Quicky bj from her perspective

Quicky bj from her perspective
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Authors note: First, my apologies for taking so long to complete this story. Starting a new job has occupied most of my time. I also really struggled with these characters as I was trying to stretch out from what I felt comfortable with.

The problem was that I discovered that I really couldn't identify with these characters, and as a result, I wound up with some major writer's block. Hopefully, you will find this final offering satisfactory, and if not, be able to offer some advice on where to go from here. I see writers like Ka Hamnd, and I marvel at his ability to work in so many different genres with such diverse plots and characters, and I'd like to be able to do the same.

Mark had the next couple of days off, and he tried to hook up with Julia, but she wouldn't respond to his calls or texts. He was a little bit worried that she might have gotten a little freaked out and was avoiding him. It didn't make any sense, she was the one who had gone down on him without any prompting, but after his experiences with Allison, he had quit trying to figure out girls. Allison was staying with a friend over the weekend, so Mark was stuck by himself.

On Sunday afternoon, Mark's phone buzzed with a text from Julia. Come over, I want to show you something. He grinned to himself. He had a pretty good idea what she wanted to show him. About time. He thought to himself. He headed out the door, shouting to his parents that he would be back later. As he knocked on the door Julia answered, looking dark and sinister.

Her blackish-brown hair was pulled tightly back against her scalp into a severe bun that was more befitting of an octogenarian spinster than a woman who was barely twenty. But that was as tame as it got. Her eye shadow was a thick line of black, combined with an angry red streak that emphasized the almond shape of her eyes.

Her lips were covered in a vivid red shade of lipstick that stood out from her deep tan. She was wearing a vinyl topcoat with an oval cutout that displayed her ample cleavage, and hugged tight to her figure before flaring away just above her hips to drape down to her ankles. Underneath was a black vinyl bustier that pushed her large breasts even higher, and vinyl hot pants.

Finishing out her outfit were thigh high vinyl "fuck me" boots with stiletto heels, and black vinyl gloves. Mark stood there, staring at her in her dominatrix outfit. Holding a black riding crop in her hand, she signaled to Mark to follow her. "I found something outside that might interest you." She said, as Mark mutely followed her. He wasn't sure where this was going, and he also wasn't quite sure if he wanted to find out.

He enjoyed dominating Allison, but he was damned if he wanted to be on the other end of that type of sex with Julia. She pushed open the door to one of the rooms, and gestured inside. Standing in the middle of the room with her back to him was Allison. Her arms were bound together at the elbows and wrists by fur-lined cuffs, and suspended directly behind her by a chain attached to the ceiling.

She was clad in a pair of high heels, and nothing else. Between her ankles was a wooden rod, which was attached to her by means of two more fur-lined cuffs at her ankles. The tugging on her arms forced her to lean forward at the waist, putting her in a precarious position, held upright by her bound arms with all of her weight in front of her toes.

Her ass glowed a bright red, and her pussy was dripping down her thighs. Mark stood there staring at her, taking in the sight of his gorgeous step-sister bound and restrained. Julia walked up to her and began tracing the riding crop along her flesh, making Allison flinch. "I caught her sneaking in the gate behind another resident. She's been quite the little snoop, apparently. She refused to say anything at first, but once we got to know each other, she became quite talkative.

So many interesting things she told me, such tales of debauchery, things like rape and sodomy." Mark kept quiet, not quite sure what to say. Julia lifted Allison's head up by the chin, and turned her face towards her. Allison had a silk scarf tied around her head with a folded knot in the middle of it placed in her mouth, keeping her from speaking.

Julia ran the tip of her tongue along Allison's nose, causing her to shudder. Mark finally was able to speak. "What do you want?" Julia looked up at him. "I want to play with the two of you." Allison whimpered and Julia brought the riding crop down on the side of her ass, causing her to jump and squeal behind her gag. "Quiet! Mistress is speaking!" Mark noticed the flush that came over Allison as Julia spoke, and it seemed that a little more fluid leaked from her pussy and dripped down her thighs.

Allison was definitely turned on by this. And apparently, so was Julia. Mark had assumed that if anyone knew about what had been going on between himself and Allison, they would be disgusted and repulsed. But Julia wanted to join them? Mark had a fleeting worry that she might be just as crazy as Allison, but the idea of the two of them at his disposal was intriguing. And if he played his cards right, Julia might be able to help diffuse the situation with Allison.

Mark walked up to her and began tracing his hand along her flank. Allison was quivering, her muscles taut and straining. "Allison, Allison, Allison." He said, shaking his head. "Look at the mess you've gotten yourself into now. And all because you weren't willing to share me with Julia." He paused at this and reached out for Julia, pulling her close to him, and kissing her passionately. Allison's eyes widened and she whined behind her gag.

He turned back towards Allison.

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"I'd be willing to share you with whoever wanted a piece of your slutty ass." Julia ran her hand along Marks groin, gently stroking his cock through his pants. "I know a place where you can share her. Guys would be lined up for a piece of her ass. Girls, too." She added as Allison began to shiver. Mark thought for a moment. Would she be willing to do it?

Let a bunch of strangers fuck her? Well, he could start with seeing how far she would go with Julia, if he could get Julia to cooperate. He turned to Julia and asked her. "What do you want to play?" She smiled seductively and knelt in front of Mark, pulling his cock out of his shorts and licking her lips theatrically while eyeing Allison. Allison's eyes widened and she began to whine though her gag, wiggling in her restraints. Julia opened her mouth and began licking up and down the length of Mark's shaft, staring into Allison's eyes the entire time.

