Stud stuffs his penis in babes pussy

Stud stuffs his penis in babes pussy
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Sierra's POV: Three days after Disney trip It's been three days since we all have been back. The first day back Adam left for some odd reason. I knew him and Heath were not back to being what they once were as they were distant. It seems Adam was putting up a front the last week of the vacation. I felt for Michelle as she has been crying for Adam to come home. Heath has spent all his waking moment looking for his brother. The others have kept giving Michelle support saying Heath will find him.

As for me Heath kept telling me to call my own family. I told him it was a touchy subject. He said his was the same, but he started realizing that he needed his family back.

I took in his words and thought it was time to just throw caution to the wind. I took my cell phone out strolling to the back yard to have some space to make the call I had always dreaded. I sat in the lounge chair to get myself comfortable. I looked at the screen of my phone clicking the contacts icon. I scrolled down to the D's to find who I needed to call. I let the number dial as I wait for the person to answer.

It was around 1 o'clock in the afternoon on a Friday that a call was answered. " Hello Sierra is this you?" The familiar voice asks as I show a small smile " Hey dad just want to let you know Mandy and I are alright." I say as I hear a sigh " I am so glad to hear that.

Where are you both at and when are you coming home?" He asks as I bite my lower lip " Actually dad we um found a place that were wanted." I say not trying to make it sound awkward " Want do you mean wanted? Where are you young lady? Do you know your grandmother has your brother and uncle out looking for you both?

Now tell me where you are so I can tell them." My dad informs me as I let out a sigh " Not right now dad as I am still upset. Look Mandy and I are fine and in good hands by a family that is a lot like ours just not so rough at times." I tell him hearing voices in the back ground " Sierra it's mom where are you honey? I have been so worried as has your other mom and the whole family." My mother tells me with worry " I can't tell you right now mom just as I told dad.

Mandy and I are in safe hands. We have a man that makes sure of that. His family even makes sure we have a place to stay. I am sorry for leaving as I did and letting Mandy comewith me, but I had to get away from there." I exclaim to her hearing tears " Please baby girl come home. Your brother is sorry for what he said. It's just he feels he can run the club better." She tells me pleading as I shake my head " No mom and as for my brother he is just sexist and I can stand up for myself. I am my father and mother's daughter.

I have both tempers and will hurt whoever threatens me. Shoot I took down a 6'2 man because he was going to hurt a defenseless baby." I tell her hearing a gasp " Oh my Sierra what the hell happened? Where are you baby girl please tell momma?" She asks again in which I shake my head again " Sorry mom not right now. Look I love you all so much, but I have a new life here with a loving man who has taken Mandy and I as his true loves." I tell her as I still hear crying " Honey what do you mean you and Mandy have a man?

Who is he? Do we know him honey?" She asks as I sigh feeling hesitant to answer " Actually no, but I told you about him years ago.

I found him and I am not letting him go. Look is grandma ok? Is she still mad at me?" I ask after answering her " She is very concerned baby girl.

She deeply misses you as we all do. Now tell me where your at?" She says as I for a third time shake my head " Again mom not right now as it's not the right time. Tell everyone I am sorry as I had to leave.

I am sorry for the big argument, but I was not going to sit around and have my own brother try and run my life or Mandy's." I proclaim as I feel tears come to my eyes " OK Sierra just keep in touch with us honey as you are a big part of this family.

I love you my beautiful daughter." My mother tells me as she always called me her beautiful daughter " I will, and I love you too mom and everyone else." I tell her as I smile feeling tears slide down my face She puts my other mom on to talk to. She is more soothing and understanding. She tells me to tell Mandy she missed her little flower. I tell her I will as we say our 'I love you's' before hanging up.

I sit there to compose myself before going back in in which I am stopped by Mandy. She looks in my eyes before placing her arms around me to give me comfort. She breaks the hug to only take my hands in hers. " What did they say sissy?" She asks as I look in her eyes " They want us home, but I told them we have a life her and wasn't leaving." I exclaim answering as she nods before continuing " They send us their love and miss us so much." " I feel the same, but your right we have a life here with Jack.

Did you tell them about you and I?" She asks as I shake my head " No baby I didn't as it's none of their business. I love you Mandy and never want our love for Jack or each other to end." I tell her as she gives me that beautiful smile " I love you so much my beautiful and sexy sister. So what do you want to do honey?" She asks me as I stand there smiling at her " Where's our baby at?" I ask as she giggles " Jack went back to bed saying he was still wore out." She tells me as I giggle " Well we could go get in bed with him, or we could change into our bikini's that momma Maggie and Faye got us and go down to the beach and join them.

What to you say baby?" I ask as she steps up to place her lips on mine " I say we let our baby sleep and have some fun of our own. I want to bring our love that one step closer to never ending." She tells me as my heart melts for her " So do I sexy, but what are our moms going to think when they find out we are lovers. You know they won't like it." I tell her as she shrugs her shoulders " Honey as I see it this is our life. We are two young women who love each other and share a man that loves us unconditionally and he doesn't look at another woman.

And besides when they do we can tell them they are no different." Mandy tells me as I pull her to me " True, but they are not true sisters my loving Mandy." I say as she smiles again " Maybe not, but they are women who love each other. It shouldn't matter Sierra as I think of you as a sister, but feel more strongly of you as my girlfriend. Maybe you and I leaving like we did was meant to me. Look all these years of growing up I have always looked up to you as a loving sister, but I also have had a big crush on you.

