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Sorry about the delay between chapters, working on a lot of things in my life so writing when I have the time to work on it. I hope those who have been enjoying the story so far continue to do so.

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Thank You all so much for reading. I wasn't kidding when I said I'd be laid up for a few days, the side effects of the electrocution were nasty. The healing took several days even with improvements I made to my body. First problem was the twitching, it wasn't constant but that just made it worse. I was drinking a hot cup of tea when my arm twitched and then I was wearing a hot cup of tea in my lap. Then there was not going out to see anyone until the marks and friction burns healed as it would be difficult to explain the scarring that occurred and then disappeared to medical professionals like Sindee's friends and parents.

By far the worst of the side effects were when the nerves would just go dead and my arm or another portion of my body would go numb for hours. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I lived through it but I'm going to have to craft a ward against electricity for the future. In the end I was in bed healing for a full week before the electrical burn scars were fully gone.

In that time we had no further issues with the Tremere. Actually there didn't seem to be anything going wrong. I took this as a bad sign of things to come; the proverbial calm before the storm. The next three days went quickly as we spent them with Sindee's parents on their last few days in town. It was nice to be able to relax and go anywhere in town with them and not be looking over my shoulder.

Sindee's mother noted the difference in my behavior and took a moment to speak to me about it. I still kept aware of my surroundings; I just wasn't constantly on edge the whole time we were together.

The one advantage about having a Nephandi as my enemy is that he had to hide his Magick just as I had to. Her parents drove out of town the second week in September and Sindee returned to work. The first time I was alone for the whole day I went out to the construction site on the house. They were making excellent progress on the building having completed the basement and the framing of all three buildings.

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The house would be completed relatively quickly if they kept up their pace and I would be able to get in and start building the wards around it as a Sanctum.

I got back to work on my investments to ensure that my clients and my own finances stayed in good order so I could worry about my new unknown enemy. I knew from the time of my awakening that my life would never be simple again, however the events of recent months have brought me to the understanding of how complicated it would be. Only 3 months had passed since my arrival in Las Vegas and I've almost died 3 times as well. I knew that something could easily happen to me with what was coming.

I could have run, taken Sindee with me and start a new life somewhere else that would be safer for both of us. While I could have done that, I wasn't going to. I was needed here to fight in the ascension war, to stop what was coming this way.

I could have left the fight to someone else, but that wasn't who I am. The only way to protect Sindee and ensure no one ever came after her was to stop them from being able to do so.

I'm not the heroic type then again I wasn't being a hero. I was choosing to defend my home, my family; the result that I would be protecting the city and the world simply was a side effect of doing what I needed to do. I made a decision that could be the end of me so I had a few calls to make. I started with my lawyer, as an awakened individual he would be able to handle the instructions without any issues. I decided it was time to make out a will. The legal matters were handled quickly with little fuss so that I could conclude the rest of my business for the day.

The first order of business was to create a minor talisman warding against electricity.

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While I have only faced him once, the Nephandi was very quick to use the electricity as a combat spell making me confident in taking the time to ward against it. What I was making really wasn't a true talisman.

I was making an imbued item or charm that was limited in the spells used on it and the magick stored within; it still needs to be activated by any Mage who wore it. A talisman when created is imbued with its own power and abilities including a connection to the plane of Magick. Talismans can be used until their stored power is depleted and can be recharged over time while the charms can only be used until depleted and new spells must be cast to create them again.

The final difference between a charm and a talisman is that anyone can use a talisman if they learn what it is including Mages, Vampires and Mortals alike.

In order to make the Warding charm I did some research online and found out that the best conductor for electricity was silver which I would use to draw the power in, and then I found a Discover Magazine article about a super-insulator that could be used to store the power drawn into it. I gathered the materials I needed to make the charm and then I just needed to decide on the way I wanted it to work and which spells I would use.

I could have made the charm from anything as it doesn't usually matter with Magick at your disposal. I chose to use specific materials because it gave me an advantage in granting me more options with the material effects. What I had in mind was not just a ward against electricity but a capacitor that would store the energy and allow me to tap into it for my own spells. Another clue about the nature of Magick is that one form of energy can be changed into a different one.

