Group fat orgy in the pub

Group fat orgy in the pub
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"Knock, knock, knock." 'Why the hell are people knocking on my door this late at night?' You asked yourself. You finally got up and went to the door and opened it. Surprise was one of many things that crossed your mind. "I'm about to ask you a favor that I could never imagine asking anyone, because you're the only one I can trust to help me." I whispered very seriously to you. "Umm I'm really confused right now. It's almost past midnight, we have work tomorrow and we shouldn't be in the same room vicinity this late.

Sorry but can it wait till the morning?" You spoke sleepily to me. "Pease, please, please!" I loud whispered to you. "It's really hurting otherwise I would. Can we please go inside, I know your roommate is on night crew and isn't here." You finally sighed and let me in. I walked in the room and you closed the door and turned around. "Well, what is it?" You asked impatiently. "Umm. Well, it's really bad and inappropriate and I have to get my courage up for it" I fiddled with my hands and you know how I get when I'm nervous.

"Just spit it out! I'm not gonna stand here all night for you to get your courage up." You yelled at me. "Okay, okay." I sighed "I got a bottle stuck up my ass." And the fidgeting continues. Lol "What?" In shock and disbelief. "I have a bottle. Stuck. Inside me. Can you please help me?" "I think this is something you should go to medical for." How the fuck did that happen?

"NO! Please I'll get on my knees and beg! I'll do anything you want! Please! I'm scared and in pain. I just want to get it out and not let everyone know." I was on the verge of tears and you could tell. You were looking down at me, on my knees, shaking like a leaf. "Sigh. So, how do you propose I do that then?" You asked agitated. "Well, this is where I need you of all people." The gears finally clicked for you. "Uh. No! I'm NOT doing THAT of all things. Thats just nasty!" "Please!

I'll do anything!" "Anything?" "Yes, I don't care I just want help. You'll have this leverage over me, if you just help me." At this point I was finally starting to cry. I just sat back on my heels and put my head down. You could only tell I was crying by the drops falling from my face and a jump every other moment or so. "Hey." I looked up. "It'll be okay. I'll help you." Then you leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

"It'll be okay, babygirl. I'll make everything okay." You spoke in the sweetest voice that was so soothing, I stopped crying and relaxed in your arms as you held me. Little did I know that this was the moment you've been waiting for with me.

"Alright, let's get this started then. I think we should do this in the bathroom. You go in there, let me just grab a few things." So, I went to the bathroom and turned on the water. I started to take my clothes off and tried to squeeze it out again. It only hurt more. "Quit trying. If you couldn't get it out before, what makes you think it'll work now?" You came in and surprised me with what you had with you.

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You had long latex gloves, a bottle of lube, and an enema bag. "What the heck?

Where did you get all of that?" I asked bewildered. You then slapped me on the ass, hard. "Don't ask questions." You ordered. "From now on, you are my property. You, your body, your possessions, you are mine." "Wait, when I said I'll do anything, I didn't really mean ANYTHING." I interrupted. "Oh really? Okay, well I'll just spill your little secret to everyone, AND still not help you.

How about that?" I clutched my stomach in pain. "Okay, fine. I'll do it." "Good." You smiled at me. "From now on you will refer to me as mistress. Understood?" "Sigh. Yes mistress." I sighed sarcastically.

Immediately you smacked me across the face.

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"Okay, bitch! Don't get an attitude with me already! You know what? To cement this fact in your little head, get across my lap!" You sat down on the toilet and patted your legs.

'Fuck. She isn't really gonna spank me, is she? She knows I have a bottle inside me, causing me pain.

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Maybe she's gonna help me.' I thought by the time I got in your lap. Just laying across you hurt. Smack!

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Smack, SMACK! You got three good ones in before I even had time to react. "FUCK!" I cried out when my brain finally got the message. My ass cheeks were on fire and my insides were killing me. "There. You should thank me it wasn't worse, because I know you're already in pain." I just started crying again. Then you spanked me again. Smack! I cried out in pain. "What was that for? Why are you being so mean? I thought you would help!" "I am.

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But you didn't listen to me." "What?! What are you talking about? "I said you should thank me for not being worse." 'Oh shit. Thats how this is gonna be?' I thought. "Thank you for not being worse." "What did you forget?" 'I don't fucking know. Wait, what do I call her?' "Thank you mistress." "Good girl.

Now get on your hands and knees in the tub." I did as told, as you fiddled with the water behind me. The next thing I know is I'm getting sprayed by the shower. Then your hands all on my ass. Rubbing the water in and lightly massaging my muscles. "You know. You have a really nice ass, but I must admit, you look good with hand prints." You snickered.

"Good thing I have you all to myself now." You whispered under your breath, as you smacked both my cheeks at the same time. The next thing I know, I feel you putting on my ass. It feels gooey and foamy. "What are you doing?" I go to look back, but you just push my head back down. "Don't worry. Just be happy I'm helping you." You go back to what you were doing, but you stop and smack my ass again.

"Yes, mistress." You scolded.


"Yes, mistress" I copied. So, you went back to lathering my ass. But you didn't stop at my ass like I thought. You kept going down my legs and around my junk. Then you stopped and washed off your hands in the spray you set off to the side and then picked something up. Next I feel my ass cheeks being shaved. "How can we expect to get it out, if we can't get in there?" You spoke non particular.

"I don't know mistress." "Now you're learning!" You praised. "Now while we're at it, lets get you nice and pretty, eh babygirl?" "Yes, mistress." You then shaved all the way around my ass, my crack, down my legs, up my legs and around my junk. When you got around my junk, I started to get hard and you took notice. "Hmm, looks like someone likes being a babygirl?" "Yes, mistress. It's kind of exciting." "Oh, I bet. Being helpless and exposed.

Having someone change you against your will." "Yes mistress." "Well, good thing you're mine now, isn't it babygirl?" "Yes, mistress, it is." "Now let's see about getting you better, eh?" You turned on the spigot and started filling up the enema bag. "Let's see if we can pop that thing out like a bottle rocket." You chuckled. "Get it? Bottle rocket?" Lol. As soon as the bag was full, you took it and screwed the hose on.

You then stood up and attached the bag to the shower curtain rod.


Then you got the end of the hose and attached a long extension on it. "This way, we can get past the bottle and push it out, not in." You showed me. Then you used one hand to spread one cheek apart and tried to use the other one to push the enema in. After awhile of you not being able to push it in, you said to me. "Hey, just put your head down and spread your cheeks for me." "Yes mistress" So I did what you asked. There I was, face down in the shower, ass up in the air, spreading my own ass cheeks, while you tried to put an enema up my butt.

You slowly slid it in and moved it around. You pushed it down toward my belly and past the bottle all the way down. "Is it all the way in?

Yes? Good. Cuz I'm turning it on anyway." Then you flipped the switch and I immediately felt water in my stomach.