Japanese playgirl gets her pussy wet from lusty group toying

Japanese playgirl gets her pussy wet from lusty group toying
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It was the day before Thanksgiving and we had family coming for the annual feast. My twin sisters, Sandy and Sheila, were arriving today from college, so I was told to hurry up and get ready. I normally like to play with myself during my shower, but today I didn't have time to finish the job. I would just have to wait until later. I got out of the shower and was drying off with my painful erection still at full attention, when Sandy barged into the bathroom!

We both froze. Time seemed to stand still as she stared at my erection and I suddenly saw her in a different light…as a hot piece of ass! I had never thought of her or Sheila in a way other than as my annoying older sisters. When we were younger, they always made me the butt of their jokes, which infuriated me. They knew it did and that's why they did it. But now, Sandy was standing there, six feet away, with her gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes, and beautiful smile, and my cock was growing and starting to jerk up and down as my mind thought of what I would like to do to her.

I'm seventeen and my sisters are twenty-one. They both have boyfriends, obviously since they are so gorgeous! I didn't know they had arrived yet, so I was not only surprised, but also dumbfounded that Sandy was standing there. It seemed like we stared at each other for an hour as her eyes devoured my body and my mind imagined having sex with her. Suddenly Sheila came barging in saying, "I need to go&hellip." and stopped mid-sentence when she saw me standing there nude, my cock sticking out.

Now both of my gorgeous sisters were looking me up and down. Sheila is as gorgeous as Sandy, but with brown hair. God! My cock got even harder! They looked at each other briefly and quietly closed and locked the door.

What were they up to? They both came over to me and Sandy reached down and grabbed my cock, "Brad! Look what you've been hiding all this time!" and kissed me square on the lips.

I was so shocked and aroused that I didn't know what to do. Sheila was kissing my shoulder and running her hand over my ass. She whispered, "Brad, you have a nice firm ass.

Did you know that?" I couldn't answer. I was about to shoot off in Sandy's hand when she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth&hellip.all the way down! I couldn't believe the feeling! My cock was in a girl's mouth for the first time, my sister's mouth, and it felt glorious! Sheila squeezed my ass as Sandy bobbed her head up and down on my cock. I closed my eyes and took her head in my hands and made her take me into her throat again.

She was perfectly willing and let me fuck her throat until I started to shoot off. "Oh my God! I'm fucking my sister's mouth and spurting my load into her throat and she loves it!" I groaned loudly as I experienced my first blowjob. Sheila said, "Save me some." Sandy looked up at me then to Sheila, "He had a big load, but he may some left." Sheila quickly replaced Sandy on her knees and popped my cock into her warm mouth.

God, she could deep throat me also! She started to suck me hard to get the last few drops of my cum. "Mmm! You taste so good, little brother!" Sheila said as she looked up at me and licked the head of my cock. Sandy said, "He does! I think we should take his virginity this weekend." They were talking to each other like I wasn't even there and didn't get a vote!

Sheila stood up and they both hugged me close, "What do you say, Brad? Would you like to fuck your sisters for the next four days? Please say yes." Finally, after all that time and what had just happened, I found my voice and said, "Sure, but why are you doing this all of a sudden?" Sandy said, "Because we just discovered that our little brother has a large beautiful cock, and we love large beautiful cocks.

Right Sheila?" "Mmm, yes!" They were both kissing on me like love-starved nymphomaniacs and my cock began to respond again. Sheila said, "Ooh. Look at you! I think you're ready to lose your virginity right now!" I said, "Where's Mom and Dad?" "They went shopping.

We're all alone. Come on." She took my hand and led me to her bedroom, pushed me down on the bed, and crawled on top of me. Her wet pussy was rubbing on my cock as she sat down on my crotch. "Mmm! Do you like that, Brad?" "Yeah," is all I could say. Sheila was fully dressed except that her skirt was hiked up around her waist and she wasn't wearing panties.

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Her long ear rings dangled down as she bent forward and kissed me deeply. "Brad. Do you want to fuck me?" she whispered after we kissed. "Say it." "Yes. I want to fuck you, Sheila." "Mmm. Then let's do it." She reached down and took my cock in her fingers, placed it in her pussy, and slowly sat down on it. "Oh, Brad! You have a great cock!" Sandy was sitting beside us, patiently waiting and watching and fingering herself. Her skirt was also hiked up around her waist, her cleanly shaved pussy looked wonderful.

Sheila started to grind up and back on my cock and was moaning as my cock rubbed against her clit. It was my first time, but I knew that her pussy felt tight. Either she had not had sex much, or she was using her pussy muscles to great advantage. "Oh, Brad! Your cock feels so wonderful! I'm going to get off on it…so…easily!" She threw her head back and let out a loud moan that must have filled the house. Her thrusting on my cock got faster as her body broke out with beads of sweat.

