Naked guys Boys Need Their Dicks Sucked

Naked guys Boys Need Their Dicks Sucked
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Author's note: Fictional people, fictional events, fictional story written for entertainment and/or arousal purposes. While technically three stories, they are merged into one; the three parts all related. Part 1 goes back in time almost 2.5 years ago, and each subsequent part moves forward in time a year-ish.

There's some stuff that happens in between each part you will be able to connect the dots. If you don't like interracial porn stories where a white wife goes black etc etc, then you may want to choose another story, in another category perhaps. Also, the black men in this story aren't thugs or "gangsta," they simply have sex with white women only. There are good guys and bad guys in this.

Some form of justice is served in the end. As always, the appearance of characters are based off real people. Lisa is based off Lisa Ann, and Denise is based off Denise Milani both appear in this story. *** Part 1: Tony *** Two years, five months ago. Chapter 1 Tony watched her. He didn't know her name. He didn't care. She was on the smith machine doing squats at the gym.

Tony was resting a moment or two after doing bench presses. She was wearing tiny black yoga shorts and a white sports bra. She had wild, curly, light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was, of course, white. Tony looked to her sweaty, exposed midriff. He gave her a smug grin as he tugged at his erection. He looked to the front desk employee at the gym and gave a nod. The employee chuckled, shaking his head, taking the key to the gym off his key ring, leaving it on the front desk for Tony.

They got along and the employee knew Tony would lock up in a couple hours when they closed. When the employee left, Tony's attention was back at the sweaty white woman. Down she'd go, perfect form, pumping her glutes each time she came up. Tony licked his lips. She was staring right back at him using the mirror in front of her. Tony nodded and stood, tugging at his gym shorts. She was new to the gym, Tony never saw her before this night.

But, like most of the white women that were members, his black cock would be taking her, owning her, fucking her soon enough. It was so easy. Tony, blessed with a typical massive member, and hard work ethic to transform his body into a hugely muscular hulk, usually simply exposed himself to white women and their pussies became his. Stepping out of his shorts, his black dick springing up, he sat back down on the bench press machine and waited.

It didn't take long. He watched her walk over to him, a smug grin on her face as well.

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She pulled off her top, stepped out of her shorts, keeping her shoes on. Her perfectly tan, sweaty body on display, and no underwear. Tony smirked so typical. She assisted Tony with removing his wet t-shirt. She placed her hands on his huge shoulders and pushed Tony onto his back. Then it began the body worshiping. Tony was used it. It was the norm for him. White women worshiped his body, kissing, licking at every muscle.

That's what this woman was doing. She gathered up his sweat with her tongue, making her way down to his glorious cock. Tony, his hands behind his head, watching her work figured they had two hours until the gym closed for the night. Swirling her tongue all around his cockhead, covering it with her saliva, the woman mounted him, holding on to the barbell above Tony, moaning as every inch of him entered her. She paused, her mouth quivering, and then gave Tony a look as if to ask, "Are you ready?" Tony nodded to her, and she got to work.

She was slow at first but worked up speed over time. Using the barbell for leverage the woman squatted up and down on Tony's cock. Faster and faster, louder and louder she moaned.

The first word she spoke aloud was "Yes!" She was cumming. Tony grinned it hardly took anytime, and all he did was lay there. Again, very typical. "Ahhhh," she shook and came down off her climax.

Catching her breath, she gave Tony a look as if to say "tear my white pussy apart with your big black dick!" Tony nodded to her again, reading her mind; he sat up, stood and slammed her down on the bench. He was using the barbell for balance and leverage now. Her legs were wrapped tightly around him and Tony slammed into her, over and over again. He grit his teeth, sweat dripping onto her, grunting as he pummeled her as hard as he could.

The woman climaxed several times. Tony eventually grew tired, picked her up, stood, and bounced that white woman up and down on his cock. Up against the wall, against more weight lifting machines, holding on to them as they fucked, Tony eventually made his way to the back hallway. The crashed into the steamy sauna room, the woman begging him not to stop, he sat on the bench, his hands at her waist and lifted her up and down on his dick. More words were spoken by her, "Yes! Yes! Harder! Don't stop!" Tony bit his bottom lip and continued impaling this woman on his cock.

More time passed, they were a mess of sweat and pussy juices. Tony stood and stumbled out of the sauna, across the hall into the men's locker room. His cock still embedded in her, he pinned her against the wall, the lockers, and finally into a bathroom stall. Pumping and pounding her while standing, holding her ass above the freshly cleaned toilet, Tony was ready to cum. The woman did a few more times in the stall, before Tony pulled out, sitting her on the toilet, jacked his cock a couples times and sprayed her face with cum.

Spurt after spurt landing on her pretty white face, covering it, dripping on to her tits. The woman moaned, rubbing it into her skin. Tony was out of breath, leaning against the stall, watching her. After a pause, he grabbed the back of her head, brought her to her knees and let her clean him.

She licked and sucked every drop of sex juices off Tony's cock. He stopped her when she was done, holding her face over the toilet. Tony reached into the clean water, and splashed it on her face a few times, his way of cleaning his cum off her. She nodded and Tony dunked her head in the water, rinsing semen off. Tony left her at the toilet, laughing. He was putting his clothes back on when she reemerged; limping, but smiling. "See you around," she said, putting her own clothes back on.

Tony nodded, walking her out of the gym, locking it behind them. They traded a look once more before getting into their respective cars. Tony drove home, arriving shortly after midnight. He arrived in his master bedroom, his wife, Joanne sleeping soundly. She was also nude. Tony undressed and left her there, walking down the hall to his stepdaughter's room.

They were twins, brunette like their mother Joanne. Tony stood nude, watching them sleep. He knew it was only a matter of time before they gave themselves to him. A flash of his massive cock would seal the deal. It wasn't the right time though. He had to be patient. He wanted to own their pussies, just like he owned his white wife's. In due time, he'd make his move. He reentered his bedroom, pulling the sheets off his nude wife, climbing on the bed.

She stirred, "Tony." He pulled her to him, holding on to her hips. "Give me that pussy," he whispered. Joanne arched her back, pushing her ass up for him. Tony, having recovered from before, slid his cock in, taking his wife. He slammed into her hard, but not hard enough to wake anyone. He thought of his twin stepdaughters, Jada and Rena. Grunting while he fucked his white wife, he knew they would be his soon. Chapter 2 A couple weeks later, Tony was in Atlanta visiting a friend named Fat Rob.

He lied to Joanne saying it was a body building competition and depending on how well he placed, he may be gone longer than a week. She believed him. "So how's your boy?" Fat Rob, a mountainous black man, asked Tony. They were sitting at a small table in a nightclub, looking around the room. "Good," The man of few words replied. "He getting a lot of white pussy like his old man?" Fat Rob asked. "Nope. He's not like me. He doesn't take it, he doesn't own that pussy." "TJ sounds like a nice young man," Fat Rob said.

