Oriental schoolgirl TS pounded after blowjob

Oriental schoolgirl TS pounded after blowjob
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Hi my name is Edward everyone calls me ed my story begins one Friday i took the day off work to spend with my girlfriend Sara but that never happened.

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A little back story i'm 21 and i have been with Sara 1 year i.m 6ft tall and love the gym so I'm quite muscular my cock is 6 inch's soft and 8 and a half fully hard and Sara is 5ft tall with b cup tits I've only seen them a few times because shes kind of a prude away back to my story i called to Sara's to surprise her but her brother said shes gone with her parents for the weekend and was going to text me after work to tell my i was kind of pissed off so i got in my mustang and started to drive i was half way to town when i saw sara's bestfriend annie or A as i call her by herself walking the the other side of the road i did a u-turn and pulled up next to her, she was really suprised to see me i ask if she wanted a lift and she hopped in the car and i drove off.

As i was driving i couldn't help but stare at A, she is 21 and 5ft 4 slim with an ass you could bounce a quarter off and her tits are double D's she was even hotter than Sara and i fantasies about her all the time while wanking but never thought anything past that , as we talk i said A what are you up to for the rest of the day i told her i was going to my familys beach house and was going to spend the day on the beach, she looked at me with a weird smile i thought nothing of it and she said sure ed i would love to go, i asked was there anything that she wanted to grab from her apartment but she just replied lets just get to the beach when we arrived at the family beach house i grabbed to deck chairs and a couple of drinks i went into my room and got changed into my trunks i told A that she might find so swim wear in my sisters room but what she didnt no is my sister is only a B maybe a C cup i shouted to her that id be on the beach (to be honest right outside the back door ) i lay on the deck chair with my eyes closed soaking in the sun when i heard A sit down on the when i opened my eyes i was stunned she was in this tiny bikini my jaw dropped she smiled and said its not like you haven't seen a girl in a bikini before and out of no where i blurted out ya but none as hot as you and i went red she just looked at me and giggled we just kept flirting after that until she asked me to rub some sun tan lotion on her i just smiled i poured the lotion onto my hands and started to rub it slowing around her back but her bikini got in the way until she said undo it so i did and kept up rubbing it into her shoulders and neck and back down rubbing against the side of her breast and she let out a small moan i just stoped hand on the side of her breast in shock she just ask me to rub some into her legs so i did as i made my way up her thigh she started to breath heavily so i just switched to the other leg and she was moaning so soft she probably didnt think i heard so i got up and went back to my deck chair i was in a small bit of shock her i was on a beach with my girlfriends best friend and she was getting off on me rubbing lotion onto her to be honest i was to i was hiding my raging hard on in the elastic of my trunks and luck i hadnt taken off my tshirt i dont like sun tan lotion on my skin so i usually wear a tshirt hopefully she didnt notice my cock about 2 hours later after a little nap i ask was she hungry she was so we went inside i grabbed the chairs and watched her wiggle her ass into the house i started to get that twinge again but tried to fight the hard on as i got inside A was no were to be seen i call out for her i heard up stairs as i walked into my room A was lying on my bed smile on her face she got up and walk over to me and without warning dropped to her knees and pulled down my trunks and put the head of my now rock hard cock into her mouth and slowing worked up and down my shaft licking it slowly teasing me and started to suck on my balls while working my cock with her hand slowly working her way back up to the head of my cock and put it into her mouth and started to put as much of my cock down her throat i think she had 5inchs in and i felt a twinge of by cock and i shouted i was going to cum so she picked up the pace and i blew a huge load of cum right down her throat and she worked my cock and balls for every drop of cum with out any spilling a drop when she finished she took my cock out of her mouth and smiled and said do we have to go home tonight with that she got up and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower turned back and winked at me i thought to myself this is going to be one long pleasurable night if you like there is more to come :)

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