Lola Myluv sprays my cum all over her pretty face

Lola Myluv sprays my cum all over her pretty face
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*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones. Chapter 11 I stood up and looked over at Jessica's unconscious form.

She was still bound, and the blindfold had snapped back into place when I ran to the laptop. I sat down beside her on the bed and caressed her cheek. My cock had turned limp the instant I'd realised she passed out, but the memories of the sounds she'd made caused me to stiffen slightly again. I'd still gotten to hear her pleasure, and feel it's effects through her body. Her hips pulsing against my arms, the almost anguished cries of pleasure, the taste of her that still lingered on my tongue.

I tried to ignore these vivid images and just focus on her. I just had to wait until she woke up. After a few minutes that felt like days, Jessica let out a small moan and turned her head. She pulled lightly against her binding, and turned her head quickly the other way. As soon as she made a move, a wide smile had split my face.

She was Ok. But she apparently didn't know that. She started frantically shaking her head, probably trying to dislodge whatever was blinding her, and she kept pulling against the headboard that she was tied to.

She started making sounds of distress and panic, and I had to stop myself from laughing. She clearly didn't remember where she was. "Jessica." I said, my voice sounding steady and firm. She turned to face me. "Steven?" she asked, her body tensing. I laughed lightly. "Almost." I said. "Sir!" she breathed with relief, her whole body relaxing.

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"Sir.what happened?" "What do you remember?" I asked. "I.You tied me down." she said slowly, tugging against her bindings, "And then. you took pictures of me, and I couldn't see." "That's right." I said soothingly, caressing her cheek, "What happened next?" She leaned into my hand and smiled.

Just knowing I was here had put her completely at ease. It was startling how much she trusted me. "You put the camera away. You. touched me.everywhere," she said softly, "And then you.

Oh God, you. licked my pussy." "It was your reward." I said. She didn't respond to this, but just let out a quick breath of surprise. "And then you passed out for a few minutes." I said, "It was too much for you, I guess." "Oh wow."she said, "That's.Wow." Her body was relaxed but she slowly pressed her thighs together and twisted her hips.

It seemed blacking out hadn't killed her sex drive. I leaned over her and ran my fingers up into her hair. With my other hand I still held her cheek, and I whispered into her ear. "Did you like that, sweetheart? Did you like it when I tasted your sweet little pussy?" She whimpered and I felt her shiver beneath me.

I reached up and untied her arms. She let them fall slowly to her sides before gently rubbing her wrists. I slipped off her blindfold and stared into her eyes. She smiled widely at me, but didn't speak. I took her face in my hands and pulled her into a deep kiss. She responded slowly, her tongue making circles around mine. I thought she was being unusually calm, but when I tried to pull away she stepped things up.

She pushed hard against me and continued the kiss, threading her fingers behind my head to keep me close. Instead of pissing me off, this made me smile. There was something weirdly cute about her doing this. She'd done it before, and to me it seemed she was trying to get around one of my rules. She couldn't kiss me directly without permission, but once I'd kissed her she wouldn't let our lips part, being as aggressive as she liked without technically disobeying.

I laughed gently into her mouth, even as the sensation of being so passionately kissed caused me to stiffen fully. I pushed against her shoulder to free myself from her grip, and smiled at her look of disappointment.

She quickly leapt forward and began kissing my face, quick pecks along my jaw line that ended at my mouth. She breathed against my lips, silently begging for another kiss. "Take it easy," I said, pushing her back again, "You just passed out a few minutes ago, slow it down." "I'm fine." she said lightly, pulling herself towards me again, "I'm perfect." She went back to kissing my cheek and neck, with her hands pressed against my chest.

I turned my head and kissed her deeply, then fell back on to the bed. She let her naked body fall against mine and eagerly returned my passion. "You taste like me." she said pulling back, her eyes wide with excitement, "That's so fucking hot." She began frantically licking my lips and cheeks, cleaning her pussy juices from me.

She had so much energy for someone that had just been unconscious. "That's so hot!" she repeated, "I can believe you did that!

It felt. Oh my God, Sir. I've never felt anything like it!" She tried to kiss me, but I tightened my grip in her hair and pulled her back. She let out a grunt of pain, but then smiled. She closed her eyes and pulled hard against my grip, intensifying the harsh treatment of her scalp. "I missed this." she said, "I missed you." I released her and she pressed the side of her face against my chest, wrapping her arms around my body.