"My favorite game." Julia replied. "Dominating a hot bitch." Allison moaned and Mark's eyes widened slightly as a grin spread across his face. Julia went back to work on his shaft, sucking him all the way down in a single motion. "You see Allison? See how easily she took my cock all the way down her throat?

I told you that Julia was hotter than you." Allison's eyes narrowed and she exhaled sharply through her nose.

Julia pulled back off of Mark's cock and glared at her. "Are you disagreeing, slut!!" Allison's eyes got wide and she frantically shook her head no, but Julia wasn't buying it. "You little tramp." She hissed at her as she stood. She walked behind her and began unlinking the cuffs from the chain. As she came free, Allison started to topple forward, but Julia yanked her back by the arms, and Allison regained her balance. "Kneel across his lap!" Julia barked.

Mark sat down on the edge of the bed, and Allison tottered towards him on unsteady legs. As she knelt down over his lap, Julia approached with a leather paddle. Mark reached down and unclipped Allison's wrist and elbow cuffs from each other, allowing her to move her arms freely. She put her arms down on the floor in front of her as Julia trailed the paddle across her upturned ass. Allison whimpered as Julia brought it down on her in a short smack.

She began moaning as Julia continued spanking her, her ass turning a bright red. After a couple of minutes, Julia pushed Mark onto his back and directed Allison to climb on top of him.

As soon as she had sunk down on his cock, Julia smacked her ass with the paddle again, making her squeal and pop back up to escape the sting. "Back down on his cock, slut!" Julia shouted at her. Allison dutifully lowered herself again, only to have Julia smack her as soon as she bottomed out. She whimpered and pushed forward, trying to avoid the paddle. Mark put his hands on her hips and pushed her back down, where she was met once again by the paddle. He kept her pinned in place while Julia kept smacking her ass.

Allison whimpered through the series of smacks, wiggling her hips trying to avoid the stinging blows landing on her tender ass cheeks. Tears trickled down her cheeks while Julia continued her assault. Allison was enraptured. She had followed Julia home on Friday night, not really sure what she was doing when Julia had caught her. Allison had tried to play dumb, but Julia had recognized her as Mark's sister and invited her inside. Allison had tried to play it off and retreat gracefully, but Julia had been insistent and Allison couldn't really come up with a convincing reason why she had to leave, without seeming any crazier than she already did.

As she sat on the couch drinking with her, Allison started to get the impression that Julia was hitting on her, and it made her a little nervous. She didn't think of herself as a prude or a homophobe, she just wasn't into girls. She felt that she had spent enough time there that she could now leave without seeming rude, but then Julia started talking about Mark.

Allison sat open mouthed while Julia described her sexual encounters with Mark in graphic detail. Her mind was reeling when Julia invited her to take a look in her "fun room".

"Fun room?" Allison asked. "Yup." Julia replied with a glint in her eye. "Mark and I play in there all the time. Want to see how he uses me?" Allison shook her head silently. She had no desire to know about what Mark did with this shameless whore.

She stood to leave, but Julia grabbed her arm and pulled her back down on the couch. "Oh, I think you do. I think that you want to know … Every … Last … Detail." She leaned close to Allison, whispering softly in her ear. "I could see it in your eyes. Your pupils dilating, your breathing getting faster, your chest getting flushed.

You were turned on, hearing about the two of us." Allison was frozen in place. She was bigger than Julia, and pretty sure that she could physically overpower her, but she couldn't bring herself to move. In the meantime, Julia had crawled onto her lap, straddling her and running her hands along her face, tilting her chin up to look into her eyes.

"I guess the only question is: Are you turned on at the thought of me? Or of your brother?" "Step-brother." Allison hoarsely whispered. Julia's eyes narrowed and she laughed. "So you're horny for your step-brother. How twisted is that? Little suburban princess, dreaming of her step-brother fucking her. Do you spy on him in the shower? Do your rub yourself in bed while you think about him? How lonely do you get when you know he's fucking me while you sit at home alone?" Allison finally responded at that dig.

"He's fucking me, too!!!" She shouted, and then realized what she had just done. Her eyes were round as plates, and she clamped her hands over her mouth as she turned white as a sheet. Julia smirked at her. "Well, well, well. This IS interesting." Allison slumped her head, the fight having gone out of her. "Please don't tell anyone." Julia stood up and took Allison by the hand, leading her down the hallway. "I won't tell. But I want to know all the details." Allison followed along unresistingly, but couldn't bring herself to share the intimate details of her sex life with Mark.

"Please, I can't." "Oh I think you can. You just need the proper motivation. How about knowing that in this room, I'll teach you everything you need to know to hold on to him forever? So that you'll never lose him to anyone else." Allison's ears pricked up at that. "Really? You can do that?" "Oh, yes honey. But you have to be prepared to experience what he'll do to you. Do you think that you can handle that?" "After how he's used me already, there's nothing I can't handle." She stated.

Julia's eyes widened slightly and she smiled. "We'll see." And she led her inside the door. For the next two days, Julia had her way with Allison.

She had an extensive collection of sex toys, and Allison got to experience all of them. The strap-ons, the floggers, the paddles, the saw horse, the restraints, the collars, and the nipple clamps. She lost track of how many times Julia had made her cum. It seemed like a non-stop fuckfest as Julia used all of her holes.

She only stopped to eat and allow Allison to use the restroom. When she slept, it was with a dildo in her pussy and a buttplug in her ass, secured by a chastity belt. She had been hesitant at first, but Julia had started with a flogger and worked her in slowly, and before she knew it, Allison was screaming for Julia to fuck her.

