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Teen gets to her knees and gets her gaping aperture ravaged admirable
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Talia made her way through the ship to meet with the captain. Word of her bold experiment had spread quickly through the crew. She would soon find if her actions were ill advised or if they would prove beneficial to her career and people.

The door to the captains office slid open allowing her access. As per usual the captain was at his chair going over several holographic displays filled with various reports.

"Cadet Talia. I assume you know why you are here." Said the captain. "Yes Captain." "It has been nearly tow months now. Was your gambit successful?" the Captain inquired. Talia swallowed hard trying to clear the lump in her throat. Had she followed procedure her subject would have been harvested and they would all have been on their way but her deviation had resulted in delaying everything for everyone. "No sir. I did not conceive." Reported Talia.

"Have you have found another with the correct characteristics?" asked the Captain. "No sir, not yet. If you would allow me just a little more time I am sure I will find another suitable candidate." Offered Talia "You know I have a soft spot for you.damn it. Okay.

One more time but harvest him right after. We cannot afford to sit idle any longer than we already have." Ordered the captain. "You are dismissed Cadet." Talia gave a halfhearted salute and departed the room. Her brief time with Stephan had proven awkward and unsuccessful. She had seen the look in his eye when she told him that extraction could leave him impotent. The physical exchange had been a little messy and resulted in the loss of most of his semen. She had not anticipated the effect of gravity once she had exited the subject chamber.

She had been alarmed to see the sticky goop slithering down the inside of her leg. Deep down she blamed herself, her inexperience, her hesitation and reluctance at the time to ensure she did everything that needed to be done. Once the semen had hit the floor it was unusable. She had just stood there is horror realizing what had happened. Still there was hope that enough had remained within her to get the job done but as it turned out that had not been the case. Now she was faced with harvesting Stephans semen.

He would not remember the first encounter but she felt guilty that it had come to this. Talia went directly to the controllers office to arrange for Stephans abduction that very same night. Stephan lay away in bed. For weeks now he had been on a new project. Professor Monroe had sent him away immediately following his failure to conduct the experiment that fateful night.

Now he did little more than go over spreadsheets and do mind numbing data entry in the lab. He was on the fast track to success and now he seemed to have been pushed to the back of the line where he would have to prove himself all over again.

Sleep came slowly to him. A bright light filled Stephans dorm room. A moment later he found himself in a white room floating several feet above the floor. A sense of deja'vu came over him as if he had been there before. Through a sliding door came a peach skinned female, obviously an alien but almost close enough to pass for a human at a distance.

"Stephan. I am sorry I had to bring you back." Talia apologized. "Back?" asked Stephan. His heart pounded as his nerves began to get the best of him.

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The place looked vaguely familiar but he was pretty sure he had never been in that place before, not really. "We met a while ago. You and I. I explained things to you and we tried something new." "Uh yeah sure.

Can you beam me back or whatever it is you do. I would really like to wake up right now." Stephan injected half believing it is a dream still hoping there was some way out of whatever this alien wanted. "I am sorry. I had to wipe your memory. My name is Talia. When last we met we had what your kind call sex. You seemed to think that it was a preferable option to our usual harvesting techniques.

Regrettably our coupling did not succeed and I am left with no alternatives but to try again." Stephan looked the alien over.

She was fairly attractive, for an alien but he refused to believe he has sex with an alien. This had to be some kind of dorm joke. Maybe one of the frat houses had mistaken his return to the dorm as him being a new comer in need of hazing?

"Jokes over guys. This isn't funny anymore." Said Stephan looking around to see if he could locate whomever was responsible. Talia looked around for the unseen people the human was speaking to but as there was no one actually there she could not locate them.

"Stephan I have two options for you. The first is that I just harvest you as ordered, mind the memory from your mind and send you home.

That is how it usually works. The other option, the one I hope you choose, is to attempt physical exchange again…" said Talia. "Physical exchange? You mean sex. No thanks. I think I will take option one." Stephan interrupted. Talia was disheartened to hear that.

She retrieved the anal probe and prepared Stephan. He continued to make his displeasure and disbelief of what was going on clear.

His tone changed suddenly when she removed his clothing. "I don't know how you are doing that but this isn't funny anymore guys. Stop. Please stop." Said Stephan. In his mind he envisioned two dozen frat boys just out of sight all ready to burst out laughing at his nudity and mild arousal at the thought of having sex with the alien Talia.

