Secret lovers enjoys having fun in the office

Secret lovers enjoys having fun in the office
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Family Kyle had wildly mixed feelings when he saw his mom walking towards him. He kept his feelings to him however and forced a big smile to welcome her back from the Adult mental refuge. He had not seen her since he was child, yet he was glad to see she looked healthy and happy. "Hey Sara", he grimaced, "How are you? Sara had spent the last 11 years in a refuge for the mentally ill after her husband died which resulted in a mental breakdown.


She checked herself into the psychiatric hospital herself, but was eventually kept there unwillingly until she got better. She gazed at him with glee, "You can call me mommy you know, and I couldn't be happier now that I can finally get to see you at such a ripe age".

Kyle couldn't help but show his unhappiness knowing that things would be awkward having to reaccept his mom into his life. Their family was wealthy. Until now Kyle had been living with his sister, Lilly, in a rather large house. There was a maid who passed by about 4 times a week and a tutor who came every day (save weekends).

Despite this, the siblings felt very alone in the mansion and they had issues making friends after they closed their emotions due to the death of their father.

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The strawberry blonde mother got in Kyle's car and immediately started chitchatting about what her life was like in the refuge. He wasn't listening though, his mind was elsewhere, he couldn't help but notice how pretty his mother was.

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"Mommy" was quite tall, even while laid back in the seat her head poked up higher than his. Her tan face was home to caring green eyes, a plump lip and freckles. And oh the freckles! They muddied up her face and since she was wearing a tank top, were clearly visible on her shoulders and ample cleavage. Her demeanor was in total soft, but her body told a different story; clearly age didn't want to bother her because her limbs were a perfect combination of full and strong.

Her care-giving breasts seemed very full to the point that it was distorting the fabric of her flimsy shirt. Kyle caught himself staring at her instead of the road, he also just started learning to drive at the late age of 18.

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This caused him to often swerve, making his mother's jugs jiggle and once more grabbing his attention. All of a sudden he hears his mother say something about sex at the hospital, this distracts him from her cleavage enough to mutter a question," Wait, you did what over there?" Sara snaps out of a trance, she had been idly talking while watching her son drive.

She was happy to see her son grow up to be quite the handsome guy; he had the same almost-white hair and her soft lips. Unlike her though, his skin stayed pale and his eyes were bright blue. She also noticed that he had larger than normal features, his ass was bulging, his nose protruded, and his hands where huge and strong. "I did what where?" She asked. "You said you had sex with other guys at the facility" "Oh of course!" She replied nonchalantly," And not just with guys either" Kyle didn't know what to say, he couldn't get laid and his mentally insane mom is having sex with guys and girls.

"It's a great way to pass the time, everybody is friends over there. Plus the doctors said it's a good way to get over a lost loved one" Expecting a response she stopped talking. The son was appalled though, and the car ride was silent the rest of the way. Family They finally got home and Sara quickly got out with a large smile.

"Darlin? Can you grab my bags while I go in and say howdy to your sister?" Kyle realized he was "darlin" and huffed as he watched her get out of the car and run inside. He picked up her suitcases with difficulty, embarrassed with how weak he was. "I should have worked out, mommy would be ashamed if she saw how fragile her only son was", he thought to himself.

With today being the maid's off-day, he was alone to carry the bags up the stairs. It gave his mom time to meet his sister. Lilly was two years older and was going through an emo phase, although not immature, she kept to herself and didn't like anyone besides her little brother; of whom she was very protective. There was also another little secret that made Kyle worry about, one that was hard to hide once their mother starts living with them. The two siblings would sometimes have sex together.


Although they don't talk about it often, the sexual exploration became more frequent as both of them matured and stayed recluse. What began as curious touching developed in "tension release", as they dub it. Dinner was mac 'n cheese, no one talked, but the emotions were wild. Kyle couldn't stop staring at his own mommy, falling deeper and deeper in love with her soft features. Lils was obviously angry, she cared for her little brother and didn't trust the woman who wanted to share her load.

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Sara was in a good mood, she was glad to be back with her kids and was thinking of ways to gain their complete trust. Although she knew it would probably take some time to get their devotion, she had a couple ideas to get them to like her. After dinner, Kyle got on his computer and started to look for pictures of his mom.

He knew what he was doing was wrong but after being near her all day he couldn't help himself. He found out that she was in plenty of pictures on the asylum website, they had lots of activities and one of the patients was a photographer enthusiast. He started jacking off, saving pictures he liked while scrolling through a long list of countless photos. In most of them where other rather attractive people, he remembered mommy saying, not just guys. After a while he was getting close and imagined himself in her loving embrace, she caresses him and urges him to ,"cum inside mommy".

He shoots sticky goop across his chest, rather than his sock as he usually does. Kyle cleans himself up and realizes he forgot to say goodnight to mommy! He knocks on her door but after cracking the door a bit he sees she isn't in the room. The kid decides to ask his sister where mommy is, and knocks on Lil's door. "Go the fuck away!" his sister shouts "Have you seen mommy?" Kyle inquires, "I mean, Mom?" "No! Now seriously, fuck off!" "Do you want to have some good night fun?" He pushes.

"No!" And that was final. Kyle, defeated, returns to his room. He longed for mommies good night kiss or his sister's embrace, but will instead have to settle on pictures of his hot mom hugging strangers. Kyle The next morning, the maid served us all breakfast, and my sister was in a much better mood.

