Hot Brunette Whore Fucked in Public

Hot Brunette Whore Fucked in Public
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I had lost my job almost 9 months before one of the best nights of my life. Three months ago I got in touch with an ex whom this night would not have happened without the connectivity of Facebook, the power of time, the wisdom of age, and the forgiveness of youth.

Even though I was out of work, I decided I needed to get away from the stress of life since I hadn't had a vacation in 3 years. Renee, my ex, invited me out to the East coast and to stay with her for a week.

I was taken aback but accepted. The thought of the possibility of hooking up was the deciding factor, even though she had not hinted at it. One thing I did know was that we were great lovers when we were together. Finally, in mid-January, the day to catch my plane had arrived.

Renee met me at the airport. She hadn't changed much in the 18 years we had been apart. She stood about 5'6" in her heels wearing a short, pleated, bouncy skirt that showed off her sexy legs and a cowl neck form hugging top that showed of her elegant neck and hinted at her ample cleavage. Her Auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders and was pulled back over her ears, letting her dangling earrings sparkle despite the angry florescent lights of the baggage claim area.

I think I had even stopped in my tracks and mouthed the word, "Wow," in part to her beauty but also in the fact I wanted her outfit. For as long as I could remember I had been cross dressing on and off. I was 6 or seven when I tried on a pair of my mom's silk panties.

I remember admiring the beautiful color and smooth material and wanted to know why the girl's underwear was so different from my tidy whities that I had grown up with.

I fell in love with the sensation and snuck around trying on more and more of my mom's clothes. I knew from my religious upbringing that I had to hide what I was doing, but I had not been very good at it.

I was caught and put into counseling to "fix" me. All I could tell the shrink was that I liked the feel of the material. I was too young to know how to express any other feelings I had. Now, single with not much contact with family, I was cross dressing again in private at home.

We smiled at each other and hugged. I stood only a couple inches taller the Renee in her heels, and our arms wrapped around our similarly sized frames. "I never could forget your sea green eyes." She said. "And I like the longer wavy hair." She finished about my chestnut brown long surfer cut style. I thanked her and commented on how great she looked. Being a later flight, we drove straight to her place for the night.

We had pizza and just chatted about how we were and how our families were. I was a pleasant quiet evening. The next day I woke to the smell of French toast and coffee. I arose from the guest bed, dressed in a pair of flannel pajama shorts and a white t-shirt, and went to the bathroom before finding my way to the kitchen.

"Good morning!" Renee greeted me. " I was just about to come wake you. I was looking forward to it." She finished with a sly grin. It was easy to understand the meaning. Our talk, the night before, felt like we had never split up, and I would be lying if I had said that I didn't want to have sex with her. "I could go back to bed." I teased. "Too late, you're here.

This is the one time that you snooze you lose is night quite right." We had breakfast and then got ready for her to take me around town site seeing. By the end of the day we were laughing and giggling like old school girls except I wasn't a girl.

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Unfortunately, Renee was not able to get the, matching vacation time off from work, so the next few days I was left to my own vises. I had rented a car and picked it up my second full day there and went to an art museum, but the 3rd and 4th day there I stayed in. I found myself sneaking through Renee's lingerie and wardrobe like I had with my mom's years ago. I just couldn't help myself.

The clothes Renee wore were just sexy and beautiful. And being I was just about the same size as she was I was easily able to fit into most anything I tried on. Each day I was able to put everything back before she returned, because she would tell me when she'd be home before she left.

It was day 5 that things changed. She once again had said she had to work, this time in the evening. We spent the morning and afternoon going to the local zoo and having a picnic lunch.

We drove back to her place in my rental car holding hands. It felt natural and loving but more like best friends. My stomach was fluttering around with nervous butterflies as to what the rest of the week may hold.

She informed me to make myself at home and have anything I wanted for dinner then hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek before leaving for work. She was only gone about 3 hours before I found myself in her room with the light on, standing naked with her panty drawer open with c.d.

Enigma MCMXC a.D. playing in the background. I found a 3 piece, stretch satin, garter belt set in emerald green and black stretch lace. My heart pounded in my chest and I lost myself as I pulled up the thong panties and tucked myself under the best I could. I then put on the bra and garter belt. I stood and twirled around letting the garter straps swing out in front of the full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door.

I was sitting there admiring myself when the bedroom door popped open. I couldn't move or speak. Renee was there in front of me and with a camera in hand.

She quickly aimed and I could hear 6 quick electric shutter sounds as the lens swept across my body. "I…I…I'm." "I knew something was up," She said interrupting my stammering, "when I saw that your legs were shaved the first morning at breakfast." I had completely forgotten out of habit that I kept my legs smooth and they still were.

"Then I noticed certain clothes in the wrong place." "I am so sorry, Renee." I began to cry in shame. "I'll pack my stuff and leave." I began to walk to the door head down. "Oh no you don't." She said grabbing my arm "We're gonna do this right or I send these picks to all your friends on Facebook, including your family." "Please, I'll do whatever you want. Just don't expose me." I begged tears streaming down my face.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear." She responded now leading me out of the room. She took me into the bathroom without another word until I was standing on the cold tiled floor. "Strip and then don't move." She said.

First she put a pair of latex gloves on and had a recognizable pink tube in her hand waiting for me by the time I had the clothes off. Her hand reached out and grabbed my shrunken in shame penis. "Good to see that you still keep this nice and smooth." She remarked giving it a slightly painful squeeze.

