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I woke up, the alarm buzzing. 7:00 am. "ugh.Jenny." I said groggily too her. " mmm.five more minutes and then we can get up." she said sleepily.

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After last nights activities, she must have been tired. This sucked because of our test today. I pressed snooze on the alarm, and five minutes later it went off again seeming louder.

" Jenny, seriously. We have that.test thing.first period." "Ok ok I'm getting up." she said getting up, with no shirt on, her perfect tits hung out, I kissed her good morning letting my chest press up against them."Morning." I said.

"Our clothes should be in the dryer still."she said pulling my shirt on. Still completely naked I got up and walked down stairs. After getting dressed we both had our breakfast, we got on the bus. "Remind me again what the test is on?" I asked. "American Revolution and it's aftermath, are you ok?" "Yeah just still waking up." I replied. We got inside and we still had 15 minutes before homeroom."Hey Jenny." " Yeah?" She said looking at me.

I moved my head towards the mens room across the hall. Next thing I knew we where furiously, making out and I was caressing her sexy boobs. We made our way into a stall. I locked it behind us. As I turned around she had taken her top off and placed it on the toilet seat.

"wow" I said. "your still excited about these after 4 years?" she asked kissing my lips and neck. Truth is I was. Having sex with her was like fucking an angel.

As she lowered her self down, she unzipped me and pulled my dick out. Boner in full swing she put her mouth on it and sucked. "aah.aah." I was groaning. " Youre the best at this!!" "I kno-" As the door to the bathroom opened loudly, I heard someone walk in. " Alright you two! Whoever that is you better come out right now or else!" It was my homeroom teacher Mr. Jenson. My heart was racing like lightning. I looked down at Jenny. She looked scared. "Ok Mr.Jenson" I said.

"Mr.Peterson? Is that you?" who are you umm ." he asked. "It's me sir."Jenny said. She wasn't scared anymore. She had courage on her eyes. " Could you both come out please?" he said. Jenny quietly pulled her top on. As we both stood in front of him, looking embarrassed as hell, he gave his normal speech;" What did you think you were doing in there?" he asked. "Look Mr.Jenson, homerooms about to start. Let Jenny go to her class. I'll take the rap." I said. Jenny looked at me,saying thank you with her eyes.

"That's very noble of you Jake.

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I am willing to let you both off this time. But if I catch you doing this one more time, I will have to suspend you." I felt an ocean of relief wash over me. "Mr. Jenson I don't know how to-" Jenny started but he held up his hand.

"Go. Good luck with your test." The rest of the morning went fine. The test was easier, I owe it all to Jenny though. At lunch me and Jenny saw eric, with no sign of Lisa. As we sat down Eric looked excited. "Hey guys. Guess what? My parents are having a long night out.

An all night out.

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If you know what I mean. I'm throwing a party that's going to go down in history." he was practically bursting with excitement. Eric's parties are always good, probably be uase he's rich as a CEO. He has a huge house, with lots of private rooms. "Jenny, you wanna go?" I asked.

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" Of course!" she said." Oh Eric guess what? Guess who got caught in the bathroom with the extra long candle stick this morning?" "You and Jake got caught doing it I the bathroom?"he asked looking at me. This was hilarious to him. "Who caught you?" "Mr.Jenson" I said completely embarrassed. "HA!" he said.

" this is better than that time you--" "OK that's enough Eric! Who else is gonna be there?" I asked Eric. "Everyone in the high school." he replied. * * * After school, I went home alone because Jenny had Field Hockey. I would have stayed but she said I should go. I got home, and put my bag down atone collapsed on the couch. I had an hour till Jenny got back, and four until the party. I turned on the tv. And turned to channel 269.

That was the adult channel. It was two white chicks making out and scissoring. It was hot as hell. I pulled out my dick and started stroking it.

One of the women pulled out a double ended dildo. As one of them put it in her pussy, I started masturbating faster and harder. I groaned as I came onto the floor and coffee table. I got a towel and cleaned it off. I turned it fox and turned it off.

20 minutes later Jenny walked in the door. "Hey, how was field hockey." I asked kissing her. "Fine. Luckily not much conditioning. Still good condition for tonight. " she said. She walked the living room and reclined. "What were you watching that made you cum?" She asked tentetavly. " I uuh." I started embarrassed.

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" Oh come on Jake. I've seen you jack off, cum, and pretty much everything else. I don't care." "How did you know?" I asked "You missed spot on the coffee table." she said.


See this would have been akward except for what happened earlier this morning. "How about we warm up for tonight?" she asked sexily.

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Now I was getting excited."Hell yeah!" She threw herself on my as we kissed, I asked I we should move to my bed. More comfortable for sex than the leather couch. We kind of undressed on the way up, leaving our clothes on the floor, stairsand hallway. As we made out and fell onto my bed. "Can I put it in?" I asked. " Yeah!" she said really excited her pussy was already wet. I put my dick in and she moaned with pleasure. I started moving my sides. We were both sighing and moaning in pleasure."Aaah.aah.Jake.jaaaaake." She leaned forward.

And I sat down still thrusting inward and outward. As we kissed we moved our tongues into each others mouths. "Jake!aaaaah.aah.Jake I'm cumming!" she yelled.

" Me too." "AAAH!" we both came me then her.


As we laid on the bed next to each other. "That.was.incredible." I said gasping. Letting my cum and her cum oth seep down my cock and around my crotch. I assumed she let her pussy drain as well.


"we should.get ready.for the party." she said. " yeah.haha. That was.I think sex is generally better after Mr.Wheeler's tests." I said. "Oh my god yes. That was so good." she said. " now get dressed." Getting up and giving my dick a lick like it was ice cream.

"Hey! ok let's go." I got up and we walked down the hall way collecting our clothes. Fully re-dressed, we were ready to go. "Wait Jake? How are we getting there?" "Eric is driving us, we're the VIPs. We get there and hour earlier, get our own.Uh.giant ass room, king sized bed, mini-bar.

All access pass the Le Mansion de Eric. Being his best friend rocks." "Oh my god really?

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This is gonna be a fun night." she said. 'Oh yeah. I thought. This will be the best night in a while.' I thought. -- Next time: PARTY! Alchohal,sex, and maybe some ecstasy.-- Comment!