I used Forces and Matter to shape and craft the materials increasing conductivity and capacity for storage then applied Prime to change the electricity into quintessence or primal energy within the charm itself. The reason I did it this way was to allow the charm to last longer by feeding off the primal energy stored within.

This isn't a spell I tried before but it should work the way I planned; either way I'd find out the next time I fought with someone using electricity.

I'd decided to make two of them which took up the rest of the day while Sindee was working. I made them both into watch bands to replace the ones currently on Sindee's and my own watches. I made a nice dinner for Sindee and we spent the night curled up together on the couch watching a few old movies we liked. I needed to accelerate her training as soon as the house was complete if she was going to be able to protect herself when I'm not around and I wanted her to get as much rest as she could before we started in earnest.

We did work on little things like more sensory Magick to ensure she had a grasp of what things were before I taught her to start changing what and how they worked.

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The more she leaned about the nature of anything the easier it is to understand how to change them. I had a lot to do in the next 6 weeks, training Sindee in all the sensory Magick while waiting for the house to be finished. We went to the construction site together daily because I wanted to check the progress and in the evening make some changes internally where the walls had been put into place.

Since the changes couldn't be seen or detected without opening the walls up so the effects were coincidental and therefore no backlash involved. I had decided that I was going to make this location both as secure and protected as I could as I was going to attempt the creation of a Node.

A Node is a place where the tapestry of the Tellurian becomes knotted, becoming places of power for Mages and other beings. Nodes form naturally in the world, and I was going to try and create one. Nodes are one form of power the Vampires have no use for beyond denying them to their enemies. They are however unable to detect them for themselves so they can be kept secret from the kindred. Creating a Node is not a task that should be undertaken lightly. My choosing to do so was for multiple reasons that I felt make it worth the risks involved in the creation and defense of it.

First and foremost the vision of a fight with a Nephandi gave me the idea to bring together a group to defend the city and the tellurian. A Node is an excellent place to form a chantry, a school for the awakened to learn and work to improve their powers.

Were-creatures also use Nodes though as I understand it they have a different name for them. They seem to be a place where the Spirits they get their gifts from gather. I hoped to work with some of them in order to protect the place from all of the possible enemies we could face in protecting the city by sharing the node with them.

If this worked and a Node forms I may not be around to know. I mentioned before that there were worse things for mages to suffer other than death.

I've mentioned a couple and will explain more as they come but the one that had me worried the most was because what I was attempting was not a simple alteration of something within reality. What I was going to attempt was to alter the fabric of the Tellurian itself and that could put me into a Quiet.

A Quiet is one of the worst possible things a Mage can suffer, being turned into a Vampire and having your Avatar destroyed in a better fate. A Quiet is a deep state of psychosis in which the Mages reality is the only thing to exist anywhere.

No contact with anyone or anything. A personal madness created by the Mages own mind that has destroyed more Mages than those that came out of it stronger on the other side. A quiet can cause a Mage to become what is called a Marauder.

Marauders are the most dangerous and unpredictable beings that exist. They no longer suffer from paradox backlashes as their mind has become so fractured that they live in their own reality within the Tellurian. Who knows what twisted effects these demented minds will come up with. Think of a serial killer with the power to change reality to fit with their fractured views. I liked to think I would get through any challenge or trial I went through but the possibility of becoming something like that frightened me more than I will ever be able to put into words.

As far as I know, I've never met a Mage who has even attempted what I am contemplating doing. It needs to be done and I'm not going to pass the responsibility and danger of my idea onto another being. I had plenty to do in planning it. I needed to contact Seeker of Truth to let her know what I was planning and see if her pack or one she knew as friends may want to help protect it if the effect worked. I wanted to talk to Arthur at his club to see if he might be able to acquire some items I could use to aid in a successful casting.

I had a lot to do before the house was completed and very little time relatively speaking to accomplish it. I called Marcus first to see if he could get ahold of Kyra to ask Seeker to meet me somewhere we could talk, I recommended the Existence as it was neutral territory. I also chose it because it would allow me to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone by allowing me to see Arthur while I was there.

