Genießen Serie 172 ferudun im mounth ficken

Genießen Serie 172 ferudun im mounth ficken
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I'd like to share with you a true from my life as we try to identify what is a troll. I had just turned 18 and this was my third or fourth time going to an adult movie theater.

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The whole thing was still a mystery to me as to what was happening around me and in the restroom. The one thing I was sure of is that I enjoyed watching all the action on the screen. This time it was a little different in that I was thinking, "how do I get a blowjob here?" I looked around the dark theater to see if anything was happening but, nothing.

So what's next? I know, head to the restroom and again nothing but a guy standing near the sink.

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It was a small restroom with two urinals and one stall. After several walks around the theater, in and out of the restroom I was thinking this must be a dream that will never happen.

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So one last trip into the restroom but his time I go to the urinal, take out my cock and pretend to be peeing. It took about thirty seconds when someone was standing at the next urinal. He also had his cock out and was pretending to be peeing then someone else entered the restroom. I panicked, put my cock away and went back to watching the movie. As I was sitting there I thought wow, I did not even look at that guy's face, I only took a glance at his cock.

So now even if there was an interest I did not know who to look for. I was kind of in a daze just watching a couple having a great time in the sixty-nine position on the big screen. So much so that I did not even notice someone sit along side me. The first time I noticed him was when I felt a leg leaning against my leg. I didn't know what to do so I let my leg stay there and gradually the pressure on my leg increased. Then I felt the gentle movement of a hand on my leg which startled me but I did nothing to stop the hand from moving.

As the hand moved more freely up and down my thigh as I felt my cock stirring and trying to grow. It was starting to get uncomfortable so I had to reposition it, but how?


I did not want to move and scare him away but it was getting harder and harder. I then went for it - I slid my hand into my pants and repositioned it so it now has room to grow. When I did that he took his hand off my leg and I thought, crap, I scared him away.

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Instead, he was leaning over and whispering in my ear, "want to meet me in the restroom?' While at the same time his hand was rubbing my cock over my pants. My heart was racing as I said, "sure". He then told me to wait two or three minutes then come to the restroom and walk directly into the stall. I had no idea on how to keep track of time so I just counted to two hundred then headed to the restroom.

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When I walked in he was sitting on the toilet and he reached around me and locked the door. Putting his hands on my hips he moved me directly in front of him and unbuckled my belt.


He untucked my shirt and slid his hands up and began rubbing my chest then playing with my nipples. I don't remember how but before I knew it my shirt was up near my shoulders and he was sucking my nipples and biting them gently, going back and forth so both of them were feeling this mouth.

When he undid my pants he had both my pants and underwear around my ankles in one smooth motion. Looking down I could see my cock standing out firm and waiting. Slowly he began to take me into his mouth. It felt like my head was going to blow off my shoulders as he took me in and out, slow then fast, just the head then the whole thing. When he felt me beginning to cum he placed one hand on each of my butt checks and guided me in a fucking motion in and out of his mouth.

He guided me faster and harder and deeper until I was finally cumming. He held me in his mouth so tight I could feel his nose pressing into me. I was kept there until I stopped cumming then he sucked me as if trying to get more cum. As I slid out of his mouth he looked up at me and asked, "can you piss now?" I shook my head and said I can try so he took me back in to his mouth and I was able to piss into his mouth.

When I was done pissing he held me in his mouth for a few moments longer then let me pull out.

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He reached down and pulled up my pants and helped as I put myself back together. This was the first time I really looked at him and he was older than my dad.

That was many years ago and now as I go to book stores, bath houses and the like I wonder why younger men are so mean to men like me.

Throughout my life it did not matter to me if the guy I was playing with was older or younger than me, only that he was respectful. One short story before I end. It was about four years after I got my first blowjob from a troll I was in an adult movie theater in the middle of the afternoon.

The place was almost empty and I was sitting in the back row and to my right was a gentleman easily into his 60's. He had his hands in his lap and it looked like he was playing with himself. I got up and moved into the seat next to him and was watching him play with his soft cock. My mind was drifting back to my first experience and how it started with pressure on my leg. Then I thought, he probably has a lot more experience than I did a few years ago so I was bold and put my hand on his leg and asked, "May I help you?" He looked at me an nodded in approval so since the theater was basically empty I slid off my seat and between his legs.


He must have been a little nervous because he still had his hands on his cock. I moved them away and took his soft cock into my mouth.

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It wasn't really getting hard so I had to suck it more that slide it in and out of my mouth. Finally it got a little harder and he shot a small load into my mouth. Almost instantly he put his hand on my head and moved it away, said thanks then got up and walked away.

While this was a quickie I did feel satisfaction in that I gave this older gentleman, a troll, a great blowjob.

All I can say to you young mean guys is that someday you will be older and I hope you get treated with respect. Remember this, Karma is a bitch !!!

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You will be an old troll someday too.