Dirty suck fuck golden shower

Dirty suck fuck golden shower
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"Wake up, sleepy-head!" My bed bounced as a voice demanded next to me. "I could really use some brotherly loving before I go to school!" Moaning as I open my eyes, I look at Lisa grinning down at me, and wish I could just roll over and go back to sleep, but with my arms in their cast, on my back is the only position I can sleep. This is how it has been ever since that night our mom had caught us and Geo in bed together. Every morning she comes in to visit, before going to school, and while I can't complain about the attention, being kept up late at night by my mother doesn't make waking up early any fun.


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I'll bet even if you're not willing to, your little man is." Cold air pebbled my skin as Lisa pulled back the covers revealing my nakedness. I had stopped wearing clothes to bed some time ago; there just wasn't a point anymore. "Mmm, that looks good, and not so little. I think I'll just have a taste." Despite how tired I am, I can't stop a moan from escaping my lips, as I feel her warm, wet mouth encompass the head of my cock.

I feel the corners of my mouth lift, as I can't hold back a smile, while Lisa swallows me deeper and deeper. My morning wood is soon throbbing down her throat, while her hands fondle my sack. "Ahh, I can still taste Mom on you," she says as she pulls her head up. "I hope you have some left for me," her hand starts to pump me, using her own saliva for lubrication, and I hunch my hips against the wonderful feeling. "Judging from your reaction, I'd say you do!" "Can't a man get a little rest around here?" I demanded, trying to act angry, but I think I failed miserably by the sparkle in Lisa's eyes.

"Ohh," Lisa put on her pouty face, "Does my big brother need some rest? I think you need breakfast. That should wake you up!" Lisa flipped her body around, and I noticed for the first time that she was completely nude. Her breasts pressed against my stomach, while she carefully guided her legs around my casts, and swallowed my member back down her throat.

Figuring I might as well get a meal of it, I lifted my head, bringing my lips to her nether-lips, lightly brushing, teasing her. Her hips slammed down, knocking my head against my pillow, and mashing my mouth against her already very wet slit.

I felt, more than heard, her moan, all the way through my cock. Breakfast is served, I thought, driving my tongue into her as far as it could go. Knowing what my lovely sister liked, I started popping her clit between my lips, teeth, and tongue, until I was rewarded by a gush of her orgasmic fluids, and her body shuddering on top of me.

"I think that is enough of an appetizer, it's time for the main course!" Lisa spun around, only barely hitting my upraised arms in her hurry, but after weeks of recovering, it no longer hurt.

Sitting on top of me, her auburn hair framing her slender face, I could see the fire burning in her eyes, and despite the lack of sleep, I knew it was reflected in my own. My cock butted against her pussy as she slowly slid down my body. As my head slipped past her tender folds, she dropped her face down, and our lips met only seconds before our tongues entwined.

A deep moan resounded from my bedroom walls, either from her or me, I don't know, as I felt the last few centimeters slip into her, and our pelvises met.

Our kiss increased in activity, as we started up a rhythm together. Bodies molded together, I only wished I could wrap my arms around my lovely sister as I felt her start to cum, her inner muscles undulating around my hard cock. I increased the tempo of my hips, wanting to please her for as long as possible and smiled as she threw her head back and moaned loudly. This also thrust her chest out, and I gladly latched onto her hard left nipple. She suddenly felt like a vise around my tool, as another wave of pleasure cascaded through her body, and this time it was too much for me, as I emptied myself into her hungry canal.

"Thank you, Jason," Lisa whispered into my ear, and then gave me a small peck on the cheek, "I'll let you get some rest now." She rolled off of me, and then swallowed my shrinking cock into her mouth, licking off all of our juices, before pulling the covers back up under my casts. I think she might have said something more, but I was already falling back to sleep. * * * I decided to check my email when I woke up, and was surprised to see one from Jenny. I hadn't heard from her in some time, and decided to actually read this one.

She went on to tell me that she understood why I did everything I had done to her, and that she had deserved the whole thing. She offered to pay for the lamp that she'd broken, and hoped that I could find it in my heart to just talk to her. Wary of her manipulation, but also feeling bad for how I had treated her so poorly, I slowly typed back to her, wanting to know when she was available to meet.