Periodically, Julia would ask her about the different things Mark had done to her, and Allison would tell her, starting Julia on another round with another toy.

At first Allison thought that she would be learning how to keep Mark's attention, but she soon forgot about that and just concentrated on the pleasure Julia was giving her.

Sometime in the middle of the first night, Allison realized that Julia was getting off on dominating Allison as much as she was getting off on being dominated by her. By Sunday afternoon, Allison was delirious with sexual gratification. She was on the bed, her hands cuffed to the spreader between her feet with her ass up in the air. Julia was kneeling behind her fucking her ass with a rubber dildo attached to the harness she was wearing. "Take it you bitch!

Fucking take it!!" She hissed as she relentlessly sodomized the bound girl. "Oh yes, make me take it! Make me your bitch, make me your fucking whore!!" "Is this what Mark does to you?

Is this how he fucks you?" Julia asked. "Yes! Yes!!" Allison moaned. "Does he make it hurt?" "Yes!" Julia wrapped her fingers through Allison's hair and yanked her head back as she relentlessly pounded into her tender ass, making her cum for the umpteenth time.

Allison quaked and trembled as she came down from her most recent orgasm. Julia pulled the rubber cock out of her gaping asshole with a sharp tug, leaving Allison gasping in both pleasure and pain. "No more Julia, I can't take it, no more, please." She whimpered.

Julia looked down at her bound plaything, with her gaping asshole and pussy distended from all the use and abuse of the past two days.

She left Allison whimpering on the bed as she showered. When she exited the bathroom, she led Allison to the middle of the room and chained her to the ceiling. "I think it's time that Mark joined us." She informed her as she tied the gag into place.

Allison moaned softly and waited for Mark to arrive. Now that he was here, Allison was reveling in the pleasure and the pain. She kept rolling her hips on top of Mark while Julia spanked her, bringing her close to another orgasm. She was shocked at first to realize that Julia was able to get her off just as well as Mark was, but realized that it brightened up her sex life considerably.

Lately Mark had seemed kind of reluctant to fuck her, and she was getting tired of having to push his buttons just to get a decent fuck. She exploded in another orgasm, and lay on top of Mark while her body continued heaving. "Easy." Mark cautioned Julia. "She's really sensitive after she cums." "I don't care." Julia sneered as she walked to the wall and exchanged the paddle for her riding crop.

"It's about what gets me off, not her." Allison shivered at the words. Julia knew damn well by now how she felt after an orgasm, and to have her treat her as a plaything was such a turn on. She rolled Allison off of Mark and swatted each of her breasts with the crop, eliciting sharp gasps from her.

She rolled her over once more onto her stomach and held the riding crop in front of Allison's face. "Take it in your teeth." She commanded, and Allison quickly complied.

"Get up on all fours." As Allison assumed the position, Julia snapped a rubber cock to the front of her harness and climbed onto the bed behind Allison.

She placed the rubber phallus at the entrance to her pussy, and easily sank it into her trembling hole. "Get my phone." She instructed Mark. "I want some good shots of me fucking this bitch." She leaned forward and grabbed the riding crop in her hands, pulling Allison's head back as if she were wearing a bridle. "And it should also work for blackmail. Wouldn't want your parents to see you dyking out now, would we princess?" She chortled as she began slamming into Allison's well-worn pussy.

Over the next few hours, Mark and Julia used Allison to their hearts content. Allison was made to suck Mark's cock while Julia fucked her from behind, then they switched positions and Mark fucked her while she licked Julia's pussy.

It was the first time that she had ever done such a thing, and Mark found it incredibly sexy to see Allison with her head between Julia's thighs while Julia threw her head back, moaning in ecstasy. For her part, Allison felt awkward doing it at first, but Julia had grabbed her head and pulled her face to her pussy, so it wasn't like she had a choice, which turned her on even more. Julia had snarled at her to give her an orgasm with her tongue, and Allison set out to oblige her.

She knew what she liked herself, so she used that as her guide on Julia. Based on the moans coming from above her head, Allison surmised that she was doing a decent job as she lightly flicked Julia's clit with her tongue. She had heard that licking the alphabet was good, so she started on that, but Julia grabbed the back of her head and pulled her even tighter against her pussy, burying Allison's nose in her crotch.

"Fuck me with your tongue." She moaned. Allison began spearing her tongue in and out of Julia's steaming pussy, trying to ignore the musky taste. She had tasted her own juices a couple of times after Mark had pushed his cock into her mouth after he had fucked her, but Julia tasted a lot stronger than she did. It didn't take long before she started getting into it, turned on by the idea of being able to bring Julia such pleasure. Late Sunday evening, they finally were done with her.

Julia helped Allison into the shower and gently helped her to bathe. Allison couldn't stop whimpering as Julia tenderly caressed her. "You're so beautiful baby." She whispered in her ear. "I really enjoyed fucking you." Allison turned her face towards Julia.

"Is that how Mark fucks you?" Julia smiled at her. "I lied. We haven't fucked yet." Allison's eyes grew wide, and Julia laughed at her expression. "But Mark told me … you said … why did you guys lie about that?" Allison stammered. "I don't know why he lied, but I wanted to get into your pants. First lesson baby; guys lie to get sex, and so do girls." Allison smiled while Julia gently soaped her body. She hadn't thought that anyone could make her feel like Mark had, but Julia had proved to be just as skilled in dominating her, and actually had more imagination.

Allison had sensed how hot she got in dominating her, and realized that if she played her cards right, she could have Julia fucking her all the time, without having to play any games.

