If you like to see white snatch stretched wide ope

If you like to see white snatch stretched wide ope
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Forbidden IM The door to the little house really a hut blew of its hinges and flew back into the room with the force of a defensive line man. The entry team immediately popped 2 flashes through the door and then went in while the other part of the team covered the only other defensive position the window at the back.

While two snipers covered the surrounding area looking for any gophers to pop there heads up that they could use there sludge hammers against. Clears around went up and the master petty chief came out giving full brunt of his frustration as a string of profanities left his mouth that would make any sailor smile at.

Again yet another raid that was wastes of there time the Intel was bad and the mission was fubr. Yet another 3rd world shit hole and the only happy thought on his mind was this tour was about up and it was about time for maybe 2-6 months of good R & R before he came back to what he loved to do. As you can guess his major loves in life where servicing targets, women, women and all there lovely holes, guns, technology.

He laughed as he realized he had thought women twice I guess after being up for 37 hours it was time for a nap. He had been in almost every type of environment known to men in almost every forgotten part of the world and some that were not. His favorites were normally the forgotten ones not befouled by men. Lush green wet forest, barren hot deserts even, and forest he loved them all but of course his true calling the beaches. He still remembered his 1st green time coming out in that classical pose you see in every frogman poster in the world a head covered in a wet suit black at night rising out of the water to fuck up some bad guys.

Of course he went through all your typical phases of being young dumb and full of cum, he was not a meat anymore and therefore pretty much at the last stage even at his younger age he was at this is a job its cool, I love it, its what I do.


He had not been born so gung ho wooyah, but he had become it still a nerd as he was most guys didn't want to contest that fact anymore. He was not prone to violence like most men but he didn't shy away from it either it was his job to remove bad people off the planet and keep it safe for the right kind of people that's what he did. But to do that he needed his resting periods it took allot out of him to do what he did in every facet you could imagine. He had known older guys that let shit eat them up let the job eat them up but he didn't.

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He didn't know how long he would be a frogmen but he did know of the last couple of years there had been a void creating in him that needed to be filled he just didn't know what it was that would do it. That’s why he had stayed out so long this time to keep his mind from wondering of to be melancholy free and he realized that if he didn't figure it out soon keep his head in the game that he was gonna get himself killed and maybe someone else.

Going back to the base he wondered on the void what was it he wanted that he didn't have, what was he missing? He crashed out he had a few hours before his flight back home would be ready to go.

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He got out of his mustang nice to finally drive something that didn't have a hole in the roof and a gun attached. He had stopped on the way home to get it cleaned even with the car cover it had gotten dirty. It now set in his driveway dark blue with 2 white stripes and it was decked out with all the options and faster then hell. He had gotten pulled over by an unfortunately new officer he didn't know who must have been hired during his last tour.

He handed the officer his military ID along with his driver's license and told him hey man sorry I just got back state side and need some rest. Asked about a few of the local police he knew in the area including the local swat commander who had begged him to work with them when not on tour at least to train with them when he had spear time.

The officer knowing these names said he would be right back and walked to his patrol car. Within 3 minutes he was back telling me everyone said hi and asked if I needed an escort home I laughed and said no but I did need to get there quick if that was ok because I was running really low on sleep the officer said he would put the word out and welcome back. As I was unloading my gear from my trunk I heard some noise.

Being low on sleep and just back from duty I was not yet settled down and whipped around. To see that someone had finally bought the place across from mine. In the front lawn on a lawn chair set one of the most gorgeous girls he had ever seen in his life in a very tiny bikini. He guessed she was about 5 foot 3 inches long legs still what looked like a nice ass, taught looking stomach and about a good C cup for breast. He could not really make out her face with the way she was laying down.

He had not had any for a while and felt a twinge in his cock but he didn't have the time or the patience for that crap at the moment or the energy. He finally got his front door open tossed his stuff, and gear on the couches and floor in the living room and closed his front door walked straight back to his bedroom removing clothing as he went and fell onto his bed in his boxers and in about 2 seconds was about to fall asleep when his door bell rang.

He almost didn't get up to answer but decided he better. He slipped on some Adidas sport shorts and headed blearily to the door. Almost there he heard a tentative knock just in case he was really tired and not in the mood for anyone selling shit at his door or what ever he slipped out one of his specialty mp5s on a friction strap and dropped it in plain view on one of the duffel's.

He then walked the last few steps to the door unlocked it and opened it too see sights that even his tired eyes were glad to see. It was the girl from the lawn chair standing there; he mentally picked back up his jaw and then said yeah what can I do for you. She said well 1st of my name is Amanda, I well we me, and my mom moved in while you were gone we have not heard allot about you yet being so new here and all but I wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

As well I didn't know if you cared or not or just were not done yet but your cars trunk lid has been left open I didn't know if I should shut it for you. He laughed walked out and shut it as she followed him he turned around and she almost walked right into him. He said hey thanks appreciate that yeah I just got back and if not for you I would have been… he didn't want to tell her she kept him from sleep so he just said sorry.

She said oh no problem I am actually kind of glad you are here because I could use your help too. He shot a raised eyebrow up but said umm sure what you need.

Well my parent is gone and I locked myself out of the house as you can see I don't have any pockets. He thought about this briefly he could easily go over and pick the lock and let her in but decided as he didn't know who lived there yet that might be a bad idea. So he said why don't you come inside and chill at my place and see if you can call your parents. She followed him back inside hey Amanda can I get you something to drink?

She said sure got a beer he laughed but said sorry I do but not one for you how about a Pepsi. He thought age laws were BS while he could understand it messing up a physical body in development he thought drinking should be up to the age the parents thought right and he also thought if you could die for your country you should be old enough to drink in your country?