"I missed you so much." she said. I laughed gently and ran my fingers through her hair. For a time we just lay together, enjoying the shared warmth of our bodies. I kissed her head and sighed contentedly. We kissed again, and she ran her hand down my body, resting against my bulge.

She looked at me with sudden anticipation in her eyes. "Take it out." I ordered, and she eagerly obliged. She yanked down the waistband of my underwear and squealed with delight as my erection bounced free. She took the shaft in her slender fingers, and looked up at me.

"Did you miss this cock?" I asked. She nodded, biting her lip and gripping my cock with both hands. All of her anxious energy from before was suddenly gone, and I could see the powerful lust in her eyes. "I missed your cock, Sir." she said sensuously. "I missed the taste of it. and the feeling of it inside me." She moved her other leg over to straddle me, and languidly slid her body against mine.

She stared into my eyes as her lips got closer to mine, before moving and missing my face completely. She put her mouth against my ear, nibbling my earlobe for a few seconds before speaking in a low, purring voice. "Which of my holes would you like to use, Sir?" My breath caught in my throat, and I let out a small grunt of lust. I grabbed her ass hard and pulled her downwards, pressing her pussy against my erection and trapping it against my stomach.

"Well. this brings back memories." she smiled, looking down. She suddenly ground her pussy hard against my cock from base to tip, then settled in the middle.

"Mmm. I did miss this cock." she giggled. She started shifting her hips back and forth, gently humping my stiff shaft.

"I was just thinking about that night." I said thoughtfully, tightening my grip on her ass cheeks. She giggled again, and then moaned as I sank my fingers into her soft, yet firm flesh. "I was so terrified that night." she said, closing her eyes and thrusting harder. "Terrified?" I asked. She caught my eye, and smiled. "Of me?" I asked. "Yes of you." she said, laughing, "Of you. Of this fucking monster between your legs. Of. Of." She trailed off into a low moan and increased her speed again, her sensitive body already desperate for release.

My cock was dripping with her juices, and her lower lips sliding against my skin was making a deliciously erotic sound. "Slow down." I said. "Tell me more." She groaned with frustration, but slowed her pace. "Sir." she whimpered. "Tell me about it." I repeated, "The night of your first orgasm. The night you first said you'd be my slut." Maybe this wasn't exactly the right moment for a conversation, but I was curious about how she felt about that night.

Also I knew that slowing down would frustrate her more than it would me. Or at least, I could handle it better. She suddenly fell forward, her eyes stopping inches from mine, her body pressed against me.

"I was so scared." she said softly, but quickly, "I kept thinking how much it would hurt when you fucked me. I was so sure you were going to, and I didn't know if I'd be able to take it. And I kept making these.these slutty noises. I didn't know why. and you kept calling me a slut. and I just. I." She trailed off again, her thrusting against my cock becoming frenzied.

I grabbed her roughly by the hair, but that didn't stop her. She was lost in her world of pleasure, and I knew she was already on the brink of another orgasm.

I slapped her face hard and pulled her head towards me. "Slow down!" I growled. She gasped, but did as I asked. She stopped completely, in fact, and stared into my eyes. "Talk." I said roughly, "Finish your story." "I.I didn't understand it." she panted quickly, "I didn't know why I was letting it happen, why I was letting you talk to me like of all people. Why my pussy was wetter than it had ever been, or why pleasure was coursing through my body like electricity, making me moan like a whore." She took my face in her hands and began to thrust her hips again.

"And then you grabbed my nipples and it felt incredible, the pain shooting through me, mixing with the pleasure and igniting something inside me." I loved the imagery she was using, the passion with which she spoke. As if to recreate the moment, I grabbed her nipples again, pinching them hard.

She moaned erotically, closing her eyes tight.

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I twisted and toyed with her nipples until she met my eye again. "And then you made me look at you." she almost whispered, "Into your eyes. and you were just so. so much." She bit down hard on her lip and let out a frustrated groan. "Sir, I need to cum." she gasped, "Please." "Get up." I ordered.

"Please, please let me-" I jerked her hair upwards and pushed up against her chin, forcing her off my cock. She raised one leg to support herself, while I held her in place by her hair. I reached down with my other hand and held my cock upright.

She looked down and saw what I wanted, and lowered herself down while I kept us lined up. Her wet pussy lips met the head of my cock, and she suddenly dropped her hips, forcing half of my shaft into her hot, wet hole, but then she stopped. She looked stunned at the sensation of being so suddenly filled.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around her, pushing down against her hips to make her further impale herself on my cock. She sank down slowly letting out a strained wail, her expression awash with shock and lust, and then she suddenly smashed her head against my shoulder. I felt the last of me enter her. I slipped my hand between us and pressed my thumb against her clit. She jerked forward and the already unbelievable pressure around my cock increased.

