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Beep beep beep. Bree woke to the sound of her alarm clock beeping its god awful sound from across the room. It read 7:05. She had actually woke up right at the start. I guess an earth shattering orgasm is just the ticket for a good night's sleep she thought. She walked across the room and although her mood was surprisingly bright she still slammed her fist down on the hated alarm clock.

She then heard a soft knock at her door. Bree threw on a robe and went over to open it. Trina stood there all made up and ready for school. She couldn't help but notice the way Trina's eyes explored the folds of her robe. Bree wished suddenly that her robe wasn't such an old, dirty looking thing. Then again it didn't appear to bother Trina at this moment so she let the thought go. "So. How did you sleep last night?" Trina asked with a small smile. Bree felt slightly embarrassed.

It had been funny last night when her sister had made the "bitch" joke. She had known then and Bree had known she'd known. Now though as she stood there talking with her about it she couldn't help but redden at the thought of basically being caught masturbating. "It was fine. I guess" Bree said looking at the floor. "Oh come on. Don't be embarrassed. How can you be embarrassed around me of all people? I'm the one who should be standing here looking at the floor all shy like." She poked Bree playfully in the shoulder.

That was something she did often and something Bree had always hated. "Anyway I brought you a little gift. Don't open it till you get to school or when you get home ok." "Sure Trina" Bree said still feeling strangely shy.

Trina sighed and rolled her eyes "you better snap out of this girl. Its cute but I miss wise ass Bree" she smiled and gave a little wink before turning and heading down the stairs.

Bree picked up the little present that sat in front of her door. Damn Trina had wrapped it perfectly and had even slapped a little red bow on top. It was thin and weighed next to nothing. Bree wondered if the pink wrapping paper and bow weighed more than whatever was inside. She picked at one of the corners of the paper but stopped herself while she still could. Trina wanted her to wait and knowing her she probably had it bugged in someway so she'd know if it had been opened early.

Bree put the package in her backpack then slung it over her shoulder before heading downstairs. Bree couldn't help but think about what could be in the package as she made her way to school. Her bag felt like it was being weighed down but knew it was just her curiosity playing games with her mind.

She could see the school a few blocks ahead and had to stop herself from sprinting to get there. Part of her was worried that this was all some well planned out trick by her sister. That maybe she would open the gift and it would be a little letter saying "I knew you were a freak". Bree entered through the big double doors at the front of the building. She walked to her locker and frowned when she saw Mike standing in front of it. He was a nice kid and his love for online games made sure they always had something to talk about.

Normally she was happy to have any kind of companionship she could get. Not today though. Today she just wanted to sit with her back to her locker and open the damn package that was driving her insane.

Bree stopped infront of Mike and smiled thinly hoping he would take the hint that she really wasn't in the mood for chit chat. He didn't however and she was stuck hearing all about his latest accomplishments in their online world.

He talked excitedly about slaying a level 37 dragon.

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He talked about an online chess tournament he wanted to join. He talked and talked and talked. until the damn bell rang for first period. Bree had never killed anyone before. She had no weapons on her. She was not a big fan of violence of any kind to be honest. At that moment though she wondered if Mike could withstand a firm beating from her math book. It was quite heavy and he was quite small. He walked beside her to her first class not knowing of his imaginary death by math book.

The first two classes of the day went by so slow that Bree thought she may soon pull her hair out. Twice she caught herself tugging on it in fact. The second hand on the clock seemed to tease her every time it made its move and even when it had finally made its full rotation she swore the minute hand didn't move.

When the second bell finally rang she sprung from her seat and made her way quickly to the door. Normally she hated art class. She had no real artistic skill to speak of and she normally used the class to catch up on homework that she had refused to do at home.

Today however it would be her best chance to finally open the package that Trina had given her that morning.

If she had to wait till she got home to open this damn package. well she feared for her sanity. She sat down at her table and waited for everyone to start working on their projects. She had a big block of clay infront of her that she poked and prodded from time to time hoping it would give the illusion that she was hard at work. After five excruciating minutes the chatter in the class quieted down and it looked as though her classmates were busy doing work of some sort.

Bree reached into her bag and undid the wrapping paper as quietly as she could. There were three pieces of lined paper inside with her sister's handwriting on them. She pulled the first one out with a shaking hand. Her heart was pounding when she finally looked down to see what it said. Bree I thought since I interrupted your reading last night that I would make up for it by letting you see what else I had written in my diary concerning you and my feelings toward you.