He erupted in laughter when Tony gave him a look. "No, it sounds like you need to talk some sense into him. Tell him to get out there and get that white pussy!" "I'm sure he's had a few women, but he and I are different." "Yes.

You and I are similar, aren't we, old friend?" Fat Rob said, his eyes landed on a woman, dirty-blonde, bangs across the room with a couple friends. "How's your wife's family? Made any moves on those twins yet?" "Not yet. I gotta be patient for them." "I see. Seems like you mentioned your wife's niece. A big titted brunette, like her. What was her name?" "Denise. Yeah hardly ever see much of Joanne's nieces. Maybe one of these days though. I gotta focus on getting those twins on my dick," Tony explained.

"I gotcha. In due time, right? Excuse me, I'll be right back," Fat Rob grinned. Tony waited a few minutes, Fat Rob disappearing into the crowd in the direction of the woman. Tony thought about Jada and Rena again, he imaging their nice little bubble butts taking turns slamming up and down on his cock.

He thought about keeping them hidden in the basement, fucking them all night. He thought about his son, TJ, next. TJ was a police officer, a nice guy, hugely muscular like Tony, but far different. TJ loved white women, respected them, and was sweet to them. Tony wasn't like that; he took them and fucked them. Fifteen minutes later, Fat Rob appeared with the woman he was admiring earlier.

Her hair was messy. "Tony, this is Miss Julie. She's out with her friends, but is tired of this club. Why don't you two go somewhere else and chat. I have some business to tend to," Fat Rob looked at the group of friends Julie was with. Tony nodded, stood, and put his arm around Julie. "Hey," Fat Rob whispered into Tony's ear. "She's got a real nice pussy. But her mouth game is top notch. I'll see you in the morning." Tony nodded and he and Julie left.

* "We have to be quiet. My son is probably asleep," Julie whispered at her front door. She unlocked it and Tony followed her in. "Upstairs," she motioned. Tony watched her walk up the stairs, eyes on her nice ass, her toned legs. Upon reaching her room, she turned to Tony, her hands roaming over his chest. "My friends and I went out to find black men tonight. I found two! Fat Rob took me pretty hard in the bathroom. But we have to be quiet here my son." Tony nodded and began undressing.

"Fat Rob said you have a nice mouth game." "You have no idea," Julie grinned, removing her dress. Three hours later, Tony and Julie were still locked in a 69 position.

She was gagging on his cock again, her throat bulging from his girth. Drool was pooling up on her comforter, Tony's balls covered in it. "Oh yes," She whispered, cumming yet again from Tony's tongue work. "Ahhh," she quietly moaned, hoping her son was still asleep down the hall.

The single mother, resumed her cock worshiping, "I love it. I love it," she said. "Mmm," Tony moaned, his face covered in her juices. His tongue slithered up to her puckered hole. Tony pushed her off him, brought her hips back to his, and entered her from behind, sending her over the edge again. "Give me that pussy," he demanded. Hours passed. Julie covered her mouth, stifling screams of pleasure.

Slapping sounds of flesh-on-flesh impacts echoed in her room. Tony was relentless, as always, slamming into her as hard as he could. "Fuck me!" Julie cried out, then quickly covering her mouth, scared of waking her son. "Yes!" she was cumming again. Tony pulled out, flipped her onto her back, jacked his cock a few times, and sprayed semen all over Julie. She was moaning, rubbing it into her flat belly, squeezing her own tits. "Mmm, so good," she whimpered as Tony climbed off the bed.

He wiped down his sweaty body with her dress, and then tossed it on her. He gathered his clothes and left, having followed Julie there in his rental car. He looked over his shoulder, seeing the white woman rubbing her dress covered in Tony's sweat all over her, moaning.

All too easy. * "Hey man, I got a horrible day lined up. Things are too busy at work, it's bad timing," Fat Rob apologized the next day. Tony came into the office after waking up around lunch time.

Fat Rob's day job was at a magazine marketed toward black males age 18-35. He was the only black employee the rest were white women. "Not a problem." "I know I feel bad. I'll make it up to you in two ways. One, I want you to come to LA with me. I have to take care of urgent business out there with the magazine. Two," Fat Rob smiled, knocking on wall that bordered his big office. Tony heard a knock at Fat Rob's door a moment later.

"Come in, ladies!" Fat Rob said. Two blonde women entered, one was very young, maybe a college grad, the other was late 30s, close to Julie's age. "Tony, this is Miss Devin and our newest employee Miss Gisele," Fat Rob gestured to the younger blonde. "For the next two days, they belong to you. Or, maybe, you'll belong to them." "Huh?" Tony asked.

"I'm taking you back to my place," Devin explained. "I see," he nodded looking over the two women. The next two days were filled rough, hardcore, debauchery. Devin and Gisele were just as relentless as Tony. They ravaged his black body, they ravaged each other. They kissed one another while Tony ate out their pussies, they sucked pussy juice off his cock, they sat on his face and dick, kissing each other, and they tied him to the bed and took turns riding him all day and night.

"Oh shit," Tony said, exhausted, watching the two blondes gather his seed from his stomach, then trade it into each other's mouth back and forth. They didn't stop there.

Sucking his cock back to life, they kept riding him to another orgasm for each of them. When they pressed their asses together, his cock in the middle, Tony instantly thought of his stepdaughters doing it one day.

He couldn't help but remain hard even after he just came. They showered together next, the two women jacking his cock, all three kissing each other. Chapter 3 "Oh yes! Fuck me! Yes!" the big breasted, young, flight attendant was crying out in the bathroom, joining the mile high club with Tony. She struggled to be quiet. Tony was going first, and then it was Fat Rob's turn. It was, once again, all too easy. Tony glanced at her cleavage, tugged at his crotch; she glanced toward it and blushed.

Ten minutes later, he was bouncing her up and down, making her white pussy leak fluids all over his black dick. "Oh yes, yes," she went to her knees, sucking hungrily on Tony's cock in the small airplane bathroom. Tony erupted in her mouth, filling it. She swallowed three times to get it all down. "My friend will be in next," Tony said, zipping up his pants. "Ok. It was nice meeting you. My name is Jordan by the way," she introduced herself. "I don't give a fuck," Tony responded.

He took his seat next to Fat Rob, nudging his arm, letting him know it was his turn to have some white pussy. * While Fat Rob was in meetings most of the day in Los Angeles, Tony drove around town, headed to the beach and relaxed.

