Mommy and son roll play

Mommy and son roll play
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Tonight was one of those nights that drove me to the brink of insanity. The whole world seemed to be conspiring against me. It wasn't the big things like the fact that I was fighting with my girlfriend over God knows what, it's gotten to the point where I didn't even know anymore, nor that my $25 cigar ran so bad that I could hardly smoke any of it. No, it wasn't just the big things but the little things as well, I lost $2 to my roommate in poker which doesn't seem like a lot but when you take into consideration that we were playing with pennies, nickels and dimes that adds up to a metric shit ton of lost hands.

My team lost the first game of the NBA play offs and if they don't get their shit together that will be another $20 down the drain. Tonight just wasn't my night. That is until I decided to take out my trash. The closest dumpster to my dorm is about 2 minutes walking distance, and is near one of the student parking lots. As I threw away my garbage I could hear a girl who was obviously drunk yelling into her phone.

"You stupid FUCK… You left me in the wrong parking lot. My dorm is across campus and S.E.P.S has stopped running." I'm not sure what the acronym S.E.P.S stands for but it is a shuttle system on campus that will pick you up from anywhere on campus and drive you anywhere else on campus.

She continued to scream into her phone, "I don't want to walk across campus by myself ass-hole!" there was a pause and apparently the person on the other end said something she didn't like because with one last "Fuck you" she slammed her phone shut. By this time I had moved closer to investigate the situation a little further.

The screaming girl was in the standard clubbing night garb, a little black dress that barely covered her ass and allowed for some amazing cleavage, fuck me pumps and judging by the rest of her outfit, nothing else. I tried be as inconspicuous as I could as I walked away and tried not to act as if I had been eves dropping on her phone call.

"Excuse me!" I kept walking like I hadn't heard her. "Hey! Excuse me!" I stopped and turned around. "I live at The Gates and don't want to walk over there by myself, do you mind?" The Gates was the upscale apartment style dorms all the way on the other side of campus which was about 20 to 25 minutes walking depending on how fast you walked. I agreed in hopes that I might get to look at her a little longer because she was one sexy girl and had a nice set on tits on her.

She introduced herself to me as Kim and I to her as Tyler.


After a short introduction and 2 minutes of small talk we set off on our trek across campus. Before we even made it out of the parking lot she requested to stop for a second and took off her pumps.

It was then that I noticed that her feet were gorgeous. Feet were a newly discovered fetish of mine and hers were like a wet dream. Each toe was in perfect proportion to each other and her toe nails were painted with a glossy red paint. She must have seen me looking because she asked "You like?" This was the first time I had been caught looking at a girl's feet so I said that they were very nice and left it at that even though my dick was already starting to twitch.

I could only imagine how soft there were and how they'd feel wrapped around my cock.

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We continued walking and it was hard to keep my eyes off her tits and toes, I wanted to suck both and she knew I was looking because she would give me a sly little smile every time she caught me. For a few minutes the only sound coming from either of us was the sound of her bare feet slapping on the pavement. Then she broke the ice.

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"I'm a little drunk you know?" I told her that I could tell but she wasn't sloppy drunk so it was ok. Then she hit me with a question that shocked the shit out of me, she asked "So do you have a foot fetish or something?" I could believe that she would so blatantly a boldly ask a question like that after knowing me for less than 10 minutes but hoping that it would help my case rather than hurt it I said "Yes I do and yours are the nicest that I've seen by far." She smiled and said "Thank you for noticing, most guys look only at my tits, which I don't mind, but it's nice when some notices something else too." I complimented her on her tits, confident that it wasn't' out of line and she gladly accepted my compliment.

As we approached the plaza just beyond the center of campus we could see that it was dark and that no one was around. She grabbed me by my arm and stopped me and said 'Since my feet turn you on, show me something that will turn me on." I said to her, "I like this game but what do you want to see?" "Show me your stomach" she said. I warned her that I didn't have washboard like every other beef cake meet head on campus had and she said that that was what she was hoping for.

I lifted my shirt just enough for my stomach to be exposed and she ran her hands down it, they were so soft. I wouldn't be able to say the same about my cock for much longer. "Let's continue this little game shall we?" she said.

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"If you show me something I like, I'll show you something you'll like." I agreed, since she had inadvertently gone first last time, it was my turn to go first this time so I pulled my shirt up and slid my arms out exposing my chest but leaving my shoulders covered in hopes that they would count later on.

