Britische Milf Freude aussetzt ihre großen Titten und heiße fanny

Britische Milf Freude aussetzt ihre großen Titten und heiße fanny
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The day after my seventeenth birthday, when I had my first real sexual experiences with my mother and the housekeeper, I didn't get up until about two in the afternoon. The intense orgy that the three of us had enjoyed the previous evening and night had totally exhausted me. After all the sex action I had fallen asleep satisfied between mother and Anna, but when I woke up the next afternoon I was still lying naked on the big bed in my mother's bedroom, but I was alone.

Both women were nowhere to be seen. I crawled out of bed and stretched myself, wondering whether I was going to take a shower, because I didn't smell too well.

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I noticed a scent around me of dried champagne, semen and sweat and female bodily fluids. In spite of all that I decided not to take a shower for a while, if only because this rancid scent was testimony to the fact that last night hadn't been a dream. I walked out of the room and decided to look for mother. I wondered what our relationship would be like from now on.

Had last night been a one-off thing, a birthday present like she'd said, or would we be playing these kind of games together more often from now on? The mere thought of that was enough to make my dick hard. I decided not to be bothered by that and walked down the stairs. Mother had behaved in such a shameless manner last night, that she probably wouldn't mind me walking naked through the house with a hard-on. Arriving downstairs I didn't find anyone in the living room and the kitchen was abandoned as well.

That Anna, the housekeeper, wasn't there wasn't very strange since Sunday was her day off and she usually wasn't home then, but as far as I knew my mother didn't have any obligations until Wednesday and therefore there was no reason to assume that she wouldn't be home right now.

I check some more rooms, but didn't find her anywhere, until the only place I hadn't yet looked was her study. The door to her study was closed and I hesitated to knock. My mother took her work very seriously and never wanted to be disturbed while she was writing.

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Normally I would have respected that, but now I really wanted to talk to her, so I gently knocked on the door. "The door is open," my mother's voice sounded after a moment of silence. I opened the door and walked into the room. My mother sat behind her PC. Her desk stood in front of the window, so I was looking at her back. I saw Word was running on her PC and there was a whole lot of text on the screen.

So she was working, but this time she didn't seem to mind that I disturbed her. While I entered her study she got up from her chair and turned around.

She looked laid-back and relaxed, but awesomely good. Her hairs were loose and uncombed on her shoulders and back and she wore a red top that fit tightly around her beautiful breasts. She was wearing a very short dark blue corduroy skirt and a blue vest was draped on her shoulders. She looked at me and smiled. "There, did you get some rest?" I realised that I was still walking around with a stiff prick and felt, in spite of the previous evening, a little embarrassed.

My mother noticed I was uncomfortable, but kept smiling. "Don't be embarrassed. I like seeing a man with a hard-on much better than with a limp dick." She grinned a horny grin because of what she'd said and walked to a table in a corner of her study where a coffee machine and several mugs were placed.

"You want some coffee?" "Please," I said and she filled two mugs. She gave one to me and sat back in the chair in front of her desk. Sipping the hot coffee she said, "go and take a seat somewhere." I took a chair and seated myself. I did feel a bit weird, sitting naked in a chair with an erection and a mug of coffee in my hands. My mother didn't seem at all unsettled by this.

"Listen, Peter," she said, "you're at an age now that you're old enough for these kinds of things and I don't want to make a big deal out of it. When I was young myself people always made a terrible fuss over sex and I always told myself I wasn't going to become like that.

From now on we can just interact normally with each other." I thought that my mother's definition of 'normal' was quite a peculiar one, but I was way too happy about that to comment on it.

"A lot of people will disapprove of the fact that I don't make a fuss of these things," my mother continued, "but I decided even before you were born never to be bothered by what other people think. But I assume you do realize that no one else needs to know anything about this?' I nodded. That this should stay between us was the most obvious thing I could think of.

"Well," she said, while she put her coffee on her desk and got up again, "that's clear then." She walked up to me and stood in front of me with her legs spread wide. "I'm not wearing any panties," she said in a horny tone of voice, "want to feel my cunt?" Without waiting for an answer she took my hand and pushed it under her skirt.

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As soon as my fingertips touched her pussy lips, I felt she was quite wet. Apparently it aroused her, doing things like these with her son. She let go of my hand and let me go about it. I felt her juicy lips and put a couple of fingers in her pussy, while my thumb searched for her clitoris. It didn't take me long to find it and while I was moving three fingers back and forth in her vagina and rubbed her clit with my thumb, she started to moan softly.

