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Explosive cock riding with sexy luscious babe hardcore and blowjob
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Five p.m. sharp."I'm right on time" Helga thought as she entered the exterior door and walked into the foyer of the plush new medical offices. "Hello, I'm Dr. Bell and you must be. . Helga?" Helga jumped a little as the doctor approached her from a side office. "Yes" Helga answered. Helga was quite impressed with the latest state-of-the-art equipment she passed as she was escorted to his private office.

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He gestured to a chair and she sat down across from him. The doctor took a few moments to review her application. Although dated from a few years ago, the Doc saw that she had successfully graduated from a fully accredited Illinois State Dental Assistant School and worked for two respected dentists in Chicago.

He noticed she was married, gold ring on her finger. That is very good, he thought. He certainly preferred married women as they were more stable in their work habits and had a greater sense of responsibility.

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As for the mother part. . he wondered if she would be dashing home every few days when her child had a cold or a bruised knee from the school playground &hellip. "So you have you seems to have quite a lot of experience as a Dental Assistant?" Doc asked, taking in her appearance head to toe.

He appraised her black suit and white blouse and quite liked the way she sat with her legs crossed. Perhaps because she was sitting, her skirt seemed just a little short."Yes that is correct" Helga wondered if it was a slight on her age and looked down in embarrassment. "Well. you understand that my previous dental assistant had to resign her position very suddenly last week in order to attend to her sick father in Chicago.

It was a great loss to our office. Now there is a slight possibility that she may return to her position in a month or so, but I seriously doubt it. Her father is quite ill and will need long term care.

I do not expect her to return" Helga nodded gravely and nervously crossed and re-crossed her legs. Doc tried to break the tension. He smiled, "So you can see I am in need of an experienced assistant who can hit the dental office running, so to speak".

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Helga could not help but smile and his demeanor made her feel much more comfortable. Helga had heard about the Doctor's assistant leaving suddenly from one of her girlfriends who also happened to be one of the doctor's patients. Needing to work closer to home she had quickly gone to his office to apply for the position. Her timing was perfect as the Doctor had just finished with his last patient of the day. Unfortunately Helga had left her best royal blue suit at the cleaners only the day before and felt a little uncomfortable for the job interview because the black suit skirt she was wearing seemed much shorter than she had remembered.

It made her feel a little awkward (and more nervous!) But this was the only other dark "professional" outfit she had and she wanted to make a good first impression. She knew that a black suit looked good with her black stockings and high heels and that her white blouse looked crisp and made her reddish brown hair stand out. The Dentist, Dr.

Bell, tried to be subtle in scrutinizing her looks. Her application had her age as being fifty-one, a married mother living just a few streets away from his dental office.

He was quite taken by her appearance. In spite of her stated age he felt sure she must have quite a body under that business suit. He noticed her black high heels and thought her legs looked pretty good.

At least from the way they looked crossed in front of him and when he was able to catch a glimpse as she was walking into the office. Damn, he should have placed the interview chair in a better position that would have afforded him a better view of her!

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He thought he had organized the office perfectly. Helga listened as he explained about the job and what was expected of her. He went on for ten to fifteen minutes concentrating on patient relations and how their main focus was that their patients were relaxed and comfortable with their dental experience. The Doc went on to explain why he had chosen to utilize nitrous oxide with the majority of his patients. Are you familiar with its use?" he asked. Although familiar with the technology, Helga was concerned that her experience did not include any practical use of nitrous oxide.

She knew she had to be honest. "Well the last two dentists I worked for used only a local anesthesia and not nitrous oxide" Helga answered without reservation. "But I have taken an introductory course at the local college along with my continuing courses on preventative dental hygiene". The Doctor nodded thoughtfully and sat tapping his pencil on her job application.

He suddenly got to his feet. "Here, come with me, Helga, and let me show you around the office." Dr. Bell got up and led Helga out his office door to the hallway and down through the patient rooms.

Does this mean I have the job Helga wondered to herself? Dr. Bell wasn't quite ready to hire this woman although she seemed the most qualified of the applicants he had so far. Frankly, he was hoping for younger girl since they seemed to divert the patient's attention (male and female) from the treatment."Is this one of the new chairs they just came out with?" Helga asked him.