He had got her a soda and him one too because he was tired as all hell. He walked over to his pants in his hall way and apologized as he said I just got home and needed to change. He got out his cell phone said think fast and tossed it to her she grabbed it out of the air one handed no problem. But then looked at it for all of about 3 seconds before she looked up at him and said got something I know how to use like a phone.

He laughed walked over took his pocket PC from here asked her moms number and dialed it for her handing it back. She must have left a voice-mail. She turned to him and said she didn't answer I said you may hang out here I got to put this stuff away anyhow.

She looked around then her eyes touched at the gun. She got nerves quick and said in a shaky voice its ok all just go sun. He laughed and laughed almost falling to the floor. He was cut short as she said done yet it a voice cold as ice.

He stopped looked up and said sorry she said ok explain then. He just shrugged his shoulders got back up off his knees and set I am in the teams. Teams? Yeah the Seals? What the fuck is a seal? You have never heard of us he asked noting her language? Nope she said should I? No, I guess you might not. I am a form of Special Forces soldier for the Navy. A frogman. This time it was her turn to laugh. I just got back of a long deployment and have yet to stow my stuff or my gear.

She said ok at that and plopped down onto the chair next too her. He also noted the movement of her breast man they looked good this girl was hot. So not yet getting to go to sleep he figured he should put away his stuff so over the next hour he did that while she watched TV. When he was pretty much done she looked at him and said I hate to ask but if I may I am a little hungry would you have anything I might eat?

He looked at her and said sorry no he had really just gotten back and not even been to the store yet. However, he had his car out side and was a little hungry for some good old American food because MRE’s suck. So he said wanna go out? She said sure but there was one problem she didst have anything but a bikini with her.

He looked at her for a second in a way that she noticed and made her blush but feel very good. He said that's a simple problem my ex has some clothes in my back closet still you look like you guys are the same size something of hers might fit. She said that was fine they walked back to the coat closet and she looked in to find some really expensive looking dresses, jeans and a few shirts and blouses.

She grabbed a pair of jeans and a shirt. He said the bathroom was just a bit more down the hall she said that was ok and started to pull on the jeans they were almost perfect fit for her just a bit to small in the hips but she loved them they hugged her every curve perfect. She then bent down grabbed some women socks and tennis shoes and put them on and then stood up just ready to put on the t-shirt as she did she looked into his eyes and blurted out like what you see there big boy.

He apologized and turned and walked back down the hall as she put on the shirt and followed him. He grabbed his jeans and got his keys and wallet. Put all the stuff in his hands and walked out the door. She said that he had a nice car. They went out to a really good local restaurant were even though they had better food he just ordered a hamburger and decided to hell with it and got a strawberry milk shake too.

She said she would take the same and split the fries with him if that was ok. He didn't even like fries but said sure why not. They ate pretty much in silence stealing looks at each other when the other was not paying attention. He finished 1st of course. She had only eaten half her hamburger but it was huge so he was actually impressed. He hated when a girl didn't eat. Then they started to talk she asked him a few questions he told her what he could.

He then asked her if she had been here long she said no they had just moved in last week. Had been really busy and were still not finished unpacking.

As school was almost over she didn't have to start this year but next. They had met a few of the neighbors. She mentioned that they had heard some really good stuff about me and she had been looking forward to meeting me because everyone else we lived near were all over 60 most even older.

She had heard about my famous 4th of July I had put on for the whole block that year and that I threw many great neighborhood parties. She also said that most of the neighbors didn't say why but that this was a really safe place to live because I was here.

I asked about that and they said that they didn't say anything more about the subject but hinted at stuff and it honestly had her family was a little worried. But she giggled now because she understood. She started to loosen up around him and started brushing her hand with his and touching him.

If he was not so damn tired he might have noticed her inexpert flirting. Finally he paid the tab and they went back out to his car as he took off she said do you normally drive so aggressively. He just laughed said yes and told her not to worry that while he drove fast he was a very good driver and in fact was trained in driving and many other skills like it because of his job. She said she was not worried she felt safe with him but didn't want him getting a ticket. He just laughed at that. He actually passed the same officer on his way back home and waived as the cop waved back at him the girl gave him a look but didn't say anything.

As he pulled his car up into his carport she leaned over and grabbed his hand and put a kiss right on the side of his cheek and said thanks for taking care of me kind sir. She got out hearing a yell from across the street her house. There was her mother. Oh hi mom. She stood there for a second. As she didn't move her mother did here was her daughter pulling up across the street in an expensive shining muscle car with a man she didn't know that was short but built very strong.

Young she thought as she got closer she noticed some scars on his face hands and arm and even a few on his legs. Also not another good sign at all, she was getting worried Amanda noticing all this in her mothers face walked over to him and said hey mom let me introduce you too our neighbor after they said there polite hello's. Stacy asked her daughter what she was doing.

Amanda explained and when Stacy looked at her phone sure enough there was her missed phone call. They left me then and I went back in my house and fell dead asleep shoes and all. Walking back with her mother Stacy said ok what's the deal with him are we living by someone dangerous thinking of the neighbors. To which Amanda bust out laughing no mom not at all he's actually in the military said something about being a seal a special solider or something.

Her mom being an best friends for a while of a navy brat actually knew what that was and said good I am glad we live next to him I wont be so worried about us 2 living alone out here anymore.

Then she got serious you know damn well were they key in the back yard was hidden why didn't you go get it and open the door. Oh, Amanda thought fast not wanting to get into trouble just said I forgot mom sorry. They talked all day about the man across the street and Stacy thinking of his muscles, nice face and polite attitude thought maybe we can go pay him a visit. She baked some cookies for him and Amanda and they went over after dinner. Lucky I had just gotten up grabbed a quick shower as my doorbell rang.