"Good," she sighed, "where did you learn how to do this?" "I taught myself," I grinned, thinking of the countless time I had jacked off to these phoney letters to the editor in Penthouse.

Because of her response to my manual labour I was gaining confidence and I put my free hand under her skirt too in order to knead her nice full buttocks. I looked up and saw that mother had let her vest fall from her shoulders and was now pulling her top over her head, giving me a great view of her tits.

Her nipples were already fully erect. She turned her head down and looked at me. "We should hurry a bit, it's almost half past two. A friend of mine will be coming by shortly." The look in her eyes while she said this didn't leave any doubt as to what this friend was coming for and I felt a new wave of arousal go through my body. "Shall I give you a quick blow job?" mother asked.

Obviously that was an offer I couldn't refuse and I let go of her cunt and ass. She knelt in front of me and without further ado took my cock in her mouth. She did it a little less subtle than last night and therefore it didn't take long before I felt, that a load of semen was on its way. Just before I came my mother let my dick slide out of her mouth and positioned her tits above my prick, so that thick spurts of sperm splattered against her breasts. My orgasm was hardly over when the doorbell rang.

My mother got up immediately, grabbed her vest and put it on, without being bothered by the sperm on her breasts. "That must be her.

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Go upstairs," she said, "we'll join you in a minute." While my mother walked to the front door, I got up and walked out of her study in the direction of the stairs, without caring about the threads of semen that were hanging from my shrinking dick, that stuck to my legs as I walked. While I ascended the stairs I could hardly realize in what kind of situation I now found myself. My own home had all of a sudden become sort of a sex paradise, with no room for any inhibitions whatsoever!

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Having arrived on the first floor I walked to my mother's bedroom and lay down on the bed. I was really curious about my mother's friend. I didn't have to wait long, because a few minutes later my mother walked into the bedroom together with another woman. Mother had taken off her vest again by now and looked superbly horny with all those drops of sperm on her tits, but what really caught my eye was her friend.

"This is Nancy," my mother introduced her, "she's a secretary at my publisher's office. That's where we met and at all kind of parties in the book circuit we've had a good deal of fun together." She turned to her friend. "Nancy, this is my randy son Peter." Nancy smiled a horny smile at me that almost instantly gave me a stiff pole again.

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Nancy was rather chubby, but in a way I found extremely attractive. She seemed about twenty-five to me and she was tall, with beautiful flowing black hairs. She had a pretty face with delightful brown eyes, a cute little nose and really full, sensuous red lips.

She wore a combination of an extremely tight purple skirt and a purple top that was just as close-fitting and hardly able to contain her massive breasts. She sported a cleavage that made my dick prance uncontrollably.

Her boobs appeared to be almost as large as Anna's but at the same time a whole lot firmer. "Hello Peter," Nancy smiled with a horny look in her eyes.

"Hello," I answered. "You two get to know each other," my mother said, "while I go and get us something to drink." She walked out of the bedroom, leaving Nancy and me together. I didn't really know what to say to her, but Nancy walked up to the bed, gave my stiffening prick a look and smiled, "well, Peter, I get the impression you're happy to see me.


Your mother has to me a lot about you." I would've liked to tell her that mother had told me a lot about her too, but that wasn't the case. Until today I hadn't even ever heard her name. This didn't seem to bother Nancy though. Without saying another word she untied her skirt and pushed it down, giving me a good look at a pair of really hot thighs.

She wore see-through panties and had a bit of a tummy. When she bent over to rid herself of her skirt completely, I didn't only get a fantastic view of her incredible cleavage but also noticed a little roll of fat hanging over her panties.

I thought that was a horny sight. She now pulled her top down a bit, so I could see she was wearing a black bra underneath it. Nancy put her hands against her massive boobs and pushed them against each other, while bending over a bit again. She shook her tits a little, almost driving me insane with lust. She looked at me and smiled a horny smile, but didn't say a word.

Instead she straightened herself and pulled her top over her head.

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She carelessly threw it on the floor and lifted her gigantic tits out of her bra with her hands. In spite of their ridiculous size they were amazingly firm. I noticed that her nipples, which were huge as well, were already getting a bit hard, making me even hornier in turn.

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Nancy also took of her panties and untied her bra, so that she was now standing in front of the bed in all her naked glory. Though she probably didn't have as beautiful a body as my mother, by conventional standards, at this moment I felt she was the most desirable woman I had ever seen and I decided to tell her just that.