"Why yes.this chair can assume many different positions so we can access the patient easier and make them more comfortable too." Helga was impressed!

This particular dental chair alone cost about $50,000. She saw them advertised in the dental publications she subscribed to and that were delivered to her home. The Doctor beckoned her."Here, have a seat."As Helga sat down on the couch-like lounge she secretly scolded herself for wearing the black skirted suit. She really had to tug at the hem to keep the skirt from riding up her thighs. When she sat back into the comfortable lounger chair her eyes took in all the extra appointments the examining room had.

Everything was done in modern art deco and looking straight ahead, she noticed a large-faced neon clock that read 5:25pm. With Helga in the reclined dental chair, Doc Bell now had an opportunity to notice her legs better but it was between them that he was more curious about. If he played this just right, he would be seeing that and more. They chatted for a while about all the various equipment in the office and how it differed from the older equipment that had been used in her previous dental positions.

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Once again, the subject of the nitrous oxide came up. "So have you been 'gassed' before, Helga?" "Why, no.I.ah.I have never really tried it" "Well it is most important that you become totally familiar with its usage and effects on a patient.

You will be sent to school, at my expense, of course, to brush up on your skills. He looked at Helga. "My dental practice prides itself on performing gentle, painless dentistry.

It is what my office is known for. Our very reputation rests upon it. So Helga, you must quickly advance your knowledge in this area.

Do you understand"? Helga could appreciate the Doctor's concerns.

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"Yes, of course Doctor". The Doctor nodded. "Good, that's very good. No time like the present … Now let's give you just a little sample."Before Helga could protest, he had the mask over her face and had flipped the handle to start the flow of anesthetic gas that would soon render her passive, then helpless, and finally unconscious. "There, what do you think of that?" He made sure he only gave her enough to allow him to control the situation but he didn't want her to panic."Oh.it's kind of.well er.

I.don't know what to say!" Helga was definitely feeling like she was getting a little fuzzy-headed. She quickly assured herself that this was important knowledge that she was absolutely required to learn. From a professional standpoint, she could not let herself down. However, she did not feel intimidated; in fact, she felt quite the opposite! She was very relaxed and quite giddy.

Doc reached over and turned the tank valves open little more. "Let me give you a little bit more so you know what the second stage feels like." Doc Bell watched the gas mixture dials carefully as the nitrous was mixed with oxygen. He was quite pleased with himself. He could already see her completely relax to the point that her short skirt was showing a nice expanse of firm thigh.

He could nearly see the crotch of her panties. He could feel his penis twitch inside his pants at the sight. It always did when he knew he was about to overcome a patient's will and have his way with them. He was totally prepared for this scenario. He always was. Helga couldn't protest the addition of more gas if she wanted to. She was becoming extremely relaxed and Doctor Bell seemed to be a very nice person .

and she had the job and … and. .she.suddenly nodded off into a completely relaxed deep sleep."There.that ought to do it!" exclaimed the Doc as he removed the mask and stepped back to check out his handy-work and his "patient". He just loved this interview process and now it was time to see what Helga looked like a little more intimately. He carefully lifted her leg to remove the high heeled shoe on her right foot.

As he did so, he lovingly stroked both her foot and her leg and marveled at how beautiful her legs were. As he did so, Helga let out a soft moan but was very much in a deep sleep.Doc lifted her leg slightly and teased himself with a sneak look at what was under her skirt.

He lifted it just enough to peak at the crotch of her panties. "Ahhh, white ones. I knew they would be white ones"! Was he imagining or was that her moistening crease showing through the delicate fabric? He reached up and flicked on the examination light above and tilted it to highlight the skirt and panty covered pussy he was trying to see.

He loved teasing himself this way! By now he was experiencing a full erection. A state he fully intended to relieve with Helga. He then removed her other shoe and gently rubbed from her foot up her legs. He looked up at her deep breathing chest and decided it was time to part the buttoned up suit jacket she was wearing. His fingers shook slightly as he labored to undo each of the 5 buttons and fully open her jacket.