The rest of the emails were the standard junk, until I found one from Faith, my half-sister. Apparently her mom and mine had already left on some trip together, and she was letting me know she would be by around nine this morning to help take care of me. I looked at the calendar, and was shocked to see that today was the day my mom, Diane, was going on her little trip with Sarah, Faith's mom and my mom's college friend.

Now that I think about it, I seem to remember mom saying something last night about being gone by the time I got up. I looked at the clock, and saw that I had about thirty minutes till she got here.

Just as I was about to shut my computer down, a pop-up informing I had received new mail came up on my screen. Jenny had already replied that she was free all day, and sent me her new address. I forwarded it to my phone, and then shut down my computer. It took me a couple minutes to work my hips into some basketball shorts, before I headed for the front room.

As soon as I sat down, the doorbell rang, and I got myself back up with a huff, as I headed for the door. Who could that be? I wondered.


It was still too early for Faith to come by, and for a moment I feared it was Geo from next door. Despite my best efforts, she still wasn't pregnant, and to be honest, I was starting to have second thoughts about the whole thing.

Did I really want to get a girl pregnant that didn't care for me? It took me a second to get the door open, but I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by Faith's smoldering eyes, and big smile. "Surprise!" She said to my obvious look of confusion. "I know I said nine, but I just couldn't wait, and realized that there really was no reason to come over as soon as I was ready, so here I am.

I hope you don't mind." "Why on Earth should I mind that a beauty like you wants to come see me?" I say with a smile as I step back to let her in. Instead, she hugs me tightly, kissing my cheek, and then pulling back with an unhappy look on her face. "I'm happy to see you, but you could do with a shower!" I couldn't smell myself, but thinking back, I also couldn't remember if it had been one day or three since my last bath.

"Good thing you're here then to help me," I winked at her. Her disgusted look turned into a wicked grin as she followed me back to the bathroom. She started up the shower, but I pointed out that I couldn't get my casts wet. "But I was going to join you," she pouted. "The tub is big enough for both of us," I pointed out. "That is, unless you don't want to get that close to your smelly half-brother," I teased. She smiled again, as she started filling up the tub, removing her own clothes, and revealing her large breasts.

I couldn't stop looking at them, at the way they sat on her chest, moving slightly as she breathed in and out. Her nipples were already hard, and standing out, demanding attention.

"Hello? Earth to Jason, are you there?" I shook myself to get out of the trance I was in, and could only smile sheepishly. Faith pulled down my shorts, and I had to laugh as she became mesmerized by my stiff member only inches from her face.

"Hello? Earth to Faith, are you there?" I threw her words back at her. She ginned up at me as she stood back up, letting her fingers lightly trail their way up from my balls to the tip of my penis. "Better get in the tub, smelly brother, if you ever want to be clean." "What if I like being.

Dirty?" I couldn't help but ask, laughing. "Dirty is fine," she told me, "and we can be all sorts of dirty, AFTER you are washed!" Both of us laughed then, as my wonderful half-sister helped me sit in the tub, and then climbed in after me, her smooth legs going around my sides, and her feet resting between my thighs.

The water was warm, and with both of us in the tub, it filled up fast, coming up to just under my sternum. Grabbing the soap, Faith started to wash my back, careful not to get my casts wet, and even turned it into a massage. After weeks of having my arms in one position, this felt wonderful! She followed that up with pressing her large tits against my back, while she reached around and washed and massaged my chest. Grabbing a washcloth, she got it nice and wet, and carefully washed my face, neck, and hands.

"Okay, stud. Time to get the lower half," she intoned, and helped me stand, facing away from her. I enjoyed the feeling of her soapy hands running up and down my legs, massaging my butt cheeks, and I even jumped a little when her hand slipped between my cheeks, and then slid under to cup my balls.

She had me lift one foot, then the other, before finally having me turn around. By this point my cock was almost aching, it was so hard. She couldn't miss it pointing to the ceiling as I turned, and I know I saw her lick her lips before soaping up her hands, and washing the fronts of my legs.

She seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time washing my thighs, her eyes locked on my manhood, before finally bringer her hands up to it. Gripping me at the base, she twisted her hands around it, keeping up the pretense of washing me, but making me moan too.

"Does that feel good?" She asked, finally taking her eyes off my cock, and looking up at me. In her eyes danced a mischievous smile that I could only return as I nodded my head.