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She was on the very brink of another orgasm, I could tell just by the twitching of her pussy. "Cum for me." I ordered softly, flicking my thumb against the sensitive nub.

She screamed into my skin as her pussy clenched hard around my shaft, and her slender body shook and quivered with pleasure. I felt her bite down hard on my shoulder, and I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. She gasped once, then let out a long, low moan as her pleasure faded. "I like it when you cum." I said softly. "Yeah?" she asked somewhat shakily, smiling. "Your slutty cunt clings so tightly to my cock, like it's trying to milk my sperm right out of it." She bit her lip and I felt her pussy shiver around my girth.

She liked it when I talked like that, it seemed, crude and blunt. "Do it again." I ordered, letting go of her face. "I want to feel you cum." She smiled widely. "Yes Sir!" she said. She looked down and started to hesitantly shift her hips back and forth, trying to create some friction. At first she didn't really get anywhere. Her gentle gyrations were barely causing any real pleasure, although it did feel nice.

"I, uh, don't really know what I'm doing here." she said nervously, not meeting my eye. "Up and down." I said simply, "Use your hips and your legs." She slowly raised herself up an inch or two, then slammed back down. "Fuck." she whispered. She repeated the same action a few times, seeming to enjoy the sensation of being filled each time. It felt good, but still not perfect. "Rhythm is important, sweetheart." I said, gripping her ass.

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I guided her up and down, only a few inches but with a regular pace. She picked it up quickly and moved faster, bobbing up and down on my thick cock. "That's it." I said, sighing with pleasure. It was not nice having to drive for once, so I closed my eyes and let the pleasure fill my mind. She was so incredibly tight and wet. I'd really missed 'using this hole', as she'd put it. She started varying the depth every now and again, going for a few long strokes followed by a lot of short, quick ones.

I smirked, realising she was showing me more about how she liked to be fucked. There was some space between our bodies that suddenly closed, and I felt her boobs press against me. "Fffuuuck." she moaned, moving faster and faster. She was really feeling it. She humped my cock desperately, impaling herself over and over on my hard shaft.

"Do it." I sighed, reacting to her increasing speed. "Cum for me." She practically growled with pleasure and moved even faster. She was leaning heavily on my shoulders and I supported the weight of her body. After a few seconds of frantic activity she came hard, groaning and gasping as her pussy clenched around me. Her voice came in erratic bursts of passion through her heavy breaths. It really felt incredible, the strength with which her hot, wet channel gripped my shaft, shaking and pulsing around it.

She slowed down, basking in the pleasure, but I wasn't finished. I spanked her ass hard, causing her to yelp. "Do it again." I ordered simply. She smiled tiredly, and with a soft groan started to move again. Now she moved with long, slow strokes, almost lazily moving from base to tip and back. She pressed her forehead against mine and wrapped her arms tighter around me, her strained breath tickling my lips. I kissed her hard, biting down on her lower lip until I heard what was quickly becoming one of my favourite sounds; that beautiful whimper that indicated both pleasure and pain.

She stared into my eyes as she rode me, already with a steady and perfect rhythm, at times almost leaving my cock uncovered only to begin the descent just before the last half-inch popped out. She was only riding me for a few minutes when she started making a low, humming moan that told me she was close. She was really a very vocal lover.

"Sir." she whimpered. "That's it, sweetheart." I said, thinking she wanted permission, "Cum on my cock." "Hurt me." she said quietly.

"What was that?" I asked. "Pull my hair." she gasped, her hips shaking as she rode me with ever increasing vigour. "Hurt me. please." I grinned and pulled her hair hard, yanking her to the side and twisting my fist.

At the same time I delivered and powerful slap to her cheek, the loud snap filling the room. She gasped, and a few seconds later she obeyed my command, moaning out another strong orgasm.

This one lasted longer than the previous one, and the powerful convulsions around my cock were even stronger, causing me to moan with pleasure.

She slowed to a stop, and was panting heavily. She wasn't used to being on top and she was tiring quickly. But I still wasn't finished. "Again." I said, spanking her ass and pulling her hair. She groaned and gritted her teeth. She raised herself up just a few inches before slowly sliding back to the base "I can't." she panted, clearly exhausted. "My hips. I can't." I frowned at her. She was just sitting, impaled on my cock but refusing to move any more.