As Julia finished washing her, she took her by the hand and led her out of the shower, gently toweling her off before leading her back into the room. She strapped a pair of leather wrist cuffs on her, and attached them to the chain hanging from the ceiling. Allison didn't think that she could take any more fucking, but something in Julia's manner seemed different. As soon as Julia was satisfied that she was secured, she turned towards the bed where Mark was dozing and crawled up next to him, lightly running her hands over his cock.

It wasn't as bad as she thought it would be, watching the two of them have sex, Allison thought. It was actually kind of boring.

Julia had gotten him hard with her hands, unrolled a condom on him, and then sat on his cock, steadily grinding herself into him. From the moans Marks was making, he seemed to be enjoying it, but to Allison it just seemed so … plain.

Where was the force, the domination, the bending her to his will? For that matter, why was Julia so passive? Well, whatever got them off, she guessed. Just so long as they didn't fuck her that way. When the two of them finished, Mark got dressed and Julia unchained Alison. She held hands with the both of them as she walked them to the door, and kissed the two of them goodbye, telling them that she would see them soon.

Over the next week, Mark and Allison never mentioned what had transpired that weekend. Mark would go to Julia's after work and the two of them would have sex, and he would head home. Allison was still recovering from that weekend, and didn't begrudge the two of them their time together.

As the week drew to a close, Allison was starting to feel horny again when Julia called her. "I've been missing you baby, want to come over this weekend?" Allison felt herself getting hot. "What about Mark?" "I've been with him all week, I want to see you." Julia responded.

Then her voice dropped. "I need to fuck the living shit out of you." Allison shivered. "When can I come over?" She asked meekly, already getting into her role. "Friday night, after I get off work." Julia responded and hung up.

Allison could already feel herself starting to get wet in anticipation. That Friday, Mark approached Julia as his shift ended. "Hey, want to grab something to eat after work?" "Sorry, I have plans tonight.

Allison is coming over. We need some girl time." Mark's eyes widened slightly and he grinned. "Can I come over and watch?" Julia smirked. "I don't think that you'd be content with just watching." Mark smiled at that. "Probably not. You two have fun." He lay in bed that night imagining the two of them together while stroking his cock. He could just imagine what was going on right now, Allison tied up with a ball gag in her mouth, grunting and squealing while Julia plowed into her with a large rubber dildo.

He thought of the previous weekend, and how he had been fucking Allison doggy style while she ate Julia out. Allison's moans were muffled by Julia's pussy, but Julia was really enjoying what Allison was doing to her, judging by the steady stream of moans and whimpers that escaped from her lips. Mark leaned forward and pushed Allison's head even further into Julia's crotch, making Julia moan even louder as he snarled at Allison.

"Jesus Allison, you're such a whore. Your pussy is getting looser all the time, I can barely feel a thing." He pulled out of her pussy and adjusted his aim, pressing straight into her ass without hesitation. Allison whimpered at the intrusion, but never stopped her oral ministrations on Julia's pussy. Mark held still and commanded Allison to fuck herself on his cock, work her body back and forth between him and Julia, and she faithfully obeyed.

God what a sight. Mark's cock was being squeezed by Allison's heart shaped ass, her sphincter red and swollen, gripping tightly to his invading shaft. Her hips swelled and rounded, tapering to her tiny waist which steadily worked back and forth, and her toned back was covered in sweat.

Her head kept pushing into Julia's tan crotch, creating a nice contrast with her pale blonde hair. Shit. I have got to get back together with the two of them, soon. Mark thought to himself. The next day he got a text from Julia. Be at my place at 10 pm.

Mark smiled to himself, anticipating a repeat of the previous weekend. Their parents thought that Allison was spending the weekend with a friend, and he told them that he'd be crashing at a friend's house that night. He arrived at Julia's and to his surprise, both girls were dressed. "I have a surprise for tonight." Julia had informed him. They climbed into her SUV, and she directed Mark downtown to an area that he had never been before.

The drive took nearly forty minutes, and they remained silent throughout. As Mark drove, Julia and Allison sat in the backseat. They parked in a parking garage, and Julia led them through a maze of back alleys before approaching a non-descript door. Mark was starting to get a little nervous, the whole thing seemed vaguely sinister to him.

Julia knocked on the door, three sharp raps, then a pause, then two more. The door creaked open and a large man in a suit peered at them.

Julia looked at him impassively. "We're here for the party." "What party?" The man rumbled. "The private party.


And it won't happen without us." She handed the man what looked to be a business card, and he inspected it closely. The man peered at Mark, and despite himself, he felt intimidated. He shifted his gaze to Allison, before finally opening the door for them. The door entered into a stairwell, and the three of them headed up. "What is this place?" Mark asked. "A private club." Julia responded. "It's an underground type of place, if you ask about joining, or being invited in, you get blackballed.

They have to approach you." "How do you know about it?" Mark asked. "Don't ask so many questions." Julia responded. At the top of the stairwell was another metal door. Julia repeated the same knock, and a sliding metal cutout was pulled back and a suspicious pair of eyes peered out. Julia held another card up to the slot, and it was pulled inside and the slot was slammed shut.

A few seconds later, there was the sound of several bolts sliding back, and the door swung open. As they stepped inside, a man approached them with a wand, and ran it up and down their bodies. "No weapons allowed." He intoned. After passing them through, they walked out of the narrow hallway and into a large, dimly lit room. There were brick column spaced about 10 feet apart, ringing the room, and creating a "room within a room" effect.

