Delicious busty on the webcam

Delicious busty on the webcam
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Rachel had always been a tease. I suppose she was always that typical girl next door for me. With long black hair, powerful blue eyes, an extremely pretty face, a tight cute butt and round perky breasts, it was hard to resist my mind flashing to her during the more boring lessons. We had been friends since we were very young. Even then I'd had feelings for her. We'd do the odd "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" thing. Sometimes she'd even keep her underwear off, in hope that I'd notice it under her short skirts.

We grew apart, however, as friends do. It wasn't until she was placed in my class when we reached High school that I really started to notice her petite developing body.

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Luckily enough for me, our surnames were similar, so classes that our teacher's decided to order us alphabetically bode well for me. We'd sometimes sit and reminisce, other times we'd sit and joke about our teachers. I enjoyed being in her company, despite the fact that walking around would result in my crouching to hide my erection.

By our second year, she had joined the schools tennis team. I'd often ask to come and watch her practice and catch the occasional glimpse of her tight pale-coloured panties, and then I'd walk her home. People began talking and we were constantly abused for "fancying" each other, when in reality, it was probably only me that felt anything. Each time I saw her I couldn't help but feel more and more sexually attracted to her.

Her cute tennis dress pressed against her developing physique was all it took to send me into a trance and play out fantasy after fantasy in my mind as I lay in bed that night. The flirting increased and I could barely contain my lust for her. Then, one warm summer afternoon after we'd returned from her tennis practice, still dressed in her tight little low cut tennis dress, she had come to my door: "You'll never guess what I found!" she exclaimed, giggling excitedly. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the familiar small stretch of concrete beside the park we grew up in.

"Look!" she said, as she pulled out a small box of worn thick chalks. "No way!" I shouted. Almost every day when we were younger we had come to this very spot and written things on the ground about each other.

Mean little juvenile jokes that were funny to us at that age. Until I went to far and had give her a kiss to make it better, which, of course, disgusted me at the time. She dropped to her knees and began drawing pink swirls with her old favourite piece of chalk as I watched her from the side. Her innocent girlish smile made me laugh and I remembered those warms summer days when I had insisted that girls were "yucky".

I began to scan her body… "Are you gonna help me or what?" she asked, grinning but not looking up from the ground. But I had frozen; my eyes had led past her perky teenage breasts, past her thin waist and down to her round hips that her dress barely covered now that she was on all fours. But I saw no glint of the white panties I'd seen earlier, just the round smooth side of her right butt cheek. I needed to reposition myself. "Yeah, okay," I replied, shakily.

I walked around behind her and she moved slightly, only exposing me to her round cute butt. My cock leapt.

Determined to keep myself from staring, I crouched at the box and began rooting through it for my favourite colour. She sighed and I looked up, she was now sitting cross-legged giving me a dark view of what was between her legs. It was unsatisfying however; I'd need to see it in a better light.

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Hopefully she had not noticed me looking. "Nothing, it's just really warm, hey, remember when…" and we sat and reminisced for a while longer, with me occasionally trying to see up her tennis dress but never catching the view of her tight, beautiful mound that I craved so much. After some time, she checked her watch and jumped up causing her dress to fly up slightly and expose my paradise for a fraction of a second.

"I'd better go. Think you'll be up in enough time to walk me to school?" she asked as she picked up her chalks. I stared at her. "Well?" "What?


Oh, yeah, sure!" I smiled and she ran off. "Wait…" She stopped and span round. "Uhhu?" For a moment I just stared at her as my mind was at war: say it, say the words you've been dying to say, come on, fucking say "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," now! Say it!


But the words never came. "Never mind…" "Okay," she looked down at the ground, as if disappointed, "See you tomorrow." "Yeah…" and I sat, crestfallen, my mind full of questions. The next day, Rachel was waiting for me at the top of our cul-de-sac in her little blue and white tartan skirt and a tight blouse. She smiled as she saw me approaching in my usual school-wear and gave a nervous wave.

I hadn't been able to get her out of my mind since the day before, despite having masturbated several times to decrease my sex drive. The walk to school passed without incident as did the school day besides our social education teacher announcing that they would start sex education next lesson, Rachel and I noticing each other and looking away, embarrassed. The walk home, however, was interesting: "Fuckin' sex ed!" she laughed, "Remember the stuff in first year?" "Yeah! We got out a snakes and ladders game, snakes were, like, acne and stuff whereas ladders were, like, growing pubic hair.

I would've put that down as snake, it's not exactly an advantage…" "Yeah, I shave mine or get bikini waxed even though I never really have any.

It hurts when it grows back and it hurts even more getting waxed." I raised my eyebrows and she pushed me then giggled.

"I've never fancied a wax, myself. Though I wouldn't mind shaving it, for a laugh." "Hah! I dare you too." "It's funny how you've not grown up much over the space of 8 or 9 years." "Fine, if you're gonna be a wee pussy." I couldn't help but see the irony in that. "Okay, then! I'll do it later and come by yours just to prove it." "Bet you don't." To annoy her, I reached up her blouse and undid her bra, then ran a little further on.