I slipped into some pants and a shirt and walked to the door. Opening it to see 2 very lovely women at my door. Hi he said please come in wont you. Amanda said no guns this time right, he laughed and said nope all locked up this time.

Stacy asked and he told her that Amanda had come over just after he got home that he had left his trunk open and had started to put up some gear so she saw some of it. But he assured her that he kept everything locked up normally otherwise. He took the plate of cookies popping one in his mouth right away and told Stacy and Amanda thanks they were good and they were too.

He got them all drinks and they all went into the visiting room of his house Stacy commented that for a guy he had a nice place and fashion since. He just laughed and said thanks. They all set there and talked he said he was sorry that he should have been bringing them the welcoming gift as there being new to the neighborhood. He offered to do a BBQ over at his house the next day to welcome them Stacy and Amanda agreed and left. That night after getting everything ready and doing some shopping he logged onto his computer.

Signing into his IM, he went through some websites e-mails etc. Caught up with friends and family via emails and stuff. Then he logged onto a dating sight he liked to use he didn't always have time to meet women and the sight was a great way to meet girls and he could see them when he came back home.

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He did a search he was very specific in the girls he liked and only got 1 hit. He opened up the profile the girl was out of this world. So he sent her an email after reading her profile and liking what he was seeing then went to bed. Amanda was about to go to bed when her computer dinged she had a new e-mail. She set back down in her cotton panties and tank top. Opened the email to see her neighbor's picture. She could not believe a guy like that used a dating sight.

But the picture on there was older and he actually was a bit overweight in it. It read that he was an I.T. guy. She laughed at that and his picture. She read his profile it was pretty much true and she really liked what she read.

So she sent him back an email and an offer to IM. The next day he got up and puttered around the house catching up on some TV and movies. He worked out and thought about going swimming but decided to chill.

He had not set a tentative time for the BBQ so he didn’t know when they would come over. He checked his email finally and noticed the girl had already emailed him back sweet. He read her email it made him laugh and he sent her back another saying sure he was willing to IM and gave her his screen name and times he was normally around. Sent that only to hear a knock at his door, he got up and went to the door there was another beautiful sight again.

Stacy and Amanda stood almost in matching out fit and looks too nice short tanks and really small tight shorts and flip flops he was a sandals man himself. I hope we are not too early I brought over some stuff and thought I and Amanda could make a few dishes here for the BBQ. I said no problem I was glad to have them took the bags from there arms and we went to the kitchen. As I went I hit play on the stereo having no idea what they music they liked.

I asked and they said they really didn't mind anything I wanted I told them I listed to just about everything and it would just play normally at random through my music collection on my docked mp3. I don't have a small house but the kitchen is a little small and tight in a few places do to its curves for more then 2 people.

So as we all started getting ready the girls danced and sang along to my music never seeming to dislike anything that played. From rap and hip hop to country and classical they seemed to enjoy themselves and so did I. We were all rubbing up against one another in the kitchen or brushing up.

On many occasions I got a tight ass cheek run or a big breast rub it was very sensual. The girls were more like sisters and we talked about it as I was curious. Stacy had had Amanda at 16 and put her self through school to become and RN with some help from her parents who had recently deceased that was the reason they were here.

They had decided to stay after words. As I went out and got the coals ready put on some special wood for flavor I took a dip in the pool waiting for the coals to get ready. Little did I know the girls were really liking my show and watching me from the back sliding door. They both talked about me and my firm body and when Amanda said I had a nice ass her mom warned her that she could look but was too young at 17 to being anything with this man. She didn't gripe like a normal teenager but said sure mom like if given the chance you are not gonna rock his world.

After swimming strong for 45 minutes I got out checked the coals they were close. I went inside and said how we coming along ladies to which they both replied with beaming smiles great. As I cooked outside on the grill they both came out to talk to me. We chatted quite a bit and had a great time I was pretty sure Stacy had the hots for me and so did Amanda. What guy couldn't help him self thinking about a mother daughter combo but unlike most guys I really was traditional and really was a one women man besides I was not sure if I could stand up to either of them and live.

We had a great dinner and a great time we all went swimming after wards and I got to have some fun with the girls by the time they left I had to go take a damn cold shower. I logged onto my computer and the girl had added me to her friends list.

She had just come online too I thought just my luck. I sent her and IM and talked to her the rest of the night into the early hours of the morning.

She seemed great just my type and was incredibly insightful and thoughtful. But I finally went to bed as she said she was tired to. When I woke up I brought my laptop up I had left it running in sleep mode.

She was not online dammit. I went to the backyard hopped into the pool and started to work out. I was almost done when I heard voice and some giggling. I looked up too see Stacy and Amanda sunning on my patio and watching me talking. Sorry we didn't want to bother you, you looked really into your swimming.

Yeah I was just getting in a workout give me another hour all be done if that's ok make yourselves at home the house is open and soda's are in the fridge etc. Not but a few minutes later Stacy came up too the pool edge and stopped me.

She said I notice you had quit a locked up bar would you mind since you have the stuff if I made some mixed strawberry daiquiris? I said that it was no problem and hopped out of the pool walked in punched in the key code and got them out all the stuff and some fresh strawberries from the crisper.

Then I walked back out and dove into the pool. By the time I finished and got out both of them were drinking and I didn't say a word about Amanda if it was fine with her mother I didn't mind at all. I walked in and though about a mixed drink of like jack and dew or vodka and cran but settled for a beer. As I came out they quit talking looked over at me and said you dead tired. I replied that I had hardly broken a sweat and only done about 6 miles in the pool I normally did 10.