There was a small group of men and a few women already inside, clustered in small groups. As the three of them walked in, all eyes turned towards them, and Mark got the impression that they had been waiting for them. A woman walked up to them and asked Julia and Allison to follow her, and directed Mark to wait there. He looked around, and no one seemed interested in engaging him in conversation, so he sat and waited. Half an hour later he was still waiting, and starting to get antsy.

Eventually, the woman who had led the two girls away re-appeared. "It won't be much longer." She informed the group. About time. Mark thought to himself. It had been nearly an hour. Mark sat on the couch waiting for the two girls to appear. Allison walked out first in a black velvet robe with a large hood that covered her head and obscured her face.

She was completely covered, head to toe. Behind her, Julia was dressed in a matching robe, but this was red, and her head was uncovered. Her hair was pulled back tight against her scalp into a ponytail at the crown of her head.

Her make up was subdued, subtly enhancing her features. She nodded to Mark. "Let's go." Julia waked across the room between two of the columns, and Allison and Mark followed her to a large couch. As Julia took Mark's hand, she commanded Allison to stay standing between the columns while the two of them sat. She immediately began reaching for Mark's pants, pulling his dick free. "This is a sex club." She informed him as he started to protest. "Relax and enjoy yourself." A man dressed as a waiter approached her carrying a tray with a condom on it, which she tore open and rolled down Mark's cock before devouring him.

Allison remained silent, even though it was killing her to not participate. Julia spent several minutes sucking Mark's cock before she sat up and nodded. The man who had brought her the condom approached Allison and turned her around so that she faced the small crowd, and pulled her hood back, revealing her face. Mark strained to make out the expressions on the faces in the dimness, and could tell that they were suitably impressed. The man removed the robe and handed it to a woman who was dressed similarly to him, and she disappeared with it.

Allison was wearing the same white stockings and heels that she had the night Mark had fucked her on the dining room table, and her hair had been tightly curled into tiny ringlets that cascaded down to her shoulders.

The woman reappeared carrying another tray, this one with fur-lined cuffs on it. The man strapped the cuffs onto Allison's ankles and wrists, buckling them securely, then took a strap with a large O ring and positioned the ring in her mouth, forcing it open before strapping it around her head. He turned Allison around and Mark got a look at her. She was naked, but her body was strategically covered in body paint that made it look like she was wearing a wedding dress.

A padded table was placed in front of Allison, and she was pushed down on top of it. There were several metal rings bolted to the sides, and her wrist cuffs were secured to the rings, locking her arms in place. Two chains attached to the legs of the table were secured to the cuffs on her ankles.

Allison was securely strapped to the heavy table now, bent over and exposed to the crowd behind her. There was a look of trepidation on her face, and Mark suddenly started to worry. What had he gotten her into? Would she be able to handle it? Julia stepped up to her and bent down and whispered in her ear. "You said you liked it rough and nasty.

Were you serious? Because that's what you're about to get." Allison nodded her head. She was ready for this. "If it gets to be too much, hold up the number two with your right hand." Julia instructed. Allison nodded and Julia bent down and stuck her tongue into Allison's mouth before stepping back and whirling her robe off, revealing her body.

She was wearing a red vinyl corset which pushed her exposed D cup boobs up, along with a garter belt and nylons, which nicely framed her exposed pussy. She turned to Mark, bent over and took his cock back into her mouth for a couple of quick pumps, then turned her back to him before settling down on his cock. Once she had sunk all the way to the base, she moaned appreciatively. "God, your cock is so big. I love the way it fills me up." Allison's eyes widened as Julia began describing how Mark's cock made her feel.

She started mewling in protest, and Julia nodded to one of the men who stepped forward and tied a blindfold over Allison's eyes. "Can you hear how wet I am? Can you hear my pussy squishing while his big cock fucks in and out of it? Allison moaned around the ring in her mouth in protest. The idea that Julia was getting fucked while she wasn't was too much for her to bear, and she began swaying her hips in anticipation.

Julia nodded her head to the group behind Allison. "Let the degradation begin." A small table with a tray of condoms was placed next to the pillar and the first man up grabbed one before he stepped up behind Allison and smacked her on the ass. "No holes are off limits." Julia announced. "Use her as you will." The man forced his way into Allison with a single powerful stroke, and she moaned in pain and excitement.

Even though she liked it rough with Mark, there was an element of safety there: she knew that he wouldn't hurt her.

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But this was different, she didn't know the men fucking her, and that added element of danger was turning her on. The man behind her hammered away at her pussy, grunting with each powerful stroke.

Allison moaned unintelligibly through the ring gag, until someone shoved his dick though it and down her throat. She choked at the unexpected invasion, but her saliva soon coated the thick member, and she opened her throat, welcoming him into her gullet.

She found the taste of the condom unpleasant at first, but she soon got used to it. She also realized that she had better start taking some precautions in her sex life. She briefly wondered about Julia. How many people had she been with? Was she safe? Shit, Mark had never used a condom when he fucked her, what about him? Her mind was brought back to the present by the throbbing cock in her pussy.

The man behind her groaned and his cock twitched, signaling that he had shot his load. He withdrew from her, and the next man stepped up. Allison felt a gob of spit land on her anus, and knew what was coming next. A bulbous cockhead was pressed against her asshole, and then shoved past the ring of resisting muscle. She yelped at the forceful intrusion and began wailing around the cock buried in her throat as her unseen partner began shoving the largest cock she'd ever felt into her ass, one inch at a time.