I know that this is all confusing for you believe me. I don't want you to feel rushed to make any kind of decision but I would like you to see more of the big picture and know that I'm not just attracted to you physically. There's more to it than that now and its something you need to know as you weigh your options.

Anyway I'll let you figure it out for yourself. Love you Trina Bree could feel a blush spreading from head to toe on her body.

She kept her head down hoping nobody would notice and then reached in to grab the next sheet of paper. October 20th It's been awhile since I last wrote anything in here I know.

Normally I wrote in here at night but now my nightly schedule is filled with my strange obsession for Bree. I find myself spending hours watching her as she plays games, watches TV, or just lays in bed doing school work. That last part happens very rarely. I know that this isn't normal and I'm willing to admit that. This whole situation is crazy and wrong on so many levels. I'm probably a therapist's wet dream at this stage.

I've only had two other times where we've masturbated together and I've gotten to the point where I know when she'll be naked and when she'll touch herself. Yet even though my initial feelings appeared to be strictly sexual I'm beginning to wonder if there is something more to it.

I find myself sticking up for her more often to my friends and the other day I even slapped Brad for saying she was a stuck up bitch. I can't help but wonder. am I falling for her? Trina Bree's heart lept at the thought.

Sure she knew that there was a sexual attraction that they shared for each other. Could it be possible that Trina had the ability to really, truly love someone and could that person actually be her? She reached in and grabbed the last piece of paper from her bag.

November 4th I love her. I can finally admit it and writing that down to actually see before me is such a liberating feeling. I know that its a doomed relationship. Not to mention a one sided relationship but it still feels great to know what these feelings really are. I'm in love with my twin sister. It feels so good to say that.

I'm afraid I may write it a hundred times. I sing it in my head from time to time. Its amazing really. I used to see her as this weird girl that could be so much more if she was willing to put the kind of effort into it that I do.

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Now I realize how strong she is for being herself and not giving a shit what other people think. All along I've been the weaker one.

She's brilliant. She's her own person. She's the one person I truly love. She's my sister Bree. Trina Bree could feel tears pricking the corners of her eyes as she read the last note again while making her way home from school. When she had read it the first time in art class she had to leave the room before she burst into tears right there.

She would have never thought her opinion of her sister could change in the matter of a single day. but it had. All of these feelings.

These thoughts. This hidden side of her sister made her heart ache. Had it just been sex she may not have went through with it but now as she made her way up the front steps of her parent's house she knew there was no turning back. She just needed to tell Trina that her answer was. yes. Bree entered the house and did a quick walk through of the main level.

She was sure nobody would be home as usual but under the circumstances she wanted to be absolutely sure. She poked her head into the kitchen. Empty. The library and living room were empty as well. She let out a small sigh of relief. No matter what happened next they would not be disturbed. Bree made her way up the stairs taking two at a time as she went. Once upstairs she went to Trina's door and knocked gently. no answer. She turned the knob and looked inside.

Her room was dark except for the light coming through the windows. She had doubted Trina would be home yet since she had cheer practice after school but she couldn't help but feel disappointment. She went over and lay down on Trina's bed staring up at the ceiling above.

Little glow in the dark stars were pasted above her bed. They had been there since Trina was little and had been scared of the dark. She had grown out of that years ago but for some reason had never taken them down. Bree lay there and let her mind wander. She realized that despite her disappointment at her sister's absence there was also a slight feeling of relief. She let her mind explore the feeling as she tried to find the answer to why she was relieved.

It wasn't that hard to figure out really. She was nervous about what could possibly happen next between them. She had almost no experience with any of this. She had only kissed two people in her life. Once when she had been nine she kissed a boy from school on the playground. That had been because of a dare from a dumb friend of her's. She remembered his face as the memory came rushing back.

He looked a bit like a Chucky doll. He had grinned at her like an idiot after that and for the reminder of the school year had followed her around like a love sick puppy.

She later learned that her friend had dared her to do it in hopes that he would leave her alone and pay attention to Bree. It had worked. at least until his family had moved away. The only other kiss had been last night in the cave with Trina. Her heart quickened as every detail of it replayed in her mind. Then the nerves came back as she wondered what was in store for her next. Would Trina be content on just kissing now? If she wanted more did Bree have it in her to go through with it?

