Slutty Japanese chick Yui Hatano blows hard hairy fuck stick

Slutty Japanese chick Yui Hatano blows hard hairy fuck stick
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She was my best friend for years. Then she betrayed me. I was going to make her pay. I decided to exact my revenge on her. I waited for her to come out of her work. It was dark. So dark that I didn't have any problems keeping to the shadows. I knew that she would be home soon, and that her parents would be out for the next several nights. I didn't follow her home, because I knew where she lived. Several minutes after she left, I got in my car, where I had parked in the adjacent parking lot, and drove to her neighborhood.

I had been planning this since the betrayal. I I parked two blocks from her house so that she wouldn't hear me coming. I stuck to the shadows as I crept into her back yard. She didn't have any dogs, so I knew that my entry would be as stealthy as possible.

I cursed softly as I heard a neighbor's dog bark. I dipped back into the shadows, as I saw her look out the window to investigate. Fortunately, she didn't see me. I peered into the window that I had broken the lock on several nights before.

She was doing the dishes. She had her headphones on. This was going to be easier than I expected. My dick began to get hard as I watched her dance. She was chubby. Not fat, but plump. Her shoulder length jet-black hair was pulled into a neat ponytail. She was wearing short shorts that were pulled taut against her fat bubble ass.

Her thick thighs shook as she danced. She was wearing a band-tee. Her B-cup breasts were topped with nipples that were fully erect. She wasn't wearing a bra.

The tight fitting shirt showed the curves of her chubby belly. I began to rub my crotch in anticipation. I was going to enjoy every second of fucking her against her will. I forced myself to pull my hand away from my pulsating dick. I drew my knife. I had sharpened it today. I wasn't planning on cutting her at all, much less killing her, I just wanted to scare the shit out of her. I would much rather her live with the trauma that she had caused me. She was almost done with the dishes.

It was now or never. I slid the window open and slinked in.

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She was still dancing, so I knew that the music was still playing and that she wouldn't hear me. I slid in behind her in the dimmed kitchen. I threw my hand across her mouth. She tried to scream. Like lightning, I flung her headphones off, held my knife against her throat, and whispered coarsely in her ear, "If you scream, or try to run, I'll fucking kill you!

Understand?" She didn't do anything but whimper, so I pressed my knife a little tighter against her throat and asked her again, "Do you fucking understand me?" She whimpered and nodded. I spun her around and kissed her full on the mouth. I felt around inside her mouth with my tongue. I was getting more and more turned on by the moment. When I pulled away, she gasped as she looked in my eyes. "Marc?" "Who were you expecting, the fucking Easter Bunny?" "I told you that I didn't want to be friends with you anymore, Marc." She said through tears.

I looked in her crystal-blue eyes, and for a moment, almost ran. Then I felt my eyes sting, and slapped the shit out of the bitch. "How could you fucking betray me like that?" I screamed at her, "You were supposed to be my best friend!" "Is this how a best friend acts, Marc?

Sneaking into my house in the middle of the night, and frenching me?" I grinned as I held the knife back up, "That's not all I'm going to fucking do to you." She tried to run around me to the phone. I punched her as hard as I could in the gut. She fell to the floor holding her stomach and bawling.

"If you try to run, fight, or scream, I'm going to kill you, got it?" She nodded as I knelt down beside her. I helped her to her feet. She tried to knock the knife from my hand.

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I swung and made a shallow cut across her cheek. She yelped in surprise and held her cheek. Her eyes filled with fear as she realized that I wasn't kidding.

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I pulled her close to me. Our entire midsections were touching. I pulled her into a passionate kiss. After I pulled out of the minutes long kiss. I pulled the ponytail out of her hair. I always thought that she was more beautiful when her hair was down. I always had a thing for her, but I never acted on it. Our friendship was too important to me to ruin it by making a move. Our friendship was over, now, though. She hurt me, and I was going to make her hurt, too. I told her to get to her knees.

She shook her head in fear. I widened my eyes. She shrank back, then slowly got to her knees. I pulled my sweatpants down. I wore them for convenience. I didn't wear any underwear.

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My dick was sticking straight out toward her face. She winced as she saw it for the first time. "Take it into your mouth." She timidly leaned forward and took the head of my dick in her mouth. I gasped as she did. After a moment, I glared down to her and said, "Bite it, and you're fucking dead, understand?" She nodded without taking my dick out of her mouth.

She started moving her head up and down my shaft. The bitch was pretty good at giving blow-jobs. I could tell that she was aroused, even though she didn't want it. I began to softly thrust. I felt her tonsils against the head of my dick. She softly gagged every time that I thrusted.

She was no beginner at this. "You're a cock-sucking bitch, aren't you?" I asked her. With tears of shame and from gagging, she nodded. I continued to softly fuck her face. As I did so, I reached down and grabbed a hand full of tit with my free hand. It was soft and supple. I began to knead the flesh of her tits, one, then the other, then the first one again. I played with her nipples through her shirt. As I became more aroused, I pulled her shirt off of her. She looked better than I thought she would without a shirt.