Her sphincter burned as it stretched to accommodate the large member, and she was reminded of her first time with Mark, how badly it had hurt, and how much it had excited her. She could feel her pussy heating up, and could tell that an orgasm was on its way when the guy in her mouth began jerking with his own orgasm. He stepped back, and was quickly replaced by another cock. Allison briefly wished that she didn't have the ring in her mouth, that she could close her lips around the cock, but then she remembered what Julia had told her about tonight before Mark had picked them up.

"You're going to be nothing more than a hole for them, a cum dumpster. You won't even be their whore, whores get paid. You're going to be used and tossed away." She had shivered in anticipation at that, wondering how being used and degraded so badly would make her feel. Well she was in the middle of it now, and she was loving it. She was also beginning to understand the true power the role of the submissive had.


At any time she could call a stop to this, it was all about what pleased her, what got her off. Everyone here was under her control. She hoped. What if she tried to stop them and they refused? What if they kept going when she had had enough? The idea that they may not respond to her instructions to stop thrilled her. She heard a deep rumbling voice behind her. "Halfway in, bitch. You still got a ways to go." Allison trembled at the sound of the voice.

She was positive it was a black man who was fucking her ass. She tried to remember if she had seen any black guys when she came in, but couldn't recall.

She had never had a black guy before, and she was excited at the idea. Inch after painful inch, he pushed forward until Allison finally felt his body against hers, and his balls resting on her pussy. The guy in her mouth was lazily pushing his cock in and out of her throat, and she pressed her tongue up against the underside of his shaft, trying to create a little bit of pressure in her mouth for him.

Mark leaned back on the couch, peeking around Julia, straining to see Allison get fucked by a crowd of strangers.

Julia was also captivated by the sight of the beautiful young girl being fucked by a group of strangers. She leaned forward as she ground her hips into Mark, pushing herself as deeply onto his cock as she could. The man in her ass began slamming into her, eliciting muffled groans from her cock-stuffed mouth. Mark pulled Julia backwards and whispered in her ear.

"Is she going to be all right? Maybe we should." Julia cut him off. "She can take it. Just enjoy the show." Mark shrugged and continued watching while Julia moaned and rotated her hips in a slow circle. His cock popped out, and Mark decided that he wanted to feel her ass. As he tried to nudge his cockhead between her taut buttocks, Julia pushed her hips up away from his invading member. "Not there, I don't do that. That's what your sister is for." "Step-sister." Mark muttered to himself as he searched for the entrance to her pussy again.

Julia smiled back at him and twisted her head to kiss him. "Does it get you hot, watching her get fucked while you fuck me at the same time?" She rocked her hips up and down, running her pussy lips along the length of Mark's engorged cock. She sat straight up and sank down on him, taking him as deep as she could in a single motion, gasping as she did so.

"I get so hot, watching her get fucked while I'm fucking you." She raised her voice so that Allison could hear her clearly.

"Did you hear that? I'm fucking him. And it feels sooooo good." Allison squealed as the man fucking her ass placed a massive hand on the back of her neck and pushed her mouth even farther onto the man who was fucking her face. She choked at first, but quickly managed to re-establish her breathing. Fine, fuck him.

She thought to herself. I'm getting all the cock I want here. A particularly hard thrust into her ass made her yelp. And a little bit more. The man behind her took a deep breath and started really pounding into her asshole, pushing Allison to her limits. She squeezed her eyes shut tight behind her blindfold as she felt her tiny sphincter distending with each stroke. God, I won't be able to sit down for a week after this.

Tears welled up in her eyes, but Allison was determined to endure it. The harder he pounded, the hotter she got. She wanted to moan, but the cock jammed into her throat only allowed her to make strangled sounds.

She was being bounced back and forth between the two cocks, unable to see her two lovers, totally at their mercy, and totally enthralled by them.

The dual pounding that she was receiving was pushing her to the brink, and she clenched her asshole around the cock that was brutalizing her tiny rectum as best she could.

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"Fight me bitch, that makes this so much better." She heard from behind her, and that was enough to send her over the edge. More than anything, she wanted to grab her ass cheeks and spread them wide, signaling that she wanted this pounding, but all she could do was moan, as her first orgasm of the night swept over her.

Her asshole reflexively began clenching and unclenching, milking the cock that was buried in it, squeezing the orgasm out of it. The man behind her bellowed as he came, and the man in her mouth came along with the two of them. The two men fell back away from her, exhausted, leaving her panting and flushed.

Mark nearly came himself as a women stepped up next. He placed a hand on Julia's hip to slow her down, but she knew what he was up to, and began squeezing her pussy on his cock, trying to make him cum as well. Mark tried to hold back, but it was no use. The sight of Allison taking on multiple partners, plus the tight feel of Julia's flexing pussy was too much for him, and he came.

Julia smiled and climbed off of him and walked towards Allison. She bent over and began whispering in her ear, describing what the sex with Mark had been like, and how she had made him cum. While this was going on, the woman behind Allison began running her fingers along her pussy lips. Allison trembled at the feeling, and the woman began to start working her fingers in and out of her pussy as Allison whimpered. It wasn't long before she had all four fingers and her thumb inserted into Allison's pussy, and was working them in and out, making the bound girl delirious with pleasure.

Then she began trying to work her entire hand into her pussy, and Allison jumped. "Hold still, whore!" The woman barked. Julia summoned one of the attendants, and whispered to him, and he reappeared with another table, about half the height of the one Allison was strapped to, and placed it in front of the bound girl.

Julia climbed onto it and knelt on all fours in front of Allison, then pushed her groin back against her face. "Lick my asshole, slut." She instructed her. Allison complied as the woman behind her kept trying to push her hand into her pussy. Mark heard Allison squeal, and saw her lunge forward, pushing her face deep into Julia's ass.

