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Dirty Amateure Tow Truck Fucking
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Fbailey story number 282 Sexiest Girl In The Office I run a construction company. I have three very qualified foremen and they each have a crew that works for them. They are so good at their jobs that I hardly ever have to leave my air-conditioned and heated office any more. If you have done construction you know that I had sweated my ass off in the summer and froze my balls off in the winter.

Believe me a climate-controlled office was the only way to go. Besides that way I could take my time to quote jobs and keep enough business coming in to keep us all employed year round and that was no easy task I might add. Last year I hired a girl to help out around the office. She was fresh out of the local community college at twenty years of age.

She worked out very well so this year when I needed a second girl to help us out in the office I asked Beverly if she knew of anyone that was as good as she was.

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She smiled at me said that she did. The next morning Beverly told me that her friend Judy would be in for an interview. I was looking forward to it. I was right in the middle of checking out the floor plans for a new restaurant that was going to come into town when Beverly interrupted me to let me know that Judy was there for her interview.

I just said, "Tell her that she has the job and show her what to do." Beverly said, "I think you should interview her first. She got all dressed up just for you." Since I was already distracted I told her to send her in.

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What I saw next made me hard instantly. Judy was wearing a transparent light green neglig?with matching panties and nothing else at all. She had long curly blonde hair that hung halfway down her back and green eyes.

She looked just as good as any Playboy centerfold that I had ever seen. I was speechless and hard as hell. Judy walked right up to me and extended her hand for me to shake. I could not take my eyes off her breasts and she knew it. She was looking right at my erection when she asked, "Does that mean that I got the job?" I replied, "Only if you look this good every day!" Beverly came around the corner wearing a light blue duplicate of what Judy was wearing and asked, "So this is the new office uniform then?" I could not believe how good Beverly looked in almost nothing at all.

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I had admired her in everything that she had worn in, from tight jeans to short miniskirts and from blouses to T-shirts but nothing compared to her in that neglig?

My mind was flying when I finally said, "Okay! Judy you have the job. Yes, Beverly those are the new office uniforms. I'll give you some money to buy a couple dozen more and keep them here. I'll have to move that wall though to bring you two in here with me and to give us some warning when someone comes knocking at our door.

Luckily the only guests that we ever get here are by appointment only and my foremen always call me first before they stop in. However, you two will certainly have to be ready for the unexpected." Judy smiled at me and said, "We could use a sofa that turns into a bed too." Beverly said, "Yeah and we just might have to hire an ugly girl to do all of our work too." I said, "Damn and I though I was getting more help not more distractions." Beverly said, "Well you don't really have to hire her." Judy replied, "Hey I already got the job." Beverly looked at my erection trying to poke its way out of my pants and said, "I think you had better take care of that before you try to estimate that job that you're working on.

Can I help?" Then Beverly knelt before me and fished my cock out.

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I had dreamed of her doing that for a whole year but I knew that it couldn't ever happen. No not with my office staff! But here I was doing it anyway and wondering why I had waited so long. I didn't want just a blowjob, not from Beverly, not after admiring that fine ass of hers for the past year.


I told her that I wanted her doggy style and then I got undressed. When I got down on the cold hardwood floor I made a mental note to install plush carpeting. I grabbed a hold of Beverly's hips and scooted up close. Then I leaned over and grabbed her tits as I asked her to do the honors.

She knew exactly what I wanted. She reached back between her own legs, placing my cock right at her entrance, and wiggling her hips back at me. I was hard and she was wet, what more did we need? I wished that the air-conditioner had been turned up a little more because I was sweating like a pig. My chest hairs were glued to her back. My legs were making slapping sounds as I thrust into her, and sweat was dripping off from my nose and landing on her neglig?which was even more transparent from her sweat.

As I looked over at Judy her neglig?was also wet and sticking to her breasts, her panties had been removed, and she was fingering herself like crazy. I don't know how I managed to last as long as I did but when I started to cum I leaned a little too heavily on her and Beverly collapsed to the floor with me still in her. I gave her a few more pumps and collapsed on top of her. Several moments later she asked me to please get off from her.

I rolled off and she turned over. I could see the imprint of the floorboards on her breasts as I kissed her for the very first time. God she tasted just as sweet as she looked. I touched her flat tummy and kissed her again. Beverly smiled at me and said, "You don't know how long I have wanted that. I love you." I replied, "I love you too and I think I have since the day I hired you." Judy said, "What about me?" Beverly said, "Come on over here girl and I'll take care of you." I watched as Judy crawled over Beverly and they got into a sixty-nine right next to me.

I just had to scoot up a few inches to see Beverly lift her head up to kiss Judy's moist pussy. Her arms were wrapped around Judy's waist and holding herself up. Her tongue slipped in between Judy's pussy lips several times before Judy squatted back onto Beverly's face so that she didn't have to keep holding her head up.

Beverly reached around Judy's legs so that she could finger Judy's pussy and then wet her fingers enough to poke one into Judy's puckered asshole.

I got around so that I could kiss Beverly's forehead. She whispered to me, "Judy loves getting her ass fingered while she gets her pussy licked." I was hard again and put my cock in one of her hands and whispered back, "What about this?" Beverly whispered, "Let me get her wet first." Then Beverly moved Judy forward enough so that she could lick Judy's asshole.

She left lots of spit around it and then sucked the head of my cock leaving it as wet as she could. It was then that she aimed my cock right at Judy's puckered asshole and pulled on it until I cooperated and leaned into Judy with it. As I touched her, Judy whispered, "Go ahead boss. I can take it. I'll prove to you that I deserve this job." Just then the head of my cock popped inside her rectum and inched its way in.

I could feel Beverly licking my balls as I got to the bottom of my stroke. Judy said, "Oh God Beverly, you have got to try anal sex some time honestly. He is as smooth as they come. He can butt fuck me every day if he wants too." I slowly stroked into her rectum with Beverly just inches below working on Judy's clit.

She made sure to lick my balls occasionally as they hung near her nose. I had only had one other opportunity to try anal but the girl made me stop halfway through and then never let me try it again. Judy didn't ask me to stop.

On the contrary she asked me to never stop. That was more than I could take and I cum in her. When I had finished fucking Judy and had pulled out I watched as my cum dripped down her pussy lips and right into Beverly's mouth. That wonderful girl simply amazed me by licking up every drop that she could. All the time she was licking, her eyes were glued to mine. I knew that I could not love Beverly any more than I did at that moment. She was without a doubt the sexiest girl in the office.

Within a week we had moved the wall, carpeted the floor, and installed a Murphy bed. They are the kind of bed that store in the wall when not in use.

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Just open the doors and pull it down whenever you get the urge to use it. It quickly became our noon hour recreation. Within a month we were all caught up in the office and even growing. Judy turned out to be just what we had needed all along. Within a year Beverly and I were married. On our wedding night she let me do her anally and she too seemed to enjoy it just as much as Judy had. Beverly, Judy, and I had a lot of threesomes and Beverly never got jealous of Judy.

However, sometimes I got jealous of their relationship.

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They did things to each other that I couldn't do. Those two women could fuck almost mentally, where I was all about the physical. The End Sexiest Girl In The Office 282

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