straps.

Vicky felt a strange tingling heat start to burn between her own legs and her heart rate seemed to increase with each beat as an inexplicable flush of arousal engulfed her. She clamped her legs together but this made things worse. "Daph…" she panted. "Yeah?" Daph, now squeezed into a swimsuit that was at least a size too small, finally looked back at Vicky. "What's up? You look hot." Vicky started fanning herself.

"I don't know. I'm burning up all of a sudden." "I'll get you a drink of water." Daph trotted out to the kitchen, her swimsuit riding up her butt as she left. As soon as Daph was out of sight, Vicky slid a hand up her skirt and felt between her legs. She found her panties were soaking wet and her clitoris was harder and more sensitive than it had ever been in her life. Just brushing it through her underwear caused her to orgasm strongly.

But that didn't give her any relief — it just made things worse. By the time Daph returned, Vicky was almost driven crazy with arousal and embarrassment. She gulped down the water and hoped Daph didn't notice the way her stiff nipples were poking through her top like bullets. "I don't understand it," said Daph obliviously, looking at herself in the mirror and tugging the material out of her pussy cleft, where it insisted on forming a highly invasive cameltoe.

"I'm sure this thing fit in the shop. Oh well." Vicky didn't reply, being more concerned with what was happening to her own pussy, and her clitoris in particular. It was like it was getting bigger and harder by the second. Even more disturbing was how her feelings were changing towards her friend.

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Unable to keep her eyes off Daph she felt a sudden urge to throw her on the bed and kiss her. With this image in her mind, her pussy literally drizzled a flood of girl-juice into her panties and her clitoris bulged dramatically. Daph extricated herself from the swimsuit and pulled a black lace bra and matching panties out of a bag.

She pulled the panties on while facing away from Vicky, and so was unaware of her friend's lustful staring. The panties were semi-transparent and a seam ran up the back so that they hugged all the curves of her bottom. Then she wriggled into the bra, which was similarly sheer. Her perky nipples were clearly visible through it.

"What do you think of these? Too sexy?" Daph asked, performing a little pirouette. Then she saw what her friend was doing and she gasped in shock, her graceful dance-move ending in a clumsy stumble.

Vicky had thrown herself back on the bed with her skirt around her waist and her hand was moving very vigorously inside her soaking panties. "Jesus fucking Christ, Vicky, what the hell are you doing?" Daph cried. Vicky's face was bright red with embarrassment. "Daph … sorry… something's wrong… can't help it!" she gasped as she convulsed with another orgasm.

This in turn caused her arousal to ratchet up another notch. In her delirium she tore off her panties and flung her legs wide. Daph stared aghast. "Vicky!


Wha… What the hell is that?" she stammered, pointing at her friend's clitoris. It was now as big as a pickle, smooth and slightly curved. Before their wide eyes it swelled and lengthened, until it reached at least ten inches long.

Then a bell-end formed and a slit opened up at the tip, from which a thick white fluid started dribbling. "Is that… is that… a dick?" Daph whispered. "What's happening to me?" moaned Vicky in distress, before grabbing her newly-formed cock and jerking it furiously. Daph stepped backward nervously. "Um… yeah Vicky, do that. Maybe if you, um, finish off… maybe it will go away…" Nothing could have stopped Vicky from doing exactly that.

Her fist became a blur as she jacked off her oozing cock. She closed her eyes and found herself visualizing Daph's naked body.

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She imagined her mouth on Daph's tits, her hands on Daph's ass… This wasn't how she was supposed to feel about her friend! She opened her eyes to get rid of the visions and was treated to the sight of the real Daph looking super-hot in her sexy new underwear. "Oh God, Daph!" groaned Vicky as a powerful orgasm hit and a highly pressurized fountain of semen exploded out of her cock and showered down all over her.

Her skirt and blouse were drenched and salty droplets fell into her gasping mouth. Daph's bedcovers didn't escape either. "Holy shit!" shouted Daph, recoiling but unable to avert her eyes from her twitching, cum-spurting friend. The orgasm lasted about thirty seconds.

At the end of it, Vicky's cock showed no sign of deflating. In fact, it looked bigger. Vicky was now dealing with lustful feelings of an intensity rarely experienced by human females. (There are some monkeys in Borneo that get hornier, but they aren't relevant to this story.) Desperate for relief, she locked eyes with Daph and suddenly knew what she had to do.