He met a couple of women out on his own again, very typical. They weren't white. They were Latina and they enthusiastically loved black cock as much as any white woman. Both had long dark hair, light brown skin, and juicy, plump asses. One named Brandy was of Venezuelan decent, the other, named Suelyn, was born in Puerto Rico.

Both women fucked him, both worshipped his body, both came on him over and over. A standard, day in the life of Tony, really. On the beach, in the ocean, and back at one of their apartments, they had sex. Tony licked and swirled his tongue around their assholes. He took turns taking them anally, sliding his long cock deep into their bowels they loved it. Tony got a burger for dinner on the way back to his and Fat Rob's hotel.

When he arrived, he heard a woman crying out in pleasure behind the room door. He slid his key card, unlocking it and entered. Tony saw a short brunette, early 40s, bouncing like a mad woman on top Fat Rob's fat cock. "Hey man," Fat Rob said. "This is Lisa; she's head of sales at the magazine. And she loves black dick, don't you Miss Lisa?" "Yes!" she screamed. "She's married too," Fat Rob said, watching her bounce, squeezing a big tit. "I'm trying my best to be the one her husband sees fucking his wife.

But Miss Lisa is sneaky." Tony sat on the neighboring bed, watching Lisa. "She was telling me about the high school student she's sleeping with.

Running around behind her husband's back, fucking some 18 year old black kid," Fat Rob snickered. Lisa stopped, heaving and panting, "Yes, for the rest of the night," she got off Fat Rob, walking over to her bag, pulling out various items. "The rest of the night it's you two." Tony's eyes widened when Lisa handed him a whip and handcuffs. "Nice to meet you, by-the-way," Lisa smiled at Tony. "You two own me tonight." It was music to Tony's ears. The hours flew by. Lisa sucked on Fat Rob's cock as he sat up in bed.

Tony was behind her, whipping her over and over again. He snarled with each whip crack, imagining doing it to his stepdaughters. Red marks covered Lisa's back and ass, but she wanted more. Tony moved to the bed, sliding his cock into her from behind. He threw the whip around her neck, pulled her mouth off Fat Rob's cock.

Fat Rob handcuffed her and Tony proceeded to demolish her. "You love black dick?" he grunted. "Yes!" "You love giving your white pussy to black men?" he asked, slamming into her over and over. "Yes!" "You like being taken like an animal?" "Yes!" "Get on his dick," Tony commanded, pushing her to straddle Fat Rob. She slid his cock in, moaning as Fat Rob stretched her. "Give me that ass," Tony said, sliding his bulbous cockhead to her back entrance.

He impaled her causing her to scream out. Both men fucked her simultaneously. They kept going and going and going. "Your son, he doesn't know what kind of life he's missing out on!" Fat Rob said, squeezing Lisa's breast, while Tony fucked her ass. "I know." "Father and son. Could be a team.

Could take white women like this," Fat Rob said. "Ah!" Tony grunted more, working up a sweat.


"TJ doesn't have what it takes!" Lisa started shaking, convulsing as an orgasm coursed through her. She had never been double-teamed before. "We got an early flight home tomorrow," Tony said pulling out.


"Yep, let's finish on this bitch," Fat Rob agreed. Tony pulled Lisa off him, tossing her over his shoulder, and headed to the shower.

He tossed Lisa into the shower. He and Fat Rob jacked their cocks toward her face. After a few strokes, they covered her with cum. Lisa slid down into the tub, moaning, licking it off her fingers, rubbing it in. Tony turned the shower on, cold water startling her at first, before warming.

They left her laughing and bathing their semen off her. * Tony arrived late the next night, there were layovers and delays as he traveled from the west coast. When he got home Joanne was already asleep. He peeped in on his sleeping stepdaughters.

He had to bide his time. Entering his bedroom, he undressed, pulled the sheet off Joanne, revealing his wife's nude body. He pulled her to him, holding on to her hips. "Give me that pussy," he whispered. Joanne arched her back, pushing her ass up for him. Tony went hard on Joanne, slamming the bed against the wall with each impact, hoping that maybe just maybe, his stepdaughters would wake up.

He hoped they'd peep in on them and see a black man taking white pussy and want, need, Tony to take theirs. As Tony filled Joanne to the brim with his seed, he thought about when to expose himself to the twins and continue his quest to fuck all the women in the family.

*** Part 2: Joanne *** One year, three months later. Chapter 1 I can't shake the image from my head. I'm here at my soon-to-be former stepson's apartment, replaying the scene I witnessed earlier today. I'll never, ever, forget it. I'll never forget the look on my soon-to-be ex-husband's face; the look of pleasure, the look of smug arrogance.

Then there's the girls. Recently turned 18, Jada and Rena, my twin girls. My daughters, one on each side of Tony's cock his long black cock, slowly licking it up and down. I suspected Tony had cheated on me before, but never would I have guessed with my own daughters his stepdaughters.

Well my girls will be another soon-to-be; Tony's soon-to-be former stepdaughters. TJ approached me from behind, stirring me from my daze. He hugged me, held me, wrapping his huge arms around me. "It's going to be ok, Joanne," he told me in his deep voice. His voice sounded so much like his father's. TJ looks like Tony too. Except his head is shaved bald, and Tony's is trimmed short. Both are huge, muscular black men. Tony occasionally competed in body building competitions for a few years in the Tampa Bay area.

He was in the middle-age group bracket. Looking back now, I wonder how many white women he slept with during those competitions.

There were women competing in the figure and bikini divisions. I wonder how many white women he slept with that worked out at the same gym as Tony. I can see Tony pinning younger white women against the wall in the locker room, their bodies dripping sweat, the women cumming on his magnificent black cock like I did for so many years. I closed my eyes, unable to get the visions out of my head, both the real ones of my daughters, naked, pleasuring Tony, and all the imaginary, possible affairs he may or may not have had.

TJ has been so sweet to me. Ever since I met him. I lay my head back on his massive chest; my hand caressed his forearm that was wrapped around me. If only Tony were like his son, I wouldn't be in this situation. TJ kissed the back of my head. "I'm going to take a shower," he whispered.

"Please let me know if you need anything." A few seconds passed, my eyes shot open with shock. I felt TJ's erection, covered by his gym shorts, pressing against the small of my back. He released me from his embrace. I turned around watching him head toward his bathroom. Maybe it was something else, maybe it was an accident, but I felt it.

I shook my head, sitting on TJ's bed, listening to his shower start up. He's been so sweet to let me stay here a few days, to get out of my house. Tony has two biological children that I know of.

TJ, and a daughter Tony and I had together 20-year-old Laura. She's also nothing like her father. So sweet, caring, wonderful.

