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Now What #4 Sandi and Michelle came up two with different excuses for why they had to be out of the house early Saturday but assured their husbands they would be home early. They drove to the other side of town to a run-down strip mall, they saw the van in front of a tattoo parlor. They entered the store Matt and Rob were sitting waiting. A quick kiss a tit squeeze, Rob ushered them into the back while Matt locked the front door put the sign out closed. There sat a middle-aged biker looking guy covered with tattoos.

He looked up at Rob, "these are the two"? Rob nodded he took Sandi by the hand sat her on the table while Michelle was given a chair. Rob removed the blouse she was wearing and unhooked her bra. Her tits sprang free, the tattooer smiled at Rob, "them are sure a nice big pair of tits".

Rob chuckled "they sure are now please get to work".

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It only took 15 minutes the underside of her left breast had Rob tattooed on it. After both girls had been tattooed they were told to suck the tabooers' cock dry which they did alternating while one sucked the other licked his balls.


After only about three minutes Michelle was rewarded with a generous mouthful of warm cum. They got dressed and walked out Matt told them to follow him, ten minutes later they pulled into a parking garage under a nice apartment building. They got out went into the elevator where Matt inserted a special key and shortly they were on the top floor.

They walked to the end of the hall Rob put his thumb print on the keypad, the door unlocked. They all went inside, they were in a large what appeared to be three-bedroom apartment, very nicely decorated. Jose and Bo were sitting watching TV. Rob took Sandi's hand he headed her to a bedroom door, Jose stood up and followed, Sandi turned her head as Michelle was be being walked to the other bedroom "see you later girlfriend". As soon as they closed the door Rob had her bra off, he was gently sucking her left tit she was moaning, he looked at her "am I hurting you"?

"God no its feels wonderful". Jose had her jeans off and was pulling her panties off. Rob laid down on the bed he motioned for her to get on she knew exactly what was coming she was wet and ready.

She slowly lowered her pussy onto his stiff cock, she went slowly she was enjoying the experience. After several slow pushes she had his cock lodged in her a deep as he could. Turning her head, she saw Jose naked with a stiff cock pointing at her, she got a wicked smile on her face she motioned for him to fuck her ass.

Jose moved in slowly pushed his cock deep into her anal cavity. He had used a lot of lube so within a few seconds his was balls deep in her. The wonderful sensation of being totally filled up started to come over her, she knew when they came she would go over the edge of ecstasy. She shuttered a bit as several small orgasms went through her she was building up to a toe curler.

The guys pace picked up as did her gyrating. Rob still had a nipple in his mouth, Jose was holding her hips tightly. "Oh, Rob fuck me senseless please AHHHHHHHHH" a giant orgasm hit her Rob pushed up he unloaded what felt like a gallon of sperm deep in her womb, this caused Jose to push deep he fill her bowels with cum with the same amount of sperm.

It took a while for them to regain their composure. They were now on either side of her, Rob was gently rubbing her clit while Jose suck her nipple. She looked at the two of them "guys never in my life have I had such a magnificent fucking my cunt feels great", then realizing what she had said she spoke up "I mean Robs cunt feels wonderful, it wants to thank him and you Jose". Rob looked over at Jose "Bro have you had that pussy"?

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Jose shook his head answering, "no man had her ass twice, blow job but no pussy". Rob looked at Sandi "babe I really think we should take care of that don't you"? Sandi giggled "its your cunt babe but I think he will enjoy the hell out of it, of course my ass could use a stuffing if you're in the mood".

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He smiled as she climbed on Jose cock. After the second DP they collapsed on the bed she went to work sucking cock to be sure their ball sacks were empty. She swallowed all the cum they had left she dried their cocks with her hair. She finally got off the bed pulling up her panties she looked at her watch, "Oh shit my husband thought I'd be home by 11".

Rob looked at her "sorry I was horny", "that's ok babe I'd rather be fucking you and Jose then being home with him watching him drink beer, but I've really got to go.

She was dressed while the guys were still naked, Rob grabbed his robe they headed into the living room. Shell was wailing in the throws of lust. "Rob babe please tell her what time it is she needs to get rolling as soon as she can walk decently from the sounds coming out of that room.

Will you call me later"? Rob looked shocked "you don't mind me calling while you at home with him"? She gave him a wild look, shook her hips a bit as a glob of sperm slipped out it was heading towards the pool of sperm already at the bottom of her panties. "I thought you'd like to check up on your cunt and yes it fine he doesn't know or care who I talk to".

Jose had come out in his boxers she gave both guys a kiss grabbed her bag and was gone. They heard a shriek as Michelle apparently had yet another orgasm. "Bro you guys and your woman have got to help me get a cunt of my own".

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Rob just nodded. For another 20 minutes Michelle fucked her man's cock dry. As the three emerged from the bedroom she looked around, 'where's Sandi"? Jose pointed at the door. She left about 20 minutes ago said to tell you to get going as well". Michelle's face still had the freshly fucked look "what time is it"?

Matt grabbed his phone "it 2:15 why" she sighed "my husband is going to be pissed as hell, I don't have time for a shower, I'm probably walking funny that's a good thing just I just don't want to get caught.

Where's my cloths".

