Booty blonde babe Skyla Novea hardcore sex in the office

Booty blonde babe Skyla Novea hardcore sex in the office
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Eileen 2 I awoke on Saturday morning to find that Eileen was gone. She left a note saying she went shopping with some friends and she'd be home later in the day. I was disappointed to say the least. Oh well, I thought. I'll stay busy with homework. Yeah right! After breakfast I wandered around the house for a while and finally ended up at my computer watching, what else, porn. True to her word, Eileen returned late in the afternoon.

'Hey Dude, did you miss me?' I shrugged. 'Yeah, I guess maybe a little.' We both began to laugh. 'Well I bet I can make up for it. Wait till you see the stuff I bought.' Eileen and I had a makeshift supper then hurried to the master bedroom where she had left the bag she brought home from shopping. She handed me a beer.


As soon as I sat on the bed, Eileen went to the closet and brought out the box of DVD's. 'This morning while you were sleeping I ran through these videos and found something I hope you'll like.' She seemed apprehensive., but added, 'I know I will.' The big screen came to life and began to play the DVD Eileen had put into the player. The title was, 'Slaves and the women who own them.' I looked over at Eileen, but she made sure our eyes didn't meet. The video was one of the strangest things I'd ever seen.

It started with a guy completely naked standing in front of a girl who was completely clothed. His hands were fastened behind his back and his balls were tied off very tightly with some kind of rubber band.

Eileen stared at the screen. The woman in the vid got on the floor and began licking the guys balls. He had an enormous cock that appeared to be solid rock hard. While the woman licked his balls she let her finger tips dance up and down the length of his prick occasionally tickling around and over the head.

She never actually jerked him off or sucked his cock, but after about ten minutes he blew his load all over the floor.

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Finally, Eileen looked over at me and smiled. 'Well, what do you think?' 'Holy crap was all I could say.' 'After what you did for me last night I wanted to give you something special,' Eileen said.


She reached down and picked up the bag she had laid on the floor by the bed. We watched about thirty minutes of the slave video when Eileen turned to me and said, 'Are you ready, Slave?' Oh was I ever! Eileen decided to leave the TV on and let the Slave movies continue while she began to show me what she had bought.

'You know,' she said, 'it's easy to buy sex toys if you know where to look.' She pulled some handcuffs from the bag. 'Gag shop,' she said.

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She pulled out a bag of thick rubber bands. 'Walmart!' Next came a long tapered candle. She giggled. 'Butt plug.' The next item kind of gave me a fright. It was a package of razors. 'Better to shave you with my dear,' she said. This was going to be some night. 'Take off your shirt,' Eileen said, then added, 'NOW!' She was getting into the roll already. I did as I was told. Once my shirt was off, Eileen turned me around and slapped the handcuffs on me. After that she simply striped me naked.

There I stood, handcuffed, naked and with a rather large hard-on.

Eileen took full advantage of the situation by leading me, by my dick, to the bathroom. She took one of the razors out of the package. 'Don't worry, Cuz. I've shave my pussy a million times and never cut myself.' With that she grabbed a can of shave cream, cover my crotch with the foam and began to shave me. A few minutes later and my entire pubic area had gone into regression. I was as hairless as a baby. Eileen cleaned me up and taking me by the cock again brought me back to the bedroom.

I thought she'd push me onto the bed, but instead she shoved me against the wall. That's when things began to happen. Eileen took a rubber band out of the package and held it up for me to see. It was about a quarter of an inch wide and maybe and inch and a half in diameter.

She stretched it as wide as she could and slipped it over my balls pulling them tightly as if they were in a little bag, which I guess they actually were. Eileen dropped to the floor and began to trace over my balls very lightly with her fingers.

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My cock sprang to life once again. 'Hey, looks like you like my little idea here, Frankie!' Before I could respond she took both of my balls into her mouth and let her tongue lap them.

My cock was straining for attention, but as part of her plan it wasn't getting any. After a few minutes of ball licking Eileen got back up and took her goody bag into the restroom. 'Don't you dare move while I'm gone.' she said. A few minutes later, She returned. She was wearing a red thong with a matching red bra. She had the bra pushed down so that instead of cupping her breasts it simply pushed them up from underneath. And she had put lipstick on her nipples.

Eileen came back to where I was standing obediently and again knelt in front of me. My cock was standing straight up and actually rubbing against my stomach. Eileen took the sack that held my tied off balls and licked underneath it. And just as the woman in the video had done she tickled up and down my cock with her finger tips.

As yet I hadn't seen the candle she bought, but that was next. Eileen had me so horny I think she could have done anything she wanted and I'd have loved it. She continued to work my balls over while letting her fingers lightly graze across my cock. She was giving me the same gentle touch that women love and men seem to find so elusive.

It was this gentle touch that caused me to let my guard down. With a smooth and swift motion Eileen impaled me onto the candle. She slipped it up into my ass before I had time to even think about it. I'm guessing it was up there at least four or five inches.

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Eileen stopped licking my balls, but kept on tickling around my cock. 'You know what, Frankie? I've got a dilemma here.' She smiled up at me as if she were talking about which pair of shoes to buy. 'I can't decide if I want to jerk you off like this.' She took my cock in her hand and stroked it up and down a few times.

'Or maybe suck it off like this.' She placed her mouth over the end and sucked it in letting it slip back out with an audible pop. "Or maybe I'll just keep licking your balls and tickling your dick until it cums on its own. Hmmmm' She put one finger to her cheek as if she was thinking.

'Okay Cuz, I've decided. Here's what I'm gonna do.' She picked my balls up with one hand and held my cock against my stomach with the other. The candle was still sticking out of my ass.

She began to lick the underside of my cock. 'Oh shit,' I said. 'I'm not going to last long if you keep that up.' Eileen stopped licking. 'You don't want me to do this?' she asked, grinning. 'Please, don't stop.' 'Oh, okay,' she said.

'And do you want me to watch your cum shoot out?' She licked faster. I groaned. 'Oh yeah.' 'Oh yeah what?' 'Oh yeah, I want you to watch the cum shoot out.' 'Whose cum?' 'My cum.' With that Eileen put her mouth directly under my cock where the head meets the shaft and sucked. It was time.


My cousin sucked the underside of my raging prick while roughly pulling and twisting my balls. While holding my cock with her lips she used her free hand to reach around and pump the candle in and out of my ass. The first rope of cum blasted out of my engorged cock missing Eileen completely and landing on the tile floor.

The second stream also missed her face, but got her in her hair. The next three landed on her face and shoulders. There were a few more dribbles left which I realized had landed on her tits. I was spent.


We were supposed to fuck this time, but I knew that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Eileen must have known this too because she tore her thong off, forced me to the floor and put her shaved pussy over my upturned mouth. I licked her three of four times and she came holding onto my ears for support. I felt her clit twitching as she came.

When she had finished she removed the handcuffs and the candle and kissed me deeply on the mouth. 'Frankie,' she said, 'I think I'm falling in love with you!' I squeezed her to me and kissed her as passionately as I could. I whispered in her ear, 'Next time we'll fuck!'