I would sneak in your room while you was out and find your wet panties and put them on so I could feel the wet crotch on my pussy." She explains confessing to me which makes me feel warm inside " Aww Mandy why didn't you tell me before? Maybe you and I could of started being together sooner." I ask as she giggles " I don't know, but you letting me come with you was the best thing that has ever happened. I love you Sierra as my sister, best friend, and lover.

Now let's go hand out with our loving new mothers." She tells me turning to pull me into the house I smile as I follow her looking down at her sexy ass feeling myself get wet wanting my little sister to be with me the rest of the day.

We get to our room to see Jack snoring which we giggle. I shut the door as Mandy starts stripping. I follow doing the same as I free my breast and my pussy. I walk over to her as our arms come around each other. I whisper loud enough that she can hear me. " I want you so bad baby." I whisper telling her as she licks her lips " As I want you, but not now as I am so sore from Jack's cock pounding me last night." She tells me as I nod " I know the feeling. My ass is still a bit sore.

We have one amazing man Mandy." I say as she nods with me " Yes we do. So let's get dressed and spend the day on the beach." Mandy says as I nod We get our bikinis out and put them on.

Maggie and Faye got Mandy a light blue g string bikini as they gave me a light purple one. They complimented that we shouldn't hide our asses as they thought they were sexy. Jack made a comment about not wanting anyone to see them.

Faye spoke up saying if he was going to be jealous why did he ask us to marry him. Jack looked at Mandy and I before stating that he loved us very much, but also found us very sexy. Maggie chimed in saying exactly and not to be jealous as Sierra and Mandy are not going anywhere with anyone. He looked at us both and realized we weren't.

He shook his head with a smile embracing Mandy and I. That night was heaven as he made love to us in every way he could. We all fell asleep with smiles as Mandy and I were full of his sweet essence deep in our wombs. After getting dressed in very sexy bikinis Mandy and I made a stop in the kitchen getting whistles from the other moms and our sisters.

Diamond squeezed my ass as I walked by saying I looked so sexy she would even eat me up. I told her I was a one man woman and I already had my pussy eater. Mandy smiled as Tiffany squeezed her ass also saying that's good for she would take Mandy away for a evening and just make love out under the stars.

That got Ellie, Verna, and Kiko to laugh as they all said been there done that. We knew that they were lovers in which didn't phase us any more.

We all saw it as a love that they had on a whole new level. After Mandy and I got a few beers we made our way to the beach thanking the ladies for the compliments in which they said we were welcome. Mandy and I went through the back door walking as quick as we could to get to the beach.

We noticed something weird as we got closer. Maggie, Faye, and Jacqueline were all making out. We giggled in which caught their attention. Faye turned to see us and started whistling. " Wow look at the sexy young ladies. Come hang with us you sexy kittens." Faye says as we giggle again Mandy and I join them placing our towels down before sitting on them.

Mandy hands me a beer that I accept. She sits next to me hip to hip as we have always loved feeling the other. We started to talk to the other three moms that took us in as their own. I enjoyed being around them learning stuff that may help me further down in life. I held Mandy to me with one arm around her back promising myself I would always love her no matter what happened in our life.

================================================================= I've spent the past three days looking for my brother Adam.

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After getting back from Disney he disapperaed into his room and came out and handed me his key to the house before leaving. He left upset over the events that started our Disney vacation. I knew he was, but I tried all I could to make things right. I came up to a parking lot that contained a few cars.

My eyes went wide as I spotted one that looked very familiar. I pulled in and up behind the car. I turned my truck off to only step out making my way to the driver side. I looked in to see him looking down as I open the door. He suddenly turned to look up at me with a few tears. I looked at his wrist to see fresh cuts upon them. I felt this twitch in my heart as I pulled him out of the car and slamming him against it.

" WHAT THE HELL ABS? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING MAN?" I asked yelling at him " WHAT DO YOU CARE? YOU THINK IT WAS COOL TO GET RID OF ONE BROTHER WHY NOT ANOTHER?" He yells back telling me as I stepped back " I wasn't going to get rid of him. I know it looked bad." I state as he composes himself " Look bad.that's one way to sugar coat that shit.

You were kicking Travis's ass. If I didn't do what I did he would be dead with that kick. Heath I love you and don't want to lose you, but I can't take all this anger and rage you have bottled up." He tells me as my eyes go wide " I.I.I am sorry Adam.

I guess I need to rethink before I act." I state as I see him nod " Heath it's not rethinking it's forgiving him. Look I know he screwed your life up, but he is hurting just as much.

I know your coming around to him and accepting him back which is good, but you need to forgive him totally as he is your brother." Adam tells me as I look up at the sky hoping for a voice to tell me the same I don't hear that voice, but return my gaze to Adam who hides his wrist from me.

I step up and wrap him in my arms trying to not hurt him. He does the same as I suddenly step back taking his arms in my hands.

He tries to struggle as I look at his wrist then his arms. I shake my head as I let him go. I step over and duck in the car to see fast food wrappers and cups. I also spot something I never thought in a hundred years.

I pick up the drugs in the baggies and step out and look him deep in his eyes. " What's this shit Adam? You really trying to leave me?" I ask as tears fill my eyes " Yes I was trying to die, but I changed my mind.