She leaned in and gently kissed one of nipples and then began to suck on the other one. At this point I was almost standing at full attention. "My turn" she said almost anxious to show off her sexy body. She turned around and lifted the back of her dress exposing her perky round ass.

It was big but it wasn't small either, it was the perfect size for slapping, smacking and squeezing. This also proved my theory that she had been wearing nothing more than her dress and pumps. I wanted to just pull out my cock and fuck her on the ground right there but I was also enjoying this game. Now I completely removed my shirt exposing my shoulders.

This seemed to be her favorite part. She walked around behind me and began to massage them before burying her face into my neck while she kissed and bit it.

After a minute or 2 she came back around to where I could see her, she had already pulled her dress down showing me her beautiful tits, they seemed to be a full C cup and I hoped that by the end of the night she would let me slide my dick between them. "Let me ask you a question Tyler… Are you into exhibition?" Exhibition was always something that I had wanted to try but had never found a girl willing to partake in it.

Hell my girlfriend barely had sex with me with the lights on. I told her that I had always wanted to try it but had never gotten the chance. "Good" she said, you're about to get that chance. She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a bench, her tits were still hanging out. She sat me down and unzipped my pants; my cock basically pulled itself out for her. She told me to relax and kissed my cheek before sliding my cock into her mouth.

She worked my hard cock with her mouth with perfection, she took my shaft all the way to the base and gagged but held it there anyway as she caressed my balls. She slowly lifted her head and a trail of spit led from the tip of my dick to her mouth, she stroked my now well lubricated cock with one hand, caressed my balls with the other which she sucked on the part of my cock right were my cock and balls meet.

I wanted to scream it felt so good. This went on for some 10 minutes and I could feel my orgasm coming "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" She got on her knees and directed my hot load all over her tits. I had been so tuned on that it was the biggest load I had ever shot.

It was something to really be proud of. "Now" she said, "you have to make me cum using your mouth." She sat on the bench and opened her legs. I began by sliding on finger into her dripping wet pussy and she slapped me across my face, I was shocked. "I said your mouth." Being sure not to make the same mistake again, I put my hands on her cum soaked tits and dig into her pussy with my tongue.

Within seconds she had a handful of my hair and was pressing my face hard against her pussy, I liked being controlled; it was a nice break from the mundane. She moved her hips in circles and I drew circles on her clit with my tongue. She put her legs up over my shoulders. "Oh fuck! Keep going" she moaned, I slid my tongue up and down her entire pussy licking and sucking up all her juices.

I followed the small stream of fluids all the way down to her ass hole, she gasped it pleasure. I focused on her ass for a minute then turned my attention back to her clit. "Right there!


Right there! Oh Fuck I'm cumming!" Her legs shook violently as her pussy muscles contracted around my tongue. She screamed as her orgasm exploded inside of her. "Fuck me now!" she demanded. I forced her onto all fours and hiked up her dress.

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Her pussy was gleaming in the light from the lamps that illuminated the sidewalks around the plaza. "Fuck me! What are you waiting for?" I slammed my rock hard cock deep into her pussy and she screamed in ecstasy. "Yes!

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That's it; fuck me like you mean it." I was pumping her pussy as hard as I could and she was loving every second of it. She reached under herself and rubbed her clit as I continued to ram her.


"Oh fuck I'm cumming don't stop" she moaned as I felt her pussy begin to squeeze my cock. I looked down to watch myself penetrate this beautiful pussy and saw that my cock was coated in her white cum and this sent me over the edge. I put into overdrive and pumped harder than I knew I could, my balls slapped against her clit, I could feel them tighten as I prepared to cum again "Fuck I' so close to cumming" I told her, she flipped over and took my cock in her mouth "Oh shit!

Here I come! Here I come!" This time she took the entire load all over her face and it looked so sexy on her. "Man did you fuck me good." She said through heavy breaths. "It was fucking amazing" I told her through heavy breaths of my own. "You know? I'm really not that drunk anymore." "That's good" I told her as I pulled on my pants. "Wait" she said "You want to do something fun?" "That was fun" I said.

"If you walk the rest of the way back with me like this, I'll have something special for you when we get back to my apartment." Being that it was nearly 3 in the morning and the campus was basically dead I agreed and we set off again, me with my pants unzipped and my dick hanging out and her with her dress bunched around her waist and with cum all over her tits and face.

As we started to walk again I thought to myself, "Maybe this is my night afterall." To be continued&hellip.