Something in Vicky's gaze made Daph extremely nervous. It was like the real Vicky had stepped out of the building and a sex-crazed hermaphroditic replica had taken her place. "Daph, I'm sorry," said Vicky. She climbed off the bed and dropped her cum-soaked skirt and blouse to the floor.

Now she was naked except for a white bra. Her fat cock pointed upward at a sixty-degree angle, steadily dripping sperm on the carpet. "Um, that's okay. It could have happened to anyone…" said Daph, edging towards the door. "No Daph, you don't understand. I'm afraid I'm going to have to use this thing on you!" said Vicky sadly as she moved to block Daph's escape route. "The fuck you are!" cried Daph, then quickly attempted a sudden dash past Vicky.

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It didn't work. Vicky grabbed her by the elbow, swung her around and threw her on the bed where she landed with her legs in the air. Vicky leapt on top of her with frightening speed. "You wanted my opinion? Yes, these are too sexy!" said Vicky. She dug her fingernails into the crotch of Daph's flimsy panties and proceeded to tear them to shreds. "They were new!" howled Daph as Vicky rubbed her dribbling cockhead up and down her friend's unprotected pussy slit.

"I'm so sorry Daph, I can't help it. I've gotta fuck you! Please try to enjoy it" moaned Vicky, nuzzling her face into Daph's neck and showering her with kisses. "Fine, just make it quick," sighed Daph in resignation. The dick was huge, but it might not be so bad if Vicky was gentle… Vicky rammed her enormous, oozing cock into Daph's unprepared cunt with a grunt and a wet squelch. "Ahhhhhh!" screamed Daph.

This was without doubt the biggest, fattest thing she'd ever had shoved up her. Her brain was still having difficulty processing what was happening. If someone had told her that morning that her friend was going to suddenly grow a dick and fuck her with it, she would have been extremely skeptical.

Consumed by lust, Vicky pounded Daph relentlessly. With each wet and gooey thrust, white juice squirted out of Daph's stretched-out pussy and pooled under her butt cheeks. Vicky marveled at how wonderful Daph's soft body felt against her own, her perfume so sweet, her hair so soft. She felt she could fuck her friend's tight pussy for days.

But Daph clearly wasn't into it, and Vicky found this off-putting. For the first few minutes, Daph gritted her teeth and endured. But with no end in sight, she decided that her best chance was to bring Vicky to another orgasm as quickly as she could, then hopefully the ordeal would be over.

"Oh Vicky," she murmured, running her hands down Vicky's back and gripping her humping ass cheeks. "That's it. I love it. Fuck me Vicky, fuck me harder!" This was music to Vicky's ears. She kissed Daph hard in response, then slid her hand up over Daph's bra and grabbed her tits roughly.

"Take it Daph, you little slut!" "Yeah Vicky, I'm your little slut," panted Daph with feigned enthusiasm. "Fuck me with your big hard dick.

Fuck me like a dirty whore." Deciding to go for broke, she reached around and rammed two fingers into Vicky's dripping pussy. This was all that Vicky needed. Her next orgasm hit like a tsunami. She tensed up and shoved her cock as deep into Daph as it would go.

Jerking and twitching, she flooded Daph's womb with seed, then withdrew until only the head was left inside. Three more squirts completely filled Daph's vaginal tunnel with white goo, then Vicky plunged deep inside again with an almighty squish.

High-pressure cum sprayed out of Daph's cunt around Vicky's cock, drenching Vicky's tummy and Daph's inner thighs. The fog of lust started clearing from Vicky's mind. She rolled off Daph, her cock pulling out with a wet sucking sound, and lay next to her, panting. To her relief, the giant dick was becoming flaccid. "Daph, look, it's shrinking," she said. "That's totally awesome for you," replied Daph scathingly.

Vicky turned to face her, suddenly cognizant of the shocking nature of what she had just done to her friend. Daph was lying there spread-eagled, cum literally pouring out of her gaping, twitching cunt. "Daph, I'm so sorry!" cried Vicky, now completely lucid.