I just haven't tried to throw them away yet." He tells me as I throw them down and smash them with the heel of my shoes " No more trying to die on me. You tell me not to well the same goes for you." I tell him as he nods " I am sorry bro, but all the anger and arguing needs to stop. You have a family that loves you." He tells me as I step up to him and we hug for a while " Come on let's get you to the hospital and get those cuts looked at.

I won't say a word to the family about the drugs it will be our secret." I tell him as he nods I got back in my car to let him back out.

Once we were on the way I followed to make sure he made it alright.

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============================================================= Michelle's POV: That exact same moment I missed my baby so much.

Why did he leave me? I have been crying so much that it's hard to look at the screen of Heath's laptop. Adam told me of a program that he gave Heath years ago. It was one that my baby brother could write down what was bothering him. As my mother went through the letters that Jasmine handed her I had to see what Heath wrote. There was a word hint that gave access if I could think of the password.

The hint was my name, but what was it about my name or me. I thought and thought until it hit me. I entered SHELLIE in the space and bingo I had access. I went to the file Adam told me about and there it was.

All the the thoughts he put down. I started reading them as my eyes began to show tears. I hurt him so bad that I hear mom crying as I turn to see her looking at me sadly. I get up and go to her to only get on my knees placing my head in her lap. " I am so sorry mom I was a cruel bitch." I say feeling her hands on my head " Yes you were Michelle, but from now on you and Travis need to keep making things right.

Heath is your brother. At one time you thought of him as your own child." She tells me as I nod on her lap " I will mom I love you so much." I say as she leans down to kiss the side of my head " I love you just as much my little girl, but more." She tells me as I raise up to see her eyes before she continues " Come on shut down his laptop so we can get out of here before he comes home." I get up and make my way to his laptop.

I look at the last part of his last entry as it reads. " Even though things have started to show promise. I feel now that I can trust my Shellie as I love her so much.

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I just hope I can with Travis truly as I need my Bubby back in my life." It reads as I smile clicking out of the file and shutting his laptop off I turn around to see mom hiding the letters as Jasmine told her. I walk over to her taking her left hand in my right and lead her out of my brother's room.

I have a small smile on my face knowing things will be just fine. It's at that moment I hear a unfamiliar voice speak to me in my head. ' Take care of my grandson for this house is for his family'. I feel a warmness in my heart which makes me smile as my mother and I walk down the hallway to hear the front door open.

================================================================== Getting back to the house didn't take long. I had Adam stay behind me as I opened the door to walk in to see most of the family in the living room.

I looked towards the stairs to see Shellie and Mom coming down the stairs. I smiled as I stepped a bit further in. " Hey I went and found a stray can we keep him?" I ask with a smile on my face as I step aside to see everyone looking at Adam " BABY YOUR BACK!" Michelle yells as she comes running to Adam I watch as they both embrace one another.

They kiss which makes me smile as my loves run over to get a chance to hug their brother. All the parents look on with smiles as they nod to me as I nod back. I stay next to Adam as support in case he needs me. As each get their chance to hug the man I brought back Jasmine was the last. I watched as she run her hand up his arms, and that is when shit hit the fan. She moved his sleeves up to see the bandages around his fore arms and wrist. I watched as she looked up at him with wide eyes.

" ADAM WHAT THE HELL YOU PROMISED!" She yells as he lowers his head " I am sorry sis, but with all that had happened at Disney I guess I just couldn't take it any more." He says as she starts crying along with the others except Sierra and Mandy " Jasmine what's going on?" Mandy asks as my Latina love turns to look at her " Adam tried to um he." Jasmine tries to say but is cut off " I tried to kill myself." Adam says as they both look at him " Adam honey that isn't the way." Sierra says as Mandy shakes her head " I know, but when your emotions get hurt like mine do I just." Adam tries to say as Shellie steps in placing her arms around him " No baby don't say it.

Look we are a couple and we talk things out. No more holding things in you talk to me hear me as I can't lose you." Michelle says as Adam holds her tight I go over to Travis who is looks a bit worried as I take him in my arms. " No more fighting or arguments Bubby.

I love you bro." I tell him as he hugs me back " Oh my boys are brothers again." Mom says as we break the hug going to her I pick her up holding her as Travis steps up placing his arms around us. Mom places her legs around me holding me tight. It's a family moment as half go to Adam and the others to us. That evening is full of healing in one way or the other. It's around 7 o'clock that evening that I get some news from my godfathers while sitting on the floor surrounded by my loves as Tiffany and Diamond lay with their backs to me as Hannah and Jasmine are on either side of us.

" Heath the guys and I have to go back west." Papa Mike tells me as I get confused " Um why?" I ask as Ellie sits next to him not speaking as are the others " We never turned in our notices son." Ricky tells me as Nate nods " Well I imagine they fired you by now." My mother says as my godfathers shake their head " No we just took a leave of absence which ends Monday.

So we have to head back tomorrow." Papa Mike says as I feel sad at that moment " How long will.will you three be gone?" I ask as they show a small grin " A week as we are going to turn in our notice and start packing everything in the houses." Papa Ricky tells me " Who's all going with you?" Diamond asks as she looks at the moms and Tiffany " Just us three, Chris, and Selena." Nate says as I look at the godmoms " Wait the godmoms are not going?" I ask getting shook heads " No Heath were not baby.