Her small B-cup breasts stuck out only as far as her chubby belly.

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Her small areolas made way to a pair of very pointy nipples. I licked my lips. I wanted those nipples in my mouth. I pulled her away from my dick and led her into her bedroom by her hand. I guided her onto her small bed and crawled up to her. I took her tits into my mouth one after the other. They were small enough that the entire tit almost fit into my mouth.


I sucked on them as hard as I could. She wimperd in pain. She had a disgusted look on her face. "You're getting off on this, aren't you?" I asked her.

She didn't respond.

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I held the knife to her throat. She nodded. I smiled at her, "I'm not finished yet." I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off of her. I grinned when I saw how sexy her underwear were. They were a black bikini and they were lacy in the front. In the back they were silky across her entire bubble butt.

I caressed her big ass. The silky panties and the big ass felt good in my hand. My dick stood completely at attention. I wanted to fuck her now. I was going to make this last, though. I continued rubbing her ass for the next several minutes. It was quite firm for a chubby girl. She began to tremble as I got close to her snatch "Do you want me to stop?" I asked her softly. With tears welled up in her eyes she furiously nodded.

"Okay," I said as I grabbed a handful of pussy. She gasped in horror, and tears began to run down her face again. I laughed as I watched her cry as I rubbed her pussy. She was so wet. I had kind of hoped that I could dry-fuck her. That way it would hurt. Whatever. If it slid in easier, then it wouldn't hurt me. I quickly pulled her panties off of her. Her mound was beautiful. She had shaved around her pussy, and had a neatly trimmed tuft of hair above it.

Her pussy was beautiful. It was chubby, like the rest of her, but the lips stuck out in a very inviting manor. The odor of her juices wafted into my nose. I began to feel compelled to hump the air. I had never been much of a pussy-eater, but the sweet scent of this snatch was enough to drive me crazy. I dove face first between her thick thighs.

I lapped at her pussy like a dehydrated dog. She arched her back and thrust her pussy tighter toward my face. As she realized what she had been doing, she quickly recoiled. She pulled back so far that my face wasn't in her pussy anymore. I hadn't had enough so I dove back in. For the next several minuets. I enjoyed the taste of the finest pussy that I'd ever eaten in my life. I focused on her clit, then I moved onto her cunt, and back again. For the last few minutes I resisted swallowing her juices.

I took as much of them into my mouth as I could. I pulled away from her pussy, and crawled to her face again. I kissed her again. I let the juices that I had been holding in my mouth escape into hers. She winced, and I felt her gag. She resisted swallowing for as long as she could. Seeing her resist so much over the taste of her own pussy juices turned me on even more than I had been before, and I kissed her passionately for what felt like forever.

It was time. She knew it. She tried to back away, but I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back to me. I was ready to fuck her. "Please don't." She pleaded, too tired to fight anymore.

I just shook my head and said, "You know I'm going to." "At least wear protection," she begged me.


I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Why the fuck would I want to do that? I'm going to cum inside you!" She cried out loud, and I threw my hand over her mouth, "You remember what I said, don't you?" I asked her as I pressed the knife against her throat.

She nodded and as I pulled my hand away, I quickly thrust my naked dick into her pussy. She slapped a hand over her mouth to muffle a cry. I grinned as I began raping her. Her pussy was so tight. Much tighter than I expected. I had expected her to be loose, because her boyfriend was a sex addict. I knew that they fucked after pretty much every date, and that she had let him fuck her after only the second date. As I slid my dick in and out of her tight cunt, I took a moment to reflect.

I was fucking the girl who used to be my best friend. I had fantasized about having sex with her many times, but in the fantasy, I was making love, slowly and gently giving it to her. In reality, I was raping her silly—rough, hard, and violent. I slammed into her harder and faster as I went.

Her tight hole was milking my cock for all it was worth.

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I began to breathe heavier, and she began to say something. Rhythmically, as I fucked her, the syllables escaped her, "Please—don't—cum—in—side—me." I pounded her pussy faster and faster. I felt myself coming to my climax. I stared directly into her eyes. She tried to avert her gaze, but I pulled her face so that she had to lock eyes with me. I moaned as my load exploded into her belly.

Her eyes widened and she began to weep. I held her gaze as I continued to hump her, and pump my cum into her. After several moments, my balls had been emptied into her. I pulled my dick out, and watched the semen seep from her pussy. I grabbed her panties and caught the cum before it could drip anywhere. I directed her to the shower where I made her douche out. I also made her take a shower to wash all of the evidence away.

I watched her closely to make sure that she washed every inch of her body thoroughly.


I was so turned on at her rubbing all over my self that I beat off into her panties. When she was done, I made her get out and dry off. As I grabbed my pants and headed for the front door, I told her, "If you call the cops, or ever tell anyone about this, I'll come back here and open you up from your pussy to your throat, understand?" She was traumatized. I was happy. She nodded slowly. I sniffed at her panties in my hand as I walked out the door, and to my car.