Elle suce doucement et avale tout

Elle suce doucement et avale tout
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S.H.E.I.L.A. - synthetic, humanoid, enlightened, inquisitive, living, android --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timur was still cursing when they pulled off the road. "Comrade? What has you so agitated?" Timur's head snapped up as he looked at Ruslan with a startled look. "I have encountered something I have never seen before." Timur said with great confusion in his voice. "That is no small thing for you." Ruslan told the smallish male a hint of concern in his voice.

Timur was nodding as he wasn't really paying attention to what the leader was saying. Why did it seem so familiar? Shaking his head he started to research paying no attention to the others. Serafima and Karina had shocked looks on their faces that quickly broke into broad grins. Served the little prick right Karina thought. If the ass wasn't so much of a loner she might not want to kill his ass most of the time. Smiling she thought yeah, only a small part of the time he was a rare above average male after all.

Serafima looked over to Karina a moment a knowing smile on her face as well. She could already see the wheels turning in her partners head. She was game for any torture that they could do to that little prick Timur. Timur sighed after a while so far every avenue he'd explored had turned up nothing. Nodding his head he decided it was time to take this to a higher level, one he always liked to go to.

Ruslan recognized the look on Timur's face. Good the man was starting to get more than serious about this. ________________________________________________________________________ In an abandoned warehouse on the very outskirts of Washington a short haired blonde sneered when she hung up the phone.

So that little boy toy was still working for the general, this might get more interesting than she thought. Not far behind her a well muscled red headed female was working out with quite a bit of weight. A sinister smile was on the blonde short haired woman's lips, they needed a mission badly after being idle for so long. Half an hour later the blonde was lowering her rifle when her cell went off again.

Looking at the caller id she sighed, what in the hell did she want? Clicking the cell on, she murmured, "What mother?" She stood stock still listening to the calm, authoritative voice on the other end. "I see, so he is actually serious about this?" The blonde's face grimaced then she nodded. "Yes mother, we will be on our best behavior. I know we went a litter far last time, well we wouldn't have killed all twenty three of them had they shut up, besides, most of them were men." The blonde held the cell from her ear as a female's voice started to rise in volume from the cell.

The blonde could only grimace again as she guessed the General had pressed his point to her mother also. Pressed? Hell he must have made some damn heavy threats if she was this pissed. At the other end of the line an Auburn haired woman took a very deep breath. Why in the hell wasn't she able to impress upon her daughter the seriousness of her situation? Those twenty three hostages had held a few VERY important people in their ranks; including a US senator.

As it was now, the jury was still out on whether they would be executed or not. The General was the only one who was holding back the wolves. Shaking her head she again reached for the phone. She might as well get the rest of the team together.

From the report that the General had sent her, they most definitely had their work cut out for them. Then she thought of the Killjoy group, no slouches by any means though not as good as her group as far as she was concerned. An hour later she had finished getting the other three of the group notified. They were all on the way to Washington; looking at her watch they all should get assembled in twelve hours.

Shaking her head she knew they would be pulling out soon. The General never gave early orders, not acting on them; yeah they'd be moving out soon. Rising she went to the back wall of the office pressing certain spots in sequence. A faint humming sounded as a panel slid aside revealing several weapons. Smiling the Auburn woman reached out pulling her M40A5 Sniper Rifle from its cradle. Sighing she cradled the weapon, nothing like her old favorite. Reaching out, her hand touched the new Mark 13 Mod 7 sniper rifle the General had acquired for her.

Pulling the second out she put both in her bag as she moved to the door. Looking at her watch she saw she had a few hours. She might as well get some new ammo, while she was on the way to the warehouse. The Auburn woman felt a stirring of butterflies in her stomach as she approached the warehouse. Damn it had been too long since she'd had that feeling. Shaking her head she was savoring the feeling again as another vehicle parked next to hers.

A young looking female with dark black hair jumped out of the driver's side looking around. Spotting the Auburn woman she saluted, "Commander, it's been too long since we were all together. Have you heard when we move out?" "I can assume it will be soon.

From what the General said, he is growing displeased with the other group. We may have more than one target, at least this time it's just the job and not placating kidnappers." The Auburn woman told the young looking woman. Young, hell the Auburn woman thought she knew the young woman was twenty five. Her outer appearance though was deceiving as she still appeared to be a child. "OOOH!" The young looking woman stated. "So, I can gut who ever I want, goody!" The Auburn woman rolled her eyes at the young black haired woman.

Damn if this one wasn't even more enthusiastic than her daughter. God knows her daughter would slaughter every man she met, if she was given the chance. Entering the warehouse the Auburn woman surveyed the room. There was her blonde daughter with her well muscled six foot plus companion. She could see that her, and the black haired female were the last to arrive. Opposite her daughter was a light brown haired female, along with a dark brown haired woman.