We are staying here with the family." Momma Ellie says as Verna and Kiko nod " Um ok cool." I say as Karen gets off Faye's lap and goes to her grandpa Mike " Don't leave grampy." She says in her cute voice " I have to honey, but we will be back with all your dollies and clothes." He tells her as she sadly nods cuddling up on his lap We watch the boys go to Nate and Ricky as Lil Heath goes to his parents.

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" Daddy, mommy don't leave me." He says as my heart goes out to him " Aww baby boy your daddy and I will be back. We will bring back all your army toys and figures that you can share with Lil Greg and Dakota." Selena says as Chris nods " Ok, but bring back my Star Wars toys too." My nephew says as they nod " Grampy can you bring back daddy's picture to.

I want it in our room just like it was back home." Karen asks as I feel my heart melt " Of course my little angel." Mike says as she smiles big That evening for me feels a bit off as five of my family members will be leaving tomorrow which will be Saturday.

I try to keep up a happy expression as the rest of the night goes by. I was volunteered to take my godfathers, Chris, and Selena to the airport. So I went to bed early with my girls who could tell something was up with me. Tiffany was the one to lay on top of me after they all four stripped me then themselves.

Tiffany looked into my eyes before speaking. " Baby talk to us what's wrong? You have hardly been loving tonight is it us?" She asks shocking me on the last part " No Tiff it's not you four it's just." I answer as Diamond snuggles up to me on my right " It's because they are leaving tomorrow?" She asks as I nod " Baby they will be back.

Please cheer up as we never want you to be sad or unhappy." Jasmine tells me as she cuddles up to me as Hannah spoons her " I'm sorry you all guess I always thought they would never leave. Why are you not going Tiffany?" I state asking my Ebony Princess " Because baby my life is here with you. As for my stuff I gave a list to Selena and she will get all of it." Tiffany says reaching down between us " And what all is that baby?" Diamond asks as Tiffany works my cock into her " My clothes, panties, dildos, vibrators, my pictures of Heath I have all around my room." Tiffany says as she goes back and forth on me " Aww you loved Heath that much?" Hannah asks as Tiffany nods rocking back and forth more " Yess.I have.always loved him.oh you feel so good." Tiffany says raising up placing her hands on my chest " Tiffany no fair we were just going to cuddle tonight." Diamond says caressing my chest " Sorry.I just.need him.I want fill my womb." Tiffany says moaning as she starts riding me " Aww we can understand that.

We will just have to make love to him when he gets home tomorrow." Hannah says massaging Jasmine's left breast I place my hands on Tiffany's hips as she rides me. I look up at this beautiful goddess as I smile. Her eyes as closed as she increases her pace. Diamond moves to hover over me to look in my eyes. She smiles as I feel her lips on mine as Tiffany moans.

I feel her hand going down my chest to my stomach before she starts playing with my freshly shaved pubic hair. I moan as we start kissing open mouth with tongues going wild. I hear Jasmine moan which is such a turn on for me. Diamond breaks the kiss to look in my eyes again. " Are you going to cum baby? Are you going to give our sexy Tiffany a nice load of your baby cream my love?" She asks as I nod " Yes.shit she needs to cum." I say with a groan " I have.I just stayed quiet.cum in me my love.cum in your slut." Tiffany says as Diamond moves down behind Tiffany It's not long until I feel a tongue on my balls.

Oh shit Diamond is trying to get me off also by massaging my scrotum with her tongue. She knows just how to get me to cum faster. " Oh fuck.he is.throbbing in me.oh yesss that's it cum baby.cum in your Ebony slut." Tiffany says as I thrust deep up into her " OH SHIT.TIFFANYYY!" I yell as she bares down on my cock to get it all Diamond moves my hands and keeps Tiffany down on my cock.

" Diamond baby what are you doing?" Tiffany asks as I see Diamond smirk " Making sure you get all that sweet cum of his." My milf love says as I feel Tiffany squeeze my cock with her pussy After Tiffany leans to lay down on me, and Diamond returns to my right to cuddle up to me. We all talk about the next day as well as kiss one another showing love in every sense of the word without saying it.

I fall asleep with Tiffany laying on me with a smile on my face. The next day after waking up, taking a shower, eating breakfast, and the family gave the family members that were leaving a hug. I take my godfathers, Chris, and Selena to the airport around 10 a.m. It's a sad feeling doing this, but I know they had to do this. Once we get to the airport and they check their luggage in and wait.

Chris and Selena give me a hug each, but Selena's is a bit longer.

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She places a kiss over my heart before looking up at me. " I love you Heath so much. Please don't be sad as I see it in your eyes. We will be back baby brother." Selena tells me as I nod letting her go as Chris takes her hands and walks away Nate and Ricky follow to leave Mike and I alone. " Heath cheer up son we will be back. Keep the family happy while we are gone. Oh another thing as to you godmothers." He tells me exclaiming " Yes what about them?" I ask as he shows a small smile " Whatever they do or say don't think badly of them as they just want to feel that closeness they had with you when you were young.