"Good!" She stated, and started moving her hand up and down my shaft, continuing the twisting movement.

This felt new and wonderful, and I had to lock my knees to keep them under me. She hadn't even reached the sensitive head yet, and I was already moaning like this. Despite how I was feeling earlier about too much sex, I was really enjoying this treatment. I had to close my eyes when she finally reached the sensitive head, and stopped twisting her hand, only to apply pressure with her thumb to just under the bottom part of the rim. This was the most sensitive part of my penis, and I was glad my knees were locked, or else I would have collapsed right there.

Faith giggled, as she kept this up for a couple moments. "I'm getting close," I warned, and she stopped, returning her hand back to the base, and applying pressure to it to cut off any orgasm.

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"Not yet! We still have to rinse you," she informed me, and I opened my eyes to look back down at her.


She used the washcloth to squeeze water down my body, and even the feel of the runnels of water running from the cloth had somehow become sensual, with the talents of this sultry woman. Finally I was fully rinsed off, and Faith stood, and to my disappointment, stepped out of the tub.

She dried herself off first, then helped me from the tub, started draining it, and finally began to dry me off. She did it quickly, and for once, there was nothing sexual about it.


I started to worry that I was going to end up with blue-balls, my only hope lying in the fact that she hadn't dressed yet. She led me back to my room, where she plopped herself on the edge of my bed, pulled her legs to her chest, holding them there with one arm, and used her other hand to reach around and start vigorously rubbing her cunt. "Oh, I need you in me now, Jason!

I'm so wet, and can't wait anymore! I hate doing it in showers, hope you don't mind." How could I possibly mind, as I watched her slip her middle two fingers into her slick slit, frigging herself? I stepped up to her, and she pulled her fingers out long enough to grasp me, and pull me into her. Thankfully my bed was at the right height that I didn't have to squat down, as I sank to the hilt in one stroke.

She released her legs, and they gripped my sides, trying to pull me in deeper. I let her set the speed, and was soon plunging into her as hard as I could. I loved watching the way her tits bounced on her chest as I plumbed her deepest depths to the loud sounds of her pleasured screams.

They were sliding along her chest, up and down, up and down. I became so drawn in by their movement that for a moment I forgot my arms were locked into their casts and tried to reach for them, only to have reality come crashing back in, as my arms didn't budge.

I groaned at the frustration of not being able to touch these large beauties, but contented myself with the knowledge that my casts would be off in a number of weeks. The doctors said I was more than halfway healed. "Fuck me, with that huge cock! Oh, Gawd, it goes so deep. I love the way my brother feels in me! Yes, yes, YES!" Faiths legs locked against me, making me unable to move my hips, so I started making my little brain twitch inside her. Her eyes snapped open, and she sucked in her bottom lip, grinding her hips up and down against me, as her orgasm continued.

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The look in her eyes as they remained locked on mine was one filled with hunger and desire, as I continued to make my cock jump inside her. I fell forward, landing on my hands, and being supported by my casts. As I lowered my face to hers, she flung her arms around my neck, pulling me down a little further till our lips met, and she lustily sucked my tongue between her soft lips, treating it like a small phallus, bobbing back and forth on it. I realized her legs had loosened up, and resumed pumping in and out of her.

Faith's head dropped back down to the bed, but her arms remained around my neck. "Ung. Ahh. Holy shit, you're gonna make me cum again on that huge cock of yours!" I picked up my pace, as her screams picked up to a crescendo of ear splitting joy.

I couldn't hold back anymore, and with her legs locked behind me, there was no chance of pulling out as I started to shoot deep into her little cunny. I didn't think her screams could get any louder, but as this seemed to increase her orgasm, so too did the volume of her pleasure.

Faith rolled me onto my side, as I was too exhausted to move on my own, and I slid out of her. "Phew," she mumbled next to me, "I need to come take care of my younger brother more often!" I couldn't help but laugh.

"The door is always open for family," I told her. Faith cleaned me up, though not in the same way Lisa had, and we got dressed. "Was there anything you wanted to do today?" She asked me, after she was done feeding me lunch.