He got up and walked around the table to see that the woman had indeed succeeded in forcing her hand inside Allison's pussy, and was buried up to her wrist inside of her. Mark was shocked to see how much Allison's pussy had expanded, and briefly wondered if it would ever return to normal.

A loud moan from Julia caught his attention, and he craned his neck to see what was going on. Allison's face was planted firmly against Julia's ass, blocking his view, but Julia began issuing a steady stream of directions and encouragement. "That's it you little whore, push your tongue inside my asshole, just like that!

Keep going, deeper! Deeper! Deeper!! Now lick it.


Yeah up and down, just like that. Oh God, your tongue feels so good on my ass!" Mark began absent-mindedly stroking his cock at the sight of the three women in front of him. The woman fisting Allison brought her to a rousing orgasm, then gently withdrew her hand from her gaping pussy and walked to the table where Julia was kneeling, still getting her asshole tongued by Allison.

She gently stroked Julia's side. "May I cut in?" She asked. Julia moaned in frustration. "I haven't cum yet." "Then we'll have to make do." The woman replied, and she climbed underneath Julia and lay her head underneath her pussy, while placing her own pussy directly beneath Julia's face. She began licking Julia's exposed clit, and Julia lowered her own head between the woman's spread legs, returning the favor.

Another man stepped up behind Allison and buried himself deep inside her, sawing away, chasing his release, obviously not caring if Allison was enjoying herself. Mark walked around to where Julia was eating the nameless woman and placed his dick near her face. She looked up at him with surprise. "I'm kind of in the middle of something here." She told him. "So multi-task." He responded, and pushed his dick into her mouth.

Julia gave it a couple of quick strokes before bending her head down to lick the pussy beneath her. She began alternating between the two of them, and Mark began wondering if he could fuck the other girl, but decided against it.

Who knew what her reaction would be? He would be satisfied with Julia and Allison. Before long, Mark could hear the girl underneath Julia start moaning, and she began bucking up and down with an orgasm. That set Julia off, and she came as well, collapsing on top of her, her ass falling away from Allison's face. She slowly climbed off the table and took Mark's hand, leading him back to the couch where the two of them sat together while she gently stroked his cock, watching Allison's continuing gang-bang.

For the next two hours, men and women took their turns on her, using her as they wished till they orgasmed, then stepping back and allowing the next person to take their place. Allison last track of how many people fucked her, although she was pretty positive that some went twice.

She had cocks, fingers, dildos, and tongues inside all of her holes, to the point that she was numb between her legs. At one point, she had started to dry out, and a liberal amount of lube had to be applied to her holes. Finally, the last member of the group was sated and backed away from the bound girl.

The attendants stepped forward and undid the restraints and helped Allison to stand on unsteady legs.

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The ring gag was removed, and she began massaging some life back onto her jaw. Finally, the blindfold was removed. Allison looked like a wreck. The body paint and smeared and run off, leaving white blotches on her sweaty torso. Her pussy lips were spread apart, and she had a dazed look on her face.

Mark looked at her and realized that there was something he wanted to try, and he whispered in Julia's ear. Julia smiled in agreement and began stroking Mark's cock, bringing it back to full hardness. When she was satisfied with it, she walked up to Allison and planted a passionate kiss on her mouth. Allison flinched, her mouth still tender. "How do you feel?" She asked. Allison whimpered in reply, and Julia smiled devilishly. "You're almost done." "Almost?" Allison moaned, dazed from the gang bang that apparently wasn't over yet.

Julia grabbed a strap on and began pulling it into place. Allison whimpered in mild protest. "Julia, please, I can't." "You're done when I say you are, slut." Julia snarled, and she led Allison back towards the table, the blonde girl too weak to resist. Julia climbed onto the table and lay down on her back, the rubber dildo sticking straight up. "Get on top of me." She directed. Mark helped Allison clamber on top of the table and she crawled on top of Julia.

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She turned to Mark and asked for some lube, and poured it into her hands, rubbing it up and down the dildo, and along her ravaged pussy lips. She gingerly positioned the dildo at the entrance to her aching pussy, and cautiously lowered herself onto the rubber cock, whimpering the entire way. As her pubic bone finally pressed against the base of the dildo, Julia gently pulled her down towards her, pressing their breasts together and brought Allison's lips to hers, gently pushing her tongue against the unresisting blonde's.

Allison sighed at the gentle touch, melting into Julia's tender caress. Mark stood off to the side and admired the sight of the two gorgeous girls entwined with each other, their large breasts smushing together. Julia reached down to Allison's hips and began gently rocking her back and forth, gently fucking her. Allison sighed, grateful for a change from the forceful fucking she had endured tonight. She may have liked rough sex, but she also had her limits. As Julia gently guided her hips and down, she grabbed her ass cheeks and began to pull them apart.

Mark climbed onto the table and knelt behind Allison, his cock twitching in anticipation. Allison's anus was pink and swollen, a silent testament to the fucking she had received tonight. He poured a handful of lube onto his cock, rubbing it up and down before he wiped the remainder between Allison's ass cheeks and onto her abused anus. Allison moaned at the touch and turned her head. "Wait, I don't…" Mark shushed her and pushed her head back forward, where Julia grasped her face in her hands and resumed making out with her, a little more forcefully.