For the rest of the weekend that's how we spent it. Monday morning came and I logged on and she was on. She sent me a message and I replied. Not long into it things became very sexual and I didn't mind one bit. I was hoping this girl really looked like her pictures as I had found out on more then one occasion that people were big fakers on these sites.

She teased me and bantered with me and I was getting turned on. This went on for the rest of the week. Finally though the weekend arrived and sure enough half way through my workout I heard my blender and girl talk.

I got out of the pool quietly and snuck in walked right up behind them to scare them when I heard what they were talking about it was me. I walked back a bit down the hall and listened apparently I was ripe for the picking although several times Amanda got told when she turned 18 she could jump any mans bones she liked but until then no matter how mature she might be I was off limits. Man was I getting hard I snuck back out to the pool with dirty thoughts in my head I was gonna act on them I thought I should right there but I didn't think either wanted to share and I didn't want to make them mad at me.

Besides while I really liked Amanda I was not going to violate no matter how much I wanted to her mothers wishes. I didn't finish my workout that day but I was done I could not exercise with the thoughts going threw my head. The weekend passed unremarkably and when Monday arrived I was making plans for getting Sarah and talking heavily over IM.

When I mentioned to the girl over the IM that I might possibly have a girl here soon and I only dated one woman at a time. She seemed upset bet then asked who this girl was.

I explained to her about my neighbors having no idea about it being Amanda who I was really talking too. I didn't mention Amanda's age nor did I mention them as mother daughter I sort of described them like sisters which they were. OMG screamed Amanda in her head. She could not believe what he was saying damn she thought she was so close to getting him to meet her and after he did she was not gonna give him a chance to say no.

While she might be young she knew who she wanted. Her mother had always worked allot of been studying they had a close relationship but lived more like sisters. Amanda while being 17 was more mature mentally and pretty much used to taking care of herself. Her mom actually didn't need to work as with her grand parents death and selling of all there assets and all the other inheritance they were not filthy rich but well off.

She worked because she loved being a head nurse at a great hospital. Amanda had been planning on seducing the next door neighbor since she saw him get out of his car that 1st day. But every since that day he took care of her when she could see he was dead tired and didn't know her from Adam she had fallen for him.

If he was so caring to a complete stranger and willing to put his life on the line to protect her freedom, to her that was her idea of a perfect mate and she was not gonna be like a mother single and stupid when she was young. But while talking too him he hinted that the girl he was actually talking about it was Sarah OMG her own mother and was it her too OMG it was her too. She pried for details and when he opened up she knew she had to have him.

She could tell he was only really thinking as taking one as his lover, young as she was while she had never thought of the idea. A new idea had formed in her head she could not imagine the love one of them would have and if only one of them got him it would really hurt the other one. She loved her mom and she too really thought of her more as a sister, the thoughts ran through her head as she talked to him. Would it be so bad to share him? Would it really be sharing him? They went to bed that night but she didn't sleep she could not stop thinking to herself about him and her mother and her.

When the morning sun broke through her window without realizing it till then she had made a decision. She thought that having them all three as a couple was the best idea in the world she could not imagine anything happier and more prefect. When he was gone fighting for them they would still have each other and when he was home he would love them both.

God knew as she though of his muscles he was strong enough for the both of them. She thought about getting him 1st of letting her mother then trying to mix things but just couldn't see that working. No if this was gonna work it would mean 1st her and her Sarah working it out then they could take care of him. Amanda got up and walked to Sarah room she opened the door and walked in crawled into the bed and awoke her mother with a strong kiss another thing she had come to realize was that she loved her mother in more then the normal way.

As her mother had worked a late shift was really groggy and very tired. She at 1st didn't realize who was kissing her but it felt really good. She had not had sex after she had Amanda. She actually messed around with her daughter a bit after last weekend when they were drunk but she knew Amanda didn't remember it. As a tongue parted her lips she thought about her neighbor had he come over she without opening her eyes she embraced her kisser and kissed back with as much as she had it was then she realized the body she was kissing was not him.

Her eyes flew open and there across from her lay her daughter in nothing not a stitch of clothing. Her eyes roamed over her daughter in allot of ways she looked like her mother but younger and with bigger breasts and a bigger ass. Although her mother was more mature and looked really good with really toned body.

Instead of freaking out she asked so you remembered last weekend huh. At this her daughter face become like a question? What do you mean I remembered last weekend? Oh, ummm spill it Sarah.

Well when we came back we had way to much to drink and you and I well we made love. Amanda thought about this and had thought something had been weird with Sarah Monday and she had woken up in a very wet sheet in the night filled with more girl cum then Amanda had every remembered she had chalked it up to there next door neighbor and a very good masturbation session.

Well I wouldn't mind another bought right now knowing I have always thought you were very sexy mom. Does that make me a lesbian she asked her mother I dunno I myself enjoy men but I guess playing with a girl is fun sometimes?

I guess we are bi! Oh well in case of this new knowledge there is something I would like to talk to you about mo… ah Sarah. She and her daughter shared as it were more of a 1st name bases she seldom called her mom. They could talk about anything. Oh ok mom I know you said I had to wait till I was 18 to fully have a man and you know I have obeyed your wishes because I understood your reasons. But I have to admit to something can you come with me she said extending her hand. She got up out of bed and followed Amanda to her bedroom and they set down at her desk.

She opened up a file and told her mother to read it. Her mother read her MSN log of her chat.

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Then Amanda turned to her and said as a way to meet new people around here I signed up to a dating sight mom. I was not looking for a boy friend but as you can see our neighbor has an account and I been chatting with him. She showed her mom her profile and it was Amanda in words not in picture.