I had been surprised at just how quickly this day was flying by. Remembering the email from Jenny, I debated on suggesting it, but figured I might as well get it over with, and it would probably go a lot better with Faith there, than my mom or Lisa. "So this is the girl that broke your heart, and is the reason you're in these casts?" She asked when I was done explaining the situation to her.

I just nodded. "I don't understand why you want to go see her? Are you a glutton for punishment?" I debated for a few seconds on telling her the whole truth, and then when it occurred to me that what we were doing was even worse to most people than what I had done to Jenny, I explained everything; how I had tricked her into having anal sex with me, before kicking her out, and how I had treated her in general since then.

"Sounds like she deserved it, but if you really think you need to, I'd like to meet the woman that would risk losing a cock like yours." We got into her car, and she drove me to the address from the email.

"You've already met her, remember? You said you were the one that watched her clean her stuff out of my apartment." "Oh yeah. She was that sexy redhead!" Faith replied. "Man, she had a temper on her.

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I remember thinking at the time that I wondered what." Faith trailed off as she looked at me, and then continued driving, leaving me in the dark as to what she had wondered. Faith knocked on the door, and it was immediately answered by Jenny. Despite how we had left things, I had to admit she looked stunning, with her red hair lightly curled, and her makeup done up.

She was wearing a navy blue spaghetti strap shirt, and tight jeans, that both showed her figure off well. By the look in her eyes, she hadn't been expecting Faith. "Oh! I didn't realize you'd be bringing anyone." "Kind of hard for him to drive himself, since his accident," Faith told her before I could say anything. I watched as Jenny's face turned beet red, and I wondered if she was thinking about the fact that the accident had only happened because I had caught her cheating on me.

Jenny turned to let us in, and we followed her down the entryway corridor. "So, are you Jason's new girlfriend?" Jenny asked, and while I could tell she was trying to sound only inquisitive, I still detected a note of jealousy in her voice.

I decided I'd better answer before Faith could. No telling what she might say and I didn't know if the fact that Faith was my half-sister would get out.

"No. She has been helping me with things lately. Our mothers are old college friends." Faith looked at me suspiciously for a moment, and I wondered what she was thinking, before the look turned wicked, and she mimed squeezing Jenny's ass, as she walked in front of us.

"Oh. That's nice," was Jenny's only comment to my information. We walked into the family room, and I had to admit that Jenny's place looked rather nice.

I wondered who she had to bone to get it, but shook the jealous thought from my head. I sat on the side of the couch as Jenny took the only chair in the room, and Faith sat uncomfortably close to me, despite there being plenty of room for her.

This didn't go unnoticed by Jenny, as she glanced at where our thighs touched, and I saw her lips tighten. A sure sign she wasn't happy. We sat in uncomfortable silence for a couple moments, before me ex finally spoke up.

"I had hoped to do this privately, but I guess there will have to be an audience. I wanted to apologize in person for what I did, and." She trailed off, looking at my stiff arms in their casts. "And for what happened after," she finished in a rush, looking at her hands clasped in her lap. "That's it?" Faith said, surprising us both. "You're sorry? You cheat on this man, he gets into a horrible accident, and is lucky to be alive, you try to trash his apartment afterwards, and all you can say is, you're sorry?" "Faith!" I had been trying to get Faith to stop talking, but she only seemed to hear me as she finished speaking.

"Well?" She turned and asked me. "I can handle this," I whispered to her, before turning back to Jenny. I saw tears dripping down from her cheeks, and felt bad, but decided not to comfort her right then. I still had my own apology to tender. "Jenny, I--" I cut off as her head lifted, and despite the tears, I could see pure determination in her eyes.

The look seemed to pierce me to my marrow, and I could only sit there, stunned as she started to talk. "Now I understand why you brought HER!" Jenny's hand flung out and pointed to Faith. I could hear the sadness in her voice, but underneath it was pure iron willed determination. "It wasn't bad enough that you humiliated me in your mother's house, but you brought HER here to do it to me again!" "No, I--" I tried to talk, but she just bulled over me, not willing to listen.

"At first, when you agreed to see me, I was so happy. I thought that here was my chance to get back the one man that ever truly cared for me. That I might have a chance at happiness again. I was even determined to do WHATEVER it is you wanted me to, in order to get you back." "Jen--" "But then when you brought HER, I figured you were rubbing my nose in the fact that you had moved on!" Jenny's voice was heated, but somehow her eyes seemed to only grow sadder as she spoke.

