Filthy and tight bawdy cleft is getting banged without mercy

Filthy and tight bawdy cleft is getting banged without mercy
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So, after about an hour Dottie pulled my wife close to her and spooned her on the bed her big tits and hairy pussy rubbing up against my wife's ass.

See, baby the good thing is you just got the shit fucked out of you ,and your old man will never know, other than the smell of your cum all over you !! Call him, tell him you have had a little to much to drink you are going to have your friend Dottie drive you to her house to stay the night ,you be home in the morning.

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My wife, being ever reluctant started to resist,but Dottie would have none of it. "Call him,cunt,or you will be sorry." With that she called me, told me the story, and I told her ,"great,that I would see her tomorrow." No that was not so hard was it baby,Dottie said to my wife, c'mon get into the truck,don't bother dressing,just bring your clothes. My wife grabbed her clothes and climbed into the truck buck naked. Dottie lived about a half hour away in a secluded area in a farmhouse.

As Dottie stopped the truck Dee wondered what she had gotten herself into. Dottie reached over pulled Dee to her, and kissed her hard pulling the back of her head to her forcing her to accept Dottie's tongue into her mouth. She could smell her pussy on Dottie's breath.C'mon honey, the night is young. As they entered the farmhouse,Dee could not help but notice the lesbian art, and other items in the house. Just throw your clothes over there, you won't be needing them tonight,Dottie said laughing.

Hungry ? "No thank you, Dee said. Well, I'm going to grab something, I'm going to need the energy ! Dee felt very awkward, not having clothes on, but Dottie had went into another room, so for the moment it was bearable.

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That didn't last for long. Dottie came out naked as well,her saggy big tits swaying.She told Dee to take her hand,there is something I want to show you.They walked into a dark room, Dee could not see a thing.Dottie shut ,then latched the door.

The she turned the light on ,and the sight made Dee's blood run cold. The room looked like something out of a Medevil dungeon ! Whips, and chains,tables,straps and all kinds and sizes of dildos, and sex toys. "No, no I'm not doing this,I'm getting out of here,said Dee.As she went by Dottie, she felt a sharp jab of a needle, in her shoulder,"I don't think so baby',said Dottie.

Dee woke up strapped down on a table, her legs strapped in stirrups, exposing her pussy and asshole to Dottie."Sorry, about that, but I can't have you leave until you are fully trained! I'm going to give you some small things to remember this by. "What,what are you going to do?,asked Dee.

I'm just going to give you some jewelry, I know you like jewelry right?,Yea,said Dee. Dottie turned to a table,and turned to produce some alcohol,which she rubbed on Dee's pussy. Wait, you said jewelry!,Well baby a clit ring IS jewelry !


NO,cried Dee !No !! But Dottie got a forceps and pulled Dees clit out into the light,holding the forceps,pierced the hood with a 14g needle,Dee let out a bloodcurdling scream,crying.

The worst is over baby, the burning is just the alcohol, it will pass. Dottie pulled a solid gold clir ring out of the door and threaded it through Dee's clit! Beautiful, baby you should see, a little piece of gold peeking out of your bush ! Dee's tears started to subside,"than god that's over." Well, almost said Dottie."What, no,more,no more!

Well, just a little more honey. Have I told you how much I love those big hard nipples of yours? They are hard all the time!"Yea, from breastfeeding says Dee.


Dotties starts wiping down Dee's nipples with alcohol, by now Dee knew what was coming next.Please don't hurt me,said Dee.

Pain and pleasure,my baby,pain and pleasure. With that Dottie grabbed Dee's tit and pierced her nipple with the same 14g needle,threaded a gold nipple ring in it, and then did the other. See, that wasn't so bad I put some lidocaine gel on your nipples. Are we done?, asked Dee.

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For now baby. Can I get up please. Not quite yet, my little slut. With that Dottie, release the part of the table that was supporting Dee's head and removed it,causing Dee's head to drop over the table.Her head was just below waist height now.

Time for your first lesson,bitch.With that Dottie walked over spread her thick thighs and covered Dee's face.