I then heard the tube cap click open I winced in eye closing pain. She removed he hand from my penis and squeezed a good amount of the pungent cream into her palm. Moments later it was being smeared on my chest, stomach, neck, arms and finally back and bottom even into my pits. I stood still and waited for the Nair to work. After a few minutes Renee took a hot wash cloth and began wiping the cream and my hair off my body. Now Other than my hair atop my head I was completely smooth (my face was already kept baby smooth by regular shavings and face creams).

When she had finished removing all my body hair, Renee instructed me to take a shower and handed me her Bath & Body Works Enchanted Orchid Body wash and natural loofah. "I'll be back in a moment just do what you can from the waist up. I'll be back in a moment." She commanded. I got under the spray and did what I was told.

Although nervous that I could be exposed, I was slightly turned on by the experience and felt my dick begin to swell. It wasn't long before Renee returned and opened the curtain away from the spray. She angled the spray toward the wall some, through down a pair of towels and then told me to bend over. I wasn't about to argue and did as I was told.

I turned my head to see what she was doing only to have her grab my hair and turn my head the other way. "Don't move, no matter what I do." She demanded. I was nervous in my vulnerable position. The next thing I knew was she was pressing something into my ass. I jerked. Immediately I was smacked hard on and she told me not to move. I did turn my head to see what was going on and saw the enema bag in her hand being squeezed followed by sudden warm liquid filling my colon.

"Turn off the shower." She said. I was beginning to feel bloated and uncomfortable from the cleaning treatment. I began to feel my ass begin to reject the probe and liquid and the next thing I felt was seemed like two balloons one inside and one outside my sphincter.

The bag was now hanging and her free hand was pumping a squeeze pump like for a blood pressure cuff. Just at the point the items growing inside and outside mass got to be almost painful, she stopped and turned a small stem like for a pocket watch.

I was then instructed to lay in the tub on my right side. "If you want to dress and be like a girl, you are going to experience everything we girls do, for our men." She informed me. "Now don't move until I come back." With that she left, turning on the timed heat lamp before going out the door. Five minutes later she returned. I was in extreme discomfort and felt the need to go to the bathroom but couldn't. I was instructed to turn on my stomach.

And she left only to return and have me shift to my left side then finally on my back. After that warm liquid being in my ass for 20 minutes she let me stand up. She handed me the valve release and told me not to release the air or remove the tube until I was ready and over the toilet. "And stay on the toilet until I return. " She told me before leaving. Once she closed the door I quickly hopped out and positioned myself over the toilet seat.

I sat down and released the air bladders and with a waterfall like sound I emptied my bowels anal insert tube and all into the bowl.

I sat there for 10 minutes until Rene returned with another enema kit. With me still on the toilet she opened the stopper and I warm waft of fragrance matching the scent of the body washed reached my nose. "Throw that enema kit in the can for now, stand up, and bend over." I did as I was instructed and once again warm liquid filled my bottom. Only this time there were no stop bladders. "Hold this in as long as you can, squeezing your ass." I was able to hold it for 3 minutes before releasing a torrent of clear orchid smelling liquid.

"No back in the shower and wash the rest of your body. Use the long thing wash strap for your back. Wash your hair with my shampoo and conditioner, and after you pat yourself dry use the body lotion all over your body from the neck down, including your feet. When done, come back to my room with the lotion" I did as exactly as I was told. As I washed myself, I wondered why I was doing all this without much protest.

I knew there where the pictures, but I really did not beg or plead for this treatment to stop. 15 minutes later I was lotioned up and standing in Renee's room. She took the lotion from me and rubbed a fair amount onto my back. I felt relaxed and pampered in her hands. The crisp flowery smell filling the room and her expert hands on my smooth back were heavenly. "Now put these on." She said when done pointing to the clothes on the bed.

Instead of the green garter belt set it was now a princess pink set with white lace and one with a shelf style bra with removable shoulder straps. The panties were a Brazilian cut bottom with a gathered backside. There was also a pair of white stockings, and a small, flowing, light weight, black skirt I knew would flair out nicely if anyone twirled in it.

The top was a lyrca spandex number with a deep V cut neck line with sheer full length shirred lace sleeve and deep revealing back coming to a point near the small of the back with a gathered seem along the spine. The top looked 2 sizes too small for me. "Just don't put the top or the stockings on yet." Renee said breaking me from my excited trace of anticipation of wearing these items. She then went to her closet and pulled out a pair of oblong boxes. I knew one immediately was a shoe box but the second was much taller and square at the base.

I dressed obediently while watching Rene pull out brushed, make-up, nail polish, and even a pair of fake eyelashes and a set of fake nails. I was getting a complete female make over. I was finished getting dressed in my garter belt and panties and willing walked over to the vanity and sat down.

Renee just smiled approvingly at me without a word. She then opened a draw and pulled out a pair of black sateen ribbons. A beat later one of my arms was being tied to the chairs arm rest. I smiled at the apparent attempt at unnecessary restraint. It was sexy and hot, just like I was beginning to feel. She then returned to her vanity and opened one of the deeper drawers and a pair of matching boxes and a small plastic tube. She opened the box and removed a mound of very fluidic moving rubber.

It took a moment for me to realize it was a prosthetic breast. With a quick motion and a couple of tugs the fake breast was against my chest and being tugged and pushed into place in the bra. The second breast followed shortly after.