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Sandi and Jim were arguing about why she was so late, Jim was pissed but he had done it to her for years so after a little pouting he headed to the fridge for a beer. Michelle had made out better as he had taken the kids to the other neighbor and went to work. She showered then went and got the kids for her neighbor Carol, Carol took one look at her "I see why Andy needed someone to watch the kids he apparently fucked you senseless".

Michelle looked at Carol "does it really show"? Carol chuckled only to another woman who hasn't gotten fucked in five months".

Michelle thanked her as she was leaving she looked at carol "I may be able to help with the five-month thing".

Carol looked dumbfounded as she left. Later that afternoon she called Sandi, Sandi was busy making dinner still in the same cloths from the afternoon.

They agreed to get together for lunch the next day. Sunday as the men sat watching the game, the kids playing video games the baby sleeping the girls sat drinking wine talking. Shell was bitching about the argument with her husband over getting home late. Sandi looked Shell in the face "well Jim was pissed as hell, but I don't give a fuck! For the first time in 5 years I'm getting fuck on some sort of regular bases.

I don't know about you, but my personality has gotten better, I'm not as bitchy as I use to be". Shell gave her a nod of agreement, "besides the bastard should be grateful now when he comes home tired I've had my cunt pounded all afternoon, so he can sleep". Shell got a funny look on her face "Sandi I agree but my problem is I want to spend more time with Matt and Bo fucking me it's becoming difficult".

Sandi quickly responded "listen girlfriend, I have a mans name under my tit who wants to fuck me senseless, I'm getting to the point I want to spend time with him as well.


I've got an idea how we could spend a long weekend with the guys you in"? Shell's face it up "yup but Monday I need to get to a doctor get back on the pill, as it is I could already be knocked up"! They exchanged knowing looks.

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Over the next few days they told the guys about the plan to spend a long weekend the guys were up for it. They continued to have the guys over during the day but after two weeks they were ready for the plan.

Jim was leaving on an overseas trip Wednesday morning and would be gone for 3 weeks. Sandi acted like she had forgotten the trip. While Michelle and Andy were eating a Sunday dinner she told the about the dude ranch trip she was going to take her husband on. Jim realized he was going to be away, she bitched about having paid for the trip up front and it said no cancellations within 4 days of the schedule.

Jim looked at Sandi, "why don't you take Michelle Andy can get his mom to watch the kids for a week, right Andy. Andy nodded in agreement, he wasn't happy with this but its was only a week so what the hell.

Besides if she was gone he could go to the new strip club with the guys from work and have a good time. Sandi sent a text to Rob telling him they could have a week to themselves, her plan had worked.

Rob told her Matt and he had a surprise as well. The girls went shopping for some sexy underwear, they knew they weren't going to need many cloths for the week anyway. Friday morning, she said good by to Andy then drove the kids to her mother in laws. Sandi was loading her suitcase in the car as Michelle pulled in "get your bag and let's get going I'm wet thinking about this coming week".

They arrived at Matt and Robs at 11. They took there bags out of the car they were heading for the elevator as Bo got off. "Hey girls didn't realize you were here let me tell the guys". He texted five minutes later Matt and Rob were in the garage with suitcases. Jose smiles he gave Sandi a kiss hello.

Two additional guys were along Jesus and Tom. A stretch hummer pulled up everyone got in 30 minutes later they were on line with tickets for Miami. They flew 1st class so by the time they landed they were all drunk. Another limo ride, they pulled up in front of a large swanky hotel on the beach, half hour later they were in a suite overlooking the ocean.

Matt whispered in Michelle's ear, she looked at him smiling she grabbed Sandi's hand they headed off to a bedroom. As soon as they were in the room Sandi looked at Michelle "I can't believe this were in Florida with all these young horny guys". Michelle nodded "Matt told me to open this small suit case let's see what's in it". They both looked in astonishment at the sexy outfits, plus two black swede chokers on the inside was inscribed Robs slut Michelle's read Matts slut.

They put on the chockers each took a different outfit, fixed their hair makeup put on 6''heels now they strolled out to the living room. After many pictures they were each taken to a bedroom where they were fucked senseless.

Sandi and Michelle spent the next 6 nights fucking, the days eating, tanning and shopping. Rob and Matt insisted they have new stunning outfits for every dinner every night they had pictures taken in the outfits with the chockers, Rob and Matt were at their side in every photo. Thursday afternoon as they were seated for the flight home Rob turned to Sandi, "when we get back you guys need to find two beautiful women for Jose and Bo".

Michelle and Matt were seated across from them they heard the comment. Michelle whispered in Matts ear "I think we can get this done". They got back to the apartment around 11 for the first time in the week the four of them were alone. Michelle told Sandi and both guys about the conversation with her neighbor Carol. After a short drink they all went to bed. Friday after a good morning fuck then lunch they loaded the car and headed home.

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They hadn't gotten five minutes away. "Hey Sandi, What Shell we still have our choker on". They both shot each other a look Sandi smiled "if I had more balls I'd keep it on, fuck him, this pussy feels wonderful I had a glorious time, got a shit load of sexy underwear six of the most fantastic outfits I've ever had I have a man who wants me enough to put his name under my tit, that isn't so bad, is it"?

Michelle responded no but for now anyway this has got to be kept quiet". Sandi looked at Shell "Funk, Fuck, Fuck"! Michelle sat there thinking this is getting out of hand. What Next??