Spend time with them ok son." He explains as I feel confused but don't express it " Um okay." I say as we hug before he walks away to catch his plane I watch as they go through security before I feel my cell phone go off. I reach in my front pocket pulling it out. I look to see it's momma Ellie. I tap the accept and answer. " Hello what's up?" I greet her on the phone asking " Hey baby can you come by the mall and hang with Verna, Kiko, and I?" She asks as I feel confused " Um how did you three get there?" I ask turning to leave through the sliding doors " We had Adam and Michelle drop us off.

We figured since you were out that you could hang with us and give us a ride home. It won't be all day honey. Please for us baby boy." She tells me in a pleading tone " I suppose I could, but what about my girls?" I ask as she sighs " They are ok with it Heath. They said it would be good for you and us to have some quality time since everything has been hectic lately." She tells me as I get in the SUV " Ok as long as they know.

I'll be there in a fewlove you." I say as I start the motor " We love you too Heath so very much." She tells me as we hang up I pulled out of the airport parking lot making my way to the mall. I had to admit I haven't spent all that much with my godmoms. I have been so focused on the vacations, forgiving, and on keeping the family together. I thought of what papa Mike told me about the closeness they once had with me.

That got me to thinking I truthfully couldn't feel it again. I thought I did, but for some reason it wasn't there like it was. Yes I loved them, but when I was younger I walked in their house or seen them it was like they knew exactly what was wrong. As of late they couldn't figure out what was wrong. It's like all these years that closeness as to what Mike called it was gone. I pulled into the mall parking lot finding a spot not far from the front entrance.

I turned the engine off getting out to make sure it's locked after getting the key. I look around to see all three waiting for me. I make my way over to them as they stand up from the bench to start coming to me. Ellie is the first to place her arms around me. " I'm so glad you came baby." She tells me tip toeing to kiss my lips throwing me for a loop " Your welcome so what are you all getting?" I ask after Ellie breaks the kiss " Oh some clothes that we need, and a few things to wear for a sexy man." Verna tells me with a wink that makes me blush " Oh yes something to make a sexy man drool then take off us to have his way with us." Kiko says as Ellie and Verna giggle " Um okay, but who is this guy?

And does my godfathers know?" I ask jokingly as Ellie and Kiko take my hands as Verna stands on Kiko's right side " They know we want to spend the day and evening with him.

And the sexy man is you baby." Verna tells me as I blush again being led through the doors I am led from store to store. They have bought some nice clothes like blouse's, skirts, top's, bikini's that are very how do I say it skimpy. I help carry the bags that holds the purchased items. When we get to a store I have only been in a few times I get surprised to be pulled in by a strong Verna who has been holding my right hand. I get pulled into Victoria's Secret.

I blush as a sales lady sees three woman bring a young man in behind them. Ellie tells me that I am going to help pick out something they can wear for their sexy man. I am made to sit on a bench as Ellie, Verna, and Kiko start picking out a few outfits as in bra's and panties.

Each one picks same style just different colors. I chuckle as I hear them talk about how sexy they feel. After all the choices they made I pick out a red, blackand pink. I hand them to the one that would look good for each one. I picked out three see through french teddies that makes them all three give me a sexy grin. I shake my head chuckling as I go to sit on the bench.

They change and step out as my eyes go wide. I think I just goofed as I see everything. I try to avoid looking to only look at their faces. They ask how do they look and I answer by saying good. I stand up saying I will wait for them outside picking up the bags from earlier.

Making my way out I try to shake the images out of my head stepping out of the store. It was around noon that we stopped at a diner to eat. It was nice to spend time with them. Each remembering the times when I was little. After lunch Ellie asked if she could drive. I said sure as I gave her the keys to only get a kiss on the lips. After the kiss Verna and Kiko had me sit in the back with them. They had me sit in the middle as they each sat on either side of me. Once Ellie pulled on the street I noticed she was going in the opposite direction.

" Um Momma Ellie where you going? The house is in the other direction." I ask as she looks at me in the rear view " Heath sorry baby, but were going somewhere to be with you alone." She tells me as I get confused " What do you mean alone?" I ask as I feel hands on my thighs " Heath honey we.we want to be close to you again.

We want that feeling of knowing what your feeling." Ellie tells me as Verna turns in the seat and starts kissing on the right side of my neck " Momma Verna what are you doing?" I ask as I feel Kiko slowly nibbling on my left ear " Their seducing you baby.

Please don't deny us your love. Heath baby when you left broke our hearts. You are our son too honey." She tells me as Kiko rubs my thigh as Verna slides her right hand on my chest " Momma Ellie.I do love all three of you, and I am sorry I left, but I had to get away." I say with a soft moan " I know baby, but you could of came to us.


We would of helped you to get over what our children did. I was mad at them for the longest time. What Selena said on the cruise brought those memories back." She tells me with tears " Please momma don't cry.

I love you very much all of you." I tell her seeing her eyes in the rear view " I know baby, but your godmoms need that closeness that was strong at one time, and we intend to get it back." She tells me pulling into a hotel parking lot After Ellie got a hotel room and we made sure the SUV was locked we made our way up to the room. Ellie is up against me in the elevator hiding the hard on that Verna and Kiko caused as each one is squeezing my ass.

When we get to the room I am asked to strip naked as they all three take a bag in the bathroom to change. I stood by the bed before sitting on the edge. I took out my phone to text Jasmine to find out if they truly knew.