Once Renee was happy with the placement se used the eyebrow pencil to temporarily mark their positions on my chest. Renee then undid one point of each of the removable bra straps. Then, she unhooked the clasp completely removing my bra. She then opened the small tube and spread adhesive with a small odor similar to super glue around but not on my nipple then applied some to the very thin edges of the match side fake breast.

Carefully, Renee affixed the prosthetic breast and smoothed out the edges that seemed to disappear into my skin. The same technique was done on the other side. She then took some bottles of tint that where in the box forms and mixed and blended the colors until it matched my own skin color I had no idea where my chest ended and the breasts began.

Their weight was evident and once dry I couldn't help touch them. Renee just smiled again and the pulled out a pair of dark pink nipples and areolas and attached them to my breast giving them a perky natural cold look.

I was then instructed to put on the stockings and top. The shoes according to the box they were in were a pair of Pleaser Brand Gals sandals with a 4 ½ inch heel and crossing toe and ankle straps. The sway of my free new breasts was exhilarating, and caused my cock to rise stronger than it already was, poking itself out through the top of my panties.

Fully dressed and standing somewhat awkwardly in my heels, (I had done a couple of Walk in Her Heels charity walks and somewhat familiar with walking in them but still far from walking naturally femininely). Renee walked up and reached my top and positioned each breast in the carefully concealed built in bra properly. "I knew you'd be a good little girl for me." She breathlessly cooed in my ear. The reached down and stroked my shaft through the smooth stretched panties and my skirt a couple of times.

My knees buckle and I nearly came right then and there at first touch. "I better take care of this now or you'll ruin these nice clothes I gave you." With that she dropped to her knees and lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties.


She gobbled my hard dick quickly and was stroking expertly with her mouth, tongue and hand. It did not take her long to have me ready to cum. My shaking body only caused me to wobble in the heels and my new breasts to bounce in my shirt pulling at my own chest.

The textures and feelings were overwhelming and I began moaning and telling her I was about to cum. She just grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, deep throating her mouth. Between the heels I was wearing and being pinned between her lips and her hands on my ass, I had no recourse but to grab and pull her hear for support to keep standing while I empties my sac in her willing hot mouth.

I pierced tongue milked every bit of my seed without spilling a drop. "Oh god, that was wonderful." I said as she arose putting my clothes back in order, tucking my penis down and back in the panties and then hugging me.

She didn't say a word but only smiled before taking me by hand to her vanity and sitting me down. The then put fake press on style nails and painted them a pink that matched my panties and garter belt. Next she opened the final box revealing a long black wavy haired wig on a head shaped wig stand and set it on her vanity.

She sprayed my hair with water and using a bit of strong holding gel pulled and smoothed all my hair toward the top of my head. Then she fitted a nylon wig cap over my head. The wig followed and tightened and pinned into place. She even used a bit of adhesive around the edges where the wig met with clean exposed flesh.

Carefully with a wig brush, she styled the hair so it cascaded over my shoulders and down my back and chest. She then opened a jewelry box and adorned my body with some magnetic stud dangling earring a matching style choker necklace, and a few rings and bracelets. "So how long have you been cross dressing?" She asked as she began putting make-up on me with my back to the vanity mirror "Not long." I lied.

She stopped, stepped back and looked at me disapprovingly. Then there was a contemplative tilt of the head. "A few years." Still not the truth. "I know you dressed in my stuff before, when we were married." She said. "On and off since I was 6 or 7." I finally confessed.

"You know, it was partly the dishonesty about it when we were married that lead to our divorce. Mostly because I wasn't sure who I was or what I wanted but learning you were secretly wearing my clothes when I was away just topped everything off." She confided.

"So why are you willing to let me dress in your stuff now and help me?" "Because, the idea of fucking your brains out as a woman excites the fuck out of me.

I also learned I am mulit-amorous, and switch when it comes to dominant and submissive. I just wanted to see which you were and how much I would have to train you. I will have to train you in some things but I think you will make a good little girl for me to play with." She said matter-of-factly. My dick twitched at the determined and sexy sultriness of her voice. Twenty minutes later and almost 2 hours after being caught, I was now standing in front of Renee, back to a full length door mirror, in a wig, full make-up, jewelry, and a very sexy club worthy outfit in 4 1/2inch heels.

"Before you turn around, I have a few questions for you?" "OK." I said anxiously wanting very desperately to see me "Have you thought ever being female?" "Sometimes." I admitted. "Did you ever give yourself a name?" "I've fantasied being a Caitlyn, Krystal, Tasha, well Anastzja, but recently I like Katya." Her eyes widened with Katya, and said, "I know name you Katya, as long as you are ever here with me, and you are dressed as girl, that will be your name.

No turn around and see yourself, Katya" I turned around and saw a stunning slightly over 6' tall in heels, raven haired curvy goddess. The fake lashes and smokey eye shadow made my light sea green eyes seem much bigger and brighter, the foundations and blush hid every blemish giving me the appearance of 10 years younger looking smooth skinned beauty.

I couldn't believe the drop dead figure I had either. My legs looked extremely long and slender, and I had a nice, not perfect, great figure. I ran my hands over my body and watched as my pink long nails traced my slightly hour glass figure. By now, Renee had a seamstress measuring tape in hand and was stretching it out. "You want to know your measurements?" "Yes!" I replied. "And from now on it's Mistress or Mistress Renee. Do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress." I replied obediently as she stepped up behind me and measured just under my beasts.

