Sweet redhead babe eats a Big dong thru bathrooms gloryhole

Sweet redhead babe eats a Big dong thru bathrooms gloryhole
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PM (personal message) Stories #1 __Over time I've received PM's from girls who have a story to tell. I call them sweet horny girls.

Some have picture of themselves…damn hot pictures. Guys love it when they spot a horny girl. She's sexy and responds by continually glancing at him. They hook up by talking and they end up having good hot sex. These girls were ask to send me, via computer, what it's like to be an admitted 'horny girl' and how it came about.

I ask them to tell it in 'your' own words. Some people judge you for just being 'boy crazy' as a young girl, and not getting over it.

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Do you feel they are jealous?, or envious at all the attention you get from guys, and the rewards of being 'a little horny all the time', as one girl put it. Here is just one&hellip. of many stories…&hellip.

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Girl # 1 __I've never did this before and it's kind of embarrassing in a way. I'll use the name 'Lisa', Ok? I first remember getting 'horny' when I was young.

I remember it first really got started when a friend of my daddy's, I'll call 'Grant', started coming to the house. He sat beside me on the couch. I thought he was so handsome and he had this deep voice that sent little chills in me. He dressed so cool and was so nice to me. He would hug me by pulling me across my shoulders into his side.

I would always blush and giggle. He was always so warm as I felt his heat from his body. Every time I was around him I would run over and get one of those warm hugs. I started putting my arms around his waist and feel more heat from him.


It also felt good to spread my legs a little and rest my pussy on his hip. This was making my heart speed up with a thrill I liked. One time he kissed the side of my face. I got a tingle all through my body. I had to take a big breath as it kind of took my breath away.

I waited for his next visit to get more tingles from him. His next visit he was in the garage with my daddy. My daddy had to leave and left us alone together. As the big garage door closed and went to him for a 'special' hug. I was getting a hot feeling inside already. I hugged him tight but just held on. I slowly moved around to his front. I put my head on his shoulder and told him how much I liked him. He had his arms around me and started rubbing my back first. I was melting with tingles inside and now in my pussy.

I could now feel a bulge in his pants.

It felt so erotic as I moved my pussy over and over it. This was my very first contact with an adult guy and having sexual feelings. I held on not wanting this to end. I let my hands feel the top of his butt a little. I was shy, and I didn't know where I was getting the boldness to do this, but I wanted to squeeze this moment for all it was worth.

He started feeling my butt. Now I was really breathing hard and new feelings in my pussy. We held each other without saying a word. I was in a new kind of heaven. I felt his body and he felt mine. I pressed my tits into his warm body and he began to feel the sides of my tits. I felt my nipples tingle. I took his hand and guided them up to my tits to feel them.

He was so gentle and his other hand started feeling my hips and ass. He began to inch up my short skirt as I was now trembling with more horny feelings than ever. Up his hand went as he felt my panties. I spread my legs and gave him room to feel all he wanted to. His hand went in the side of my now damp panties and eased down right to my wet pussy. I moved my hand over his bulge, which was very big now. He was feeling my pussy, so I wanted to feel his bulge. I put my hand down his pants.

I felt dizzy with excitement. I first felt his pubic hair.

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I had a little but he had lots. I played with it, feeling it's soft texture. I was in a bold mood now and put my hand down to feel his cock. It was really warm and felt big.

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I felt his finger go across my clit as I jumped a little. I open my legs further. His finger was wet now from my pussy. He eased it in me, working it in and out.

I know he felt the trembling in my hand as I felt and stroked his cock. The naughtiness and risk were causing my pussy to spasm.


We heard a car drive up the driveway outside. We pull back and look to see if we just looked normal. He smiled at me and kissed me quick and squeezed my tits, with his tongue tracing my lips. I got a shocked feeling in my pussy, then a feeling of a high as my pussy twitched&hellip.I just had my first orgasm…… I just made it in the house when I heard my daddy open the big garage door.

I stumbled in my room and flopped on my bed.

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I closed my eyes and could still feel Grant's finger in my pussy. Those were my first strong horny feelings, and I was hooked.

I went after more from the boys at school, trying to get them to feel me up. I wanted more of that horny feeling all the time now. My shyness drifted away as I became a horny girl, 24/7. I caught on quick how to make guy take notice of my sexy attitude. I soon was copping feels on guys in the school hallways.

I drove my poor daddy crazy by prancing around the house half naked. I loved being horny and making guys and especially my daddy horny. At night I fingered my pussy and used my hair brush handle to go in my pussy. I pictured it was Grant's cock in me. I could now make myself orgasm real good by rubbing my clit along with my hair brush.

I like to lick my own tits as it buzzed me. I pictured it was Grant licking them and I felt my own tits like it was his warm hands feeling them.

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We waited forever until Grant and I could do that all again&hellip.and more. Our chance came when we all went camping. I took a walk in the woods with him.

We found a secluded spot behind some giant rocks. We checked…all was clear. We wasted no time as our hands returned to where we left off. This time we had on shorts with elastic tops. Down they came as I jacked him and he fingered me.

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He leaned way back on a big flat rock and turned me upside down. I gasp and giggled as he started licking my pussy. His cock was in my face so I held it, sucked it and jacked it fast. I got my first blow job as he came in my mouth hard. He loaded my mouth with his cum and I had to swallow it. He licked my pussy until I thought I would scream, and then I had a grand orgasm that shook me up real good. I saw his face wet with my pussy juice and he saw his cum on my face.

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We weren't done…we started in for seconds. Grant could really suck tits good. He knew also how to finger a girl. He found my 'G' spot and had me twitching until I had to cum again. We both panted and then I went for it. I pushed him down and got on top. I stuck his cock in my wet pussy and I locked him up for the ride I always wanted. I showed him how horny girls fuck the best. I fucked him deep and fast until he came again only in me this time.

I kept fucking him and wouldn't stop until he was so weak, poor Grant couldn't fuck anymore…&hellip. I love feeling horny all the time&hellip.