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What the hell would she do if she did go though with it? Bree felt her stomach clench as she realized she had no idea how to pleasure another person. She was only ok with doing it to herself. What if Trina didn't respond the same way to it as Bree did and even if she did would that be enough? She felt like she was going to be sick all of a sudden and was just starting to think that maybe she should wait a little longer after all when her phone buzzed.

Bree opened it and saw it was from Trina. The fist that seemed to have an iron grip on her stomach tightened. She opened it and read "You home"? A simple question but it still had Bree's head pounding as she wondered what to do.

Maybe she could go to her room a pretend to be sleeping so she could buy herself a little more time. She looked again at the phone's screen glowing back at her and the two simple little words that seemed to hold her fate.

Finally she typed "yes" and quickly hit the send button before she could change her mind. Her heart was racing as she waited for a response. Her mind bounced between the thrill of her excitement which had been building between her thighs for some time now and her fear of the unknown.

Her phone buzzed again and she nearly dropped it. She opened the message and felt another spike in her emotions. "Cool just coming up to the house now". Oh god oh god what the hell was she going to do? Should she get naked? No that would be ridiculous. right? Should she try to pose herself in some seductive manner?

Dammit she had no idea how to look seductive. Bree heard the front door close downstairs and jumped. She didn't even have time to put on something sexy. fuck she hadn't showered. Feet on the stairs now. Oh no. what am I going to do? What is she going to do? The doorknob started to turn and Bree had to force herself to breathe. The door began to open and Trina took a step into the room.

"Hey" Bree said a bit to loudly. Trina jumped and her books fell from her hands.


Her gaze fell to Bree sitting on her bed. "Jesus tap dancing Christ Bree! You scared the shit out of me". "You scared me too" Bree said back quietly. "I scared you? You knew I was coming home and this is my room. I'm sure you could hear me running up the stairs and could see me coming through the door.

I however did not know you'd be in here and could not hear you." Trina stopped with a strange look on her face. "What are you doing in here Bree?" Bree sat still for a moment looking into her sister's blue eyes.

This is it she thought. If I don't have the courage now I may never have it. She stood and crossed the room to where Trina was standing. She watched as Trina's expression began changing from slightly ticked off to excited. They both started to reach out for one another even before Bree had made it to her.

Bree wrapped her arms around Trina and her lips soon found her sister's expectant mouth. Her hands ran up Trina's back as she felt Trina's running down her's. Bree was still nervous but as their kiss continued she felt it begin to melt away from her mind.

Her only focus was on Trina's lips pressed against her's.

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Trina's tongue as it swirled against her own. Bree moaned as Trina's hands finished their decent down her back and she felt them slip down inside her jeans to firmly cup her ass.

Then Trina pulled her hips forward and Bree could feel Trina's leg slide in between her own. Bree felt the pressure of Trina's thigh against her pussy and she was soon rubbing herself against Trina's leg desperate to find any friction she could. Trina broke the kiss and took Bree's hand in her own guiding her towards her bed. Bree felt her previously quieted nerves start to climb back into her belly and she froze suddenly.

"Bree what are you doing" Trina asked. Bree felt a shameful blush color her cheeks as she answered "I've never done this. anything before." Trina reached out and pulled Bree's shirt up over her head.

"Don't worry. I'll go first. Just try to relax. Ok?" Bree nodded and reached behind herself to undo her bra as Trina began unbuttoning Bree's jeans. Bree's heart thundered in her chest as with Trina's help she wiggled out of her pants. She stood before her sister in nothing but her pain white panties and wished she had changed them to something a little more seductive. From the look in Trina's eyes though seduction was entirely unnecessary. Bree let her sister lay her back slowly on the bed.

She closed her eyes and focused solely on the feeling of her sister climbing slowly up her body. She could feel Trina's hands on each side of her hips.


Then a soft brush of Trina's nipples against her thighs and realized that Trina had removed her top at some point. Bree's body shuddered slightly as she felt her sister's tongue start a path from the top of her panties, up her tummy till her tongue came in contact with her breast.

Bree finally opened her eyes and looked down to watch as her sister nibbled her way around each breast. Taking her time to pay close attention to her excitedly hard nipples. Trina's tongue flicked and teased each one and Bree felt her hips starting to rise with each warm touch.

Then Trina stopped and began kissing her way up her chest to her neck. Bree gasped as she felt Trina bite down softly while she worked her way up. Then their mouths met again and Bree felt Trina's weight as she collapsed on top of her.