I arranged to meet Seeker of Truth on that first weekend coming and decided to make a night of it for Sindee and me. We got ready and went out to the Existence for lunch so I could speak with Arthur before the club got busy. Something I didn't mention before is the Chef who would look at home on death row is a true gourmet and should run a five star restaurant kitchen, any time you eat there it's a delight.

Just tell the waitress you'll have whatever the chef wishes to prepare and you'll never regret the choice. Once we arrived I asked Arthur if he had time to talk as I needed some information that he could be able to provide.

Sindee was over by the bar talking to Elayna when Arthur and I sat to talk. "I'll come straight out and tell you what I plan to attempt and I'd appreciate any advice or information you can provide," I stated as a way of opening our conversation.

Arthur's expression turned serious and contemplating which I have no clue how anyone can show two expressions at once and replied, "I'm listening, however I don't think I'm going to like this am I?" "I don't know and won't guess how you'll feel about it.

I will tell you that I'm planning to try and create a Node." I informed Arthur, the silence that followed was tense. We sat staring at each other until he replied, "I think you're insane if you think it's a good idea to try doing that, but you aren't the first to try it. Are you aware of the dangers involved in what you planning?" "Yes, the dangers include my death, the destruction of my Avatar causing me to lose the ability to use magick, horrible levels of injury that would be worse than death, and most of all the possibility of a Quiet and the end results of that including becoming a Marauder and needing to be put down," I replied in an even tone.

I asked, "Did I miss anything?" "That pretty much sums things up neatly.

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Before I give you any information, tell me why you want to go through with such an insanely dangerously stupid plan." He said the last like an order not a request and I knew if I didn't explain he wouldn't aid me. "I plan to create the node within a Sanctum and use it for several reasons. The first is because I had a vision in which the city had been destroyed and deserted.

In this vision I had a battle with a Nephandi and came out of it with Injuries from the fight. I don't know when this war is coming here and I know that the vision is as much symbolic as real but a dead and deserted Las Vegas is a bad symbol either way.

My second reason is I want to use the Sanctum as a training facility to improve my abilities and to teach other awakened. I also plan to share the Node with at least one of the local Were-creature packs in order to help maintain and protect it; that is if they'll agree to.

Fate and Destiny are playing around with my path in life and as much as I wish it weren't happening I have no choice but to prepare for what I feel coming and to trust my instincts to guide me." I looked him square in the eyes and asked, "Now, you said that I wasn't the first to attempt this insane course of action. How many have tried and were there any who succeeded? If anyone did succeed did they survive said twisting of the Tellurian itself?" Arthur got a distant look in his eyes as though deep in thought.

It was interesting to watch his eyes, the shift around the grey scale of color as he thought looking for all the world like a gray clouded sky, "There have been several attempts I'm sure; however I know of only 3 personally. The first two were abysmal failures. One killed the Mage who attempted it, he was trained in all the spheres but attempted something he wasn't ready for.

I taking hold of the fabric of reality he couldn't handle the raw Quintessence that flowed from it to him and he was burnt to ash from the inside out. The second failure was from a powerful Mage who became an Archmage of the Correspondence sphere. His hubris was his downfall. He believed that he was powerful enough to change reality where he saw fit, his intent was to force ascension on followers that were barely beginning to understand what is possible and their disbelief put him into a quiet that he hasn't come back out of yet, that was back in '92.

The one that succeeded was an interesting and unique case.

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He shouldn't have had the power to pull it off, however he had prepared for it creating a ritual and having a firm grasp in mind of what he wanted to have happen. The planning and ritual paid off and a Node was created. It was a small Node, limited in power but a Node none the less. He was put into a quiet and managed to come out of it relatively sane.

While this mage can still work with magick any spell he attempts is very limited in scope and power, he can't focus on anything detailed or powerful any longer." He poured himself a drink from an old bottle, took a good drink and continued, "Now that you know more about the dangers and end results are you still planning to try to do it?" I looked over to where Sindee was talking with Elayna and took a minute to think before answering.

"If I'm going to protect Sindee and by extension the city if not the Tellurian itself I must do this. I don't intend to try it as a normal spell either. My intent is to create a ritual as your one successful Mage did. I was thinking that if I intend to alter the Tellurian the more representations of the truth of reality I incorporate into the ritual the better chances for success in creating the Node.