Underneath the black jacket was a white blouse and bra that failed to hide the size of her firm breasts. He stole a quick look at her face. The glasses had to go he decided. He removed Helga's eyeglasses and laid them on the instrument tray. "My god, she's really quite lovely" he thought as he placed his hands on the swell of her breasts and caressed the front of her white blouse.

"MMMmmmm." Helga murmured. She seemed to be having a dream. "Wow, are they ever firm", he thought to himself. He could feel her nipples through the blouse and the bra both.

He was fairly certain she was responding to his touching her rather than fighting it. Enough now or he wouldn't have time without administering more gas. He began to unbutton the blouse and, as he did, he noticed how her tits bulged out above her bra.

He could from feeling them they were perfectly natural breasts. He could always tell implants from real ones and Helga didn't seem like the type who would want implants anyway. Then he put both of his hands on the outside of her thighs, and pushed the hem of her skirt up onto her stomach. Helga may have been physically sitting in the dentist chair, but mentally.

in her mind she was drifting. Miles away floating on a soft anesthetic cloud of nitrous oxide and.Dreaming…dreaming.yes. How she was home, sitting on her beige living room couch. Her loving husband kneeling on the carpet between her knees. and he had pushed her skirt up …Doc purposely left her white frilly panties on. He could now see in the light that she was definitely getting wet.

He leaned over her just above her panties and inhaled her heavenly scent. "AHHH' lovely", he thought. The intimate aroma of Helga's warm pussy! Now he wanted to fully see her tits and was thankful that she wore a bra with the clasp in front. He unbuttoned her blouse and then as he undid her bra, her breasts burst out with hardened pink nipples just begging to be sucked.

He caressed and fondled each breast relieving them of the tension that the bra had placed on encasing them. Again, Helga let out a soft, purring moan assuring the Doc that she was still in dreamland and that it was okay to proceed. He bent down and gently sucked her right nipple and rolled it around his tongue. "Oh honey .wha.ooh." murmured Helga feeling safe in her own living room, with her husband kissing her breasts.

Doc watched in fascination as Helga's left hand came up from the side of the lounge and reached down between her legs. She put her hand to the front of her panties and began fondling the crease in the material covering her own pussy.

Dreamily she caressed the crotch of her panties, teasing her ever moistening slit. Doc's penis was straining at his pants to get out and he began to do just that. He continued watching her touching herself as he undid his buckle and let his pants and underwear drop to the floor. His hardened penis sprung free and a drop of fluid had already formed on the end of it.

If he had more time, Doc knew he would remove her panties completely and perhaps to get her legs up in stirrups and open wide for his pleasure, but his time was limited to the amount of a anesthesia he could safely administer to her. Doc feasted his eyes on her busy hand and the moistening crotch of her panties.

He then gently pulled her hand free from her panties and replaced it with his own hand. He caressed her panty until he could deny himself no more. He pulled aside her panty crotch and began fondling her bare wet slit. Doc was amused when Helga lifted her left hand away from her panties; she put in her mouth and sucked her moisture from her fingers. Doc grasped his penis in anticipation and gently began squeezing and pulling on it.

Then he had an idea. He put his hard penis into her right hand and squeezed it around the hardened member. In her anesthetic dream, Helga was at home on the living room couch with her husband and responded with pure reflex. Her right hand automatically closed around what the doctor offered. To Helga it was her husband's penis … his hot penis all erect for her.

She caressed and pulled.and why not. She was holding her husband's stiff cock that wanted her so much.her husband's hard cock! The Doc dropped his head to her vagina and began to gently lick where her fingers had just been. "OOOOOOhhhhh." Helga was still in a dream trance but giggled a little at the contact. She knew it was her husband's fingers and lips working on her vagina. Helga twisted in the dentist chair, her hips lifting, seeking the mouth and fingers that pleasured her so. Seeing her need was increasing, the Doc kissed her vagina lips and buried his tongue inside of her.

She was still pulling on his penis and then she softly cried out as her vagina spasmed in orgasm. The Doc could even feel her pussy lips clenching on his tongue as he licked and speared her and she rewarded his ministrations.