Stephan tensed as he felt the anal probe push against his sphincter. If it was a joke they were taking it way too far. To his surprise there was no pain as it slide inside but he could do nothing to hide his growing arousal. Talia had begun to ignore the human. He was acting so much differently than the first time that she no longer cared to speak to him. She conducted her tests in silence noting after a few minutes that Stephan had stopped talking. As she had hoped the others had not found and corrupted the human yet.

Slowly she withdrew the probe and as she looked up noticed that she had not noticed the human becoming aroused. He face was bright red with embarrassment. "Mr Stephan this is no joke. Will you listen to reason now?" "Yes.

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I will listen." "My people have a great deal of trouble procreating. Our numbers are on the decline and in less than a century from now we expect to become extinct. A few of your people are close enough in physiology to us that it is possible for you to impregnate our females. Harvesting gives us enough to ensure another generation of children and a few more decades for our kind.

Unfortunately harvesting will leave you impotent for a time or possibly on a permanent basis. Last time you convinced me to allow you the chance to make a physically exchange. In my foolishness I failed to foresee things and lost most of your semen on the hallway floor. What I ask is the chance to prove the physical exchange is a viable option." Informed Talia. "Alright.

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That doesn't sound so bad. I feel like there is something more that you are not telling me." Replied Stephan. "Either way I must harvest you.

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I really don't want to do that but there are no other options available to me. For that I apologize." "Okay. Do whatever you have to do. It seems I cannot do much more than float here." "Okay them Please follow me Mr. Stephan." Said Talia Stephan began to feel his weight return as he was slowly lowered to the floor. His first order of business was to recover his clothing, which he soon learned was nowhere to be found.

Talia guided him through a number of round corridors to another room. Stephan looked around at the room. It was like a dorm room kind of like how they try to make natural surroundings for animals at the zoo. It sort of looked right but felt entirely fake.

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"I appreciate the change of environment but exactly how long are you planning to keep me here?" asked Stephan turning to confront Talia. "We have been monitoring your planetary broadcasts. I believe this to be suitable breeding space." Replied Talia. She moved to Stephan and with a tug on a single magnetic tie allowed her jumpsuit to drop to the floor leaving her as naked as her human subject.

"Now we make the physical exchange." Stephan looked at the nude alien. She was thin but in an athletic way with firm round 36-C breasts with perky little nipples, a tight round ass, thin lips and wild rainbow colored hair that hung half way down her back.

Although she appeared athletic she was smaller than the average human female standing only five feet tall. She appeared a little fragile next to Stephan. To his surprise Talia brought her lips to his. Her technique was crude but familiar. He must have kissed her the first time they had crossed paths.

She seemed to try harder, eagerly pushing her small tongue into his mouth to play with his. With her firm peachy body pressed up against his Stephan could not help but wrap his arms around her.

A tiny moan escaping from her as they stood locked in a long deep passionate kiss. Stephan broke the kiss and began kissing along her neck, down to her breasts and finally arriving at Talias little left tangerine nipple. Talia gasped as he sucked her nipple in between his lips working it over with his tongue, flitting, swirling and caressing the sensitive nipple.

Kissing slowly across her body he repeated his tongue assault on her right nipple while the randy alien female gabbed at his hair uncertain what to do, uncertain if she could remain in control. "I take it that I did not do that last time?" Said Stephan guiding Talia to the single bed.

Talia shook her head indicating: No. Her mass of rainbow colored locks tossing back and forth behind her. Stephan lowered her to the bed. Although she was obviously in charge Talia seemed almost submissive. He worked his way from her neck, kissing licking all the way down to just below where her navel should have been. He knew what he intended to do but wondered what the results might be.

Hoping for the best Stephan brought his face to Talia's hairless groin where he was presented with the most perfect pussy he had seen. It was small but not to the point that it was like that of a child, Talia's diminutive size concerned him a little.

Human women could accommodate any average sized male comfortably but this alien she would likely be stretched by his manhood possibly painfully. Slowly he began to tickle her clitoris. He was happy to see that most of Talia's anatomy was like that of human women. She cooed at the touch of his soft tongue. He began working slowly in circles flitting her clitoris with each rotation.