I sent my text to her then waited. She sent me one back saying they did know and told me to give them that closeness back. She said they loved me and this would make them love me even more. I thought of her words with a smile. I put my phone on the night stand before taking my clothes off for three women who hasn't seen me naked since I was a baby. Once undressed I pulled the cover back to only get under the sheet.

I sat up against the head board in the bedroom. I heard them shower giggling. I started to think back when I was a little kid and a teenager. They always were there for me.

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Even though they were my godmothers they felt like true mothers. This maybe wrong to so many, but if this was the only way they thought to get the closeness they once had for me then so be it. I close my eyes and think of that morning on the cruise. That morning I caught them in a three way with each other. I smile seeing how beautiful they looked and how beautiful Tiffany will be at Verna's age. I feel a warm feeling come over me when I hear the shower turn off.

It was a few minutes later that the bathroom door opened. I opened my eyes to see three beautiful women step out wearing blue matching see through french teddies. I was in aww as each one made their way to me holding hands until they reached the bed to only crawl up to me. Ellie straddled my hips as Verna and Kiko laid on either side of me.


Ellie looked down into my eyes with a look of love and desire. " Heath right now you are our man. We want to love you as such and regain that closeness we once had. Our bodies are yours as is our hearts and souls. Baby we have one request." Ellie says asking as she looked deep in my eyes " And what's that?" I ask in return as I feel Verna and Kiko are caressing me " Just love us baby as you once did.

Let us feel your love flow back in our heart's as it once did. Be the son we helped raise. Be the baby that would suck on our breast not caring who's nipple your mouth was on." She tells me as my eye's went wide " mean I." I try to ask, but was cut off " Yes baby I breast fed you when you were a infant. Your mother would run out as you wanted more. I would take my shirt off and give you my nipples. I loved when I gave you my milk.

At that time I was taking pills to help me nurse. You were so into my breast as Chris, Selena, and Tiffany were. Since we were all pregnant about the same time we just took to each of you kids. No matter who was hungry the closest mom would feed them.

That's why we are so protective baby to us you are our baby." Ellie tells me as I turn to see Momma Verna and Kiko nodding " Yes baby you would suck on mine to as well as Verna's. You left nail marks a few times." She tells me as I chuckle " Sorry." I say getting them to giggle " No baby it was all ok as I want you to suck my tits as I make love to you.

So you want my wet pussy, or my ass first?" Ellie asks as she lowers the top part of her teddie " Well they say love is started in the womb for a son. So I want your valley of love. I want to feel the place that your love will flow to my heart." I answer as she then reaches down between us Ellie moves the crotch of the teddy over to only take my hard cock in hand sliding the head along her slit.

" You want my love Heath? You want to love on your godmothers? You want to fill our wombs with your love seed?" Ellie asks as I nod feeling her place the head at her entrance before she continues " Then have me as I so deeply love my godson as my lovers do as well." We both let out a moan as I feel her warm, wet, loving pussy around my hard manhood.

Momma Ellie places her hands on my chest as she slowly keeps taking more of me inside her. " Oh god.he is so.big.he is stretching me." Ellie moans out telling the two on either side of me " Damn Maggie was right.

He can make a woman feel good. Is he bigger then Mike?" Verna states only to ask her moaning lover " Oh shit yes.OUR godson is a bit bigger and longer.fuck I am.gonna cum." Ellie says as I place my hands on her hips " Cum on that cock so we can mix our juices on it then each lick them off at once." Verna says before making out with me sucking on my neck as Kiko started licking and sucking on the left side of my chest " Momma Ellie you.feel so.good." I say moaning as I feel her love enter my being " So do so good.I need you Heath honey.I need you." She tells me with tears " Momma what's wrong?" I ask as her tears fall upon my stomach " I need you baby.I need your love.please give it to me." She moans as she starts increasing her pace I feel Verna and Kiko suck on my chest as if leaving their marks on me.

Momma Ellie looks at me with tears as I feel her juices run down my cock. I feel her vaginal walls clamp down around my cock. " OH FUCK.I'M CUMMINGG.OH HEATHHHH!" She yells moaning as I feel this urge to thrust deep up inside her " MOMMA." I yell moaning back as I flood her womb with my love " YES BABY.CUM IN ME." She says moaning as I do just that " Mmmm so beautiful seeing this moment." Verna says as Kiko spreads her legs " Yes it is as I want him bad." Kiko says rubbing her clit Ellie collapses on top of me as she starts catching her breath.

She places small kisses on my chest over my heart. " I love you Heath as I will until my death. I just hope in the next life I am in your arms." She tells me with more tears " I love you Momma Ellie just as much, and hope you are." I say as I hold her to me " Aww that is so romantic, but Heath darling you will have two other's that want you so in the next life you better accept us three." Verna says as her and Kiko move down between Ellie and my legs I feel them take me out of Ellie as she grunts to start feeling tongues on my manhood.

" Baby I think they want you. Will you take me again after them as I want to be with you again before we have to go home." Ellie tells me as I think of something " Momma Ellie how would all night be? I mean um it wouldn't be fair if mom was with me all night and you weren't." I ask telling her as she suddenly looks up at me " You sure baby as the girls knew we wanted you for a few hours." She tells me as I nod " Mom it would only be right, and I am sure they wouldn't mind as this is helping that closeness to be brought back whole." I say as she shows tears with a smile " Oh baby I would love that.