To that end I am looking for representation of the factions, species and whatever classifications we use for different beings." "Sounds to me like you've thought this out and despite the dangers; you are intent on attempting it.

When you say representations of the various supernatural entities, please give me specific examples of what you mean and I'll see what I can do about it." He sat looking at me expectanly, waiting for my response.

"In the simplest terms, I know as Mages we use Quintessence and the it has a physical form of Tass of which I have a little. From the Vampire who's blood is both their source of life and the power behind their magic, I wish to get as old and powerful a sample as they are willing to part with. From the Were-creatures I plan to seek a truce and see if they will share the knowledge of their source of power and possible provide some for to purpose of making this node a reality.

I know that there are Fallen Angels or Demons and Mummies as well as many Supernaturals I have no idea of what they are or their source of Power and Magic which is why I come to you.


As you said, you're something else and you know enough to be able to run this unique place. I think you may be able to assist me in this goal if you're willing." "I may be willing to assist however there are some terms to work out between us. First is that if you are successful I have full access to the node for my use and for those I wish to have trained. Second is that we share information in this war you feel coming; you are not the only protector of this city and the world. Third requirement is that you will train those I send to you; I will not send many but those I do will also have a destiny upon them.

The last is that either way; if you survive the attempt in success or failure you will owe me a favor at the time of my choosing, no questions asked." "I'll agree to the first and second with no qualifications. The third is an issue, the Node will be in my home and Sanctum and while I am willing to train those who need be, I will want to ensure that anyone I train is someone I've met and come to trust before allowing the knowledge of the Node to spread to them.

I have a plan for shielding its position from being sensed beyond simple wards. The last one is almost agreeable. I will owe you the favor but I will not do something that violates my ethics and code of honor, nor will I let the favor endanger Sindee or my family. Beyond that the condition are acceptable." I waited for Arthur's counter offer. Arthur's reply was, "We agree then on points one and two. For point three, you will train anyone I send to you for training; however I will provide a location for doing so until and if you come to trust them enough to take them into your home.

The final point, I swear to you on all that I hold dear that when I call on you for the favor it won't be lightly and it may put your family into danger, but no more than not doing what I ask of you will. I have been guarding this world and fighting in the multiple supernatural wars going on, the ones you know of and those you do not.

This place is a bastion against those wars and will continue as such for a long time to come. Do you agree to my terms or not?" I took my time to think this through carefully. I didn't like all the terms, but I doubted I'd be able to succeed without his assistance and that would make things worse not better in the long run. I decided there wasn't much choice, "I'll agree with the caveat that if anything happens to Sindee or my family while I'm away that I could have protected them from, no power in the universe will stop me from seeking out all those responsible.

Therefore I require that you arrange for the protection of those dear to me while I do whatever favor it is you call upon me for. If you find that acceptable we have a deal." Arthur smiled and while friendly it did nothing to comfort me, "I can live with that. Now while you have the meal you ordered and enjoy the conversation with your other guest today I will get started looking into what I can do to assist with collecting you ritual materials." He nodded his head towards the door.

I turned to see Seeker of Truth walking in the front entrance, Marcus and Kyra coming in behind her. "Go ahead and use my table here, looks like you'll need the room anyway and no one will bother you while you sit there." He walked into the back area of the club. Sindee returned to the table as I stood to greet the new arrivals. I gestured them over to the table to sit.

As we sat five plates arrived from the kitchen smelling better than anything I've had to date. The fact that there were five plates didn't get past me and I now knew that Arthur had seen this coming before I spoke with him today. "Hello Seeker of Truth, let me introduce you to my fiancé Sindee. Sindee, this is Seeker of Truth." "It's a pleasure to meet you Seeker of Truth. I heard a little about you and Andrew's misadventures in the desert and am glad to meet Kyra's grandmother.

She is a wonderful young lady and a close friend to Marcus after such a short time." Sindee's tone was friendly and her words came from the heart. "I am equally pleased to meet you Sindee. As for calling me Seeker of Truth, outside of the pack and our gatherings, please call me Talia." She smiled and took a bite from her plate. The smile of contentment spoke volumes in silence about how good the meal was going to be.

