Tattooed teen amateur pussyfucked by stepdad

Tattooed teen amateur pussyfucked by stepdad
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Just like Part 1, this story is set during one of the last seasons of "Full House" Every night since her erotic encounter with Viper, Stephanie lied in bed obsessing about every detail. She was so preoccupied with these vivid memories that she was even having trouble paying attention in school.

Today she had the overwhelming urge to tell her friend Gina what happened, but her better judgment told her to play it safe and keep it to herself. She couldn't risk it; Gina had to tell only one other person before it began to spread like wildfire and inevitably reach D.J., who would be devastated and enraged by the news.

That was just fine however, since the excitement of suppressing this juicy secret just enhanced the thrill of the recent experience, which seemed to keep the beautiful young girl intensely horny throughout the day. This was extremely frustrating during her classes, but now that she was in her bed she could give her almost hairless cunt the required attention. She always slept in a loose-fitting nighty, without any underwear. This had made the lower front part of it fairly moist with her pussy juices, which had been gushing uncontrollably all day.

She uncovered herself from her blanket and then brought her legs up so her knees were right by her chin. This was her favourite masturbating position because it intensified the stimulation of her frenetic rubbing motion. The last few nights she had cummed so fast after beginning that she did it a few times more. Tonight was no exception either: her liquids were splashing all over her tight, teen body, signalling the beginning of a powerful chain of multiple orgasms. Her body jerked violently, and as it did she let out a fairly loud grunt that she unsuccessfully tried to stifle.

"What's wrong, Steph?" her 8-year-old sister Michelle asked from the bed on the other side of the room. Stephanie didn't respond though, pretending to be sleeping, and also ensuring that this didn't ruin what she had eagerly anticipated the whole day.

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At that moment, her ejaculate was spraying wildy on her bed, torso, and face. It took all the self-restraint in the world not to give in to the urge to scream aloud with ecstasy, or even moan softly for that matter. As her spasms gradually weakened, and the explosive pleasure subsided, she was shocked to notice Michelle was standing right next to her bed. She felt that sinking feeling that comes from being caught in the act, but the room was pitch dark so it was unlikely the young girl knew what was going on.

"Steph, why did you make that noise, I asked?" "What?" The teen asked groggily, pretending to have just awoke. "What's gong on? "I heard a noise like you were in pain or something, and when I came over her I got sprayed with water on my chin and pyjamas". Steph was stunned that her little sister was next to her as she came uncontrollably. "Oh, I was just having a nightmare, that's what you were hearing." "But, what about the water?" Steph searched frantically for some kind of plausible answer, but then she realized she was talking to someone who still believed in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

"Instead of snoring, I often spit out my drool with every breath. Sorry." "Ewww.", Michelle cried as she began to dry herself off.

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Stephanie thought the excuse was kind of lame, but much to her relief, her sister seemed to be convinced. "Now go back to bed, alright?" "Ok, goodnight again". "Goodnight". And with that, Steph once again assumed her preferred auto-erotic position, and prepared to go at herself once again. She couldn't explain it, but learning that her sister was right next to her as she came, excited her even more than she already had been this entire week.

It was not just the possibility of getting caught which was thrilling, but it was also the thought of her watching it and enjoying the show.

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This got her beautiful, smooth cunt instantly wet again, which wasn't a tough task at all this past week. Her thoughts quickly moved from Michelle back to Viper again, and his hot, muscular rocker body.


She remembered how his rippling muscles felt as she caressed them when he was on top of her. The sounds, smells, and sensations were clear to her as if it had just happened a moment ago. She was remembering how D.J.'s boyfriend finished himself off by fucking her throat mercilessly.

At first she resented this roughness a little bit, but now it was the sexiest memory from that night: His bulging, 8-inch cock ramming into her mouth, as she tried to lick and explore his shaft in the process.

This produced a sudden and intense need to experience his dick once again. Ever since it happened, these uncontrollable cock-cravings had consumed her almost 24-7, even prompting her a few days ago to check the fridge for a cucumber to no avail.

As she was lustfully flicking at her soaking wet vagina while thinking of Viper ramming his dick down her throat, she had a sudden flashback of something that happened 3 years ago.

Despite being on the verge of another powerful explosion, Stephanie abruptly stopped and lied motionless on her bed. It was surging back, and it left her in a state of shock.

She couldn't believe that she had completely blocked this incident from her memory for a full 3 years. But now she was running it back in her head with vivid clarity.

It happened on a weekend when Aunt Becky was out of town, and no one was left in the house except herself and her Uncle Jesse (or so she thought). She rose up the stairs to his room in the attic to ask him to drive her to the mall, when she heard some quiet moaning and grunting that seemed like they were being made by 2 separate people (one of whom was a female!). Stephanie was a little scared, but her natural curiosity was forcing her to continue up the steps.