The kiss was intense and Bree moved her hands to the back of Trina's head, her fingers entwined in Trina's hair. Trina finally pulled back and Bree watched as she slowly crawled backwards down the length of the bed. Her eyes closed again as she felt Trina's fingers slip into the sides of panties. Then in one excruciatingly slow motion Bree felt her sister pull them down her legs.

Her heart was pounding with excitement and nervousness. This was really it she thought. Bree could feel Trina's movements as she climbed back over her. Then Trina's hand was on her thigh gently urging her to spread her legs open. She obliged and was rewarded with soft kisses between her thighs.

Teasing kisses that ran up her thighs accompanied by soft licks. Then she felt Trina's hand firmly cup her pussy and a moan escaped Bree's lips. Her hips again raised as she tried desperately to get as much pressure against her as she could. Bree felt Trina's fingers gently spread her pussy and then she felt her sister's warm breath against her wet flesh.

She opened her eyes in time to watch as her sister's tongue peeked out and gave her a soft lick over her aching clit. The feeling was electrifying and caused her hand to grab the bedspread tightly. She watched as Trina's head moved down and she soon felt her tongue slip inside her.

Bree could feel her moving it in and out of her. Bree began rocking her hips trying to force her sister's tongue deeper inside her. The feeling was driving her mad. The heat of her sister's tongue as it moved inside her seemed so foreign and new that it had her thoughts melting. All she could do was focus on the feeling and try her best to hold her growing orgasm back so she could enjoy this as long as possible. Trina's head pulled back and her tongue was soon replaced with a finger.

Bree watched as she moved her face back over her and soon felt Trina's tongue on her clit once again. Bree could feel her orgasm building as little shock waves ran through her body with each flick of her sister's tongue. All of her prior nerves were washed away as she focused only on what her sister was doing to her. Each soft flick of her tongue was like a bolt of electric pleasure going up her spine. Bree could hear herself panting as her sister's tongue picked up speed.

Her legs began shaking and her grip on the bedspread was tight enough to leave marks in the material. She dug her feet into the mattress, arching her back and raising her hips higher forcing her sister's tongue to press down harder on her aching clit. Bree felt a scream escape her lips as the first waves of her orgasm washed down over her. Trina's tongue did not let up as she felt herself starting to let go and her finger was joined by a second and then a third.

Bree could feel her pussy tighten around Trina's fingers as extacy continued to course through her veins. Shivers ran up and down spine and her screams got louder. Bree watched as Trina sat back and watched her writhe in pleasure. She could see the excitement and desire in Trina's eyes at knowing she had just made her sister cum for her. Then Trina took her fingers and one by one licked and sucked Bree's wetness from them.

The sight was so erotic that it sent another small tremor of pleasure through her. Good god Trina was a dirty girl she thought. and Bree liked it. Trina layed down on Bree and pressed her lips tightly to Bree's. Bree could taste herself as Trina's warm tongue worked its way inside her mouth and the mixture of the two was intoxicating.

Her head swam as the last of her orgasm began to dwindle down and soon her breathing returned to normal. "So?" Trina asked smiling as she rolled to her side looking at Bree. "I. I don't think I can move.

I had no idea anything could feel like that" Bree said closing her eyes a contented smile played on her lips. "Want me to do it again? I will. Gladly." Trina said laughing. "No. I mean yes. Just not right now. I think if you did it right now my head might spin off" Bree said giggling. "You enjoyed that then?" Trina asked clearly knowing the answer but wanting a little stroke to her ego. Bree looked at her and rolled her eyes. "You really need me to tell you? The screaming and thrashing about wasn't enough?" for you Trina smiled and shrugged.

"Fine fine.

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Enjoyed would probably be the worlds biggest understatement of what I just felt. I can't even think of a good word to describe it. I mean I've had an orgasm before." She gave Trina a wry smile "as you of course already know.

but nothing anywhere near that." "So.

do you think you'll be able to do the same to me? Did I give you enough tips during that or were you too caught up in the moment?" Trina asked playfully. "Sorry I forgot to write down any notes durning all of that.

My hands were a bit preoccupied with squeezing the bedspread." Bree said laughing "but I'm very excited to try." Bree watched as Trina lay her head down on her shoulder.

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Together they lay there knowing that this was just the beginning. There was so much more Bree wanted to try and so much she wanted to do to her sister.

End of Part 3