Just promise you will make me remember today and tonight with love." She states as I smile to her " I promise my beautiful godmother." I answer as she lays her head down holding me tight " Hell yeah we have our youngest godson all night.

I can finally get a nice beautiful cock in my ass." Momma Verna says as Ellie and Kiko giggle " Verna you have had a dick in your ass." Ellie says as I look over her left shoulder to see Verna shake her head " True, but not one as beautiful and thick as this one. I want it in my ass and fill me up with cum.

I want all my holes filled with our son's cum as I sleep in his arms." Verna says as Kiko giggles " Me too. Nate told me to make the best of it so I am." Kiko says as I chuckle Rest of the afternoon and evening each one made love to me in their own way. Momma Ellie and Kiko were gentle as Momma Verna liked it rough having me pound her in both her pussy and ass.

We didn't leave the hotel room in all that time. By 11 o'clock that night they were sore from all the intimacy we all gave the other. They left hickies all over my chest and a few between my legs. As I left a few between their's so they knew they were loved by me. We decided to return home in which was ok with me as I wanted to be with my loves.

Once we returned home I gave each of my godmothers a passionate kiss before they went to sleep together to enjoy the after glow of our love making. I made my way up to the bedroom that my loves and I shared. I opened the door to find Diamond between Tiffany's legs as Hannah was between Jasmine's.

I shut the door quietly as Tiffany and Jasmine moaned. I turned to only strip down feeling my manhood rise again at the scene in front of me. I made my way to the foot of the bed to only crawl up behind Diamond. Her ass was up in the air as he pussy was on display. I noticed her labia lips were swollen as her juices were leaking out.

I took this as a chance to make up for the day. Placing my hands on the bed I leaned down sticking my tongue out to lick up her sweet nectar. She let out a moan as she stopped to see who was behind her. She went wide eyed at first before giving me a smile. " Sorry I'm late babe." I say as she just giggles " It's ok baby, but please put that cock in me as I need you." Diamond says as I raise up only to move up behind her " Baby you better not be tired as my mother isn't the only one getting your baby cream tonight." Tiffany tells me as I watch her fondle her breast " I'm not as I wanted to get here to love my women who I love most of all." I say lining up the head to Diamond hot entrance " Aww we love you to baby, but enough talk give me your love." Diamond says as I place my hands on her sides and plow into her " OH FUCK.YES POUND WHAT IS YOURS.BABYYYY!" Diamond yells out as Jasmine moans " Fuck her baby.oh yessss.right there Hannah." Jasmine tells me as she smiles down at Hannah It's a loving moment as I give my Diamond what she want's.

She is going to town on Tiffany as I am her. Her vaginal muscles are squeezing my shaft. I guess she has been hoping for this moment all day as I give her love instead of a quick moment. Jasmine announces her orgasm as I watch her gush on Hannah's face. I smile as Hannah moves up over Jasmine as they both kiss. Tiffany is moaning and does as Jasmine does, but once she is done and out of her orgasmic high she moves down making her and Diamond into a 69 position.

I feel her tongue on my shaft as she licks Diamonds cum off my cock. Jasmine and Hannah join in as it's a flat out five some as Jasmine is behind me massaging my balls as Hannah and Diamond kiss before Hannah has Diamond suck on her tits. As Jasmine massages my balls she licks the spot between my shoulder blades. She found that spot that really gets me wild during sex. " OH SHIT.I CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE.HEATH BABY YOU NEED TO CUM.OH FUCK NOT AGAIN!" Diamond says as I am going fast and hard in and out of her " Baby are you close as I fucked her earlier that why she can't take much more?" Tiffany says in between licks " Yes.fuck she is squeezing my cock." I say moaning as I feel my balls turn " Cum in that milf pussy.

Impregnate her again and again." Jasmine says as I see Hannah nod with a smile It's at that moment that I pull Diamond up bringing her back against me as I thrust one last time with my hands on her breast. She turns her head placing her lips on mine as I cum deep into her womb. She moans as we openly kiss.

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I feel hands on my ass as I am pushed deeper into Diamond. After a few minutes I am laying down on my back as I have Diamond laying next to me on my right as three of our loves are sucking me clean each taking a turn as Diamond and I watch. " So baby how did it go as I see all the hickies on your chest and down between your legs?" Diamond asks as I giggle " It was loving I will say that. I just hope you four don't think less of me." I state as Diamond turns getting up a little to look in my eyes as her sister loves keep working on me " Baby we deeply love you and understand where the moms are coming from.

We know where your heart is as we hold it with ours. Heath you are a loving man and the moms all needed that love on a deeper level. Your OUR man and always will be. It would be different if you went with them to bed when you got here, but you didn't as you just made love to me. I love you baby so very much as you gave me a beautiful son." Diamond tells me with a few tears " I love you too and your welcome. I am just glad I have you four as I would feel so empty inside." I respond telling her as Diamond leans down taking my lips with hers After two hours of making the rest of my loves feel very content and loved we all went to sleep very loved and happy.

All I could say was how lucky I was to truly know what love was from them. After that weekend Monday came as I woke up to see Michelle and Kaye in bed with me. They both smiled at me sitting on their feet on either side of me.

I guess I had a confused look at they both giggled. " Sorry Heathie for surprising you, but we wanted to wake you up to ask you a question." Shellie asks as I just nod " We want a day with just us siblings. You, Shellie, Travis, and I as we have not had one.