Talia made ever-increasing noises and began to squirm. Her body tasted like a freshly sliced pear: sweet and delectable. Stephan took his time working her up towards an orgasm.

He shifted from a circulate motion to alternating side to side and up and down motions focusing his attention exclusively on her clitoris.

His efforts elicited a moan from Talia. More soon followed. "Mr Stephan what? Why are you?…" Talia tried to ask a question but the pleasure seemed to be overwhelming her. She did not seem to understand the point of the oral attention that was filling her with a pleasure she had never known.

Her moans got louder and she stopped trying to talk. She was beyond words now ensnared by Stephan's oral attention, unable to think or focus on anything but his tongue on her clitoris. Then to her surprise his tongue slipped into her. She wriggled about wildly as he snaked it around inside of her then returned back to her clit all in one fluid motion. Something unfamiliar was building inside of her, something different, something that alarmed her. Tali reached down trying to push Stephan's face away, to end it, to stop things before… Talia began to convulse uncontrollably, she was terrified as the orgasm took over forcing her to lose control.

She writhed, shook, gasped and cried out as wave after wave coursed through her peach skinned body. Stephan was surprised at the intensity of her orgasm taking her spray directly in the face.

Had he considered what was coming he may have backed off just as she climaxed but he had stayed in place with his tongue working its magic until Talia's convulsions slowed. A moment later two armed guards were in the room hauling Stephan away and pinning him to the wall with some form of alien weapon held threateningly in his dripping face. They exchanged words with Talia in the alien language.

They lowered their weapons, reluctantly then released Stephan and backed out of the room. "They believed you were hurting me." Said Talia. "I must confess that was something new, different and unexpected. Please keep me informed in the future of what to expect. The guards may not stop to ask questions next time." Stephan nodded and returned to Talia.

He orgasm had left her small alien slit slick and ready for him but the guards intrusion had killed the mood and his erection was long gone. "I…uh…there is something that human women do that helps men to be ready to procreate." Said Stephan. "I am sorry but the guards presence caused my penis to well go soft. You wouldn't mind would you?" Talia looked at him understanding that he expected her aid in regaining his erection.

Stephan moved so her was standing with his pelvis next to her face. Talia recalled his arousal earlier and assumed that was what the human named Stephan wanted. Without hesitation she reached around and tried jam a finger into his anus.

Stephan yelped at the sudden unexpected invasion and stepped back pushing Talia's hand away. "What the hell?" exclaim Stephan. "Is that not what you requested?" asked Talia some what confused.

"I saw that you were aroused by the anal probe earlier." "No I was asking you for a blow job." Replied Stephan. "It is when you take my penis in your mouth and suck on it until it gets hard." "Oh. Alright. I would ask why it is named as such but based on what little I do know of you humans I am not likely to be satisfied with any explanation you can provide." Stephan moved back into position. Talia had a small mouth and his manhood once erect would be a tight fit. She sucked on his member needing to be guided by his hands to begin moving up and down the shaft.


"There you go. Now you've got it. Now use your tongue too." Said Stephan. Talia tried to use her tongue to lick the underside and sides of his shaft as it pushed into her mouth, then played with the head as it withdrew. In no time Stephan was fully erect and ready for action. Talia began to pull back assuming that the only point to the act was to inflate his manhood but Stephan seemed to have other ideas.

As she pulled back he reached down grabbed her very amply rainbow colored hair and pulled her mouth back on to his cock. She was a little alarmed at first but allowed him to dictate the paced and depth of each stroke.

Stephan closed his eyes enjoying Talia's very soft and inviting mouth. He began to pull her head further ahead with each stroke until he felt the head of his cock brushing the back of her throat.

Even then he kept pushing it deeper, forcing her head onto his cock just a tiny bit more each time until he heard her fighting for air, gasping as his cock blocked her air passage. "Swallow it. Nice and slow." He said pushing his cock deeper than it had gone before and not stopping.

Talia fought the gag reflex as the foreign object passed into her throat forcing her to adjust uncomfortably to allow it access. She struggled with it for a moment then Stephan withdrew letting her breath. She sucked in several big breaths before he crammed his dick down her throat a second time. This time his balls brushed up against her chin, his curly human pubes mashed against her face.