But Sarah recognized Amanda's old best friend so. She turned to Sarah and said alright mom I know how much I love you, you know how I feel and I don't ever want a man to come between us. But I thought about it all last night I love you more then a mother and Sarah said and I you more then a daughter and I really thought that was the strongest bond they both said at the same time smiling at one another. Ok so what do you purpose if I know you, you have a plan?

Well its simple mom I love you, you love me and we both like him and what guy wouldn't want us both. I mean think about it he is often gone we can be with each other when he is and with him when he's here I don't even think of it as sharing. Sarah heard her daughter the love in her voice and while for a second this seemed so stupid that thought was dashed as she thought of how kind the guy was she didn't think after reading what he wrote and talking to him he would take advantage of the thing and that she didn't think there was a situation in the world were the two oh wait three could be any happier.

So she turned to her daughter kissed her full on French and told her I love you lets get our man. Sarah had a great job even now at her job she worked ungodly hours especially in overtime. She talked to her boss and told her they just had not had the time to still get moved in her daughter was miserable being in a new place with no one she knew and her mother working pretty much all the time since they had gotten there. Her boss said that she had told her she should take sometime before she had come to work to get settled in her boss loved her and told her to please take the rest of the week of and get things in order.

Coming home Sarah told Amanda that she had a week off and that they had that week to make the plan work and make him there's. As he was swimming his laps in his pool Wednesday morning he heard a splash in the pool and a second later a hand on his shoulder. He without thought almost broke Sarah arm.

Sarah getting her arm back said sorry I didn't mean to startle you. He said no I am sorry I have gotten lost in my normally good situational awareness how is your arm? No damage she said. He looked at her in the skimpiest bikini he had ever seen her in. Like her daughter she grinned at him and said like that you see big boy? He smiled and said very much so… well if you don't mind she stated I could use a bit of a workout and thought that since I wont normally do it without someone there you might let me work out with you today.

He said sure and they started off swimming. She was a very good swimmer both her and Amanda was, not as good as him but hey he was a seal. He caught the workout short as she started to slow down and asked her to come inside with him for a bit. She happily got out and said you would have a towel I could barrow would you I am all wet stressing that big time.

He almost choked women had never been so forward him before. Sure he said inside. He went inside tossed her a towel and as he dried of he she gave him quite a show. Then without a word she walked over to him like a run way supper model bushed her lips against his and gave him a really loving kiss.

Leaned back near his ear and whispered did you like that, do you like me? He noticed out of the corner of his eye movement and saw a glimpse of Amanda outside watching.

He said simply yes on both accounts she said good tossed the towel to him and walked out. The next morning he was again swimming and heard someone approaching the pool he was not getting caught of guard again. He didn't do anything though and soon he heard the splash and felt a hand. He turned to give Sarah a huge kiss and as he closed his eyes he grabbed her and kissed her right there for a second there was a bit of resistance then she melted into his arms and was soon kissing him back.

When she melted into his arms he realized it was not Sarah he opened his eyes to see Amanda Staring back wide eyed at him. He saw movement and saw Sarah close move behind a tree by the side of his yard. He went to talk at the same time but she cut him off. Did you enjoy that as much as I did? You like me don't you! At that she pushed him away got out of the pool and walked off. He got out after a second and thought to himself ok something is defiantly up.

As the girls met back at there house the both discussed there kisses light young girls and both had agreed it was very good. Although Amanda's had not gone as planned.

The next morning instead of going swimming he decided to relax out by the pool. He heard 2 approaches one to his left and side of the house the other to the right he was done being messed with he got up and disappeared he was good at this the best in his team. He could simply vanish. They had seen him out there laying in the yard as they went to sneak around the house they came around both in each others sight but the chair was empty.

Dammit were did he go maybe back into the house? They walked around the side and were sneaking up to the back doors when behind them they heard boo and omg they about jumped out of there clothes. They turned around and there he stood arms folded staring at both of them very hard. They actually were a bit scarred by this and as he started to speak in a very commanding tone they actually jumped again.

Ok, what the hell are you two up too these last few days. They both looked at each other like a dear in headlights. Communicating with looks, do we tell him?

Both Shrugged there shoulders but he had enough. Grabbing them both by the waist he picked them up and walked with them into the house both girls so stunned the just stayed still both enjoying his strong arms around there waist. He tossed them both down into a love seat set down on the chair across from them and said if you two don't talk… but he didn't get to finish before both of them said you'll what? He paused but they didn't give him a chance they had made there decision instead of playing with there plans they had given them up both had thought them a bit childish anyway and went with there 1st plan to simple explain to him there thoughts.

Well they looked right at me we both have talked this out we both really like you. But we also don't want to hurt our personal relationship by only one of us having you. So I said then that means that you guys are gonna leave me, not talk to me, what? No silly if you will have is we both will have you? He paused for a second then said umm I am not sure if I understand 1st off and 2nd I don't know if I can.

Well they said we both love each other last time we were at your house we ended going back and making love we love each other and as you can tell we don't have a normal relationship anymore.

I am not sure if we ever did. But we both really love men and we both really like you. We will not share you though we are all gonna be 1 couple it’s those terms or none. So let me get this right I can't have just one of you but I can have both of you? Yes! I suppose this is every guys dream you are both hot as hell. But I need something 1st from each of you listen to my terms and if you are willing we will see what we can do?

1st of I want to take you both out on an individual date. One each on a different night, if I like you both individually we can set down and talk out umm how did you put it being a couple together a tri-couple if you will. They both agreed they understood that he had to know them separate and if he liked that one neither wanted to be a 3rd wheel. So he said I will pick up 1 of you tonight and tomorrow night the other so figure it out and be over at my house at 8 pm.