I called her first after I walked in on Tony, Jada, and Rena. She's the one who suggested I go stay with TJ for a few days. "This is what I deserve. This is karma getting me back for all the wrong I've done in life," I thought, still sitting on the edge of TJ's bed. Chapter 2 I met Tony 30 years ago. I was 22 and on my honeymoon with my first husband, Michael. This is where it began. This is where things went wrong, but at the same time, oh so right. We were in Cancun.

The resort had a dance club. Michael and I were there on our second night of the trip. Tony was there alone for some reason. Michael and I were dancing and he wanted to take a break, use the restroom, order some drinks. I waited at the bar for my husband to return. I was standing right near Tony.

I wondered at the time if it was fate and meant to be. I'm guessing when he gently touched my long, brown hair, getting my attention and when I turned around, getting a closer look at this statuesque, incredible looking black man, that it was fate.

He said nothing, only nodding to the dance floor. I knew what he meant though. I should've said no, but I didn't. I followed him out to the dance floor, looking over my shoulder for Michael, not seeing him. Tony spun me around, pulling me back against his crotch, and just like I felt TJ's erection a few minutes ago, I felt Tony's that night.

My mouth dropped open, when I felt his huge bulge pressing into me. I thought about ending the dance, going to wait for Michael, but I was frozen. Tony pulled me back against his body by my hair, still not saying a word, only lightly moaning in my ear.

He was basically dry humping me on the dancing floor. I could feel his cock sliding in between my butt cheeks. "This is insane," I thought.

"I should end it," but I didn't. Finally the song ended it for us. I also saw Michael back at the bar, looking around for me. Maybe he thought I was in the restroom too. Tony spun me around to face him. The first words he ever spoke to me were, "If you want this dick, I'm in room 33 on the 3rd floor." He grabbed my hand, bringing it to his pants. My hand landed on the bulge there, I instinctually grabbed it, quickly releasing it.

I watched him walk away, my mouth still hanging open. That should've been the last I ever saw of Tony. But of course it wasn't. My pussy had never been wetter, almost as if I were under a spell. Later that night, Michael and I had sex. I waited for him to fall asleep, showered, put on a bath robe, grabbed the room key and snuck out.

I was so horrible. I knocked on room 33 on the 3rd floor. Tony answered, his typical smug smile, I entered his room, and disrobed. "I want that dick," was the first words I said to Tony. "I know," he replied. He pulled off his t-shirt, and pulled down his boxer shorts. There it was, his insanely perfect cock before me. It was huge, it was pulsating, and it was begging me to service it. I couldn't say no. Service it I did. I worshiped his big black cock.

I nearly came the second his huge cockhead entered my mouth. Fingering myself while I sucked it, I did come a minute later. I covered it in my saliva; I licked, kissed, and sucked all over that massive member. In twenty minutes, I climaxed three times while sucking his cock. Finally, Tony had enough. He scooped me up and slammed me on his bed. He mounted me, entered me, and fucked me. Oh did he ever fuck me. I was a writhing, flailing, sweaty mess of orgasmic bliss all night.

We never spoke the entire time. Tony just kept going and going and going. "Yes! Yes!" I'd scream out in his room. I kept cumming and cumming and cumming. Finally, after several hours, Tony had me on all fours, gritting his teeth, taking me hard from behind. He let out a long, soulful moan.

I pushed away, rolling to my back in front of him, and grabbed his cock by the base, stroking it with my pussy juices as lubrication. My mouth went on his cockhead and I waited. Jacking his cock a few more times, I felt him tense up. It erupted in my mouth; spurt after spurt of semen filled my mouth to the brim.

I swallowed several times to get it all down my throat. Tony grinned, "You know where I am, if you want this again." I nodded, putting my robe back on.

I did want him again. I asked myself what had gotten into me, what was wrong with me as I walked back to my room. I felt utterly foolish climbing back in bed with Michael. I glanced at the alarm clock next to the bed. It was 5:05 am. I reasoned that it was a one-time thing.

A fluke even. It was experimenting with a black man. Michael was my true love, my high school sweet heart, and now husband. I decided I'd never see Tony again. Chapter 3 Five hours later, Tony was in my room, and I was bouncing up and down on his black dick, screaming as I climaxed again. I lied to Michael, telling him I didn't feel well. I encouraged him to go scuba diving with the group that was heading out.

I told him we'd meet for lunch. Tony fucked me in the shower one last time. I told him goodbye, telling him I'd never see him again. He laughed, and said "ok." I got dressed and met Michael for lunch. We spent the rest of the day together.

After dinner we took a nice walk, and then headed back to our room for sex. I was wide awake, Michael snoring softly next to me. I glanced at the clock next to the bed; the red digital display said 12:43 am.

I put on my bathrobe, grabbed the room key and went to Tony's room. "Oh yes!" I cried out an hour later. I was straddling Tony, and he was sucking my tits harder than anyone ever has. "This is so wrong!" I managed to get out between climaxes. Tony ignored my comment, grunting as he fucked me senselessly all night. I arrived back in bed with Michael at 5:29 am. I knew it wouldn't end, I knew I'd keep sneaking off with Tony whenever I got a chance and I did.

Michael and I would have sex in the afternoon. I'd take a nap to rest up for sneaking out later that night to see Tony. Michael and I would return to our room later that evening, have sex, and go to bed. I'd wait for him to fall asleep and go see Tony.

He'd fuck me all night and I'd return to our room the next morning. Each morning I arrived later and later each time. On the day before we left, I arrived so late that morning that Michael was up. "Where were you?" he asked. "Oh, uh, I was checking out the breakfast bar," I lied.

"In your bathrobe? And did you just get out of the shower?" Michael asked, noticing my hair and skin were wet. Not telling him I was drenched with sweat from all-night sex, I lied again.

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"Yep, I came back thinking I should change instead of wearing this," I said. "Oh ok, I was going to shower and check it out myself." "I'll join you! I don't mind showering again," I smiled. "Sure!" A few minutes later, Michael pulled his cock out of my pussy, and ejaculated all over my ass in the shower. I smiled, turned around, and kissed him. The next morning, hours before our plane was due to return us home, Tony gently laid me down on my back, his tongue swirling around inside my mouth.

"I guess I'll never see you again after we leave here," I said, ending the sensual kiss. Tony spent most of the night making love to me, eating out my pussy, sucking my tits, instead of relentless fucking. "Where do you live?" he asked, kissing on my neck. "Jacksonville, Florida." "I live in Tampa. We'll see each other again, don't worry," he assured me. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses. I said goodbye, returned to my room. Five minutes later, Michael woke up and showered.

I joined him, letting the hot water wash Tony's and my sweat off our skin. Michael turned me around, penetrating me for a few minutes before cumming on my ass again.