She was certain that he had pushed his entire length into her mouth and halfway down her tiny throat. Stephan held it there for a moment enjoying the pleasure then withdrew on final time.

Talia gasped fighting back a tear as she took in a much-needed series of breaths.


"Mr Stephan. I do not know what the point of that was but please do not do it again." Said Talia. Stephan lowered his lips to hers and kissed her softly.

"You have no idea how pleasurable that was for me." He said. "The sexual act is about pleasure and enjoyment not just procreation." Talia understood that, now it made sense why he had given her an orgasm. Aside from lubricating her it served no other purpose and if lubrication was all it did she could easily have brought some with her but she could not deny how much she had enjoyed the pleasure side of the act.

Stephan lower her onto the bed, spreading her legs and prepared to make entry. When last they had sex it had been interesting and she had controlled much of the positioning but allowed Stephan the bulk of the movement. In the end he had failed to hit either of her wombs with his seed. To that end she would have to take control from this point on.

"No. Wait." Said Talia stopping Stephan short of penetrating her. "I need to be on top. Your positioning last time failed to reach either of my wombs.

I will make sure you are right on target this time." Stephan traded spots with Talia. If the lady wished to be on top then he was plenty happy to let her be on top. She positioned herself over him slowly lowering onto his stiff cock. At first it felt like he was entering a really tight human girl but Talia wriggled around a bit repositioning the tip of cock inside of her then with both eyes closed she sank down forcing his cock into a space so tight that he thought he was going to lose his mind.

Talia let out a gasp her face wracked with distress. "Are you okay?" asked Stephan. "Your not a virgin are you?" That seemed a strange question to ask considering her comments about his supposed first visit but her current physical cues told him something was wrong. "No. You are just bigger than last time and you never made full entry last time. You were more in between my wombs than in one.

Go easy, slow." Said Talia. Stephan slowly lowered his hips then raised them again withdrawing and pushing back inside. At first she had to readjust each time to keep him direct into her womb.

He found that if he only half withdrew that she did not need to readjust with each stroke. With soft slow motions he fucked her. Talia's face soon changed as the distress of his initial entry subsided. After a few minutes she had picked up the pace bouncing on his cock, her pelvis hitting his as she took every last millimeter of his manhood inside.

He reached around and cupped her tight buttocks. It was tight and firm like one might expect from a dancer. He gave it a squeeze and caressed it. Talia leaned down and kissed him their tongues meeting in a long lustful dance of passion. For many more minutes they lay there with Talia on top her body grinding on his, then pistoning up and down, then grinding again as she was unable to decide which way she wanted to go with it.

At length Stephan grabbed firm hold of both her ass cheeks and held her still.


He pumped up into her building towards his own climax. This was what she wanted, what she had brought him here for and he was going to make sure she got it good. Holding her tight he drove up into her one last time causing an excited yelp as he seemed to find an extra few millimeters of manhood to drive into her.

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Then he exploded. Holding her moaned and ground against her as his cock throbbed with each wave of ejaculation. He held his cock in as deep as it would go until he was certain he has delivered every last drop of his seed to the target. Then he kissed her one more time, more for himself than for her. "Okay I think he hit the target good that time. Just be more careful about walking around right away. It tends to leak out." Joked Stephan.

"We are not done Mr Stephan that is just one of my wombs. I am going to have to insist that you fill my other womb as well to give me the best chance possible of conceiving." "I am going to need some time before I am ready again." Said Stephan. "If I were to give you a blow job would that help" asked Talia. "Yeah but you would probably lose what I just gave you." Replied Stephan. "Not if there is no gravity." Talia yelled out instructions in the alien language and soon they were both floating halfway between the ceiling and the flood.

Talia was careful to keep her legs closed tight as she moved around to locate Stephan's rapidly shrinking penis. She knew what was coming this time but accepted his manhood into her mouth and began sucking anyways. It did not take long for Stephan to rise again. She controlled the angle this time changing it in ways that were entirely impossible when gravity was involved. She knew he would want to push the full length of his cock into the throat again, she would do it for him, let him see that she understood what he wanted.

Grasping Stephan's hips she pulled herself forward driving the head of his penis into the back of her throat. She gagged on the first attempt then tried again endeavoring to let his entire length in. She worked it into her throat, then back out again playing with it with her tongue at each stage.