Then she leaned forward and looked at me, her long hair hung down around her face. She closed her eyes tightly and moaned again as her body quivered and her pussy muscles pulsated on my cock, urging it to cum. "Oh God!

I'm cumming! Fuck me, Brad!" I was holding Sheila's hips and thrusting up into her as hard as I could already, so I tried to change my rhythm in some way. Her orgasm overtook her body as she ground her pussy hard against me. She screamed softly from deep within as she fingered her clit. She was having a great orgasm. I had never seen a girl cum before, nor had I ever fucked a girl before. Now here I was fucking my gorgeous sister! All of my sensations were centered on my cock, which was buried deep in Sheila's body.

My cock felt huge as she slid up and down on it. I was about to cum, so I made one hard, final thrust up into her. She knew it was coming and smiled down at me. "Cum in me, Brad. Fill me with your warm cum." My cock suddenly started to spit hard ejections of cum deep into Sheila's cunt. My cock felt like it was twice its normal size as it squirted and squirted my load.

"Ooh, yes! Cum in me, Brad! It feels SO good!" It seemed like I was cumming for five minutes as my cock continued to spurt inside Sheila's pussy. When I finally finished, she rose up off of my cock and let my cum flood out of her and stream down all over it. "Mmm. That's what I want," Sheila whispered as she turned around and took my half-hard and cum-covered cock into her mouth.

She lapped and sucked every drop of cum she could find, making exaggerated gulping sounds as she did. Then Sandy moved over and helped her find all the drops. They shared every drop and seemed to forget I was there as they partook of my tasty cum.

I couldn't believe what had just happened to me with my sisters.


My God! I had just gotten my first blowjob from Sandy and my first fuck from Sheila! What on Earth could top than that? * * * * * The next day was Thanksgiving and all the relatives were there. Sandy and Sheila would eye me occasionally and give me a knowing smile.

I would turn red and look away. I was wondering what they had planned.


Actually, I was greatly anticipating what they might have planned. Around four o'clock, Sheila said, "Brad, would you mind driving me and Sandy to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things?" "Sure. No problem." As I turned into the large Wal-Mart parking lot, Sheila, who was sitting in front with me, said, "Why don't you park out here away from everyone else?" After I parked, Sandy said, "Why don't you get back here with me, Brad?" She already had her slacks off and was sitting there fingering herself.

Our family SUV has dark tinted windows, so I could guess what was about to happen. As Sheila stood watch, Sandy gave me a blowjob to get me erect and ready for her. When I was sufficiently hard, she straddled me and sat down on my cock, sinking it deep into her wet pussy. "Ooh, Brad! Your cock is SO nice! Fuck me as long as you want. When you're ready, shoot off inside me. I want to feel you cumming inside me." Her coaxing was turning me on so much that I was quickly approaching my climax.

Sandy's blonde hair is so gorgeous and I have a 'thing' for blondes! She placed her hands on my shoulders and ground up and down on my cock. I ran my hands into her hair and pulled her lips to mine. Her tongue immediately started to explore my mouth. I had never experienced such French kissing before!

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Sandy started to moan and breathe heavily as she became more aroused. "Oh God! Funk me, Brad! I'm cumming!" She pulled my head to her breasts as she moaned loudly and humped me vigorously.

I began to shoot off inside her at the same time. "Mmm! I feel you cumming! I feel your warm cum, Brad! It's SO GOOD!" I held Sandy close as our orgasms continued and finally completed. Sandy said, "Oh Sheila, Brad is great!" "I know! Tonight is my turn again." "We'll see. Once is not enough for me.

I'll flip a coin with you for him tonight." "No way! I'm two minutes older than you, so I get to choose." They both laughed and we drove back home. * * * * * As I expected, Sheila slipped into my bed around midnight, totally nude.

"Hold me first, Brad. I want to feel you get hard against my ass." She was laying with her back to me, snuggled up against my naked body. Her fine, round ass was pressing on my cock. She wiggled her ass as my cock grew. "Mmm. I can feel your nice cock growing." I grabbed one of her nice, plump breasts, pulled her closer, and started to hump her ass. "Mmm. That's nice. I want you to fuck me from the back, doggie style. Would you like that?" I said, "Yes," as I nibbled on her neck.

As Sheila rolled onto her stomach, I got behind her and between her legs. She arched her back to raise her ass to better receive me cock. She reached down, took my cock in two fingers, and guided it to her pussy. The rest was up to me. When I felt my cock inside Sheila's warm pussy, I leaned forward and thrust into her as hard as I could.