"38" She said reading from the tape. Then came across the fullest part of my chest. "D." The tape was lowered to just above my hips at the smallest part of my waist but still below my navel. "30. We'll have to do something about that for the future." And finally my hips were measured. "38. A decent measure but we need to work on shape so that may change. I like my girls with nice round tight asses." She said giving mine a good squeeze. I quickly turned around threw my hands over her shoulders and kissed her passionately on the lips.

The kiss was quickly returned as she pulled me into her by my hips and held me there. "I have more surprises for you, Katya." She said breaking our kiss. "But let's fix that lips stick you ruined first. "There are some rules you will need to follow." She continued recoating my lips with color and gloss.

"First, don't speak unless spoken to or you are asked a direct question. You don't sound like a girl, yet. Secondly, only I get to say when, how and with whom you get to show your affections to, including yourself. Understand? "Yes." Smack! Stinging warmth caressed my left cheek. "What was that?" "Yes, Mistress" I said demurely. "Better. 3. Any disobedience will result in punishment just like now or worse. And it may happen in front of certain company. Complaining or arguing back can result in you finding yourself on the streets dressed as you are with no money or ID.

4. When you are with me your wallet, ID and car keys are mine. 5. Absolutely no pleasuring yourself or anyone else unless I give you permission, ever. "Do you understand these rules?" It was then that I knew I belonged to Renee. "Yes Mistress Renee." I replied. "Good. There will be more rules but I am not sure a sissy girl like you are ready for them." With that, Mistress Renee, lead me down stairs to the living room. She instructed me to sit and how to sit lady-like on the couch. I was unable to cross my legs one knee over the other like I had seen so many sexy ladies do, but I was told that proper ladies keep their knees and thighs togethercrossing their ankles in such a short dress or skirt as I was wearing and my hands should be folded on my lap.

I should also be close to the edge of my seat siting a tall as I could relaxing my neck and shoulders. A moment or 2 later after a bit more lady etiquette, of standing and sitting gracefully, another person walked into the room. She was about 5' 8" in heels and an almost as curvy as Mistress Renee and I. She was lovely with a young girl next door face and a short cut dirty blonde hair that reminded me of the character Alison from the "Twilight Saga" movies.

She stood very proper in a sexy French maid outfit that had a sweet heart strapless top that perfectly fit her 34C cup breasts. Her full hips and ass only exaggerated the flair of the satin skirt with layers and layers of petticoat ruffles. A white lace skirt was tied around her waist with a perfect bow. Black satin garter straps held up the nude stockings.

I could see her cherry red toe nails poking out of her open toed stilettos with a white ribbon and bow design across the toe. Her uniform was finished with a collar shaped with black satin bow tie choker and white lace sort ruffled gloves. She only took 2 steps into the living room and waited for permission to speak. "Is dinner ready to be served, Coraline?" Renee asked.

"Yes, Mistress. It is ready to be served in the dining room as requested." "Very good, Coraline. You may begin to pour the drinks. We will be there in a moment." Coraline performed a dainty curtsy and then exited. "I am sure you don't mind, but I brought Coraline along to serve dinner. She is not allowed to address you unless I permit it, and I ask that you ignore her." "Yes, Mistress." I said rising with her and walking side by side with Renee.

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We took only three steps before She turn on me and smacked my face hard. "You do not have the privilege of being my equal and you never reach that measure. You walk to the side and 2 steps back." "Yes, Ma'am" I said only to receive another hard smack. "Ma'am is short form Madam which I am not, Madam's are female pimps and very old ladies. I am Mistress, or Mistress Renee as I told you earlier. I thought you were going to need less training but I see I may have been incorrect in that assessment." She quickly and angrily turned and began marching to the dining room not waiting for me to follow.

"Yes, Mistress" I replied in shame and tried to catch up to my proper position behind her. She only glanced briefly back to see if I was where I was supposed to be. For a moment I thought I saw a bit of a smile. "Do not sit until I have been seated and Coraline is able to assist you in your seat.

I only tell you this because I am sure you have never been taught proper etiquette." I did as I was told and once Mistress Renee and I were seated Coraline removed the polished silver serving lids starting with Mistress Renee. I was surprised to see that my meal was four small squares, I not even sure it was a whole sandwich of cucumber and cream cheese and a glass of water.

Mistress had a small filet Mignon, a small roll, corn and a small side salad in a separate dish. She also had a nice full glass of a fragrant red wine. I looked at my plate and then Mistress Renee's. She must have notice my disappointment because she said I was from that day on out on a very strict diet to get me in the proper shape of a healthy lady.

I ate my meal respectfully doing my best to chew and make my meal last all most as long as Mistress took to eat hers. I remembered always hearing if you east slowly you feel more full.

I was still left feeling quiet hungry. The entire meal Coraline stood quietly only moving to fill my water and Mistress's wine before the last sip was taken. It was only after the main course that Coraline left the dining room. Mistress and I sat at the table quietly. I was afraid to move until I was permitted to or told to. A minute after she left Coraline returned with small ice cream dishes, I knew not to be mine, filled with a single scoop of raspberry sorbet.

This time I nearly matched Mistress, bite for bite, as we talked about her work, news, politics, and pop culture as we did during the main course. During that time, I only spoke is asked a direct question, and downed 2 more glasses of water. Our dishes were once again cleared but this time Coraline did not return. I began to become fidgety as I began to feel a full bladder. I stood to leave and as I placed my hand on the table to steady myself onto my heels, Mistress dug her long nails painfully into my hand.