"You claim she isn't your girlfriend, but I see how close the two of you sit, and I see the way she looks at you." She finally paused for a second, but I couldn't possibly think of anything to say, and then the moment was passed. "At first I wondered why you would say you weren't together, when you obviously are, and then it dawned on me. You aren't here to rub my nose in it. You want to humiliate me more by forcing me to join in!" I opened my mouth to protest, but Faith's sudden grip on my thigh, and the look in Jenny's eyes clamped my mouth shut.

Jenny stood and walked over to us, standing in front of Faith, but her eyes never leaving mine. "If this is what it takes to earn your forgiveness, then so be it!" She leaned forward, her eyes staying locked on mine, as she brought her lips to Faith's. My half-sister's grip tightened for a moment as she closed her eyes, and opened her lips to my ex.

Faith brought her other hand up to kiss Jenny in earnest, and I wondered just what had happened here? I had come to apologize to Jenny, and hear her own, and now I was watching her make out with the woman I had just had sex with not that long ago.

And what was Faith playing at, I wondered. Faith's hand travelled up my thigh to my crotch, and started to work into my waistband, pulling it down.

At the same time, she pulled Jenny down into her lap, and I noticed that my ex was no longer looking at me, but really seemed to be enjoying the kiss. I moaned, as the hand in my pants gripped my rapidly hardening rod, and started sliding up and down it. My noises must have snapped Jenny back to the present, as her eyes opened wide, and she pulled herself out of Faith's lap.

She looked down at the hand that was gripping my now visible cock, and a triumphant smile crossed her face. "You see? I know you so well. We were meant to be together. I will do anything for you, just PLEASE don't leave me again." I was starting to think she was too much drama for me right now, and opened my mouth to speak, but once again, Faith's grip on me tightened, and I only nodded my head.

What had I gotten myself into? Jenny's whole face lit up then, and I knew I was doomed. She dropped her head down to my lap, swallowing the bulbous head of my cock between her lips, as Faith continued to stroke me into the other woman's mouth.

My half-sister leaned over, placing herself within my plastered arms, and started to kiss my neck, headed for my ear. "Let me have this, and I promise you won't be disappointed," I heard her whisper, and I pulled back to look at her, surprised. She only smiled devilishly, before bringer her succulent lips back to my ear. "When she was in your apartment, all I could think about was how wild she would be in bed.

Now I get to find out." It shocked me to hear this from her, but it occurred to me that I still really didn't know my half-sister that well. Jenny sucked hard and loudly on my member, recalling me to what she was doing for me, and I once again nodded, giving my answer to Faith. She released my cock, and brought both her hands to my face, pulling me in for a powerful kiss that left my head spinning, and my dick harder in my ex's mouth.

Faith broke the kiss, but only to trail more kisses down my body, until her face was next to Jenny's. Jenny didn't want to give up my cock, so Faith got behind her, and reached around the redhead to start undoing her pants.

When Jenny moaned against my cock, I knew that Faith was using her talented fingers. Jenny did pull away from giving me a great blowjob long enough to let faith remove her shirt and bra, but like a starving woman, she latched right back onto it. I moaned loudly enjoying the wonderful feeling of Jenny's lips and tongue lavishing my cock, and watched my now nude half-sister molest my ex-girlfriend.

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Faith sat on her haunches, arms wrapped tightly around Jenny, one hand on her tit, pinching the hard nipple, the other hand furiously rubbing the redhead's pussy. Jenny obviously enjoyed the attention, if her moans were any indication, and there was no doubt when she came.

She released my cock, turned in Faith's arms, and kissed the brunette as hungrily as she had been sucking my pecker. Faith pulled Jenny down as she lay back, and helped her get her pants the rest of the way off. I stood, and shimmied my hips to get my own loose shorts to drop to my ankles, before dropping to my knees, and lining my cock up to Jenny's pussy.

Without looking back, Jenny helped guide me into her, moaning as I slid deeper and deeper. Jenny's cunt seemed to be on fire as I slid in. I had never felt her so wet, or so demanding of my rod before, and she seemed to pull me in as much as I pushed. Faith's hands gripped both of Jenny's cheeks, and I got a great view of her bunghole. I wondered if I would be going in there again, but dashed the thought as greedy. I was already enjoying what was happening.