I wanted her to know what my cock could do to her. "Ugh! Brad! Fuck! Your cock hit my cervix!" "Did you like that?" "Fuck yes! Do it again!" I rammed her again, "Ugh!" she groaned. I continued to thrust into my sister, willing my body not to climax. She felt so good in this position! My stomach was slamming into her ass with each thrust, making a 'slap' sound that added to the excitement I felt.

My bed was banging against the wall, so I had to ease up for fear that my parents would hear what was going on. I could just imagine the horror of being found fucking my sister! Sheila was starting to moan loudly, so I grabbed the hair on her head and made her bury her face in the pillow.

Her muffled moans seemed to arouse us both as I continued to fuck her. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my balls! I looked back and Sandy was there. She was massaging my balls to accelerate my climax.

"Fuck her, Brad. Fuck her good and hard." I turned my attention back to Sheila and her ass as she pushed it up to meet my thrusts. "Mmmm!" Sheila moaned loudly into the pillow. She was having an orgasm and it was apparently a good one. "She's cumming Brad," Sandy whispered in my ear.

"Pull out of her and let me suck you off." I was about to cum, so I pulled out of Sheila and turned to Sandy, who was now kneeling at the side of the bed. I sat down, took her blonde head in my hands, and forced her mouth down on my wet cock.


She gagged loudly when it hit the back of her throat, and that excited me. She tried to pull back, but I held her head tight against my stomach as my cock started to spurt.

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She continued to gag and cough as my cum streamed down her throat in long, warm spurts. She struggled to get away, but I held her tight until I was finish.

When I let go of her head, Sandy backed off of my cock, coughed, and said, "God, Brad! You're a brute! I love that! I want to choke on your cock again…tomorrow night." My sisters quietly left the room and I was left to revel in the memories of what I had just experienced with them.

My sisters were obviously highly sexual. Their libidos must be off the chart. That was good for me. In the last 30 hours, I had lost my virginity, experienced my first blowjob, my first fuck, and my first doggie style fuck. What else was there? * * * * It was Saturday night and Sandy and Sheila would be leaving the next day to return to college. I was wondering what they had planned for me on their final night at home? I didn't have to wait long to find out.

Sandy and Sheila sneaked into my room around midnight, took off their PJs, and crawled into bed with me, one on each side. Sandy ran her hand down to my cock as Sheila whispered in my ear, "Brad. You need to learn how to eat a pussy.

I'm going to sit on your face and you're going to eat my pussy until I cum. Then Sandy will show you the sixty-nine position. Does that sound like fun?" "It does." Sandy had my cock fully erect by then, so Sheila got up and lowered her pussy to my face. I wasn't entirely sure what I should do, so I did what I'd seen done in porn videos.

As her pussy touched my lips, it was wet and it was swollen, and it was cleanly shaved and waxed. I ran my tongue around it and pushed it into her. She moaned when I found her clit, that hard little button near the top. I swirled my tongue around it as she moaned and wiggled her hips against my face. All the while, Sandy had my cock in her hand and was licking circles around the head with her tongue.

She seemed to know when to stop as I approached my climax. She was going to save me for herself. Sheila had my head in her hands as she ground her pussy into my face. She suppressed a deep groan as her orgasm overtook her body. Suddenly a gush of fluid filled my mouth and spilled out, running down my cheeks. I think she was squirting! She looked down at me and whispered, "I'm cumming, Brad! That's my cum. Swallow it. Swallow my cum." I had heard that a girl squirting during her orgasm was rare, so I felt privileged to experience it with Sheila.

Her cum tasted sweet, so I swallowed every drop that she gave me. It was glorious! As soon as Sheila collapsed on the bed, Sandy replaced her. She had turned around and put her pussy in my face and my cock in her mouth. God, it was a fabulous position. I ate Sandy's pussy the way I had eaten Sheila's as she plunged my cock into her throat repeatedly.

I knew I couldn't last long, so I used my tongue furiously and took Sandy's head in my hand and pulled it down onto my cock and held it there as my cum shot into her throat. She gagged and coughed, but allowed me to hold her head down. Suddenly, Sandy started to squirt! My God!

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So much female cum! I swallowed as much as I could, but a lot managed to escape and run down my neck and onto the sheet. She continued to gag as I held her head tightly against me, her nose pressed against my balls. She tried to get away several times, but I held her head tight. Her body went stiff as though she had taken all she could take, so I let her go and she immediately coughed and heaved to get air back in her lungs.

It sounded like she was going to throw up. "Goddamn, Brad! I almost passed out! You really did choke me with your cock," she managed to say while gasping for air. "That was SO intense! That's what I've been wanting…to choke on a cock until I almost pass out.

Brad, that was SO GOOD!" She rolled off of me and smiled at Sheila. "He's good, Sandy. He's really good." Thus ended my first lessons in the joys of sex, taught to me by my twin sisters.