"Now Andrew, you asked to meet with me for a reason, why?" "In order to answer that I need to ask what you know of Mages, Nodes and the Ascension War?" I replied. She took a few minutes to gather her thoughts while we all enjoyed our meals be she answered. "In regard to Mages, I know you're power is more about changing perceived reality by will and Magick. It was explained to me once that mortals and most other supernatural beings share a static reality.

Everything we do conforms to a defined set of rules, while some of the rules are outside mortal normality they are still there. To Mages however the easier explanation is that their Perception is reality.

They can alter the world to become what they perceive it should be, within limitation based on their own power and how much they try to change at once as well as witnesses to the changes.

Is that about accurate?" "A simplified version of things but very accurate none the less Talia," Marcus answered before I could. Talia continued, "Nodes are places of power to Mages and other supernatural races. They are knots or weaknesses in the fabric of the veil between planes where for Mages quintessential energy flows and for Werewolves and other shifters the spirits gather and crossing the barriers becomes easier. These places are usually full of life and are constantly fought for among the supernatural races.

The Garou as we Werewolves call ourselves care for the grounds around and protect these places from the Wyrm. Currently my pack doesn't have control of a Node as there are few in the area around Las Vegas with the major one being the Springs Preserve is under to care and guardianship of a pack of Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers.

They allow us and others in the area to use the area but a Pack is strongest when they have a Node for their totem spirit. Is that enough or do I need to know more about them for our discussion to continue?" I replied before Marcus this time, "That's plenty of knowledge of Nodes, and I appreciate the lessons of your people as well Talia. "What about the Ascension War?" "The Ascension war is being fought between Mages of varying alliances and faction to impose your views upon the world, to bring a higher level or being or consciousness to the people or to deny it to them.

This struggle is between the Mages, but is being fought for or against all living beings. We have our own struggle that reflects some of the Mages Ascension War. We fight to stave of the apocalypse, the end of all life. Our battle is with and for the trinity.

Gaia is the mother of all and her first children are the Wild, the Weaver and the Wyrm. The wild is life is all its varying forms from mortal to Garou to Mage. The Weaver is the domain of constructs and the artificial. The Wyrm is darkness and strife, death and evil. All of these Aspects create and destroy and balance must be maintained in order to stave off the coming end." She looked thoughtful, "Now for a question of my own. Why do you need this information?" "I intend to create a Node instead of finding one." Marcus's jaw dropped and he stared at me wide eyed, the kind of look one gives when you offer up a truly bad idea.

Seeing his expression, Sindee turned to look at me with concern in her features. Kyra just stared at her grandmother who sat there waiting for me to continue, so I did, "What I am planning is possible and has been attempted before.

I have been told of three of these attempts. Two of these failed and the success was not total. I am planning to create a ritual as well as gather some things that may help me in succeeding. Why I asked you to meet in twofold to begin. Would you and your pack like to help care for this node and the land around it with the requirement of sharing it with Mages in the even I am successful? If not could you recommend a pack for me to approach with the same offer? The second thing I need to ask is if you will aid me in the ritual?" Talia sat quietly eating, taking her time to decide how best to answer I suppose.

The five of us sat there eating a wonderful meal waiting for her answer. "If I agree with this plan of yours, I'll need to take it to the pack to see if they'll agree to share it with a Mage and your allies.

I may choose on my own to help you with it either way, but I must ask what you need from me?" I stayed with the direct approach as thus far with Talia and Arthur it has worked for me, "In the ritual I'm planning I want to properly represent as many if not all of the supernatural races and power types, tying the fabric of reality and those together.

I believe this will increase my likelihood of success and well as make a more powerful node as all of the world's people will be represented. I'm not going to lie to you. If the spell goes wrong; or even if it goes right I may be out of the picture for some time or even permanently. In either case my properties including the land where the node will be crated fall to Sindee and her training to Marcus. If I am simply incapacitated they will be given custodial rights, in the event of my death it goes to Sindee with the exceptions of what I detailed with my lawyer for my will.