As I sank the last couple centimeters, I moaned, unable to hold it in. "That's right," Jenny mewled, throwing her head back, "Sink that cock back where it belongs.

Oh, I love how I can feel you in every inch of me. Yes, pound it in me. Make me cum on your huge cock. I love it!" Jenny's inner muscles tightened forcefully, and I had to slow down, or I was going to cum quicker than I wanted to. Faith rolled them both over, pulling Jenny off my cock, and then started kissing down the redhead's body, till her lips were locked on Jenny's freshly fucked pussy. Seeing another rear in the air, I waddled over on my knees, till I could line my cum-soaked penis up with it.

I had to lean forward a bit to get the right angle on my own, but I was soon buried in Faith as far as I could go. I looked up to Jenny, glad that Faith's screams were being muffled against my ex's sopping vagina. Jenny's eyes were locked on me, an expression of delightful bliss painted across her face, and a nipple being rolled in each hand.

"Do you like watching her eat my pussy while you fuck into her from behind?" Jenny asked me, to my surprise. I was still uncertain how things had turned out this way, but Faith had been right. I wasn't disappointed! "I know how much you like sex," she continued, "and I don't care how many women you screw, as long as I still get to be with you." Faith voraciously attacked the meal at her lips, and Jenny had to stop talking as her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment.

"Ah, yes! I never knew how good another woman could eat my pussy! Suck it! Suck my clit! Make me cum on your fingers while he makes you cum on his huge cock!" Jenny started to pull her tits away from her chest as she started her next orgasm, and I picked up my pace in Faith to try and get her off.

It only took a few extra strokes, and I soon felt Faith's inner wetness increase as her screams grew loudly, no longer contained by Jenny's crotch.

Faith pulled off me as she climbed up Jenny's body, and the two women started to kiss, swapping Jenny's juices between them.

I started to debate on what I should do next, when Jenny took the opportunity instead. "Do I get to feel you in my ass again?" She almost pleaded. "After that last time, I have tried to repeat how good it felt, but nothing has compared to having you inside my ass." "Do it!" Faith threw in her two cents. "I want to see you buried in her ass, Jason." Well, what was a man to do? My cock was definitely slippery enough, and with Faith's added saliva, I soon found myself back in my ex-girlfriend's ass, while she lay on her back and her rear propped up with some pillows, and I on my knees.

She felt just as tight as I remembered, though I did feel a little self conscious as Faith leaned over Jenny, and stared as where I was plugging away in her. Faith spread the redhead's labia with her pointer and ring finger, and used her birdy finger to lightly rub the other woman's clit.

Jenny started to go wild, bucking her hips, and moaning incoherently as she came. I was only a little surprised by this point, when Jenny pulled Faith's pussy to her lips, and started eating the brunette out. "Ung, ooh, she is good!" Faith told me, before mashing her lips to mine.

Faith's screams started to echo around my mouth, as our tongues wrestled one another. The combined feelings of Jenny's tight sphincter gripping my penis, Faith's kisses and barely muffled screams, and the knowledge that my half-sister was playing with my ex-girlfriend's pussy was starting to overwhelm me, as I picked up my pace. The only reason I had lasted this long, was because of how many times I had already cum today.

The first string of my seed that splashed Jenny's colon set her off as well, as she started to buck against my rod, and Faith's fingers. Jenny must have been as good as Faith claimed, as she soon followed with an ear-shattering orgasm of her own.

I collapsed back against the couch, exhausted and warn out. The two women separated themselves, and crawled over to me, each planting a kiss on my cheeks, before kissing each other in front of me.

"So," Jenny said when the kiss ended, "can we be together again?" I started to think of all the women in my life, and for the first time, realized just how overwhelming they all were. There was no way I was going to be able to keep up with all of them, but I really didn't know how to tell Jenny, after what had just happened.

I didn't have the anger in me I did last time, and I could see that she really did want this, and wasn't just trying to manipulate me. "Of course," Faith told her before I could formulate a response, "but only if I am part of the deal." I groaned inwardly as Jenny happily kissed Faith again, and I looked at my casts, wishing they were off.

My life had just become a lot more hectic.