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He never once asked about my pussy being so loose and stretched out. Perhaps he thought he had done that. He didn't. * Four years later I had my first child with Michael, a son named Zack. Four years after that, we had a daughter named Ashley. In all that time I never heard from Tony.

I forgot about him. Up until Zack was born, I would masturbate, always picturing Tony above me, his muscles glistening as he took me over and over.

Zack became the new love of my life my precious boy. Then four years later, Ashley was added to that. Both looked like me, dark hair, and dark eyes. Two years after Ashley was born, I received a letter in the mail. It was postmarked Tampa Bay, Florida. My heart skipped a beat. Tearing it open, I saw a brief handwritten letter from Tony. "I would never forget a pussy as good as yours. Come see me in Tampa." I couldn't believe it. I had moved on. I recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary with Michael.

Memories from my honeymoon flooded my thoughts. All that sex, all those orgasms with Tony. Just like during my masturbatory fantasies years prior, I told myself if I ever heard from Tony, I would go see him.

I looked at my naked body in the mirror. I didn't look bad. My breasts were still nice, a handful, didn't sag too much. Plus, while not in amazing shape, no one could tell I had two small children. I smiled at my reflection. I took off from work, saying an emergency came up. I told Michael a friend we knew in high school was very sick and I needed to visit her. "But you haven't talked to her in years, Joanne," he noted. "I know! I feel horrible, and now that's she sick I need to see her before she passes away," I lied once more.

"She lives in Tampa, I'll be gone for a week." I left the next morning.

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I carried an empty suitcase with me, kissed Michael and the kids goodbye and off I drove. I made the trip in a little over three hours. I wondered why I never took off to see Tony in the last decade like this. I suppose what little conscience I had, prevented me from reaching out to him. When I arrived, I didn't bother asking about what he's been up to, I didn't ask how he's been or why I hadn't heard from him.

None of that mattered. The only thing I cared about was getting his black cock inside me. I rode him for the next six hours.

Tony sat up, rolled over, and got on top. He'd grunt as he worked, the bed slamming against the wall. Then he did it. He moaned and came inside me, filling my white pussy with what it craved most black cum. It was four in the afternoon when he stopped. "Get some clothes on, my son will be home soon," he told me. I had no idea he had a son.

Of course I really didn't know much about Tony at all. We didn't talk much, we only had sex. I met 15-year-old TJ that day, 20 years ago. He was a nice kid, polite, quiet. He seemed to have a crush on me. But I couldn't say for sure. We talked about school, hobbies and so on for about an hour. "Hit the garage, before supper," Tony ordered TJ. I watched his son leave to go lift weights in their makeshift home gym. Tony was lifting me a few minutes later.

We were in the kitchen, I was straddling Tony; he was standing at the sink, bouncing me up and down. I tried my best to be quiet so TJ wouldn't hear us from the garage.

Tony didn't last long. He erupted inside me again. He set me down, cum oozing out of my pussy. I got my clothes back on and offered to fix supper.

He nodded and I got to it. That night Tony came inside me over and over again. The next day TJ went to school, Tony stayed home from work, taking a vacation too, and filled my pussy over and over again. On my last day there, I was exhausted, out of breath, while Tony pumped his seed into me one last time before my drive home.

I became pregnant with Laura on that visit. Chapter 4 Michael thought the baby was his. But I knew as soon as a black baby came out of me, Michael would find out. I didn't care at this point. I kept going to Tampa fairly regularly. The months passed, my belly grew larger, and Tony kept fucking me.

I loved those weekend trips. I loved how he'd grab my pregnant belly, wrapping his big arms around it, and pummel my pussy at the same time. He knew the baby was his and didn't care.

The last two months of the pregnancy I didn't drive to visit Tony. I told Michael the friend I was supposedly visiting passed away. I was happy to meet Laura. She was a healthy, normal baby. I smiled at her face when I held her for the first time; Michael was having a nervous breakdown. I'm not sure; I wasn't really paying attention to him. I'm sure he was able to figure out the baby wasn't his. I don't know why I didn't leave Michael.

I supposed I wanted some kind of normalcy for the kids. Either way, Michael forgave me and offered me a "three strikes" deal. I thought it was ridiculous, but I went along with it. If he learned of my cheating three more times, then we would divorce. I focused on Laura for the next two years. I didn't forget Tony, but part of me felt that it was over.

I cheated, I got pregnant, and now I'm over it; I'll focus on my family from now on. When Laura was two, I got pregnant again from Michael. This time with twins. Jada and Rena, non-identical, fraternal twins were born. Once again, I had babies to focus on. I had trouble losing the weight from them, but I worked out as much as I could, eating right along the way.

In the back of my mind was Tony, should I ever see him again. During this time we moved to a larger house. I sent a letter to Tony, giving him my new address, thinking I'd probably never hear from him again. It was Laura's tenth birthday when I got a letter from Tony. He wanted to see me. I closed my eyes, holding the letter to my chest.

I couldn't wait. There was just one problem. Tony said he was coming to visit me. This is when strike one occurred. I faked being sick to avoid going out with Michael and the kids. I suggested they go to the restaurant alone. I knew Michael would catch me, but I had three strikes. I was willing to get a strike one for sex with the black man I loved so much.

Did I love him? I asked myself as I rode his cock on my bed. I did. I loved his body, his cock, and the way he fucked me. I even told him after I climaxed the first time. He told me he loved me too. I smiled and kept on riding him.

Michael walked in on us. He heard us going at it and told the kids to go back and get in the car. He entered the house alone. "Strike one?" I asked. I was on all fours at this point and Tony was behind me. Michael solemnly nodded. Tony pulled out, got dressed and left. I replaced the bed sheets and after tucking the kids in, I went to bed alone; Michael slept on the couch. In those few days he slept on the couch, I snuck off to fuck Tony at his hotel room.

The second strike came a year later. We were at the beach, staying in a beach house Michael's employer let us use for vacation. It was a huge house. It had a nice swimming pool and even a small greenhouse for exotic plants. I realized that not only did I love Tony, but I loved black cock in general. So I found one. He was a nice kid, 18, just graduated from high school.

I can't remember his name now. I think it started with a "J." It might've been Jamal. Anyway, he was at the beach with his family. I spotted him a couple days earlier. I smiled, I waved, and I eventually talked to him. He was so nervous, but sweet. Little did he know that the next day an older white woman would be bouncing up and down on his cock as he sat in a chair in a greenhouse, while her husband and kids were at the beach.

We were dripping sweat, he was squeezing my ass.