My lawyer is awakened and has instruction regarding the Node and Land based on both contingencies. Now as I've pretty much dropped a bomb on all of you, I'm going to take my fiancé, play a song on the jukebox and dance with her while we talk about all I just said." I took Sindee by the hand an led her over to the jukebox.

"Andrew, are you positive you need to do this? I mean we just found each other so recently and I don't want to lose what we have." There were tears in her eyes as she spoke, but they hadn't started falling. It broke my heart seeing her like that. I leaned down and kissed her, warped my arms around her pulling her against me. "It has to be done and I'm the one who came up with the plan so I have to do it.

I have more incentive than anyone else to succeed as well because I have you and you have my heart." We just stood there wrapped in each other's arms while Talia, Kyra and Marcus talked at the table.

"I'm not a hero Sindee and I'm not trying to be. I'm doing what needs to be done because I can do it and no one else is." "I know, it's one of the reasons that I fell in love with you from the start.

I read the intake report and got a copy of the police report to find out what happened to you when you weren't waking up. Your brother's and you own statement to the police said that you were injured defending your mother and father from the person who attacked you.

It said that you risked your life to save them and that makes you who you are. No matter what you say nor what others tell you, you are a hero precisely because of the choices you make.

I may not like the possible results but I would hate for you to change and lose that part of yourself. Do what needs to be done and come back to me." "There is something you missed in what I said. I want all of you there to help me, you more than anyone else. I want you by my side as my wife and partner in all things. You are yourself a mage, with all the power and responsibility that comes with that.

You are far more powerful than me with Life magick. When you awakened it was probably the second greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. Meeting you and coming back together here in Las Vegas was the greatest." We danced slowly to a couple of songs on the jukebox before returning to the table to see where the conversation was headed there. I pulled my chair out to sit when I looked more closely at the table. It was about eight feet across, large for a bar room table.

It was divided into a dozen edged panels of hardwoods alternating between a dark and a blonde wood. His seat faced the front door with the back directly towards the bar. It struck me as an odd design for a bar, though as he used it for conferences and to meet people who came into the place the size made some sense. "So, do you have any more questions for me?" I asked those gathered at the table. Talia spoke up first, "I have one. When do you plan to do this and how soon would you need my answer?" "In about five weeks or so, and I would need your answer as soon as possible in the event I need to search for a different pack to work this spell with.

Marcus, do you have anything to add or ask?" "I'm sure you've already been asked if you're insane and know the possible ramifications of such an action so I have a request. Let me do it for you, explain the spell and ritual so that I can do it." Kyra looked at him with a worries expression and I knew then that she had fallen for him and I already knew he was in love with her.

"Marcus, as much as I appreciate the offer, you know that I need to be the one to do this as this ritual is one I am creating. Your willingness to offer is more than enough for me. Any other questions?" "Why do you feel that you need to do this?" inquired Marcus.

"I had a vision in a dream about a possible future in the Ascension War. In this vision, the city was dead and deserted and I fought a powerful Nephandi. I think it was less a vision and more of an attack via time, correspondence and mind by the Nephandi because I woke in this reality with electrical burns and other injuries I received in the fight. It falls to me to stand between this being and the city, my friends and those I love." Kyra spoke up at that, "Grandmother, even if the pack refuses to aid him, I will leave the pack to start a new one and aid them.

They are more than worthy of the support of a Pack. Andrew's intent is to defend all the denizens of the city and surrounding area, accepting that it may cost him everything without blinking. He has earned the support I offer him." I was pleased and humbled by Kyra's words after Sindee's earlier statement.

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When Talia spoke up I was overwhelmed, "You speak the truth young one and no matter what the rest of the pack decides I will support him as you have chosen to do so. If the pack chooses against this course of action, I'm coming with you and I'll being any that wish to follow. The pack will need to find someone to replace me." "I haven't the words to describe how much what each of you said means to me. Thank you isn't enough but it's all I have for the moment." I couldn't speak another word after that.

The rest of our evening passed quickly, we drank, danced and just had fun for the night because we were planning for a war starting tomorrow. Sindee and I were as inseparable as always, as were Kyra and Marcus.