They both left as they walked across the street Amanda said mom you go 1st. Sarah said no we will be equal in this we have to agree on that if we enter into this we are each others equal and lover. Fine said Amanda what do you purpose. I say we let fait decide for us she said taking out a coin tossing it into the air and catching it she said call it.

Amanda said heads because I can't wait to give it to him. Sarah opened her hand and Amanda turned to her mom now they were inside kissed her and said good luck Sarah knock him speechless tonight. Amanda helped Sarah get ready and when Sarah left Amanda set on the couch she thought she would be forlorn or hurt but she was not. Bored yes, but not hurt or sad. She found a good movie and started to watch it.

Sarah walked up too his door and knocked. I opened my door and my jaw really did hit the ground this time Sarah stood there in a skin tight low cut blue dress. With High fuck me red heels. She laughed and said you look good to sailor. They went out she loved his car although his driving took some getting used too.

By the end of the night on the drive home her panties were soaked. She was dreaming of getting him into bed and was gonna have her way. As they pulled up in the drive way she grabbed a hold of him and French kissed him.

Her hand came down onto his cock and started to stroke it through his pants. He kissed her back for a second then broke it and said why don't we take it inside. He had just gotten the door closed when she thought of her heals tossed them off and jumped up to him wrapped her legs around his ass driving her pussy onto him and started to kiss him again.

He carried her up too his bed. She had never been in there it was really nice. He laid her down on top of the bed and she sank in it was so soft. He she grabbed his hand and pulled it up her skirt to her panties. See how wet they are for you she whispered into his ear. He cupped her pantie covered crotch god she was soaking wet. She didn't wait too much time she had waited too many years she needed this man. He normally liked to take it slow but he could feel the fire in Sarah and he wanted her bad too.

It had been along time for him too he figured they had all night what would it hurt. Before he finished that thought she had removed her panties slid the dress up down below and took off the top to show him her still very pert tits. He took off his shirt and pants with his briefs and tossed them to the side. He slid up on top of her and licked her tits taking one in his mouth she moaned back and grabbed his dick it was pretty thick.

She stroked him slowly and he sucked on her breast. When he was at full mast she kissed him and then pulled back pulling him and said oh my god baby just take me know there was enough four play all night.

I need you I need you in me right NOW! Without further ado he looked down to her beautiful wet pussy it was completely balled. The lips stuck out pretty far on both sides with a very dark tinge to both of them. Her clit was the biggest he had ever seen. He took his cock in his hand and shoved it into her hard she arched her back screaming in taking air in by the lungful.

He pumped into as hard as he could and she just kept moaning back. He was pulling almost all the way out then shoving it in deep strokes all the way to her cervix.

She was in another world. He was in such frenzy as he pumped into her time after time listening to there bodies crash like an ocean in a bad thunderstorm. He pulled her breast hard with the other and with his right hand he stuck his hand around and pushed a finger into her ass. As soon as he did that she started to climax lifting them off the bed and he kept pumping her as hard as he could as soon as she finished one she was launched right into another.

She screamed out again OMG BABY YOU ARE GONNA KILL ME! It was unlike anything she had ever had her 1st any only other time had been so short if not for Amanda she might doubt it ever had happened. She had never had an orgasm this hard let alone multiples. If any one had ever said they were gonna stick a finger into her ass why she got fucked she would have told them to fuck off. But if felt so good she was finally slowing down her body shaking from her orgasm milking his dick when he said baby I'm gonna cum.

She knew what he wanted to hear she and Amanda were both on birth control. She told him if he valued his life he better not pull out with that he let go and his cum shot out filling her at this she did something she didn't think would happen to hear she came again. As he filled her with his seed she milked his cock her pussy was so tight at the base but opened up a bit in.

He filled her up he could feel the juicing of there's mixing and leaking out her pussy. He went to pull out by she asked him not too. Not yet it had been so long since she had a dick to feel her pussy it fit her perfectly even starting to go limp it felt amazing. He flipped them over and they fell asleep. He woke up as the sun hit his eyes. There on his chest he felt such a weight it took him a split second to remember the other night. He stroked her hair and she awoke and looked up to him.

She shivyeed a bit up him and kissed him. They both said thanks at the same time with made them both laugh too. OMG she felt so good as she thought the same thing then she propped her self up on her elbows right on his chest looked him in the eye.

I love you I have never loved another soul except Amanda like this. You make me feel so good any doubts I had about this are gone I love you and I love her. I want this I want us and I want it now. I have lived for so long without this wonderful life and I don't want to go another day without it.

Me pidio por el culo y se lo di

At that she got up walked out of the room naked and he lay there he thought about it. But he really didn't think so much as acknowledge that everything she said he pretty much felt but he had to have his day with Amanda and he wanted to see if it was something more then lust of a young taught body. He got up grabbed a robe put it on and then another and carried it out he handed it too her she kissed him again did not say a word and made him and her breakfast.

They didn't talk, finally she looked up at him and started to say something, and he leaned across and put his finger to her lips. He said I love you too, last night was one of the best nights I have ever had in my life.

I want this but I have to be honest what worries me is abusing you two. I cannot hurt you guys you are two precious. I need to go out with Amanda I need to know its real with her too I need to know that I love her too and I need to know that its not some school girl crush on her end although I don't think it is she is as much a women as you are.

He started to get up and do the dishes and she watched him. He kissed her again when he was done and thanked her for this morning. At that she could not hold back anymore. I have never known a man as thankful as you as sweet as you. You just did the dishes without thought and showed you loved me like you have been doing it all your life. I can understand your worries… I will tell you that I know Amanda is old enough and she does love you as I do its not a school girls crush as you put it.