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The sexual act was far more interesting and complicated than she had first anticipated but it was also so much more fun. She began to realize that her efforts were leaving drool around the base of Stephan's penis. She thought about his reaction to the probe and he more recent reaction to her finger then had an idea.

The next time she pulled his cock out of her mouth she yelled out orders again in the alien language. "Talia? I cannot move. What is going on?" said Stephan suddenly aware that he was once again incapacitated by the alien technology.

Talia moistened her finger with eth surplus saliva then began to rub his anus as she proceeded to deep throat him. Stephan didn't protest, not that it would have done him any good. Slowly she worked one finger into his anus and began fucking him with it. "Wait Talia don't…ughhh" moaned Stephan. The warning was too late. Talia suddenly found her mouth flooded with he salty seed. She pulled his cock out of her mouth but not before he had unloaded his deluge.

She wasn't exactly sure what to do now. "Oh shit Talia. I am sorry. I didn't mean too. I just couldn't hold it back." Muttered Stephan. Talia mouth filled with semen floated there her eyes wide with uncertainty.

She pointed at her mouth trying to get some input from Stephan. "I guess you could spit it out or swallow it if you like. Its not like it is poisonous or anything." Said Stephan.

Talia fought the urge to spit it out. In the zero gravity condition of the room it would end up everywhere and she would be the one stuck cleaning it up. She closed her eyes and swallowed her trying to get it all down in one go but it was too much causing her to sputter and swallow again quickly to get the rest down.

"I don't think I am going to ready again tonight. I need to be at work in the morning and I need some sleep." Said Stephan. "I would like to go home now please." Talia knew what that meant. She gave a sorrowful look at the hidden view screen letting the monitoring technician know that it was time to harvest the human.

"Then we will get eth harvesting over with and have you home as quickly as we can." Said Talia. Gliding to the bed she lowered her self into a position that would keep his semen deep inside her when the technician turned on the gravity. She wanted to go but she knew that what happened last time would happen again so she would have to stay while Stephan was harvested.

With gravity restored Stephan remained levitate in the room giving the technician control over him and easy access to his entire body. As with before the anal probe was inserted painlessly into his rectum. This time a condom-like item was fit over his penis. "It is best if you just let thing happen rather than fighting them or this could be both unpleasant and prolonged." Said Talia. She felt terrible knowing what was about to happen to Stephan.

Stephan began to breath faster, his pupils dilating and his penis coming to attention almost immediately. The anal probe emitted strange sensations. They coursed up his spine making his skin tingle as they went. Within moments he had his first uncontrollable ejaculation, the condom thing caught it, then the next and the next and so on for what felt like an eternity.

After the first couple it was no longer pleasurable for Stephan by the time he passed ten it was downright painful. His testicles throbbed producing more semen in one night then he would in a full year. He could do little more than grunt and moan his displeasure as the alien machine milked him. By the time they were done his face was streaked with tears his body spent, his will broken. If they had asked him to do anything at all to be free of that machine he would eagerly have agreed.

Death itself seemed like a pleasure alternative to continuing the milking process. All the while Talia lay on the single fake dorm room bed watching. He did not hold it against he that her people did this to him. She seemed genuinely nice.

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He ever believed that if she could have spared him that torment that she would have. Her face was wet from her own tears having watched Stephan being harvested. She had seen it happen to others but he was different.

She had developed unexpected unforeseen emotional bond with him even if he did not share. How could he after he people harvested him? When the technician finally left Talia dared stand. The sticky goop seemed to be content to stay inside her this time, maybe it would work, if only she had not fooled around, if only they had got right to business and attempted to inseminate he other womb as well.

The last task assigned to her was to wipe his mind of the events. A holographic console sprung to life before her. She went through the routine preparing Stephan to be purged of the nights memories then stopped.

She wanted him to know, to remember her. She quickly looked around to ensure the technician was gone then adjusted the parameters so that only the harvesting would be purged from Stephan's memory.

He was supposed to be kept in a sleep state from tat point on but she kept him semi-conscious while she redressed him. Before teleporting him back to his meager dorm room she leaned in and gave him one last kiss. "I love you human Stephan. Know that." Said whispered into his ear then activated the symbol on the holographic console sending him to his home.