"Sweetheart, you're being very inconsiderate." I said, forcing my voice to be smooth, despite the potent mix of frustration and pleasure I was feeling. "You've already had. God knows how many orgasms, whereas I've yet to cum even once." She whimpered as I slid my hand around her throat and twisted her hair again.

"Make me cum." I ordered. She nodded quickly, shutting her eyes tight, and struggled to lift her body again. She seemed to be in a considerable amount of discomfort, but I'd gone too long, too many days without cumming inside my slut to care. She moved shakily at first, but soon increased the pace.

She put her forehead against mine again, staring into my eyes, riding my cock with long, purposeful strokes. "Are you gonna. cum for me?" she gasped. I didn't answer her. I'd been actively holding my orgasm back since maybe her second one, but I loved seeing her like this. I was in no hurry. "Please." she moaned, "Please cum for me.

Cum inside me, in. in my tight pussy." I smirked at her attempts at dirty talk, knowing that it embarrassed her even now. "You want me to cum?" I asked, "You want me to fill up that slutty cunt with my sperm?" "Please!" she moaned, her hips faltering in their now frantic pace. She kissed me suddenly, and threw her arms around me. This surprised me, and the shock caused my tight control to slip for just a second.

But that was all it took.

My orgasm was suddenly upon me, and it was a big one. I practically roared into her mouth as the pleasure overwhelmed me, and she echoed both my voice and my pleasure as yet another orgasm assaulted her.

I clung desperately to her as my cock fired spurt after spurt of my seed inside her. I'd so missed this, the intense sensation of cumming inside an orgasming pussy. We came down from our individual highs together, breathing heavily in unison. We rested like this for a few seconds, my cock still hard inside her wet channel, and our arms holding each other tight. She sat up, lifting herself all the way off of my shaft, but then fell forward, having lost the strength in her legs and hips.

I supported her trembling body until she lay down on my thighs, her legs off to the side. She buried her face into the crook my neck, kissing my skin. I pointed her face towards mine and kissed her, slow and deep. We pulled away from each other, and she smiled again.

It was a difficult expression to interpret, a subtle mix of adoration and pain, a generous amount of embarrassment too.

"Are you Ok?" I asked. "I'm.


yeah, I'm good." she said. I pulled her close to me and lay down. "That was definitely worth waiting for." she sighed, relaxing against me, "Although I probably won't be walking straight for a while." I ran my fingers into her hair, brushing it away from her face.

I pushed my lips to hers again and we kissed softly. I thought she would want to relax after that, but I soon felt her slender fingers wrapping around my cock. "Of course you're still hard." she sighed jokingly. She ran her palm along my length.

"And we made such a mess." she said. Well that was true. My shaft was coated in a layer of her feminine juices, not to mention a lot of my own sperm. "I think you should clean it up." I said. "You know, I was just thinking that." she replied.

She lifted her body away from mine and shifted her face down to my cock. Her eyes stayed locked on to mine as she pressed her tongue to the base of my shaft and slowly licked upwards towards the head, just like I taught her.

I let out a satisfied sigh, lay back and closed my eyes, letting her pleasure me however she wanted. She was thorough as she cleaned my cock, rapidly replacing the layer of our juices with her saliva. She'd really missed this, it seemed. She practically attacked my cock with her tongue. I let myself growl with pleasure. I'd missed this too, the heat and energy of her oral attention. When she was satisfied she'd followed my command, she took the head of my cock into her mouth and back towards her throat.

She teased me for a while, bringing the head towards the entrance to her throat without taking it deep, like I knew she could. After a few longs minutes filled with frantic licking, I realised what she was doing. I looked down at her to see her staring up at me.

When our eyes met she closed hers and sucked in her cheeks, increasing the pressure around my dick, but still not taking it any deeper. She was waiting for me to take control.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her off of me. She sat back on her knees and waited silently. I got on to my knees in front of her and caressed the back of her head. "You're doing well." I said, pushing her gently downward. She followed my guidance and lay down with her face in front of my cock.

"But, you know." I continued, "I think if we really want clean this mess, we have to get a little deeper." I pressed my cock head to her lips and she opened her mouth to accept it. "You don't mind if I use your throat, do you?" I asked casually, forcing it deeper. She relaxed and I pushed harder, my cock slowly filling her until my balls were resting against her chin.