Mark placed his cockhead at Allison's sphincter, and she began to moan in protest, aware of what was coming. As he pressed forward, she pulled her head back and let out an anguished cry. "No, wait!! I can't!! It's too much!!" And she began weakly struggling, trying to get free. Julia wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her tight. "You can. You will." She hissed in her ear as Mark began forcing his way into her colon. Allison whimpered and moaned pitifully, aware that she was powerless to stop the ravishing that she was receiving.

This was too much, Mark had finally gone too far, she couldn't do this anymore. She didn't have the strength to fight, so she just lay still and took it, hoping that it would be over soon.

Mark grabbed her hips and began moving them back and forth, literally fucking her onto the two cocks embedded in her holes. Allison could feel the tears running down her cheeks. "Please Julia, please make him stop. I'm done, I can't do this." Julia pulled the crying girl close to her and began kissing her passionately as Allison whimpered.

"God it's so hot to see you like this. I love to see you prim and proper prom queens get fucked like a bitch in heat." Allison cried, begging the two of them to be gentle with her. Mark poured more lube into the crack of her ass, and ran down her crotch, helping to soothe her burning holes. It didn't take long for Allison's freaky nature to re-assert itself. As Mark kept pushing her back and forth, her pussy began to pulse, and her asshole started constricting on Mark's cock. "Oh God, no.

No more cums." She whispered as her body betrayed her once again.

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As far as orgasms went, it was a small one, but in her weakened state she passed out with the two of them still fucking her. Mark felt her asshole tighten up on him, then go slack as she lost consciousness. He kept moving her slack and unresisting body back and forth, enjoying the feeling of Julia's strap on rubbing against his dick through Allison's rectum. It wasn't long before he came inside Allison's ass, and he climbed off the table.

Allison moaned as Julia gently rolled her off of her strap on. Allison slowly regained consciousness, and Julia helped her off the table and slowly guided her towards the door. Mark got dressed and headed for the exit as the rest of the group began getting dressed and various people began straightening up. Mark sat back down on the same bench, and a little while later the two girls re-appeared, dressed and ready to leave.

Allison was moving slowly, walking with a slightly awkward gait as they returned to the parking garage. As Mark drove them back home, Allison laid her head on Julia's shoulder as Julia gently stroked her hair.

"You were amazing tonight, baby. Was it everything that you thought it would be?" Allison smiled as she looked into Julia's eyes. "It was incredible. I can't wait to do it again." "We meet every month." Julia told her. "Too bad we leave for school soon." Mark said from the front seat. "Actually, I've been thinking that I don't want to go so far from home. Maybe I'll go to school here." Allison responded. "Your mom would love that." Mark said. "But I still need to have some independence." Allison looked at Julia.

"Do you need a roommate?" Julia smiled at her and pulled her in for a kiss as Allison smiled shyly. Mark grinned to himself in the front seat. And that takes care of that. He thought with considerable relief. Over the next semester, he would receive occasional updates from Julia, video clips of Allison being fucked by multiple men and women. One of his favorites was Allison being fucked in the pussy and the ass at the same time by two butch-looking women wearing strap-ons while she was suspended from the ceiling in Julia's fun room.

When he returned home over Thanksgiving Allison came back for the week, and he waited for their parents to leave for work one morning before sneaking into Allison's bedroom and fucking her in the ass. He could tell a difference; her ass was much looser than he remembered. As he snarled at her for being a whore, Allison moaned at him not to use her name, but to call her a slut and a tramp instead. Mark willingly obliged her, growling various insults at her as he pounded into her ass. Allison maneuvered herself into various positions, each time encouraging Mark to grab and restrain her and pull her hair.

Even though he enjoyed it, if nothing more than for old times sake, Mark got the feeling that it was a little bit staged, and some of Allison's reactions were a little over the top. When he finally shot his load into her ass, Allison moaned loudly, before turning to him and whispering at him to leave, before turning back around and starting to cry.

Feeling confused, he followed her directions, wondering what the hell was going on. Several minutes later she entered his room and asked him to sign a form. He glanced at it, not understanding what was going on. Allison smiled at him. "It's a model release form. I have my own website now." Mark sat there, shocked. "What … you mean … wait, what?" "I'll blur your face out, and pay you the standard rate." Mark had a sinking feeling.

"Allison, you can't be serious. No one can know what we've …" Allison smiled. "Relax, no one will know that it's you." She grinned at the confused look on his face. "I had cameras set up in my room, I knew that you couldn't resist the urge to fuck me again." "Allison … are you nuts? If your mom finds out ." "She'll never know. Come on Mark, what's the problem?" "Have you thought this through?

Your own website? This will be out there forever, you can't get rid of this. My God Allison, you're going to be known as a porn star for the rest of your life! You'll never be able to get a job!

What kind of future do you think you'll have?!?" "Don't be so dramatic, I've already made $100,000 from my site." "What? How much?" "You heard me." Mark was flabbergasted. "How in the world…" Allison smirked at him. "It's a whole new world out there Mark.

Now are you going to sign this form or not? If you don't, that's fine, but it will be a shame, I bet that I got some great footage." Mark signed the form, but he stayed away from Allison the rest of the week.

He even refused the payment she offered him, that was just too weird. A couple of weeks after he got back to school, Allison sent him a website link. He reluctantly clicked on it, and sure enough, there was his Thanksgiving encounter with her. He was relieved to see that true to her word, his face was blurred out. It was kind of surreal to see the two of them having sex, but hot at the same time.

He perused the rest of the site to discover that there were a bunch of sponsors, and thankfully Allison wasn't the only girl on there. She actually only appeared in a small number of videos, always in the role of a submissive. Mark shook his head and grinned at the dawning realization that his step sister was on her way to becoming a porn kingpin.