"First, you should always ask to be excused by the host or the head of the table before you leave, and explain why. Secondly, You never touch the table with your hands to stand to your feet or rest your arms. They always go to your lap when sitting. Now, do it right." I sat back down and asked permission to leave the table to use the ladies room. I was corrected again and she slowly explained why, my bladder feeling more and more uncomfortable during the mean time.

"May I please be excused so I may use the powder room." I asked as instructed, waiting what seemed like forever for a response. Mistress made me wait another 3 minutes before saying I could go.

I moved as quickly as I could which was not very fast in the heels I wore. I had such tunnel vision to get to the bathroom to pee that I did not notice that Mistress had followed me.

I closed the door behind me and just lifted my skirt to my chest and pulled my panties aside and aimed into the toilet standing. The door opened and there stood Mistress. "Good girls sit to pee. If I ever catch you standing again I will tan your hide so hard you will not be able to sit to pee for a month. "Now, finish up an make sure you wipe that slit of yours before you redress and wash your hands, then join us in the living room.

I never felt so embarrassed for not realizing to sit. So much so, that when I finished peeing and shaking the final drops out I pulled my panties down and sat to wipe. I then straightened up and washed my hand then returned to the living room.

When I had entered, Mistress, motioned for me to sit next to her on the sofa in front of the TV. Coraline was standing at the arm rest nearest Mistress with remote in hand. The DVD was on but the TV off. "I brought a movie for us to watch." Mistress informed me before giving Coraline a light playful tap on the butt as a signal to start the movie.

The DVD turned out to be porn. It was all men being pegged by shemales and women. Even though I sat there dressed and being treated like one of the shemales, I couldn't help but be jealous of all those men getting stiff cocks, real and fake, pumped in and out of their asses.

I sat there slowly becoming more and more turned on. Coraline sat there watching me. It was uncomfortable at first, but between the porno and Renee putting her arm protectively around me, I completely forgot about her. I lifted my right hand and laced my fingers into Renee's right hand that was wrapped over my shoulder and melted somewhat into her body.

By the middle of the second sex scene, I was at full erection and Coraline's hand was up my skirt and stroking me through my panties. "I'm glad you are enjoying the movie." Renee said softly in my ear.

Her warm breath sent erotic chills up and down my entire body. I turned to look at mistress and became lustfully lost in her eyes. I leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away. "If you want a kiss from now on you will need to earn one." She said. I took that as permission to please her and began to kiss her neck and chest. I turned to face her and draped one of my legs over hers. Slowly I undid her blouse slipping a hand inside cupping her full breast feeling the nipple harden against my palm.

I just explored Mistress Renee's body with my mouth and hands slowly removing each piece of clothing. It took an hour but finally Mistress had let me make her completely naked and allowed my head to be buried between her legs snaking my tongue past her folds in tasting her juices. Coraline was quickly on her knees behind me, lifting my skirt and pulling my panties off, unhooking my garters from my stocking and then reattaching them as she went.

As I lifted my legs one at a time to help get may panties completely off I felt kisses on my calves, back of knees, up my thighs through the nylon fabric of my white stockings. Coraline's tongue finally found my balls and licked and sucked each one before letting her tongue slide up to my boy pussy.

I moaned deeply and primal into Mistress Renee's juicy pussy, which caused her to let out a soft moan of her own. I began matching my hole's oral penetration by thrusting my own tongue in and out of Renee's. Five minutes later, Coraline stopped her tongue treatment on my ass with a whimper of my disappointment, which did not last long. Her tongue was replaced by a long slender finger and her hand began stroking my boy clit.

I shifted my tongue work on Mistress and fervently began sucking her clit and flicking my tongue quickly over it. Even though fingers were sliding pleasurably in and out of my ass, I became lost in the sweet musky taste and smell of the pussy I was devouring. It didn't take much longer before I cause Mistress to grab my head and start grinding herself onto my tongue and then cumming with a minor quick orgasm. Mistress Renee's orgasm subsided and she stood, bringing me to my feet with her.

Coraline followed kissing her way up my back and neck, her hand's reaching around to play with my boy clit and fake breasts. "That deserves a kiss." Mistress said referring to my oral performance. Our lips met hungrily and I find myself lifting a leg and sliding up over her hip. Mistress grabed my thigh and helped support me as our kiss began to travel to neck and chest. Coraline attacked the opposite side of my neck with kisses and I lost myself to lust at all the attention.

My trance of lust was momentarily when Mistress said she wanted me to play with Coraline's 8" long thin cock.

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Being that I had never had a real cock other than mine to play with, I shook and bashfully told her I didn't know if I could. "I'll help you." Renee said. She then grabbed my right hand with her left and we both raised my hand over to Coraline's cock, and we both began sliding our hands over the top, tentatively, like petting a family pet. I had to lower my leg and turn away from Mistress slightly, so I reached around her with my free hand and started playing with her ass.

I traced a light scratch with my long painted nails along Coraline's dick before wrapping my fingers around it. Softly, I stroked it causing more pressure at the tip, like I have enjoyed doing to myself. My finger of my other hand find Mistress Renee's nether hole and I began to tease it. My kisses went back and forth between the two ladies beside me.

They returned the favor by playing with my ass, tits and kissing me back. Soon, Coraline and I were moaning in pleasure. Mistress Renee whispered," You are being such a good girl. You like being a good girl, don't you?" "Yes, Mistress." I replied.