She flexed her throat around my shaft, gagging slightly. "Mmm. fuck. Such a tight little throat." I grunted. I pulled out half way out of her slick throat, and then thrust back in. I groaned out loud and started to thrust in and out with a steady rhythm. I honestly didn't know which I preferred, her pussy or her throat. Regular sex was incredible, and somehow getting better each time. But looking down at her wide, green eyes staring up at me, drool covering her lips and chin.

this was fucking addictive. I grabbed her hair with one hand and reached down to lightly grip her throat with the other. With my hand I could actually feel my cock causing a bulge in her throat.

She moaned with lust and shut her eyes tight. "No, look at me." I ordered. She obeyed, her eyes locking with mine again. She was tearing up at the discomfort.

God, she was so gorgeous, so perfectly submissive. "Look at me while I use your throat." I growled. "I know you love this." She moaned at my words, and I felt the vibrations along my cock. I pounded harder into her mouth, enjoying how her tongue would curl around the shaft and head every time I pulled out. I could feel my second orgasm approaching already, and I knew there was no reason to hold it back, nothing to wait for. But still, I made myself slow down.

I could control myself even now. I had to know that. "Throat or tongue?" I growled. I slid my cock out of her mouth and let it bounce into the air, flinging a line of her own spit across her face. "You choose. Do you want me to cum in your throat, or do you want to taste it?" I asked, stroking her face with my thick shaft, further covering her cheek with her saliva.

"My tongue!" she moaned raggedly, "I want to taste it!" I laughed darkly, and forced my cock back into her mouth. "Of course you do." I taunted, "You love my cum, don't you?" She moaned as I resumed my frantic pace, driving myself back to the brink of orgasm in a few short minutes. As she requested, when it was time I pulled out until just my cock head was in her mouth, but then I got a better idea.

I pulled out completely, with only the tip resting against her lips.

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"Use your hands." I ordered. She quickly shifted her weight off of her arms so that she could grasp my shaft. She jerked my cock as her tongue poked out and licked the sensitive tip, coaxing me towards ejaculation.

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"Don't. swallow." I gasped, "Hold it. in your mouth." She nodded, wrapping her lips around the head, and I came hard. I stared down at her, the pleasure and feeling of Dominance driving every thought from my head.

My second orgasm felt even bigger than the first one, long powerful spurts each accompanied by a wave of mind-numbing pleasure. My withering cock slipped from between her lips, and I sighed with satisfaction. I thought I'd seen her swallow once or twice while I was cumming, but now she was looking up at me with her cheeks bulged out.

I laughed. It was a big load, but not that big. Her puffed out cheeks were filled with mostly air. "Open." I ordered. She looked intensely embarrassed but obeyed, holding her mouth open to let me see all of my thick cum pooled on her tongue. There was more than I thought. I gripped her face, pushing in on her tight cheeks. I put my other finger in her mouth and pressed it against her tongue, sliding the sperm around on it.

"You like that, don't you." I stated, pinching her tongue with my thumb and finger. "You like how it tastes." She gave a quick, hesitant nod. "What do you say when someone gives you something you like?" I asked. She closed her eyes tight, hesitating. "Jessica." I said darkly, "What do you say?" She made a barely audible murmur in the back of her throat. "What was that?" I asked. She let out a defeated whimper, and tried to speak with her mouth open and with me still holding her tongue.

"Fank ooo." she said, her tongue twitching in my grip. I sighed as a rush of Dominant satisfaction passed through me.

I smiled. "You're welcome, slut." I said, removing my finger. "Now swallow it." She closed her mouth and swallowed my sperm with a loud gulp. She kept her eyes closed for a few seconds. I rested back on my feet, waiting for her to glare up at me with those big, green, vulnerable eyes. I was ready for her to "come down", to desperately cling to me after the intense high of humiliation and submission.

But that's not what happened. Instead, she opened her eyes, and smiled. She leaned forward and kissed my cock again, gently taking it in her hand. "Can I have more?" she asked, "Can your slut please have more of your delicious cum, Sir?" I stared into her wide eyes and my heart pounded in my chest.

My tired, sensitive cock was trying to rise again. I didn't answer at first, but kept my expression neutral. "Please Sir?" she begged, "Please can I suck your cock again?" She kissed the shaft again, and again. I'd expected this to be too much for her, but I was wrong.

It looked like I'd be able to push her even farther than before. "Go ahead." I sighed, as if this was an inconvenience to me. I slid my legs out from under me and lay down completely, my head resting on my arms. My urge to dominate had calmed somewhat, so I figured I could relax and enjoy this. She gripped my cock with both hands and started to bring it back to life. Her attitude was different than the first time. She moved slowly, deliberately, letting her tongue explore and massage every inch of my flesh, licking and probing, occasionally taking my mostly limp shaft into her mouth for a few gentle sucks.

