Gießen alte und junge

Gießen alte und junge
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Who is Zach Drayton: He is an 18 year old guy who is enjoying the summer after his graduation from Derby High School. He is in good shape, he's very good looking, yet he has never had a girlfriend, had a first kiss, and is clearly still a virgin.

He may seem alright with his love life on the outside, but on the inside he just wants a girl to love who loves him back, because thats what he believes life is all about.

Who is Julie Thomas: She is a 28 year-old divorcee with two kids ages 1 and 4. She is a cashier at the grocery store where Zach works.


Despite being divorced with two young kids, she is a very attractive woman. She may appear to be just "a single mother just trying to get by" on the outside, which she is, but she also hasn't slept with a man in over a year and she craves to have a man but can't seem to find one.

Premise: My name is Zach Drayton and I live in Wichita Kansas. I work in the produce department at a local grocery store called Dillons. There is a woman named Julie who works as a cashier at the same store. We flirt back and forth every now and then and she always smiles at me. I joke with my friends in produce about how I'd love to fuck her, they always tell me that she's too old for me and since she has two kids that she wouldn't feel very good anyways, but I always disagree.


"Nah man, I think she and I could be really great together" I said in defense of her. Jordan looked at me with a disappointed smile "Dude I'm tellin' ya she's nothing but trouble. I've seen one of my best friends go through this type of situation and he ended up getting screwed. "Alright well what happened to him?" "My friend Greg, he's a few years older than me, but while he was in high school he meet a teacher named Sarah who was just like Julie.

She was recently divorced with three kids, but just like your friend Julie she was very good looking, even I thought that she was pretty hot. The two of them hit it off, there were as Forrest Gump would say 'Like peas and carrots'." "I see where you are going with this but Julie is a totally different person and I'm not your friend Greg and this a totally different situ-" "NO!

Dude let me finish the story." He interupted. I sighed, "Alright go on." "They hit it off, and pretty soon their student-teacher relationship extended beyond school and became a strong friendship, which eventually led to a sexual relationship.

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He would always tell me how great sex with her was and how he actually enjoyed her kids. A few months passed by with no problems, until Greg got a job. She started asking for small amounts of money, then finally his entire paycheck was dedicated to her.

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Pretty soon he became fed up and dumped her and found another girl that was his age. Sarah became extremely jealous and began stalking Greg and his new girlfriend.

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And to make the ending of this story short, do you remember when that Jessica girl was murdered?" "Oh shit! That was why?!" I was stunned. "Now you can see why I don't think Julie is the best thing for ya right now bro." I was so frustrated. "Oh well bro.

I'm virgin anyways, I doubt Julie would go for a guy like me anyways. Don't worry man, my life has consisted of nothing exciting and I doubt anything will happen between me and Julie." "That may be true but I've noticed lately that she talks just a LITTLE sweeter to you than she does to anybody else around her.

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And I have noticed that when you're restocking stuff that she looks a you a LOT." "She does?" Despite Jordan's efforts I was still interested in her. "Yeah dude. Watch out for that girl man, she's craving a man, and no offense but you're only 18 and I doubt you could satisfy her needs and desires." "Yeah, but I still want to man." Jordan glared at me.

"But nothing will happen dude! Like I said 'Nothing exciting happens in my life'" After I got off, I bought a few things and couldn't resist going through Julie's empty lane. She smiled and waved once she saw me. "Hiii Zach." She said sweetly. "Hey what's up" I said plainly, trying to act like I wasn't interested. "You sound tired. Were you guys busy back there?" "Yeah, I could use a beer if you know what I mean." I joked.


"Yeah me too! But I can't have too much because after like.three beers I get a little frisky if you know what I mean." After she said that I felt my member jump a little. Maybe she is into me? I thought. .Nah there's no way. If all the girls I've encountered in my life weren't into me, then there's no way this MILF is into me.

"Ha. Anyways.I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I said acting like I didn't notice her sexual invitation. She smiled at me, "Byeee Zach!

See ya tomorrow!" There was a certain tone to her voice, like she was actually saying "I know that you want me!

I'll bring you home tomorrow!", and I honestly wished she'd said that. Nothing's going to happen, she doesn't really want you.

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I thought sadly after I remembered my history with girls was horrible. It's not that girls didn't like me as a friend or a person, they just didn't like me in the way that I liked them, which really sucked.