"How good of a girl do you want to be?" "I want to be the best girl for you, Mistress Renee." I said before smothering her neck with kisses. "Then be a better girl for Coraline, suck her cock." she demanded even softer and breathlessly into my ear. I looked back at Mistress, with a frightened deer in the headlights look, I am sure. "I know you'll like it," Mistress said, "all good girls do. You are such a good little girl." It was being called a good little girl that breaks through my apprehension.

I wanted to be the good girl that Mistress thought I was. I dropped to my knees and looked at the red hot cock before me. At first I just kissed it on the tip, but I then ran my tongue along the length with as much wet pressure as I could on the underside. The tangy rubber band taste is not that bad. What I found was that I liked the feeling of the veins and ridges over my tongue. Without thinking about it, my mouth had gone to the tip and let the few drops of pre-cum gloss my lips, which I then licked clean.

I looked up at my lovers and Coraline had her head tilted back and Mistress was looking down at me like a proud loving mama. With my eyes still locked with Mitsress Renee'sI took the first three inches of the thin cock into my mouth and circled my tongue around it 360 degrees. Then, I sucked on it, drawing another inch or two before reaching my gag point.

Coraline's knees buckled as she moaned for a moment. "Very good." Renee said. "What a talented slut you are. See what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. If you keep up this good girl behavior I may just let you feel my pussy wrapped around your pretty boy clit." I began to really work Coarline's cock, bobbing my head back and forth over it, sucking it and licking it.

I wanted to please both of these women and make them. I ran my hands up each of their legs. The hand on Coraline found its way to her ass and I slid a finger deep into her boy pussy. Her moan matched Mistress Renee's sounds of passion as my other hand did the same but in her girl pussy and with my thumb rubbing her clit.

My mouth desired the taste of both women and I started moving back and forth please them both with my mouth and tongue. I sat high on my knees and my hurried movements to taste each girl caused my silky skirt to glide over my claves and the garter attached nylons.

My feet were pointed as much as possible and my ankles are crossed just above my 4" heeled sandals. I felt my skirt get lifted and cool air and hands caressed my naked ass. The moaning and heavy breathing on either side was sweet music.

"Thank you, Mistress for letting me play with Katya along with you." Coraline said. "She makes me feel so good. Not as good as you make me but different and good." "You're welcome, Coraline. You behaved very well lately and deserve a reward." Mistress Renee replied.

"Do you like the way Katya is sucking your cock? I was overcome with passion at hearing my girl name being used for the first time, and it caused me to work harder at pleasing the people over me. I wanted to see who I could make cum first.

I was hot with activity and passion and took a second to remove my top. My heavy fake tits swayed over the top of my strapless bra. I knelt there taking turns trying to get my tongue as deep as possible in Renee's pussy or gagging on Coraline's long cock as much as possible. My hands left the bodies of the women so I could get a better position to more easily take the cock into my mouth. Whatever I did had worked, because Coraline grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth.

I became flushed with the feeling of being used for sex and pleasure. I felt my own boy clit twitch and swell in size. I started moaning and gagging on the cock as it gained more and more territory in my throat. I began gasping for air whenever I could. I felt tears streaking down my face and felt ashamed that I was letting my lust and someone else's body ruin the make-over Mistress worked hard to give me.

I knew and could see the tears streaking my cheeks with sunning mascara as I willingly gave myself more and more to the magnificent cock in my mouth.

I soon began feel my knees get sore. I stood up and took Mistress by the hand and Coraline by her cock then led them upstairs to the bedroom. Once inside, I removed my skirt showing off my small boy clit and ass that had been made smooth now both framed by a garter belt and stockings.

I climbed into bed taking Mistress with me and lay on my back with my head off the hanging of the edge. I pull Mistress atop me wrapping my legs around her hips. My sac was against her clit and my boy clit was pointed at our nipples and pressed between our pelvic areas. I pulled her down and guided her to suck on my fake tits. I knew I wouldn't be able to feel it but knew the visual would excite Coraline more.

I then reached up and back and pulled Coarline's cock back into my mouth. I felt like such a sexy, slutty, girl as Coraline's cock slid into my mouth and her balls slid over my face. My mouth was filled deeper and deeper, and although difficult and I could feel my throat spasming around the wanted intruder, I took it all in until I felt my lips against balls and pelvis.

I moaned and ground my sac and clit against Renee's pussy and clit for all of the slut I was worth. My eyes were closed enjoying the sounds, smells, and tastes flooding my senses like an addictive drug.

Even my own gagging sounds around Coraline's cock added to the atmosphere. Mistress reached under me to unclasp my strapless bra and caused me to arch my back which in turn caused my head to tilt back even more. The new angel granted a straighter entrance to my throat and Coraline sensed it and began fucking my mouth with ease. In seconds, she was warning me of her inevitable orgasm. I just reached back and grabbed her ass pulling her deeper and harder into my mouth.

The grunts and repeating warnings caught Mistress Renee's attention and she looked up in time to see me remove the cock from my mouth and the first couple of shot of cum being shot into my mouth. I then aimed the rest at my chest and face just like they do in the pornos.


While still holding the twitching cock in one hand, I used fingers of my other to scoop a bit of jizz off my cum-covered eye lid and cheek. I then sucked it off my finger.