It was taking a while for me to get hard. After all, it was the third one that night. After maybe ten minutes I still wasn't completely erect. Then, she gripped my cock at the base and tapped it against her cheek. She let out an excited sigh and did it a few more times, bouncing my rubbery shaft off of her cheeks and lips.

My mind was filled with an image of brutally slapping her with my cock, using the weight and size of it to hurt her. Even at my size it wasn't like I'd really be able to hurt her with it, but just the idea of using the cock that she loved to punish her like that was enough to bring me back to full hardness. I'll have to try that some time, I thought. She used her hands, lips, tongue, and cheeks to gently massage and caress my once again rock hard cock.

At any one point there was at least two different sensations happening simultaneously, rubbing or licking or lightly twisting with her dexterous fingers. I let myself make whatever low growls or hums I wanted to, feeling no need to hide my pleasure.

I felt myself reach a new level of relaxation, an almost sleep-like trance where all I could feel was the comfort of my body on the bed and the constant, yet wonderfully unhurried worship of my cock.

I don't how long this went on before she finally took me into her throat, but it was a surprising change. The ceaseless variations of pleasurable touches was replaced with one intense surrounding pressure.

She was really getting incredible at this. The first time she sucked my cock she could barely fit a few inches in without gagging, and didn't have the first idea about what would feel good other than just touching it. She'd learned a lot, and seemed to be learning still. She slid me out of her throat and immediately began swirling her tongue around the head, while at the same time bobbing up and down maybe two or so inches each time.

It caused me to groan out loud, which she echoed as if feeling my pleasure with me. I'd never instructed her to do most of this, and I wondered where she'd learned it all. If I hadn't already ejaculated twice in the past hour, I'd likely have reached my peak long before now. She was so smooth in her motions, almost graceful as she took me out of her mouth, only for her hand to immediately grip tightly around the head and start jerking it. From one second to the next I was still receiving some sort of pleasure, and I loved her seamless transitions from motion to motion.

"I realised a few things while I was away." she quietly, speaking for the first time in what felt like hours. "Oh?" I said, trying to keep my voice from shaking.

"One thing. was that I've been neglecting these." she said, her hand lightly caressing my balls. I grunted with surprise and my body tensed up. She giggled and took my scrotum in her hand, squeezing ever-so-slightly, just enough to let me really feel the heat and softness of her skin. "I mean, these have been so good to me." she continued, her voice low and erotic. "Always so full of that delicious cum I love so much." She began to flex her fingers, gently rotating my heavy orbs.

Then, again in one seamless motion, she took her hand away only for it to be immediately replaced by her tongue. Her hand went to join her other one on my shaft, where she hadn't stopped slowly but firmly massaging me with a grip so strong it might have hurt a thinner cock, but felt incredible to me.

She licked all along the sensitive skin of my balls, and the completely new sensation was incredible. She slipped one heavy testicle into her mouth and sucked on it hard before releasing it with a loud pop, then started to circle the other with her tongue.

I couldn't help but look down at her. My cock was longer than her face, and it almost looked like she was clinging to the shaft for support while she explored my sack. She noticed me looking, and smiled shyly with her tongue still poking out.


Blushing, she gave me a long, slow lick from base to tip, moving her hands down to cup my balls with one and grip the base tight with the other. She took the head into her mouth, and sucked hard. I lay back and let my mind wander. My third erection in a row, on the rare occasion I could get one, usually lasted longer than the other two combined. Of course, that was always when I was alone, and she was doing things I'd never be able to replicate by myself. As it was I knew that I'd be able to climax again in just a few minutes, but I didn't want to.

I tensed my lower muscles and felt the need abate somewhat. This was something I'd always been able to do, and that I'd been practising even more since getting involved with Jessica. I couldn't hold off forever, like she'd proven earlier, but if she kept the same pace I'd definitely be able to last.

And she didn't seem to be in any hurry. The long minutes drifted into one another as she continued her beautifully slow worship, sucking, licking, taking me deep into her throat, and always massaging me a hundred different ways with her soft, slender fingers. I honestly don't know how long this went on for, only that it was probably the longest she'd ever pleasured me, with her mouth or her pussy. But all things come to an end, and so eventually I had to allow myself release.

"Soon, sweetheart.", was all I said, my voice sounding deep and incredibly relaxed. She increased the pace only slightly, and kept the tip right against her tongue as her hands gripped harder. A minute or so later I let out a satisfied sigh, and allowed the wave of my pleasure to slowly crest over me. The head was still pressed against her tongue, which was an interesting sensation.