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You want to breath again, you better start eating my pussy,bitch.Dee struggled, she wasn't a lesbian, she would never do this,but she could not breath her mouth and nose were covered by Dottie's hairy,gushy pussy !! Stick out your tongue,get it in my pussy,and start eating, or so help me I'll bury you where no one will find you,said Dottie.With that Dee's head started to bob from side to side,darting her tongue in and out of the gash covering her face.

Thats it baby,almost here, almost,finally Dottie,left out a gutteral grunt, and her juices sprayed all over Dee's face and hair! O yea baby, you are a good little pussy eater !! Now, lets see how good you are at rimming assholes ! With that she turned around and pushed her brown hairy asshole onto Dee's face.

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Same deal cunt, eat and rim my ass or die! Now, Dottie's asshole was not the cleanest, pieces of shit, toilet paper hanging on the hairs, but Dee had no choice. Stick your tongue in my asshole, fuck it with your tongue! Dee stiffened her tongue, and pushed it past the wrinkles in to the pink crevice.

Ok, baby, that will do for now. Can I get off this now please? asked Dee.In a minute I have something for you. She reached to the table and pulled a dog collar off, and placed it around Dee's neck.

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Perfect! Dottie unstrapped Dee, and she fell off the table ,sweaty,cum covered, blood trickling from her nipples and clit.

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As she sat up Dottie placed straps around her wrists and ankles with clasps on them. Dottie grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor where there were four eye bolts.

On your hand and knees my little bitch! Dottie snapped all four clamps into the eye bolts, as to place her in the "doggie position. How appropriate baby.Dottie went out of the room and Dee hear her open the front door,Brutus house! yelled Dottie. Then Dee heard Dottie close the door,next thing Dee saw the biggest dog she had ever seen in her life!

…Now Brutus was a Great Dane, his cock when it was unsheathed was about 10 inches long and 4 inches in diameter before it was knotted. No! No! Cried my wife as she struggled against the leather straps o her wrists and ankles!

I'd gag you but I want to her this said Dottie! O god,said my wife as Brutus continued his tongue attack on her pussy and asshole! O I think he's getting excited,said Dottie his dick is coming out! You should see it babe, what you are going to get! Brutus was now in full fuck mode, and mounted Dee and wrapped his front paws around her belly, his glistening dog dick spreading her cunt lips and impaling her to his balls on his first push!

O my god he's in my cervix yelled Dee, and Brutus now began to pummel her cunt in and out! Please, please he is tearing me ! Shut up Princess, its fine! Dee had no idea that the fucking was just the beginning. Brutus violently fucked her for what seemed an eternity, then he began to knot her.

His cock growing in her was unbearable and she screamed out in misery and pain. Her hairy cunt lips stretched around his dog cock,semen leaking down her asshole and thighs!


The knot is about twice the size of his cock baby, I'm impressed! Finally the knot loosened and it popped out of Dee's cunt with a plop. Gobs of dog cum flowing out of her stretched,open pussy running down her asshole making a puddle on the floor. Her Brutus, mommy has another treat for you, and Dee felt something being smeared on her cum covered asshole,Wha?

Peanut Butter, he loves it! Brutus dove in, licking Dee's asshole until she began convulsing ,squirting cum all over Brutus. Oh, oh baby! The scent of cum brought Brutus back to life, and he immediately mounted Dee again,but as he tried to mount her cunt his cock found her asshole !AAGGHHH !Dee tried to thrash,to pull away, but Brutus's cock was already pushing past her sphincter,and the rest of his cock was coming hard!

Please, please stop him, I cant take the knot in my ass, I'll do anything you want…… Brutus,home,said Dottie,Brutus backed out Dee, her asshole stretched ,hanging open. Don't worry, baby it will go back the way it was in a little bit. You really surprised me I thought you woul be one that would pass out when he knotted you, most women can't take that but you, you are good ! Laying in a puddle of cum, and sweat,Dottie unshackled Dee, who just collapsed on the floor in a heap. Come on you need to clean your ass up, come on !!Dee, barely had the energy to move, but Dottie grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the shower, as Dee screamed.Shut up cunt !!Wash yourself the hell up get that dog cum out of your pussy and ass !

Dee wondered what else could this crazy bitch have in store for her? What other possible deprivation could she possibly do to her?Her pussy felt like glass had shredded her and her asshole was on fire, and bleeding.Get dried off and dry your hair,don't worry about clothes, you are not going to need them.