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"Don't talk to me," came the icy reply. "This has severely tested our friendship!" The two friends lay side by side on the bed, catching their breath. Vicky's cock had now completely disappeared, leaving her with a clitoris that, while not quite as small as before, was still within normal proportions. Daph's pussy gradually closed up and stopped leaking. "It seems like it's over now" ventured Vicky eventually.

Daph cast a disgusted eye over her cum-stained bed covers. Thick puddles of semen were starting to soak through.

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"Help me clean this mess up Vicky. And can you unhook my bra? It feels like it's shrinking…" Vicky inspected her friend's chest and blinked in disbelief.

"Umm, Daph… I don't think it's the bra that's shrinking…" Daph looked down in horror. Before her wide eyes, her breasts were visibly swelling up. Her bra was getting uncomfortably tight, unable to contain her expanding bosom.

The straps started digging painfully into her shoulders. "Get it off me!" Daph shrieked. Vicky fumbled with the catch and the bra practically flew off as Daph's tits burst out.

They were now at least three cup sizes bigger with nipples that were spectacularly big and fat. "What have you done to me?" howled Daph. "How am I going to explain these?" By way of illustration, she squeezed her now enormous boobs in Vicky's direction.

To their surprise a jet of milk hit Vicky square in the face. "Oh, this just fucking keeps getting better and better!" sighed Daph, unable to stop the streams of milk that were now pumping out of her engorged nipples and running down the sides of her breasts. Vicky wiped the white fluid out of her eyes, then noticed that Daph's belly was now swelling up too.

She couldn't bring herself to say anything. Instead she just gaped. Daph noticed soon enough. "What the hell?" Then realization dawned. "Vicky, you've fucking knocked me up!" "I'll call an ambulance," said Vicky in a panic.

"Ugh… too late!" groaned Daph as a flood of clear, thick fluid gushed out of her pussy. She laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide and her eyes rolled back as a series of contractions rippled through her birth canal. Each contraction was inexplicably accompanied by an intense orgasm. "This… isn't… too bad!" she panted.

Suddenly two green tentacles shot out of Daph's cunt and wrapped tightly around her calves just below the knees. The tentacles then contracted, hauling the rest of the creature out of Daph in the process, until it flopped out wetly between her thighs. It was squid-like, glistening with slime, with numerous tendrils, pseudopods and other appendages flapping around wildly in the air.

Vicky screamed. This was just like that awful Prometheus movie, only better written.

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Daph watched frozen in horror as the thing slowly slithered its way up on top of her. An eyeball on a stalk waved in front of her face, inspecting her. Meanwhile two tentacles with gaping mouths at the ends slithered and slobbered around her chest before finally attaching themselves to her engorged, leaking nipples.

Then the creature started suckling loudly at her swollen teats with the force of an industrial vacuum cleaner. "Get it off me!" cried Daph as the creature milked her furiously.

Vicky stepped forward hesitantly. Mustering all her courage she gripped one of the sucking tentacles and tugged. It didn't release its grip — if anything it increased the suction on Daph's breast. "Yeow! Let it go!

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Let it go!" wailed Daph, and Vicky happily obliged. As Vicky watched helplessly, Daph's breasts seemed to be shrinking as the milk was pumped out of them. Her belly was now back to normal and her pussy could actually be seen to be tightening back up. It was concerning, however, that the creature was rapidly increasing in size. Finally Daph's milk ran out and the thing's mouths released themselves from her tortured breasts, leaving her with bright red rings around her nipples. Its various appendages had stopped flailing around and it seemed content.

In fact, it might actually have fallen asleep. It was hard to tell. Daph struggled ineffectually to get out from underneath the creature, but it was now at least ten times bigger and a dead weight on her stomach.

Vicky grabbed her friend's hands and helped to pull her free. The two women hugged each other in relief, their bodies squishing together with a squelch of slime and semen. Both felt remarkably well, considering what they had just been through.

If anything, Daph's bigger boobs were an improvement. Their attention quickly turned to the dozing monster on the bed. "Is that a baby or did the afterbirth come out first?" asked Vicky. "That's our kid you're talking about!" remonstrated Daph, feeling maternal for some strange reason. "Do we keep it as a pet? Or ring the zoo?" asked Vicky.

Daph ignored her. "The other kids are going to tease it. That's a given." "Do you think it's dangerous?" "How could it be? It's just an iddle widdle baby," replied Daph, obviously under the influence of pregnancy hormones or something.