I felt her roll her tongue around the tip after I'd finished, cleaning every drop before she swallowed. "Good girl." I said lazily. There's really nothing like a long, slow blow-job to just take every ounce of anxiety and stress out of your body. "Thank you, Sir." she said, still holding my cock.

I considered ordering her to lie down next to me so we could sleep, but she didn't seem to be in any hurry to join me. She kissed my cock a few times, almost tentatively, as if she wasn't sure she was allowed to keep going.

"Easy." I said softly, "It's really sensitive right now." "Should I stop?" she asked. It was very sensitive, but I didn't actually mind the contact. "No." I said. I felt her lips bend into a smile against my cock, which made me smile too. She held my soft, wet cock in her hand, just feeling it's weight. She pressed her lips to the base, where it met my scrotum, and kissed it before licking it firmly.

I let out a sharp breath of pleasure. In response, she licked the area frantically then suddenly nibbled on it, causing me to jerk my hips forward in shock. She giggled and licked the sensitive spot again. "I never get to see it when it's completely soft." she said thoughtfully, kissing along my shaft.

"Not for long, anyway. It's still so thick, and so heavy." She took the shaft in both of her hands, one above the other, and bounced it up and down as if weighing it. "How did you ever keep this a secret?" she asked, gently massaging my well-used cock. "I mean, don't guys talk about this stuff? There's usually all sorts of rumours floating around about who's big or small, but I've never even heard of anything as big as this." "Separate stalls.

in the locker room." I said with effort, trying to focus on the heat and softness of her fingers. "Oh, that makes sense." she said, before enveloping the head in her lips again.

I didn't know if she was even still trying to pleasure me any more, or whether she was just satisfying her obsession. "I mean, I know I've only seen one other penis up close, but it was like." she gently cupped my balls with one hand and started to caress them. "I don't know, like an infant version of yours. Like you and Mike are a different species or something." she said. I sighed, and then gasped when I felt my exhausted cock twitch. "Oh my God!" she said quickly, moving her other hand back to my shaft.

"Was that. are you.?" She sat back and looked down at my cock, then up at me. "Four times?" she asked, grinning, "Are you going to get hard four times in a row?

Is that even possible?" She loosened her grip on my shaft and began twisting her wrists, creating a light circular pressure with her fingers. "Lissie was telling us all about this guy she was with a little while ago." she said, her voice soft, "She was so impressed that he could get hard again right after cumming." She suddenly took my mostly limp cock into her mouth, and into her throat.

I couldn't tell if I'd be able to get it up again, and because of the sensitivity there was almost as much exhausted pain as there was pleasure at this point, but she seemed determined to coax me back to life. "Two whole times!", she exclaimed after my cock slid from her mouth, "And everyone seemed so impressed! I had to stop myself from telling them I know a guy who doesn't even get soft after the first one!" She kept up her work, licking and sucking and stroking me, and I felt myself stiffen ever so slightly more.

She laughed lightly, eyes fixed on my cock. "I thought it was so weird how you didn't go soft the first time you used my mouth, that first night." she said, "Mike could never even dream of getting hard a second time. One time after a 30 second hand job, he spent two minutes jerking the little thing, trying to get it up again. I didn't really think anything of it at the time. but it was pretty pathetic now that I think about it. You know, in comparison." I felt my cock twitch again at her words, and she noticed.

"Oh?" she said looking up at me, "Did you like that? Did you.did you like hearing about how much of a man you are compared to Mike?" She kissed my cock head, and I felt myself stiffen further.

She let out an excited yelp. "Do you want me to tell you how small he is again, Sir?" she said excitedly, as if she'd discovered some great secret. "About how your limp cock is still twice the size of his hard one?" There was something about being compared to him like this that turned me on. It was such an obvious and direct measurement of masculinity, of superiority. I was actually embarrassed at the intense effect it was having on me, and somehow I knew if she kept it up I'd be hard soon.

And apparently so did she. "You're so fucking huge, Sir, so much bigger and better than that pathetic little faggot." she said.

She was getting more and more excited too. "Even these!" she said, cupping my sack again, "You could fit his whole sack into either one of your balls. Compared to you, it's like he's not even a man. He's like a little boy, with a sad little boy-dick." I grunted with lust as my well used cock filled once again with blood, and jutted out from my body straight and hard. "Oh.fuck." I grunted. She wrapped her both hands around my shaft and licked the remaining few inches that were uncovered, staring into my eyes.