I felt mistress crawling up my body licking the rest of the cum from my body. When she had finished gather all the cum she could find our lips met. I opened mine willingly only to have her push all the cum she saved in her mouth onto mine.

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Our kiss continued as I felt Coraline's cock soften in my hand but never go completely limp. I sucked Mistress Renee's tongue clean of Coraline's cum and my sweat. The pressure or Renee's and my breasts being squeezed together was wonderful. "What a good girl and slut you are" Mistress Renee said to me, our eyes meeting again after breaking our kiss.

She continued to rub her clit and wet pussy along the length of my boy clit. "I always know you would be a hot little slut for me. I bet you want that hot ass pussy of your fucked now." She continued. She looked up at Coraline and reached for her cock. "I know I do." She remarked before pulling the cock I had just tasted into her own mouth.

It took seconds for Renee, to get Coraline hard again. Mistress Renee then turned back to me and said, "How much would you like to have this nice cock in your ass pussy? " Coraline began to move behind Renee and between my legs. "I bet your ass pussy is aching and as wet as mine is to be filled with that great cock." She then turned back to Coraline without a word spoken in communication but understanding appeared in Coraline's eyes. Turning back to me, Mistress continues her taunting. "How much do you want her dick in your ass pussy?" "Oh god, I want it." I admitted.

"Well you are gonna have to wai&hellip.OH FUCK!" Mistress cried. I knew by the look of ecstasy on her face and the hard jerk forward on her hands that Coarline buried her long hard cock deep as she could into Renee's pussy. I tried to remove my wrapped legs from around Mistress Renee only to have Coraline grab me by my ankles and keep me wrapped around Renee. Mistress capped each thrust with moans, grunts and series of encouragements and thanks to a god.

I become entranced by the look of passion on Mistress Renee's face and the look of lust from the sexy woman behind her thrusting her body into us.

Corline's breasts swayed and were covered in sweat. Each thrust was not only bringing Mistress to orgasm but her dripping pussy coated her clit and my boy clit as they slid across each other. The visuals and sensations had me on the verge of cumming myself.

Mistress Renee must have noticed my pending release and…SMACK! Her hand struck the right side of my face. I looked up in shock at her, my own hand covering the sting in response. "Don't you dare cum yet!" she yelled at me.

Passionate anger from her eyes was stinging my soul with guilt. CRACK! Another stinging mark was left on the other side caused by Mistress back-handing my other cheek. The effect worked and I immediately soften quite a bit between us and I sob in shame and pain beneath her. My punishment must have turned on Coraline more because her thrusts become fast and more forceful. Their movement made Renee slide so much back and forth on top of me that Mistress Renee's breasts swayed and slapped me in my face and against my chin.

I did my best to kiss and lick them as they made rude noises against me. Coraline and my new efforts had the effect Mistress desired and she started cumming hard. Her body twitched and jerked and she uncontrollably pounded on my chest and arms in divine bliss. It took a few minutes for Mistress to catch her breath enough to speak again. When she did, she addressed me. "Do you want my girlfriend's dick to make you feel as good as I just did? "Yes." I said softly, my hands grasping fistfuls of sheet in anticipation.

"How bad?" Mistress asked a she pulls my legs up over her arms and onto her shoulders. I feel my ass raise and become vulnerable. "Bad" I responded.

"Make me believe it." I saw my own smooth legs in stocking and heels in the air, my painted toenails muted by the white nylon. I could feel the straps of the garter belt straining and stretched across my ass. "I want a dick in my ass, Please Mistress, let me have a dick in my ass." I begged.

"In your what?" she asked. "I would think you'd want it in your pussy, maybe you don't want it after all" "Please, Mistress. I 'm sorry, I want it in my ass pussy. I need a cock there.

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Please let me have a cock in my pussy." "That's better, my little slut." My whole body tensed up as she grabbed my wrists and then moved and pinned them near my shoulders. Another shift of her body caused my ass to rise higher of the bed. I then felt Coarline shift and then lick my tight, brown hole a couple of times. A moment later I saw her head rise and she moved closer pressing her tip of her cock against my virgin hole.

As she pushed into me, I winced and whimpered in pain, biting my lower lip. I tried to breathe as Mistress Renee whispered in my ear to relax. I was so focused on Coarline pushing into me that my body tensed up even more. After enough difficulty and my failure to relax, Mistress Renee reached down between us and grabbed my hard cock and with another shift, she swiftly engulfed my boy clit to the hilt with her warm wet pussy.

The maneuver worked and I relaxed just long enough for Coarline to break me and slide 2-3 inches deep. I cried out in pain and my body became like a stiff board. I could feel my legs trying to lift Mistress Renee of as well as my arms trying to pull free. My pussy muscles were trying to squeeze the intruder out. Everyone but me tried to remain still attempting to allow me to become accustomed to the feeling. I just continued to cry like the little girl I was not only at the pain but also losing my virginity.

Mistress was nice and did everything she could to sooth me and make me relax. " It's OK, Katya." She said. It only hurts for a little bit but soon Coraline and I will make you feel so good." She kissed me and brushed the tear matted hair from my face. Slowly she moved up and down on my cock making sure I didn't soften. The pain slowly subsided and my breathing and tears diminished. It was then that Coraline began her slow push deeper and deeper into me. The whole time, Mistress just kept slowly thrusting her pussy up and down on my boy clit.