Her intimate juices flowed out of her, filling his eager mouth. He drank of her flowing wetness.


She tasted both sweet and slightly pungent.like a fine wine. He licked and teased and sucked on her as she was holding and pulling his penis. The Doc had reached bursting point. His balls were swollen and his cock could wait no longer. He removed her hand and positioned the head of his penis at the entrance to her slippery wet pussy lips and nudged it against her clit. Helga shuddered in a small aftershock of her tongue induced climax. He held his cock to the entrance and continued to work it all around her opening enjoying the power and control while watching her face for reactions.

Finally, and with no more warning, he slipped about half the length in her and Helga moaned audibly. He pulled back slightly.afraid that he would "shock" her awake but she dreamily smiled at the plundering of her sex.

He moved in again and gave her a little more length, sliding in and out of her tight wet vagina. He could feel his full balls gearing up to unload in her but wanted it to last just a little longer.

Stroke.Stroke.stroke. He was barely able to fuck her more than a minute or two when he couldn't hold back the excitement of the moment. The Doc realized from Helga's fractured muttering that she believed that she was making love with her own husband. So he quietly spoke to her, encouraging her, making her want his cock.making her want to be fucked, and fucked … and fucked.

At that moment the Doc had a moment of crisis.

If he ejaculated in her pussy, Helga would know that she had been fucked. The same if he pulled out in time but ejaculated on her legs, skirt or panties. In her anesthesia induced condition he could not risk choking her by using her mouth … But Helga was on full automatic &hellip.Her ass was off the seat of the chair and her hips were trying to thrust.

"Oh fuck me baby.fuck your Helga.fuck me, fuck, fuck meeee. . "The Doc couldn't hold it and when he knew he couldn't pull out, he pushed in all the way. Helga murmured…"Oh ggggod &hellip." as he sank his hot hard cock into her. He was amazed that her pussy was so tight. He had expected, as a mother, her pussy would be loose.but here he was, deep inside her.and her tight wet pussy was clenched down around his cock.

He could not have pulled out of her if he had wanted to, In which he didn't. So he fucked her. In that new expensive dental chair, he fucked her. With her blouse open, and her tits out, he fucked her. With her skirt up on her stomach and her panties pulled aside, he fucked her. In her nitrous oxide induced trance, he fucked her. With Helga dreaming she was safely at home with her husband, the Doctor fucked her and fucked her. And as the Doc was using her.he thought she was the most beautiful fuck he had ever had……"Ohhhhhhhh&hellip.goddd …" The Doc's balls started to empty … cum shooting out of his dick and into Helga's vagina.her pussy … her beautiful pink tight wet married cunt&hellip.As he squirted into her the Doc wondered if Helga would be shocked at the amount of fluid that was being pumped into her.

But Helga was oblivious to the assault and the Doc fucked her until his balls were empty. When Doc finally stopped squirting his cum into her, he cleaned both himself and Helga up as best he could. He wiped her pussy out with soft medical tissues and then dried between her legs with a towel. He carefully straightened her panty and pulled her skirt back down. Then, his next little trick was to move the wall clock back twenty minutes. He knew from experience that she would soon awaken from the nitrous oxide and probably wouldn't remember anything.

She might wonder why her pussy tingled but, hopefully, nothing else would alert her. The clock was a guarantee that she had only been out a few short minutes. Ten or fifteen minutes later, Helga groggily awoke from the gassing and Doc said, "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" Helga actually had been out nearly 45 minutes.

Still in a dreamy haze, Helga tried to get her bearings. She remembered that she was applying for a job as a Dental Assistant and was being interviewed in the Dentist's office. She managed to looked at the large neon clock again and noticed she had only lay down just a few minutes earlier, but it sure seemed longer.

Doctor Bell was already fussing around in the room putting things in order. "Well, I would say that we work out a few details such as your wages and benefits package and if you want the job, it is yours." Helga was elated! She felt so wonderful and knew that this was exactly what she had been looking for.

As she walked home, Helga wondered why her legs seemed a little unsteady, but she also wasn't surprised at her tiredness. After all, it had been a very active day! THE END

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