I'd never been able to get this hard so many times alone. Three had always been my limit, and even that was rare. My cock looked an angry shade of red, and the thick veins that kept it alive seemed to be even more prominent.

I imagined I could almost see them visibly pumping with blood in time with my pounding heart. I was sore, and tired, but I was hard. In an instant the wonderful tranquillity was gone, replaced with a surprising and powerful lust. My cock needed to be pleasured, right that second. I rose up to my knees and forced my cock into her mouth, barely pausing to thrust downwards against her tongue before carrying on into her waiting throat. "Fuck." was all I could say as the pleasure filled my mind.

It was so intense, I was so sensitive. But it wasn't enough. I started to fuck her throat fast and hard, harder than I ever had. She began to moan with lust, but I barely heard her. I just pumped my hard shaft into her over and over, losing myself in the mindless pursuit of my pleasure. I could feel her saliva coating my balls, and where I was holding her face I could feel more of her tears of discomfort. I closed my eyes and grimaced as I felt an unusual frustration.

I grabbed her hair hard and began to really pound into her, grunting with exertion at every thrust. My balls were colliding with her chin so rapidly that it almost hurt, but it still wasn't enough. I needed her pussy. I quickly pulled out of her mouth, causing her to inhale too sharply and begin to cough. With the grip I still had on her hair, I dragged her forwards and pressed her face against the bed, maintaining my grip as I lined my cock up with her pussy, and plunged into her.

She felt so incredible, so perfectly tight. I began to fuck her as hard as I could from behind, needing the pleasure her body gave. She let out a cry of pleasure, or perhaps pain, but I ignored her. Nothing mattered in that moment except my own satisfaction.

I leaned forward and raised myself up, using the weight of my body to slam my full length into her as speedily as I could. "Sir!" she suddenly, "I'm.ahhhnnnn. I'm going to.!" I cut her off by clamping my hand over her mouth.

She was so loud. "Cum if you want." I grunted. Those were all the words I could spare. It felt like my sanity was slipping away. I'd never needed pleasure like this before, never been so completely overwhelmed by my lust. I doubt a heart attack would have stopped me right then. Jessica let out a frantic moan, and I could feel her orgasm through her convulsing pussy.

"Ung, that's good." I grunted, enjoying the increase in sensation. I smirked, realising that the uncaring act I'd played out earlier with her was now real; her pleasure only mattered to me because of the effect it had on my cock. I impulsively slapped her ass with my free hand, and it made her pussy twitch. I seized this opportunity for more pleasure and rained blows down against her ass, spanking her brutally hard over and over again, ignoring the pain in my hand.

This caused another orgasm to build up inside her and quickly explode outwards, the extra pain making her pleasure so intense that I could actually feel her pussy juices squirting out against my legs. She seemed to be having a lot more fun than I was. "Fuck this." I grunted, sliding my cock from her shivering pussy.

I threw her from her knees on to her side, then shoved her legs up against her chest, putting her in a fetal position and exposing her dripping slit. I thrust into her again, revelling in how tight the pressure of her body made her pussy feel.

It was almost choking the blood off from the base of my cock. I fucked her like this for God knows how long, feeling like I was forcing my way into every single inch of her pussy over, and over, and over. Her orgasms continued, but I barely noticed any more. To me they were just momentary increases in pressure accompanied by frantic whimpers and moans against my palm. I was still holding her mouth, but the strength of my grip was now in my other hand, twisted in her hair.

I gritted my teeth and let out a grunt of frustration. This was maddening. The pleasure was so incredibly intense, but it was never enough. No matter how hard I used her my orgasm was still just out of reach. I released her hair and pushed down on her hip, using my weight to try and make her pussy even tighter. I wasn't aware of any huge difference, but I kept it up.

Suddenly I was aware of us both in a way I'd never felt before. It was like a complete clarity of thought. There was no doubt in my mind, no other thought in that second except for the absolute certainty that I owned her.

Her body was simply mine, her tight, convulsing pussy was nothing more than a wet hole which only existed to pleasure me. It was the absolute peak of Dominance, the total knowledge of how completely and entirely she belonged to me. And then I came. It was like nothing I'd ever felt. The pleasure erupted forcefully, numbing my mind and stopping my breath. It burned through me like fire, leaving an aching glow in its wake. I continued to thrust long after my orgasm had started, and quite a while after I'd finished, by cock stubbornly refusing to surrender its life.

And then, like flicking a switch, everything faded. I collapsed on top of her, utterly exhausted. ==== As I said at the beginning, these are my stories, on a NEW account.

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