When she approached the door, which was almost completely closed, she decided to nudge it open gently and peer inside. When it was open enough to see what was going on, she was suddenly paralyzed with shock and confusion by what was going on only 15 feet away.

Her uncle was kneeling on top of his bed with only a t-shirt on, and he had both his hands on the back of a young girl's head, pushing it towards his privates. She didn't believe her eyes at first, but then identified the teenager beyond a shadow of a doubt.

It was their neighbour and D.J.'s friend, Kimmy Gibbler. She didn't know much about sex at the time, but she was pretty sure that it was something he should only be doing with his wife. She didn't know how to react, but one thing was for sure: she couldn't be spotted by them so she remained frozen on the highest step, and left the door only slightly open.

Jesse was pushing her head with so much force, that her lips were touching his abdomen, and none of his long penis was left exposed. Kimmy was obviously in discomfort as evidenced by her beat-red face, and her flailing arms which were trying to push him off and give her some air.

Long streams of saliva were gushing down the side of her face and onto the bed, and Jesse was jerking his head back with a blissful expression on his face.

He was moaning pretty loudly, and encouraging the 14 year-old in between.

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"Oh, FUCK!" Screamed Jesse, "Fucking take it all you little bitch. Take it!!" Kimmy's gagging and struggling for freedom reached a point where Jesse was forced to pull back, and let her frantically gasp for air, which caused more drool to drip onto the bed.

After a 15 second break, he rammed his throbbing member back into her mouth and started fucking her throat in a thrusting motion. Every few thrusts he would bury his cock so deep that none of his 7-inch shaft was exposed and then held it there for a few seconds.

This produced gargling and choking sounds from the young girl whose gag reflex was instantly triggered. He would pull back briefly, shove it back in, and commence the rough bucking motion, which caused a stream of tears and plastered-on makeup to run down her face. Just then, Jesse suddenly began convulsing as he jerked his head back with his eyes closed. "Oh, Shit! Uhhh&hellip.Uhhh…Yaaaa!! Ah, Fuuuuk!!" When the convulsions ended after a little bit, he slowly removed his dick from her mouth which was followed by a geyser of clear and white fluid.

He lied back down on the bed with his arm around her, looking extremely satisfied and exhausted. She embraced him lovingly, caressing his body with her left hand, just relieved to be finally breathing freely. The throat-fucking created an unpleasant drowning sensation for the girl, which was scary and not in he least pleasurable.

However, she was so ecstatic that someone as hunky as Uncle Jesse was attracted to her and would actually cheat on his beautiful wife with her, that she fogave him quickly. This was a huge boost to her self-esteem, so she was willing to let him do whatever he wanted to do with her.

"Good job, Kimmy. That was awesome for your first time," said the 32 year-old, "You're a natural cum gobbler. Hey! You got a new nickname: Cummy Gobbler." The teenager laughed only because that was the reaction she thought he wanted, and continued rubbing his chest, slowly working her way down to his now gooey penis.

Steph was pretty sure she hadn't moved an inch for a whole 5 minutes, since she was too shocked to do so. But, now that they were resting on the bed facing the door, she decided it was a good idea to quietly proceed back down the stairs. As she remained motionless under the covers 3 years later, she was still wondering how it was possible that something so unbelievable had been temporarily erased from her memory. She realized that reminiscing about her activities with Viper had triggered this flashback, since he had done almost the same thing to her as Jesse did to Kimmy.

Playing it back in her head had once again aroused her and made her hot, wet pussy beg for some more attention.


She pulled back only her left leg to her head (which was a variation on her most commonly used masturbating position) and flicked rapidly at her cunt, splashing even more feminine liquids over her body.

She was thinking about viper getting rough with her again, forcing her to perform a sloppy blowjob on him. Surprisingly, Viper inexplicably turned into her Uncle Jesse, which excited her even more.

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She became Kimmy in the fantasy, as he violently probed his cock into her welcoming, warm mouth. She was just about to have another wave of multiple orgasms, when she was once again interrupted by Michelle who was right beside her again. But, she wasn't going to let her ruin it this time.

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She continued to rub her cunt eagerly as her sister wondered what was going on. "Stephanie, what are you doing?" Steph realized that her eyes had adjusted to the dark enough that she could just barely see her beside her. However, she was so hypnotized by the wonderful sensation she was experiencing, she couldn't have cared less about what Michelle thought or saw.

"I'm CUMMING!!! That's what I'm doing, I'm fucking cumming. UH! UH! Yes! Oh Yes! "What does that mean, Steph?" After her letting her body relax, she replied: "Do you really want to know?" "Yeah." "Alright, jump in, I'll tell you." TO BE CONTINUED………&hellip.