"Hey!" she yelled, desperately trying to fix it. I laughed. She then ran up and undid my studded belt. "Ach, fuck off!" I shouted playfully as I pulled my trousers up. When we reached our street, we had fixed all our unfastened clothes and said our momentary goodbyes.

"I'll be back through in five minutes!" "No, you wont!" I pretended to run at her, she screamed, giggled then ran inside.

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I made my way to the bathroom in my house. Moments later, I was showering as I fulfilled the challenge set by my best friend. I noticed her mum's car leave. Good, I thought, no one will walk on us and think we're doing anything dodgy. Then it hit me. Shit! What if we do something dodgy? I shrugged. Why should that worry me?

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Nothing will happen. I rang her doorbell. "Just coming!" She opened the door slowly while scratching her upper thigh. "Oh my god, you actually did it?" I walked in and pulled my jeans and boxers down to just above the base of my cock, exposing a clean-shaven, hairless patch of skin.

"Ucch…" she said in mock disgust, barely suppressing a giggle. "Hah! Told you." I fixed my trousers, then snapped her bra strap and ran into her living room, then vaulting over the armrest on her sofa, I relaxed and turned on the TV using the remote.


"You!" She growled, jumped on top of him and pinned him down. "You're gettin' mauled!" I writhed until she fell off, landing on the laminate floor with a slap, her legs spread wide. And there it was, Rachel's tight, developing, slightly wet, beautiful hairless pussy. For what seemed like hours, I stared at her cunt while she stared at me with an expression of mixed embarrassment, excitement and expectancy.

In the end, embarrassment won over, she snapped her legs shut and stared at the ground. Silence ensued. "Rachel?" She looked up, biting her lip. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," I said proudly as I stood, dropping my trousers and boxers to reveal my throbbing, fully erect, seven-inch cock. For a moment, she stared and then her face broke into that familiar cute smile. "So you remember it too, then," she said in a small voice. "How could I not…" She grinned and spread her legs again.

A moment passed where we sat and stared at each other's equipment. "See yesterday…?" "When I didn't wear underwear? Yeah, I tried to get you to notice." "I did.

I must've masturbated seven times just to calm myself down." She giggled and jumped up. Then ran over to me, yanked my t-shirt off and pushed me back down on to the sofa. She launched herself on top of me, her upper thighs and pussy met my stomach with a thwack, and she then slid down until her buttocks rested neatly around my cock, leaving a trail of pussy juice down my torso.

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I leant over and kissed her passionately as I undid her bra for the second time today and she unbuttoned her blouse. Pressing her against my chest, I began to play with her butt as she kissed down my neck.

I pushed on to the other part of the sofa and got down to the floor on my knees whilst struggling out of my jeans and kicking my shoes off. "What're you gonna do?" she smiled while playing with her left breast. I leant on the sofa and stared at her pussy in awe but she grew impatient and slid downwards so that my mouth met her slit.

"Mmmph!" She giggled again and began pushing my head down as I licked furiously, trying to satisfy her. She stopped pushing my head and wrapped her legs around my head, while using her free arm to play with her remaining breast. I began rubbing her while I licked and she came, catching me by surprise, I stood and almost choked as she sat screaming in pleasure and laughing at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" she grinned, when she was finished and hugged me as my cock pressed against both our stomachs and her pussy juice dripped on to the floor below. "It's fine." I coughed and wiped my lips with the back of my hand. "Your turn," she grinned and pushed me on to a nearby armchair, then got on her knees and grabbed my cock. She spat on the base, then spread it to the head and began to slowly jack me off.

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"Have you done this before?" "Kinda. Y'know how all the girls on the tennis team are older than me?" "Yeah." "They were giving me tips, one even lent me a dildo but I've not like…put it in, yet.

They've heard quite a lot about you," she explained, as her left hand disappeared down to her soaking-wet mound and began to rub. She stopped talking and licked my balls, then stuffed my throbbing cock into her mouth, managing about 4 inches before gagging.

She repeated this four or five times, managing to swallow more each time until she'd reached all her small mouth could take and her head began to bob up and down in the familiar cock-sucking movements I'd seen so often in internet porn. She slowly massaged my balls and occasionally lifted her head to lick the shaft. It wasn't long before I was pumping stream after stream of cum into her mouth.

She swallowed, grinned excitedly and stood. She jumped onto my knee, the warmth of her pussy almost burning my skin, lay back against my chest and looked up at me.

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"Was that okay?" "Fuckin' amazing," I answered, grabbing her tits. A noise of feet on gravel came from outside and we both froze. Grabbing our clothes, I wiped up the left over cum on the floor and ran after Rachel, who had left the room with her cum-drenched school skirt flapping behind her.

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We ran up the stairs and into her room as I stared up her skirt at her tight butthole. "Get in!" she whispered as she pushed me into her closet, grabbing some clothes to change into as she slammed it shut. Listening at the door, I heard her scuffling into her clothes and breathing heavily, someone's voice, then running downstairs.

For a moment I sat in silence, waiting for a development until I heard footsteps on the stairs. I froze then tried to conceal myself under a pile of her panties and thongs as my cock slowly grew limp. Again, more voices, footsteps on the stairs, the noise of a drawer opening and closing, then the door slowly slid open…