I also now that in the short time we have known that you are the best man I have ever met I don't think you would ever hurt us. But I will let you do what you need to do so you can see for yourself just promise one thing give it, give us a chance and talk to us before you make any decision. I think taking Amanda however like you did me last night out can't happen not yet but I trust you with my life and with hers I love you I am going home now and will send her over.

Kissing me on the cheek she left in the robe. About almost an hour later Amanda walked in through the front door closed it behind her. She came to my room where I had finished getting dressed and was just making the bed. She didn't say anything at 1st but came around to the other side and finished helping me make it.

She then came around the bed straight up too me stopped in front of me gave me a look of determination and put her hand on my chest and asked please sit down. I need to tell you somethings I hope you are not mad at me.

I was the girl you have been chatting to on IM I started to say what. But I stopped I wanted to hear her out. I remember the 1st day you drove up omg the roar of your car you got out and in the 1st look I fell in love at least a heavy lust. I had to have you I have never felt the way you made me felt.

Except with my mother. I watched you and as you went in and closed your door I could not help myself you had given me an opportunity. I walked across the street and knocked on your door when you opened it you took the breath of the tip of my tongue. But I felt bad because you looked so tired. But before I got an excuse to really get out of there you had me inside and were being so nice and caring. When I got hungry I thought I should have gone home you looked so tired and wore out.

But I wanted to stay with you and I wanted to know if you would be that nice I didn't think you would. You didn't even just take me to a fast food joint even though you had fast food when you ordered it was very cute by the way. You noticed me but didn't try anything didn't make advances and after a while I was really trying to get you too. When you brought me back I was gonna try to get you to touch me when I saw Sarah. Then you emailed me and we talked and IM’d and I knew by the way you talked about us and saw us that you were the most perfect man I had ever met.

I was gonna come over right away when Sarah got home. But she asked me if I was ok then she told me she was in love. I told her that I had thought when she left yesterday I would be mad but I was not. I was bored I fell asleep and woke when she came in the door. After hearing that she loved you I had to know what happened. As she told me and she told me every detail I didn't feel pain but more love for you. I felt love for Sarah and I felt love for us. The only part all admit that hurt is what you might think of me.

No simply no uncertain terms is this a school girl crush it might have started out that way but you have my and Sarah's heart now and us if you want us in every way.

I love you Sarah loves you! As she said those last words she had brought up her index finger under my chin to make sure I was looking into her eyes. When she had 1st started talking I was a little annoyed maybe even a bit hurt. When I found out she had deceived me and talked to me over the IM I was hurt. But as she finished saying the last words a tear came down her eye that was it dammit no one was gonna hurt my loves especially me.

Before I even thought about it I grabbed her and pulled her to me kissing her tear and said please don't cry I love you to Amanda and as you know I love Sarah. I didn't really think this can work but if anything can make it, its love and there is no loss of that here. I don't think I can really contemplate life without you guys.

My dear Amanda can I have you can I keep you guys forever. With that she smiled and kissed me not a girl kiss a full blown kiss. She stopped after a second to catch her breath then whispered in my ear you have had Sarah will you please take me I need you I need you now. I kissed her for several minutes exploring every part of her lips, and neck that I could reach.

Caressing her breast and cupping her ass through her clothes as she just lay there letting me and kissing me back. Finally she sits up and takes off her shirt after that I stopped her and asked may I please. She smiles at me and said I would like nothing more please don't hesitate I am yours as you are mine.

I fooled around with her breast for a few more minutes then removed her bra. God her tits were huge and perky a true defiance of the laws of gravity. I slowly slid my hand down to her pussy and cupped it through her jeans she moaned at that. At that she took off my shirt and started to kiss my chest. She sucked on my nipples and went down and unbuckled my pants, popped the button and slid her hand down and took my dick in her hand.

In sure even strokes and pre cum she stroked me for a few minutes and slid down my body to remove my jeans. She game back and was looking at me naked for a moment. Is there something wrong Amanda? No, I just want to remember this!

I reached up and took off her jeans but left the panties. She slid down my body again and took me into her mouth. She sucked slow and played with my balls. After a few seconds she was swallowing my cock. God it felt amazing she was a pro. Before long she sped up her tempo and told me cum in her mouth I want to taste you every drop. She sucked me of hard and fast and within another 4 minutes I felt my balls and gave her what she asked for more of it then I thought I ever had in me she swallowed every drop much to my amazement she didn't even let a drop drip out.

She then stood up and said you taste better then I ever thought you would. I could not help myself I asked were did you learn how to do that? When I chatted with you I looked up porn. Since I am not going to school I made up for it by studying how to please you. I wonder if Sarah has even noticed the missing cucumbers. Well you get an A+ and extra credit I laughed to which she socked me on the arm and said you can get that anytime you want provided I get my reward for it.

What's that I asked? Your lovely nectar down my throat. Oh I don't think that's gonna be any issue. She giggled and then he pulled her to him and kissed her. She felt him playing with her pussy. She laid back on the bed spread her legs and said you want some lunch?

He didn't miss a beat. He buried his tongue into her soft velvety folds. Her pussy had a bit of hair that had grown back from her shaving or waxing. Her clit was very small compared to her mothers and her slit was not spread at all it was one very straight hot went line. He brought his tongue out and licked and played with her clit while he sunk 3 fingers into and played with her g-spot.

She came within 4 minutes a new record he thought. She was wet and breathing very hard he got lost staring at her chest rise and fall until she brought him back. Honey I need you in my now but please go slow its my 1st time. He got between her legs but then thought better about it and flipped her up and slid under her and she got back on him.

He lined the tip of his cock with her and sunk down an inch. She was beyond tight almost to the point of pain. She was wet though from her cum and mine and she rose back up after a second and sunk in a bit more after 3 more tries my dick hit a barrier. She opened her eyes took a breath lifted up and stopped.