Talia spent most of the night speaking with George for most of the night whenever he had a few minute. It was dawn before any of us left and we stopped for breakfast on the way to our respective homes. Talia stayed behind to continue her conversation with the gigantic werewolf. We met every week at the existence so I could get the information I needed from Arthur as well as catch each other up on what we knew was going on in the war.

Arthur was able to procure for me many representations of the different supernatural members of society. Kyra and Talia did wind up leaving their old pack to start another. The split they say was amicable and the two packs would ally and work together, but that the original pack saw the Ascension War as something for mortals and Mages and believed that they weren't involved in it.

I can't abide willful blindness to the truth but I won't condemn anyone for it either. Talia said that she would move near the Node once we created it and Kyra was already living in the city so the living arrangements were going to be easy to make.

A few members of the pack did follow Talia and Kyra, mostly younger students like her. When the house was completed and ready to move in I collected the keys. We weren't going to move into the house until after the node was completed and we had it furnished. Sindee was packing her clothes and personal Items, and the beds into storage.

She was going to rent the house out to Natalie to save her some money and since she trusted her to keep the house in good condition. The days passed quickly and on the last weekend before I intended to cast the ritual Arthur surprised me by coming to the building site I had chosen with most of the supplies he had been gathering. He told me there were three more items that he would bring with him to the casting and would act as a battery and stabilizer for the energy flow of the spell I was about to perform.

What he was offering was a compliment and great responsibility. While he was acting as a flow conduit, I would be shaping the spell. In the end, whatever happened to me he would also suffer as a part of the spell. To perform the task he was offering our minds would be linked and he would be as susceptible to everything that I was as the Mage casting the spell.

If things went bad he would suffer the dangers as well. The day had finally come to create a Node. I had spent the entire night in meditation open to the flow of Magick, infusing every cell of my body with stored potential to create and alter all that exist. You feel like a true god when you have that much power within, and this is where most Magi fall to hubris.

I knew I wasn't god and rooted that firmly in my mind to keep pride out of my way in this casting. I wrote the symbols of all the spheres around the sanctum, I sank the etchings into the surface using matter magick. I placed each representation of the supernatural races around the spot in a close circle leaving the North, South and center positions open for the three items that Arthur was bringing. The group gathered that evening, Arthur even closed the Existence and brought the core members of his staff to aid in what was happening.

They all spread around the room, where the item representing their race or faction was placed they stood.

Arthur entered the circle with me with a few items in his hands. In the North position he places a small black ball of crystal, perfectly smooth that had an oily evil sense to it. He said that it was Black 13, the most dangerous glass of the Wizards Rainbow. The item he placed at the South position was the sword that I had seen Sam wearing in the Existence that first night, this was a powerful weapon and some form of talisman. Not powered by Magick but by another source, the blood magic of vampires I believe.

The last item was in a case when Arthur set it down to open it. I felt nothing special from it until the case was opened, the Magick and Spiritual energies poured from the case were like a sensory overload. Arthur withdrew the sword inside and held it before him, pointing skyward.

This was not just a Talisman but one of the few Wonders of our world, created by a combination of Magick and Legend granted power by belief and epic tales. It was a one of a kind item that will never again be duplicated. Arthur turned it point downward and drove the blade into the floor. The was no sound of metal striking ground, just the sound of blade slicing through clean until it was buried to the cross guard.

I reached out to each mind surrounding me and brought it into the spell, giving them just pieces of the overall to hold on to.

I took my time to shape the spell and set firmly what I wanted to have happen in the end. I had to weave all the spheres into this to ensure that the Magick flowed easily here. I kept working the image and spell in my head as Arthur flowed more energy to me through the link between us. It was hours before I was ready to cast the final portion of the spell and bind the planes together here creating the Node.

I gather all the power I had stored in my own cells and wrapped into it the flow coming from Arthur. I drove the energy through the nine sphered braiding the stands together in my mind, forcing the energy into the ground and across the planes.

I twisted the Magick into the fabric of the Tellurian mentally knotting the planes together and released the Magick into it. I felt the power flowing through me in a strength I didn't know was possible, it felt magma in my veins and silk across my skin at the same time.

There was a bright glow in the room and then total darkness and silence around me……………