Michael walked in on us. Jamal's face lit up with fear. "Strike two," Michael said, slamming the door closed. "Uh, um, I should go," the teenager said. "Nope. I'm not done," I told him. I rode his young, black cock until I came all over it a few minutes later. I went to my knees, took him in my mouth, and sucked the cum out of him. It was so delicious. "Now you can leave," I smiled at him.

I left the greenhouse, walked to the pool and dove in. I swam to the other side, got out, wrapped a towel around my naked body and went inside. I flipped through a magazine on the couch, ignoring Michael.

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Chapter 5 My third strike happened the following summer. It was Tony once again. I was where I belonged, riding that gorgeous black dick in my bed, when Michael discovered us once more. This was the fifth or sixth time Tony visited. I was usually successful in sneaking around, but this last and final time, Tony and I were caught in bed again. Michael stood at the entrance of the bedroom, hands on his head, a distraught look on his face.

Tony chuckled, "Strike three?" he asked Michael. "Oh yes!" I said, as another orgasm approached, while on top of Tony. I looked over my shoulder and extending my middle finger to Michael.

Tony and I were married as soon as possible. I got the kids; Michael wanted nothing to do with any of us. I moved to Tampa and in with Tony. TJ was in his late 20s, living in Atlanta, and was a police officer by this time. I saw him during the holidays, and I still think he had a crush on me. We'd talk endlessly when we saw each other. He was so very sweet to me. Sex with Tony was a near constant for the first few years.

It dwindled some, I figured it was our age, but when it happened it was incredible as always. It took eight years for karma to get me. My twin girls, 18, betraying me, sleeping with my husband, Tony.

I kicked them out of the house. I dragged the girls out by their hair and threw their luggage at them. Who knows what they're doing now. They're probably back at the house having a three-way.

It serves me right. This is my punishment. My thoughts were interrupted by a moan a deep moan. It was TJ in the shower.

He told me he'd do anything for me. He told me he didn't mind if I stayed here. He said he'd protect me from Tony if he had to. He told me to let him know if I needed anything. I slowly stood from his bed. I removed my shirt, I tweaked my erect nipples. I stepped out of my pants, sliding my thong down next. I glided my hand over my toned stomach. There was something I needed I needed black cock. TJ was initially startled when I entered the shower. I ran my hands over his body, admiring it.

I found his cock; it looked so much like Tony's, big, powerful. I went to my knees, before him. "Joanne," he said.

"I need this," I said, licking his cock. "Then it's yours." Just what I wanted to hear. I moaned as I sucked his cock, slowly weaving my head back and forth over it. All the anger at myself, the sadness caused by my twin's and Tony's actions, seemed to drift away as I sucked TJ's cock in the shower.

I sucked him so long, the water started going cold. When it did, TJ turned off the shower, picked me up and carried me to his bed. Another way he showed me he's like his father his stamina.

He fucked me so good; so long. I wished Tony was more like his son. If he was I'd still be married to Tony, I'd still be making love to him. TJ was all the good things that Tony wasn't. As we rolled around bed, TJ thrusting into me for hours on end, I knew it was wrong. I knew it was yet another horrible thing I was doing but I didn't care.

I needed it. I needed him at that moment. I was on top of him, arching my back, my hands on his chest, while he nursed from my breasts. I was on all fours, his hands roaming over my back, my tits jiggling from each impact. I was on my back, kissing him, my legs wrapped around him, holding him in place. It went on and on and on. The next morning, he was holding my body against his dark chocolate frame.

We were talking about my plans. I couldn't stay with him, Tony could show up looking for me and I wanted nothing to do with him. So ironic, all those years ago, Michael wanted nothing to do with me or the kids I suppose I can empathize with him now. It still doesn't change things. All the cheating and wrongdoing I've done will never be erased. The next couple days were spent in bed with TJ. He asked off work for emergency family issues.

Since he moved back to Tampa several months ago, he felt unsure if he should ask off for time so soon. He's always been a hard worker. Those doubts were quelled when I lovingly began servicing his cock with my mouth again, putting into motion two days of near constant lovemaking.

By the end of the week, I hadn't heard from Tony. TJ had a few times. He lied to his father to keep my whereabouts secret. My bags were packed, I was moving on. I was staying in Atlanta for a couple weeks, then head to Jacksonville, where a sister lived. No, Michael doesn't still live there, I have no idea where he is.

Being in Atlanta would throw Tony off my scent, as he'd assume I'd head to Jacksonville first. When things died down, and the paperwork was filed, I knew Tony wouldn't try to get me back. He had my daughters. When I arrived at my sisters in Jacksonville, I told my other children about what happened. I kept in touch with TJ regularly. He even visited a couple times. Maybe we'll be together one day, who knows. For now I'm here, back in Jacksonville, adjusting to a new life.

I go to weekly counseling sessions, they've been helpful. I'm enjoying seeing family I haven't seen in a while, and focusing on exercising to keep myself occupied. I'm hoping I've paid for my sins; hoping karma is done with me.

Only time will tell. Epilogue "How could you!" Laura stormed into her father Tony's, bedroom. It was the day after Joanne kicked him and the twins out. As she suspected, they returned, while Joanne was staying with TJ.

Tony said nothing, having just gotten out of the shower, standing with a towel wrapped around his waist. Laura approached him again, tears in her eyes. "How could you hurt mom like this!" she pushed him, he barely budged. "How could you!" she screamed once more, her hands hitting his massive chest repeatedly. Tony said nothing, letting his daughter take out her anger on him. Laura, crying, finally calmed down.

She backed away and made her way to the open bedroom door. "Laura," Tony calmly spoke up. She turned around to face her father. "How could I?" he asked. Tony undid the towel, letting it fall, revealing his massive cock. "It was easy." Laura looked on with shock, her eyes drinking in Tony's body; his tree trunk legs, six pack abs, huge chest and arms, then his cock. Her eyes became transfixed on his long, thick, black cock.

She gulped, took a deep breath and turned back around toward the door. Laura took one step forward then stopped. She slowly backed up, and closed the bedroom door. Facing her father once more, Laura's eyes studied Tony's naked body again. A small, seductive small came over her face. She licked her lips and walked toward him. *** Part 3: Laura *** One year, two months later. February.

Chapter 1 Denise brought her mouth to Ulysses', her tongue slowly lapping at his thick, full lips. She was straddling him on the couch, having just come down from yet another orgasm his beautiful black cock had given her. Her house was devoid of furniture save for the couch and a mattress. Denise was in Miami preparing her former home for sale, thinking she'd be there alone.

However, her friend, a fitness model named Ulysses happened to be in town that weekend. He called, they met up, they had dinner, she invited him in, and they fucked. Hours and hours Denise worshipped his body. Dragging her tongue over his chest, his six pack abs, thighs, and cock. She rode him to many orgasms, her body a sweaty mess.