She looked down at me and then said baby will you get back over me again. I told her its ok you don't have to do it and was gonna keep talking when she talked over me.

No honey its not that she leaned down to be near my face, it's that I have thought of this moment allot lately and dreamed about it last night. I don't mind doing it if you want but I really want you to do it I trust you and love you and I want you to do this. She got of him and fell back down he rolled up onto her and supported himself.

He guided him in again and he went up to the barrier. He stopped she looked up into his eyes I love you honey I know it will hurt but I want you to and without letting her finish he pushed forward and tore through it. She arched up and screamed a tear coming down her cheek. He stopped and held very still. For 2 minutes maybe 3 he didn't move god she was so tight it was hard.

She finally opened her eyes whipped her tear. Said god I love you now make me see stars. I started back slowly and pushed in half way then out and then I came out all the way and back in a bit she gasped for a second and then said please leave it in my don't pull out I need you. I pushed a quarter of the way in then pulled almost all the way back out she was finally loosing up and I could move some. I pushed in half way and did that 5 more times before I pushed in almost all the way. I did that for 7 more strokes before she rose up and impaled herself to the hilt of my dick.

I held there for a moment while she adjusted finally she opened her brilliant light blue eyes and started to move. We moved together in perfect harmony and rhythm for almost 20 minutes. She then said baby turn us over sit back and enjoy the ride for right now you belong to me and I am gonna ride you.

Suiting actions to words I turned over and she wasted no time in bouncing up and down on me again we worked perfectly together. She was different then Sarah but they were both good while Sarah opened up a bit after her g-spot for now Amanda was like the tightest glove on the plant and I was hitting her cervix easy. She rode me with loud sloppy slaps for 2 more minutes then I felt her pussy catch fire. She shot her hips and stomach forward and her head fell back all the way to my feet as she let out a throaty deep moan.


Her pussy gripped me so hard I could not believe it and she cum so hard I worried about her braking her back her juice spread all over me up to my stomach and a sweet smell filled the air. A smell that was simply Amanda. She started moving soon and rode me like never before she was a blur flying up and down then from side to side then back to front I could track her and didn't try my cock was the only thought I had now so tight yet so smooth and hot.

I started to moan ah baby I am gonna cum, I wanna come so deep in your tight box. She bent down to my ear and said say it say you wanna cum in my pretty pussy. I grabbed her and pulled her up to the tip of my cock and then slammed her back down as I drove up with everything I had I swear I entered her cervix that was it for both of us she stated coming and I released my cum with a force that I am surprised didn't make cum flow from her nose.

She laid down on me and like her Sarah said please leave it in my for a bit I need a nap. She fell asleep right away but I lay there thoughts racing threw my head. Not about us and by us I mean Amanda, Sarah, and myself I could see what they meant now they were my girls they wanted it I wanted it and life was gonna change for all of us.

Amanda awoke about a half hour later and got my attention by giving me a kiss and then looked at me and said baby I love you are you ok. I brought my eyes down to her and said better then ever do you think you can call or go get Sarah I hope its ok but I need you both as soon as possible.

She didn't waste a second she was up and getting dressed she said we will be here for you and when ever you want all be right back my love. I got up and got dressed myself.

I went out into back yard I set down at the pool and put my legs in water which was my old strength but not my strongest not anymore that was with Sarah and Amanda now. Soon I heard there voice calling out to me I hollered back here please. As I saw them come out take me in a worried looks swept there faces without thought I left water behind I left everything behind and before they knew it I had them in my arms.

They both looked at me worried. I looked at both of them and said I need to talk to you both where would you like to do it? They looked at me and said your bedroom, then corrected themselves in a hopeful tone our bedroom? I didn't say anything but let them lead me too it. They both set me down on the bed then disappeared for chairs. They both came back put there chair close in front of me and set down.

Sarah started to speak but I just said shh give me a second please. They waited, I looked up and looked them both in there eyes and said its simple I love you, I love both of you. So you don't worry anymore I will tell you that I want what you want with ever fiber of my being. They didn't move the thought they heard a but I thought.

Gemini Love is a cheating whore Edited)

I said without reservations or buts they both broke into a wide smile. Then Sarah asked what's bothering you and Amanda said spill it tell us we love you.

I grabbed them both and they got up and both of them perched on my lap I thought it would feel weird or awkward but it felt so right. Then I started.

I am gonna keep it simple if I can. I told them about the void I had in me and about everything I had been feeling lately the moment out by the pool. I told them I loved them both and didn't want to live without them but even if I stayed on leave for a while I would probably be called back to base.

I told them mostly about the void that had started in me that I could not figure out. That had been filled with them my love for them. Sarah and Amanda told me they loved me and didn't want to be without me either they also said as far as they were concerned home was where each other was at. Sarah too had said she had a void but didn't realize it tried to fill it with work as I had but it didn't get filled until Amanda brought us all together. Amanda wanted to go to college out actually near the base and being in the military I actually could get a place very close to both base and college reserved just for active personnel.

So without really planning anything it all came together for all of us. We moved them all into my house as it was equal to there place but they still had most stuff packed and didn't have a ton of furniture anyway.

We did it all in half a day. I called my CO and got cleared to stay till the end of the school year since I had put in so much active time. Amanda would finish her last year here then we would all move out to California. Sarah lined up a better job paying much more and with better hour there at the VA hospital as the lead head nurse. I would train on base but would not go on deployment again.

Amanda would attend college and get her degree after that Sarah and I would quit working between us we had quite a bit of money and thought we could increase that quite a bit over the next few years. Then we would probably travel till we found a place to settle down. Oh yeah there was one more thing they both wanted from me but I guess that will have to wait for future stories.