Vicky shook her head in disbelief and took Daph by the hand. "Let's get out of here," she said, reaching for the door handle… The beast on the bed sprang back into life.


Two tentacles shot out and grabbed Vicky around the ankles, causing her to face-plant on the floor. Her fingernails dug into the carpet as she was dragged back towards the creature. Another pair of tentacles wrapped around her thighs, pulling her legs apart as her lower half was raised into the air, leaving only her face, hands and breasts pressed against the floor.

Her pussy and ass couldn't have been more exposed and vulnerable. The creature remained on the bed, having pulled Vicky's butt up level with it. Short, whip-like tendrils flicked wetly across her bottom and pussy leaving little red welts.

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The eyestalk leaned in to inspect its prey, and the mouth-tentacles from earlier now sprouted penis-like helmets from the ends and loomed ominously. "What's it doing?" called out Vicky frantically, unable to see behind her. "Don't worry Vicky," replied Daph helpfully. "I think it only wants to fuck you…" "But I'm its father…" objected Vicky as she felt a thick drizzle of warm fluid run over her crotch and down her ass crack. The beast was lubing her up.

How considerate of it. It quickly became apparent that the creature's secretions contained a powerful aphrodisiac. Vicky felt her clitoris buzz and her pussy juices start to flow again. Against all logic and reason she found herself desperate for the horrible monster to have its way with her. She didn't have to wait long. The tip of a penis tentacle started wriggling up and down Vicky's pussy slit, working her lips apart as it fumbled for the entrance.

Then it gently eased its way inside. It was fat, with a ridged and lumpy surface that felt quite pleasurable as it slowly pumped in and out of her. Vicky moaned in ecstasy. This really wasn't so bad — the monster wasn't ravaging her, it was making love to her.

But then, without warning, the second penis tentacle suddenly dived between her spread butt-cheeks and rammed its way deep into her tight little asshole. Eyes bulging and shocked speechless, Vicky could only dangle and quiver as the two invading cocks pumped her pussy and ass with an alternating rhythm. The pace increased tenfold, her nether regions now a blur of pounding monster dicks. Under the onslaught she was pushed away from the bed as the tentacles around her legs began to lose grip.

Another tentacle shot out and wrapped around her bra strap in an attempt to stop her escaping. After a few painful seconds her bra broke and her tits burst free.

Vicky managed to crawl a short distance away before the tentacles regained purchase and started dragging her back again. "A little help here…" she suggested. Daph leapt into action. "Okay, I know we're its parents and we're supposed to love it unconditionally, but seriously, fuck this thing!" she yelled, reaching under the bed.

She pulled out a baseball bat and started raining down a series of brutal blows at the base of the creature's eyestalk. With all major tentacles wrapped around Vicky, the monster was unable to defend itself in time. After receiving ten good whacks with the bat, the creature started its death-throes.

Vicky was jerked around violently in its grip, the tentacles inside her quivering epileptically. Then it collapsed, the bulk of its body deflating with a soft pfft-sound. "Thanks Daph," said Vicky, pulling a still-twitching tentacle out of her ass while staggering away from the corpse. "Not a problem, babe," panted Daph, grabbing Vicky by the arm and pulling her through the doorway.

They slammed the door behind them and collapsed in the hallway. The two friends slumped side-by-side against the wall.

Holding hands, they stared into space while several minutes passed. "Again, Daph, I'm just so sorry" said Vicky eventually. "What for?" Daph replied vacantly. "You know. The whole forced-impregnation thing," mumbled Vicky.

"And for destroying your new panties. And your bedspread." "Oh yeah, that." Daph paused for a moment. "I'm sorry too." "What for?" asked Vicky. "You know. That you got tentacle-raped in both holes by our unholy demon spawn." Vicky pondered for a moment. "Actually, that part was quite nice at first." "Oh." More time passed. "Do you think that your dick-sprouting thing was a one-time deal?" asked Daph.

Vicky stroked her neck with a finger, feeling the small bump of the mosquito bite.


"I hope so. I feel normal now." "Did you get any monster sperm inside you?" pressed Daph. Vicky looked down at her pussy, which was leaking thick white goo into a large puddle on the floor between her legs. "Um… Maybe a little bit…" she replied nervously. Daph started inching away… To be continued.?