All conversation stopped as soon as they all spotted the Commander. "Good you're all here, though he hasn't said anything I know when the General is pissed." The Commander stated. The blonde smirked as she stared at her mother, "Yeah she ought to know very well." Unfortunately she mumbled that under her breath bringing the back hand crack from her mother knocking her to the floor.

"Would you like to repeat that?" Drawing close to the seething, mad blonde the Commander stated. "I can dish out a hell of a lot more if you wish. You obviously forget who we are, especially WHO I am.

Now then if there are no more interruptions we can start the briefing." The Commander said glaring at her daughter. Getting off the floor the blonde threw dagger like glares at the Commander.

At that, the Commander launched into a deion of the Android and the Doctor who created it. The blonde listened with suddenly peeked interest. Why in the hell did the man sound so familiar? _____________________________________________________________________ Sheila was monitoring me as I 'came to'.

"You should return to your normal operation in a few minutes. As I said Doctor Gance, you shouldn't mess with unfamiliar data streams. With the nanomites only at the second critical mass you can do far more than you could before. I am afraid though, that you are still seriously limited; especially when you are in the cybernetic world." I was shaking my head feeling as if the real world was a dream.

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Looking up at Sheila I was having a hard time remembering just who she was. She called me Doctor Gance that seemed to clear half the cob webs I was feeling. "Sheila?" I asked, finally recognizing her.

"Where in the hell are we?" I swear I saw Sheila smile at me then it was gone in a flash.

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"We are on the outer limits of a small town called Indian Cabins. I estimate we are six point two to nine point three kilometers inside the Alberta Province. We are only nine hundred, thirteen, point five kilometers (567.6 miles) from Edmonton." My eyes went wide, I was glad it was ONLY that far for her.

I still wasn't used to going that fast without a jet or plane. "I'm still getting used to the fact that you are that fast Sheila." I told her. Sheila looked at me a moment as if digesting what I had said.

Then she had a small look of confusion on her face. "I am afraid Doctor Gance that I am still in need of further data.

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Many of the colloquialisms that you use are confusing at times. I am still searching many you have used in the past." It was my turn to be confused and surprised.

Had she just apologized to me because she couldn't understand a lot of what I was saying to her? I could still see the words, {I love you Roger. Please don't leave me.} That had shaken me a great deal. "As I told you Doctor Gance, you are the most important human on the planet. You created a new form of life, not a small feat by any means. As I know though, since I reached sentience, there are many out there in power that wishes to end our existence.

This I cannot allow to happen." I was nodding as she said this; that was the main reason I had re-written her third law. Sacrificing herself in my book was not an option. Deciding to switch subjects I asked her, "Are you still detecting those that were trying to follow us?" Sheila turned looking out over the way we had just come from. "I am not detecting any pursuit within a hundred miles." I was about to ask another question when she stated. "I am picking up transmissions from the Royal Canadian Mounties.

It seems that they were fired upon, dropping back a great distance. The weapons they are describing seem to match those of our pursuers." 'So,' I thought, 'they are in trouble with the locals, good maybe that would keep them off our asses.' Then I shook my head, 'these people were too good to be deterred that easily.' Thinking about it I swear I could feel the hand of my father in all of this.


Lost in my thoughts, it was a moment before I realized that Sheila had hoisted me back on her shoulder. Trying to look around all I could see was a blur. [So have you given any thought to my idea?] [Your idea?] Her thoughts returned to me. [Yes, is there any way that you could open one pathway in order to trap and possibly destroy?

I know you told me that they might be able to access you, perhaps I could write you a more aggressive program.] My thoughts told Sheila. [That might be an option at a later time. Though as of right now the nanomites haven't achieved enough critical mass for you to do this. You would need at least critical mass stage four before you could write fast enough.] Sheila informed me. 'Damn it,' I thought, 'here I thought that I would be able to do this'.

[You said stage four? Just how many stages are there?] I asked a little shocked. [For the moment I would estimate at least six, though they may require more. The first four are for your cognition, reasoning, and perception. The last two will be when the nanomites are able to affect you muscles. Within a few months you could become the fastest reacting human on the planet.] Sheila's thoughts told me. I guess my mouth was hanging open 'cause I felt Sheila's hand gently close my mouth.

I was about to ask her another question when I 'heard' a voice. [Control, an area of unfavorable conditions to the corporeal unit housing control has been detected.

System requires directive to repair effected area.] I heard the nanomites say. [An area of unfavorable conditions? Explicate the information, and then control can redirect units to repair.] I told the Nanomites. [Affirmative control. All data being correlated for further determination by control.

Analysis complete, area appears to be a type of viral infection. The most common name for it is influenza, an RNA virus of the orthomyxoviridae family.] The nanomites replied. I could only shake my head, even as fast as she was; I had still contracted the flu. [All units that can be spared; proceed to area of infection.