Ulysses smiled at Denise while she licked his lips. He opened his mouth, his tongue meeting hers, swirling around each other. Then she sucked it, sucked it just like she would his bulbous black cockhead, moaning. She closed her mouth around his, her tongue gliding around and around, his doing the same, Denise almost cumming again. She rested her hands on his muscular chest, breaking the kiss. "I love you." "Denise," Ulysses said. "No, I mean it.

I may not love you as much or in the same way as Devin," Denise said, referring to the woman formerly known as Ulysses' stepmother, a woman he's been making love to since his teen years. "But I do," she said, rising up, Ulysses' cock sliding out of her. Denise moaned, kissing his neck, "I love this face." She kissed his neck, sliding down his body, kissing his stomach, "I love this body." She arrived at his erect cock, on her knees, stroking it, licking his balls, his shaft, engulfing the tip, "I love this cock." "Because I'm black?" "Well, not entirely.

There's something about this dark chocolate perfection of yours. But that's not all to it," She replied, continuing her oral work. Denise stood, the brunette headed to the kitchen, "I still can't believe you haven't cum yet." Ulysses chuckled, watching her hourglass, white body walk to the kitchen.

She retrieved two water bottles, offering Ulysses one. "Drink up. We're taking a break before another round. I need to check the mailbox. It's probably overflowing." She put on one of Ulysses' large t-shirts, "Just like my pussy will be when you finally fill me up." Heading outside, down the long driveway, Denise removed the t-shirt, swinging it around above her head.

"I love black dick!" she sang to herself, walking nude down the driveway. She put the shirt back on just as she reached its end in the event someone was out this late at night. The mailbox was full, Denise shaking her head, pulling all the junk mail out. One item caught her eye. The street light illuminating an address and name she recognized. Laura, her cousin from Tampa. Denise found it odd to get a letter from the 21-year-old as they weren't all that close.

She shrugged, curiosity overtaking her and tore open the envelope to read the letter. Denise read the hand scribbled, hastily written letter. "Denise, I don't even know if you still live at this address. I don't care; I need to tell someone, and can't tell my mom. If you live here and are reading this, please have an open mind, and please consider helping me and my sisters. Tony and I have been involved sexually for around a year now.

The second I saw him naked it was over. His long, black cock - I couldn't resist. My sisters were already involved with him. He added me to the group. I can't tell you how many times he took me to bed, how many marathon sex sessions we had. I've never cum so hard and so much as I did with him inside me.

I loved it, I was addicted to him. I lost my job, I lost my apartment, and I was in his basement. I was trapped there, and never wanted to leave. It was endless sex with him.

My sisters and I took turns with him. I'd watch the three of them go at it for hours, and then I would have a turn. Tony won't allow us to leave. My sisters are happy to stay, but when I saw that this would be my life - his black cock inside me, riding him, cumming on and with him, I had to leave. I left him. I'm making my way to Miami to your place. Please don't hate me. I know how wrong all of this was. That's one reason I no longer refer to him as my dad - he's Tony to me now. If you are there, I just need a place to hide and figure out how to rescue my sisters from his spell." Denise's mouth hung open.

No wonder her cousin Laura, couldn't tell her mother, Denise's Aunt Joanne about all this. She slowly made her way back to the house, figuring out what to do next. Ulysses with boxers on, the tip of his cock poking out of the bottom, lying against his thigh, stopped her.

"I think there's someone in your house. Wait here, I'm going to call the cops," Ulysses whispered. "No, wait. I think I know who it is," Denise sighed, heading inside. Ulysses was skeptical but followed her.

She asked where he heard a noise; Ulysses indicated something was moving around in the basement. Denise opened the basement door, turned on a light and called out down the stairs. "Laura? Is that you, sweetie? It's ok, just read your letter." Denise smiled when she saw a light-brown, half-black, half-white, 21-year-old, her hair frizzy and wild, peep around the corner. "Hi," she said; her face sad and embarrassed at the same time. "It's a good thing the alarm system doesn't work anymore.

Come upstairs," Denise motioned her to follow. Chapter 2 Laura was apologetic, explaining she had nowhere to go, how she drove from Tampa after her father went to sleep, how she had been hiding in Denise's old home's basement for two days. Laura was stuffing her face, Denise sitting on Ulysses' lap watching Laura devour leftovers from Denise's earlier meal. Laura continued her story, explaining how her half-sisters, 18-year-old twins Jada and Rena, worshiped their former stepfather Tony, more so after their mother left him.

"It's like he's mind controlling them," Laura said, tears welling up in her eyes. "Like he did me for the past year. I was so stupid." "No, it's fine, Laura. It's over now," Denise patted Laura's hand from across table. "You don't think I'm sick? I do, I mean, Tony's my father and there was so much sex, and," Laura said. "Stop," Denise interrupted her. "Let's not go into that. I don't think you're sick." "He held us captive.

I had to leave. I had to escape. I'm sure he doesn't know of your address. I figured I'd be safe here." "You are, trust me, you are," Denise smiled. "I want to help my sisters leave. But I don't think they want to." "What about TJ?" Ulysses piped up. "How do you know my brother?" Laura asked. "We share the same mom," Ulysses smiled. "Oh right! My dad was married before he married my mother." "You never told me that you were related to TJ," Denise said, turning to face Ulysses.

"He's my, or was, a half-cousin, I guess, by marriage. I think that's right." "Yeah, not really blood related" Laura confirmed.

"As for you and TJ, I guess I see the resemblance," she added looking at the shirtless Ulysses' dark-brown, muscular frame. She blushed and looked away. Denise grinned discreetly, watching her cousin Laura, look away from Ulysses. "Can TJ do anything? I know he's not a cop anymore, but he doesn't live too far away," Ulysses asked again. Laura shook her head. "Since mom and Tony split, I haven't seen him. He cut our dad out of our life for how horrible he was to my mom cheating on her with her daughters, his stepdaughters.

I should've done the same, I should've ran, but " "Laura, please, it's ok," Denise comforted her from across the table, stopping the flow of tears. Leaning forward, Denise flexed her ass cheeks on Ulysses' lap. "Tony is a huge, muscular black man. They are incredibly hard to resist," Denise said, smiling, feeling Ulysses' erection in between her bare butt cheeks.

Laura shook thoughts of a long, black cock, spraying semen all over and focused. "TJ, he may let me stay there should I return. I just felt so awkward about it, I couldn't confess what I had been doing with my father, his father." "I want to save my sisters," Laura added.