"You are the most gorgeous chick I've ever seen, Nancy," I said. She smiled. "That's sweet of you," she said, "but can your prove that?" I grabbed hold of my prick, which was rock-hard by now and shook it back and forth. "Isn't this enough proof?" I asked. "You can do better," she grinned lustfully and she lay down next to me on the bed.

She crawled against me and pushed her tits against my chest, while she took hold of my dick with her hand and began to jack me off. She turned her head towards mine and kissed me. It was a good, long wet kiss on the mouth that left me wanting more. So we kissed a couple more times and kept exchanging saliva for a while. At the same time Nancy let go of my cock and started massaging my balls, which felt really good too, while I put my hand between her legs and began to finger her pussy.

We were taking our time, just doing these naughty things to each other without any hurry, when my mother came back into the bedroom. She was carrying some cans of beer and soda that she put on the nightstand. "Well, you two are taking it easy," she grinned impishly, "you want something to drink?" Nancy and I let go of each other's genitals and got up.

We both took a can from the nightstand and drank a bit. I noticed that my mother had washed the sperm from her tits and had taken off her skirt, so that she was fully nude as well now. As soon as we'd finished our drinks, my mother took my hand and led me to a chair. "Take a seat," she said, "and Nancy and I will make sure you have something nice to look at." I dropped into the chair, Nancy lay down on the bed on her back and my mother grabbed a large red dildo from her nightstand.

Mother as climbed onto the bed and gave the dildo to Nancy, who put the device between her tits while my mother buried her face between her friend's legs and began eating her out eagerly. Nancy had her legs pulled up, so I had a clear view of the way my mother's tongue was working her pussy lips and clitoris. Evidently this sight was more than enough to make my dick, which had gone a bit limp again during the short break, rock-hard again.


Nancy looked at me and said, "jack off. I get real turned on by looking at a man jacking off." That was a request I was more than willing to grant.

I took hold of my cock and started stroking it slowly. Nancy kept looking at me while mother stopped eating her out, grabbed the dildo from between Nancy's tits and pushed the thing into her cunt. She began moving the dildo back and forth rapidly in her friend's vagina, who before long started to moan. As soon as my mother began working her clit with her other hand, it didn't take Nancy long to come screamingly.


By now I was also beating off faster and faster and it wouldn't take long before I too would have an orgasm. My mother noticed and said, "restrain yourself a moment, Peter. It would be a waste to just shoot all that semen into the air." With difficulty I succeeded in letting go of my throbbing cock just in time. Mother took the dildo from Nancy's pussy and started to lick her friend's vaginal juice from the device, while she got off the bed.

"Now you go give Nancy a nice fuck," she said to me. I got up and climbed first onto the bed and then on Nancy's voluptuous body. Her soft, luscious flesh felt great against my own body. Enjoying the feeling of her huge tits pressing against my chest and my dick that was stuck between her belly and my mine, I gave her another wet kiss. Next I put my head between her tits, while Nancy took hold of my stiff prick and smoothly guided it into her cavern of lust.

I began thrusting wildly and sucking fanatically on her enormous, rock-hard nipples, since by now I really couldn't restrain myself anymore. Glancing sideways I saw, that my mother was sitting in the chair with her legs spread and was now going at her own cunt with the dildo. The thought, that my mother masturbated while she was watching me fucking her friend, made me even hornier than I already was, if that were possible.

Before long I felt I was ready, to shoot my semen deep into Nancy's womb, but she was aware of that too and said, "I want you to come between my tits." I abruptly stopped thrusting, put my prick between those two amazing breasts and started ferociously moving it back and forth while Nancy pressed her tits tightly against my dick.

Within moments I was ready to start spraying and this time Nancy let me. I experienced an incredible orgasm and shot large spurts of sperm against her throat and in her face. As soon as I was down shooting, I let myself roll off her. Nancy wasn't done with me however. She bent over my crotch and enthusiastically began to lick my dick clean.

She didn't stop until she had gobbled up the very last droplet of semen.

My mother, whom I'd heard had come too in the meantime, got up and stood next to the bed, the red dildo still in her hand. "That was a nice show," she said approvingly, "I thoroughly enjoyed it." "You do have a nice son," Nancy answered while giving me a randy smile, "I think I'll be stopping by here more often from now on." That sounded like music to my ears and I almost couldn't wait to discover what other kinds of horny surprises and lewd adventures the future had in store for me.