Before I knew it, I felt Coraline's thighs against the back of mine. Her hands left my legs and reached around Mistress, grabbing Renee's breasts. It was only then that Mistress Renee stopped letting her pussy slide around over my clit, leaving just my tip past her entrance.

She matched her movements with Coraline's to even prevent Coraline's thrust from forcing me deeper into herself. Pain gave way to pleasure as Coraline began pumping in and out of my ass pussy. The teasing feeling of my boy clit being squeezed and so close to being engulfed in hot wet pussy added to the quickening passion. I felt my breath become more labored and heightened by the sway of my heavy fake breasts on my chest.

Soon I was begging to be fucked harder, deeper and faster like the sissy slut I had always wanted to be but too afraid to become without Mistress's help. It was then that I realized that my toes were curling and I wanted cock deep in me. Uncontrollable lust overcame me and with a quick burst of strength and speed, I freed my arms and legs and flipped myself over atop Mistress, reversing our positions and driving my boy clit deep into her pussy.

At first, Coraline was stunned as was Mistress. I looked over my shoulder and barked with lustful hunger, "Fill my pussy with you cock and cum! Fuck me good and hard, Come on, what are you waiting for." I finished shaking my ass. Coraline's eyes filled with just as much passion and anger and with the sly grin told me I didn't know what I was asking. With a very hard and forceful plunge she plowed my ass and filled me full which caused me to nearly collapse and drive myself into Mistress.

I just stayed buried to the hilt in mistress and let Coarline's thrusts rock me and Mistress together just barely sliding in and out.

"Fuck yeah!" I was shouting. "Your cock is so deep and good in me!" I continued mixing it up with, "Shit, Mistress your pussy feels so good and tight on my clit!" Soon, we were all shouting and moaning our pleasure to each other.

The cock in my ass was feeling so good that at one point I leaned up and back, thrusting my bouncing chest out and arching my back so I could turn somewhat and kiss Coraline.

"Fuck that is hot!' Mistress said to us. "Keep fucking my pussy! Don't stop!" I moaned into Coraline. "I am so close to cumming. I want your cum in my pussy!" My pleasure was building to the point of no return. Suddenly, Coraline grabbed a handful of my hair and tilted my head back, stretching out my neck, only to wrap her hand tightly around my neck.

I immediately felt the pressure and panic began to fill my mind as air was being slowly cut off from my longs. I felt myself become light headed and weak even though Coraline's thrusts became harder and more violent. The intensity was such a rush when my throat was released that I went into a new level of erotic lust I had never felt. "Oh Fuck!' I said as I began fucking back on the cock as hard and fast as it pounded into me.

"Fuck yes! Again!" I cried asking for it. Even Mistress Renee was shouting for not to stop. Once again my hair was pulled and my neck choked. This time air was cut off a little longer, I felt my body lose control and an orgasm started in my ass pussy down one leg up the other, over my chest face and arms only then to come back to my boy clit. My body began to go limp as my eyes rolled backand then air was allowed to return to my lungs.

I collapsed twitching and shaking in total body orgasm. Each movement caused the cock in my ass pussy or my boy clit in Mistress Renee's pussy to slide in and out unpredictably.

Seconds later I felt squirt after squirt of warm liquid fill my ass pussy and a second wave of orgasm wrack my body at the feeling of swell and tide of Coraline's erupting cock. I just buried my face into Mistress' Renee's neck and tits, thanking her for making me feel so good, and begging her to let me stay and be her good little girl forever.

"If Coraline thanks my pussy and you thank that wonderful cock I will consider letting you stay." Mistress Renee offered. I did not hesitate and rolled to my side and engulf that cock coated with Coraline's cum and my ass pussy.

Coraline was a beat behind me and dove into Mistress 's pussy cleaning out my cum from her. After a couple of minutes I heard, "Oh fuck, why not?" come from Mistress Renee between moans of pleasure and felt my legs get opened and a mouth engulf my boy clit. Each of us were pleasing the other with our mouths. Our passions and orgasms were building closer and closer to release. Mistress then offered a challenge to allow me to stay in her protection and care.

If I could make Coraline cum a 3rd time, something I was told was very difficult even for Mistress to do, before I came again from Mistress Renee's love on my boy clit, I could stay. That was all I needed to hear, but she added that if I came first Coarline would also be dominant over me and I would not get pleased as much by her or Coraline, in fact I would become play toys for some of her sex parties and men would get to have their way with me more than she would play with me.

I still did not care as long as I didn't have to go back to the life I had before that night. I began sucking Coraline's cock like I needed it to breathe. Mistress Renee was equally sucking on my boy clit. I did all I could to hold off my next orgasm, but I could think about was the tasty cock in my mouth and the warm one gobbling me down.

I held myself off as long as I could which was another 20 minutes. I was beginning to lose myself in bliss, but just as I was about to cum, Coraline unloaded an unexpected load of cum down my throat. I sucked all but a few drops down that ooze out passed my lips. I pushed away from Coraline laying on my back so Mistress could see how well I did and allow her easier access to make me cum which only took 15 seconds longer.

I ended up crawling up Mistress Renee's body and shared the cum on my lips with her. Our bodies were wrapping around each other. Coraline joined us but behind me, all our legs and arms entwined, each of us panting with exhaustion. "I guess you can stay, as long as you can keep fucking me as well as you did tonight and obey my whims.

It won't be as easy as tonight either." Mistress said. I just smiled and thanked her and Coraline for making me be exactly who I always wanted, and then fell asleep in their arms.