Although still not talking much, she wasn't very angry anymore. Out of the blue Lilly suggested, "Let's have a welcome home party!" "Ooo, I like the sound of that" Mommy replied, "We can drink some wine from the reserves and that way I can get to know y'all, more personally" She winked after her sentence while looking at me, sister was also looking at me.

I wondered when they became friends and what they told each other about me. The party became not much else besides a couple board games and questions about the asylum.

Lils and Mommy often teamed up on me to make me lose, I thought it was unfair but since they were forcing me to drink often I quickly became very loose and it didn't bother me much. I ended up winning most of the games anyway, and drinking almost two bottles.

Meanwhile Mommy and Lils finished one bottle between them both.


It became late and sister excused herself to go to sleep. Happy to spend some alone time with Mommy I stayed and asked questions.


She was on the ground with her back against a chair, I sat down next to her letting my head rest on her shoulder. Too drunk to comprehend what she was saying, just hearing her talk was all I wanted; her words were strong but slurred. I was staring at her beautiful face, while her hands stroked my hair. Mommy gently said my name and shook me a bit. I snapped out of my trance and she asked me to help her to her bed.

Getting her there was tricky but we finally made it, her big soft bed was so inviting I couldn't help but collapse across it. "Grab a pillow and make yerself more comfortable darlin" Mommy beckoned. "You dunt min' if I sleep hur?" My words were drunken but she understood. "Nah darlin, come lay next to mommy" I laid on my back as did she. Her warm body felt good next to mine, she didn't say anything but I could hear her breathing hard. All of a sudden she laid on her side and her backed faced me.

I didn't understand but I did the same. She was asleep but her legs played with mine, unable to keep myself, I started playing with myself under the covers. I was drunk and unable to hide it well, but I hoped she didn't notice. The room was very warm and smelled filthy, and I realize I wasn't the only one touching myself. Mommy was also masturbating, right next to me! I couldn't blame her though; she said she had lots of sex at the asylum which means she wasn't used to not fucking.

I slowly sat up hoping to get a glimpse of her playing with her soft plump body. Unable to see more than her sweaty shoulders and bare hips, I leaned in even more. I forgot how drunk I was though and lost my balance over her. She jumped up in surprise and gasped really loud. This caused me to jump too. We both started to apologize to each other, and then she started laughing. I was still way too stressed about being caught in the act, but mommy put her finger on my lips and said," How about instead of peeping on your mother, I give you something to think about?" "Gimme somethin to think about?" I mumbled "Sure, come lay on your stomach, take your shirt and shorts off.

Mommy will relieve that tension of yours", She cooed. I did as told and laid my face in a pillow, Mommy took out some massage oil and started humming as she massaging my neck, shoulders, back and legs. I was lost in paradise, I closed my eyes as her warm hands grabbed at my skin and rubbed oil all over every inch of my small body. Without thinking, I moved my hand to my rock hard cock and very slowly stroked while the woman took care of her son. I tensed up though, when all of a sudden she pulled my underwear down and poured way too much oil on each of my cheeks.

Not wanting to interrupt her, I tried to relax. This caused my large ass to go limp, and allow the smooth liquid to sink down the crack. She was not really massaging me anymore; her hands grabbed my ass and made it jiggle. Then she spanked me, hard, making my skin turn reddish. She started massaging again, while her fingers got closer to my moist and tight pucker. She stopped and put one hand on my round ass, then slowly moved her thumb down until she started entering me.

I moaned, "Mommy" in protest, but she took it as a moan of pleasure. I was too tired and too drunk to do anything but lay in bed fanned out with just my right arm grabbing my aching hard-on. The oil allowed her to effortlessly penetrate me, her thumb sliding in and out ever so slowly. She continued humming and laid down on me, big soft breasts covering most of my upper back, she moved her other hand to my face, softly caressing my cheek.

Her hand was wet and it made my face all wet and rubbable. I tried to get one of her fingers in my mouth, but she started to move. I didn't move at all, but my eyes shot open when I felt her hot breath against my ass. I tried to turn my head to see what she was doing, but instantly turned back to bite the pillow when she shoved her face between my large cheeks.

She had a renewed vigor as her long tongue invaded me, freckled face forced in my crack. This was too much for me; I let out a long soft moan as I came in her sheets.

I was used to sleeping after cumming and since I was already drowsy, I felt myself fading away. I think Mommy noticed this too because she stopped what she was doing and spoke so quietly, "Hey darling, I'm not done with you silly boy". I was only able to mutter a few words into the pillow, which sounded more like small moans. A thick rod started to press up against my ass, it slowly starts to slip in between my pink ass. I had a hard time to process what was happening, but I started to groan at the intruder trying to get pass my asshole.

Sara set her hand on my face again, this time slipping her creamy finger in my mouth "Shh darlin, let Mommy make you feel good", she insisted. I sucked on her finger and relaxed again, this time the rod slid in with a small pop. It should have stung, but because of Mommy's massage, I was wet and open. She kept pushing this thick, hot, veiny, rod inside of me, rocking back and forth. It was massaging my insides, slowly but surly.

I was so relaxed, this intruder inside me felt so comfortable. I just wanted more inside me, and every time the shaft pulled out, it pushed back in even deeper.

All that mattered to me was that this rod that made me feel good, it was entering my welcoming body with a hard but caring force. My legs involuntarily opened to allow more of this wonderful cock inside me. Time started to slip by and I felt the shaft stop moving. It forced itself inside me as deep as it could go, and started to drip a cream that nicely filled me up. Mommy was done with me, I decided now was a good time to pass out.

"Good night darlin, I hope you have sweet dreams"