We didn't get to grow up together so we thought why not have a day of just us." Kaye tells me as I look to see them look at me waiting " Your right we didn't, but have you talked to Adam and the girls about it?" I state asking as they nodded " Yes we have baby brother. Adam is all ok with it as he knows there will be times that I want to be with my brothers every now and then. As for your ladies they understand as they are going to spend it with the family to learn more about you when you were younger." Shellie tells me as I sigh " That is going to be so embrassing especially if mom tells them of that one time." I say as Michelle giggles " What one time?" Kaye asks as I shake my head " Our dear brother here thought it was time to leave the house at a year old.

The front door was open and no one was around so he walked out of the house. By the time mom, Travis, and I got back in the living room he was gone. Mom grabbed Travis and my hands leading us outside to look around.

She yelled for Heath as I looked down the sidewalk to see a crowd of people standing around." My sister explains as Kaye has wide eyes " Wow sounds like my little brother was a free spirit." Kaye says with a giggle " No I was a curious kid is more like it." I state as they laugh " Well how about it?

Do you want to spend the day with us?" Michelle asks as I smile with a nod " Sure why not as we haven't really done anything like spending the day as siblings without a parent around." I say as they both hug me after I sat up After they break the hug with a kiss from each on either side of my face. Both get up to leave as to let me get dressed. It's a good thing I was covered as they would of seen a hard on a mile a way. I went to the bathroom to do my business as I did every morning plus I took a shower so I could relax a bit under the warm water.

Once my shower was done and I was dried off I put on some jeans, a muscle shirt that Hannah had given me, socks and my boots. I put my wallet in my front right jean pocket as I usually would do. Making my way down I was stopped by Karen wo was in tears. She came running to me wanting her daddy to pick me up.

As I do Karen placed her head on my right shoulder. " What's wrong baby girl?" I asked as she sobbed on my shoulder " Daddy I want to go with you today. Please take me with you I will be a good little girl." She tells me as I massage her back to calm her down " Aww honey I want to, but your uncle and aunts want to have a day with me. You remember how you wanted your brothers and cousin to spend the day with me?" I stated asking her to get a slow nod before continuing " Well that is how they want to spend today with me.

I will be back home later today. Besides you can learn all about your daddy from your grandmothers today ok princess?" She raises her head wiping her tears away to only look into my eyes. " You promise daddy that you will be home later?" She asks as I nod smiling seeing the sparkle return in those beautiful bright blue eyes " I promise my beautiful little princess." I tell her responding to see her beautiful smile I take us down to the kitchen to see the rest of my family all sitting around either waking up or smiling at me as I mean my godmothers who come to me giving Karen and I hugs and a kiss each.

Karen giggles as Momma Kiko takes her to start telling her some memories of my youth that gets everyone to laugh. My ladies come over to me giving me kisses on my lips as Jasmine hands me my coffee to help me wake up more as I take my seat at the head of the table. I look to see Travis and Jack talking about cars in which I find out Travis wants a car like Adam's, but with a fin on the back.

Jack tells him that would be cool, but if Travis really wanted a car then when he got the car that he should let him customize it to be like my truck.

Travis looks to me asking if that will be alright. I answered only to say it was up to him as he would need car seats in the back for my nephews or nieces that him and Kaye would want in the future. That got him to blush as the family laughed as I saw him smile looking at his own nephews and niece. After that we all ate the breakfast the godmoms had fixed. I enjoyed these moments of being around those that loved me for me. It was around 10 a.m. that Travis, Kaye, Michelle, and I were in a bowling alley playing teams.

It was Travis and Kaye against Michelle and I. They won one as we won the next one. It was the third game and we were tied. It was on Michelle to make three strikes to let us win it all. " Heath I don't know if I can make three strikes." She tells me as I look up in her eyes as she stood holding her ball " Sure you can Shellie. I have faith in you now make the win." I told her as she smiled We watched as Michelle stepped up to do just that.

I watched intently as she took the steps following through with the ball letting it go. Hell yeah there was the first strike. The next one was a strike, and on her last attempt it was a strike. She was so happy that she was jumping up and down as I stood to make my way to her.

She turned to only jump up on me kissing my face as I heard our siblings laugh. " I told you I had faith in you." I told her getting a smile with a nod Travis and Kaye came over after Michelle got off me to only stand with my arms around her.

They both hugged us congratulating us on the win. I smiled as my brother and sister smiled to our win. We left the bowling alley to only go see a movie that my sisters wanted to watch.

Travis and I shrugged our shoulders, but gave them a smile after. The movie was two hours long and actually pretty good with a mixture of action and romance. It was around 1 o'clock in the afternoon that we were window shopping in the mall. I started to feel weird as my heart started to beat faster and uncontrollable. It was that moment that I realized I haven't taken my medication for my heart since we had returned from Florida as finding my brother was more important.

I went to one knee letting go of Michelle and Kaye's hand as they stopped. " Heath what's wrong honey?" Michelle asked as she also went to one knee to look in my face " It's.It''s my heart." I tell her as her eyes go wide " No you don't bro your not doing this." Travis says in a quick voice as he comes to keep me up " Travis I.I love you Bubby." I say as the lights go out as I go forward into his arms To Be Continued.Hospital food bites, Two kids two puppies, Uninvited guest a rumble in the yard, A brother taken away by evil