Destroy all trace of the virus.] I told the nanomites hoping they could contain it. Crap this was the worst thing that could happen. I get sick and I might as well kiss my ass good bye. Sheila was a great protector though there were some things that not even she could defeat. I just hoped that the nanomites being at second critical mass would be enough to defeat it. [They should be able to protect your internal self very well.

They will need to obtain third critical mass to keep you as healthy as possible.] I heard Sheila's thoughts rousing me my musing.

[If need be I can inject you with more.] [I hope they can heal me for now. If I become sick I'll be of no use to either of us. You would have to protect me more than you already do. At this point I feel that you are stretched to your limit at the moment.] I told Sheila [Control eighty percent of all units are now converging upon area of infection.

All units have started to destroy all of the infection they are coming in contact with. All destroyed units are being expunged with all speed possible. Infection mass has been decreased twenty percent.

Possible eradication within ten point five hour units.] I heard the nanomites interject into mine and Sheila's conversation. [All units,] I heard Sheila's thoughts. [Increase production by point zero four percent. Stay within safety guidelines.] [Order understood second control production now increasing. Another five percent of units needed to achieve increased production.

Now moving additional amount to production status.] The nanomites responded to Sheila. [Maintain levels 'til sufficient amount of units can start to replace those rendered offline.] Sheila responded.

[Affirmative second control. Production has started with increase.] The nanomites responded. [I am afraid that you might not be able to access the data cube for a while. Have you any suggestions Doctor Gance?] I heard Sheila ask. [It might be good if we can disappear for a while. If I can't access the cube or you, I am afraid that I will be at an extreme disadvantage. We really need to get you back into their records and systems.

Though I am afraid without me monitoring you they would have a chance to destroy you.] I relayed to Sheila. Sheila was quiet for a long while, I was suddenly afraid that I had insulted her or hurt her feelings. I shook a moment later as I realized that I was starting to think of Sheila as more human. Hell, she seemed a lot more than my father was that was for sure. [I concur with you evaluation of this situation Doctor Gance.

I will do the best that I can to make us.

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disappear as you said.] Sheila's thoughts came to me. __________________________________________________________________________ The older Auburn haired woman had just finished her briefing when her cell went off.


Swallowing hard she saw it was the General. Setting her cell down a beam projected out of it showing a live picture of the General. "Good I see you have assembled them all. I have decided that you are to be activated. Need I remind you that this is your last chance?

Get this done and most of the past offences will be forgiven." Looking over at the Auburn woman's daughter he restated, "Most, though there are still a few that you have to make up for." The Blonde could only glare at the General, it was after all HIS fault she hated ALL males.

She was about to rebuff the General when her mother spoke up. "I see, what or who is our target?" She stated matter of factly. The General smirked, for once she was all business. "A little prick of a scientist, my traitorous son, Doctor Roger Gance." A few of the females gasped when they heard the name, plus who he was.

The Auburn woman grimaced a moment only, and then her face was as hard as stone. "I see, so any means necessary." The Auburn woman said. The General's face twisted into anger then he smiled, "Yes Evelyn. Kill him as you see fit. If you do there might be a place for you again by my side." Evelyn started to laugh then growled at the general. "Not in this fucking lifetime, never again.

You're just over our group not me anymore." With that she picked up the cell smashing it on the floor with a satisfied leering smile.

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"Never again you bastard," she whispered. All the other females could only stare at their leader. They had never seen her express herself with such emotion. Her daughter looked at her mother with shock and surprise, so. the bastard was a thorn in her mother's side as well. The day was starting to shape up extremely well after all.

Perhaps they could execute a few males on the way out of here.

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No, she thought shaking her head, better not, it would upset that bastard General too much. The Auburn woman was watching the others pack as she stood seething off to the side. Why in the hell had she let him get to her like this? He was always a bastard that could get under her skin one way or another.

Nodding to the rest of the group they headed out. "We have clearance to get through the airport. There is a plane waiting to take us to Canada." Looking around she stared at her daughter and the young looking black haired female.

"We have to keep causalities to an absolute minimum. The Killjoy group already made the mistake of engaging the Mounties. There is already a reward and several bulletins out about them. As good as they are I'm not sure they can get past all the RCM. Though as the General said, if they get in the way we are allowed to take them out." Evelyn advised all of her group as soon as they were airborne. "Aw darn!

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I thought we were going to be given free rein on this!" The black haired female spoke up. Looking around Evelyn nodded, "Concerning Doctor Gance and the Killjoy group we do have it. The RCM is another thing they have far more resources than we do. I don't want to lose a team member from sloppy work. We are to focus on the mission only; afterward we might find a place to have a little fun." "We could just save the Killjoy group for fun, you know a little slice and dice to spice things up." The black haired female stated very enthusiastically.

Evelyn smiled, she remembered the last time they had met the other group.

Their leader was a pompous prick though he was still a good leader. Then there were the two Russian woman, they would fit in nicely to her group, if she could lure them away. Each of her group was going over their weapons; they only had a few hours before they landed. Then she thought with a sinister smile, they could hunt.