"I guess to do it, I'll have to return to Tampa." "We will, all of us," Denise said, volunteering a confused Ulysses. "We will?" Laura asked. "Sure! We're family. I think we should head to Tampa, stay with TJ, and figure something out. Should we call the police though?" Denise asked. "Won't help. My sisters don't want to leave. I'd have to drag them out," Laura guessed. "They are addicted to that man. I have to save them though." "We can figure something out when we get to TJ's," Ulysses said.

"I haven't seen my best bud in a while." "I'm not your best bud?" Denise pouted. "Well, best female bud," Ulysses added, loving the feeling of Denise's flexing ass on his boxer shorts covered cock. "Let's rest up. Laura we'll help you. I'm glad you caught me here. I'm putting this house up for sale and any other time I might not be here! Follow me. The guest room still has a bed in it," Denise stood, pulling her large t-shirt down a bit, covering her bare ass.

Ulysses adjusted his erection. "Here we are," Denise said, arriving at a guest room. Thoughts of riding Ulysses' black cock all night entered her mind, however, Denise had a better idea.

Laura thanked her older cousin, and sat on the edge of the bed in the mostly empty room, running her hands through her wild hair. A few minutes later, back in Denise's bedroom, Ulysses' fingers were running through Denise's thick mane of dark hair. He was lying back on her bed, watching her kiss and lick her way down to his cock. "Mmm, that's it. I love your white pussy," Ulysses joked, calling back to his and Denise's exchange earlier in the evening.

He grabbed her face, kissing her tenderly while she stroked his long dick. "I love you too." "Good. But you can't have me tonight," Denise said, tongue kissing her friend. He laughed, "Why not?" "Laura," Denise said. "She could use this more than me tonight." "I don't know about that. If TJ found out her and I slept together - " "He may not blame her for being unable to resist you," Denise said, looking over his perfect, chocolate body.

"Just like she was unable to resist her dad." Ulysses gazed into Denise's golden brown eyes, pausing for a moment, "What will do you while I'm with her?" "Oh I'll think of something," Denise winked. "Wait here. Stay naked." A moment later, Denise returned with Laura, her eyes fixated on Ulysses' nude body, lounging on the bed.

Denise retrieved her luggage and a dress she brought with her. "You two enjoy yourselves, I'll see you in the morning." Laura stepped closer to Ulysses, her eyes on his long, erect cock. In the presence of a black cock, she instinctively removed her clothes. "Have you ever been with a non-white woman before?" Laura quietly asked, stepping closer to the bed, Ulysses smiling at her hourglass frame.

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"I've been with a few Latinas, but it's mostly been white women." Laura climbed onto the bed, her hands roaming all over Ulysses' thighs, moaning when she grabbed his erection. "You've never been with a black woman?" Laura asked. "Never. It just hasn't happened. You're half-black, so you'd be the closest I've ever gotten to my own race," Ulysses said, watching Laura practically salivate over his cock. "Tony always told me, during breaks from fucking me, that I had the best of both worlds; I loved black dick like a white woman, and was crazy in bed like a black woman.

I thought he was full of crap. I just know I loved, maybe still do, his black cock." "Show me how much you love it," said Ulysses. "Gladly," Laura said, opening her mouth, her big, full lips wrapping over Ulysses' cockhead, both her hands, circling and jacking his long, black pole.

"Shit," Ulysses whispered, watching Laura work, her cheeks indenting from her powerful sucks of his cock. "Yes," Laura whispered, drool coming out of her mouth, coating his cock. She slid one hand down to her engorged clit, furiously rubbing it while she sucked Ulysses' dick. "That's it, just like that," Ulysses said, holding Laura's head, his fingers combing through her hair.

She picked up the pace, her head bobbing up and down, in sync with her strokes. Her other hand working her clit just as fast. A minute later, she popped his cock out of her mouth, arched her back, and climaxed the first of many for the night. Ulysses smiled, watching Laura's face contort with pleasure.

"You're beautiful," he said. "So, so are you," Laura replied, out of breath. "Are you ready?" "Come and get it." Denise was in the hall bathroom, fixing her hair, adjusting her dress in the mirror. "Guess it's back to my first plan for the Miami visit go on the prowl for black cock. Ulysses will be busy with her all night." "Ah shit!" Ulysses cried out, struggling to keep himself from cumming. Laura was straddling him, bouncing up and down on his cock. "Is, is, my pussy good?" she asked in between bounces.

"Yes!" "Better than a white woman's?" she asked. "No," Ulysses stopped her, pulling her in for a hard kiss. He rolled over, going on top, Laura's feet locking behind his back.

"Everyone feels the same on the inside." He stabbed her with his cock, "You feel amazing." Ulysses thrust hard several more times, the bed banging against the wall.

"So, so, do you, ahh!" Laura cried. "Cum for me again," Ulysses ordered, propping himself up on the headboard, slamming into her. "Ahhh!" she screamed, cumming, her pussy quivering on his cock. Ulysses sat back, pulling her up to straddling him. "Grind and ride me as long as you can." *** The men's room of the club Denise went to was disgusting.

Some lights worked, some didn't, and some flickered. One of the sinks had a leaky faucet. All the urinals were either cracked, dripping, or needed a thorough cleaning. The floor was horrible. It had cigarette butts, ashes, and a few spots where men spit. Small urine puddles were around each urinal and toilet caused by drunken patrons that "missed." A couple of the toilets were clogged. Several of the bathroom stall doors didn't close all the way. Each stall had graffiti or obscene messages written in permanent markers covering its walls.

The very last of several stalls had an unflushed, nasty, toilet. It dripped water behind it, which gathered on the floor, creating a small puddle. The top of the toilet had ashes from cigarettes, and a blunt of marijuana resting on it. It hadn't been cleaned in, what looked like, weeks. The seat was up; there were pee stains and pubic hair. Typical of a poorly run, rarely cleaned, bar or club. "FUCK ME!" Denise commanded as a huge black man, named Rodney, she found within minutes of arriving, threw the stall door open and roughly sat her down on top of the toilet.

"Oh yeah? You want this dick?" he asked as he was pulling his tucked shirt out of his pants. "Mmhmm," Denise moaned as she grabbed his face and stuck her tongue into his mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth and she sucked his tongue. "Mmm your tongue is bigger than my ex-husband's cock." Rodney nodded, watching Denise suck him to full strength. She smiled, stood and turned around, pulling her dress up for him.

She moaned when Rodney entered her from behind. Denise loved black dick too, just like her cousin, like all the women in her family. Chapter 3 Hours passed, it was approaching dawn and Ulysses was holding Laura as she came again. Her sweaty body was numb and limp, temporarily forgetting her troubles with her father and sisters. Ulysses guided her to her back, gently rolled her onto her tummy.

He brought her hips up, to his face, and dove in. His tongue licking all over her ass cheeks and crack; occasionally dipping down, and licking pussy juices off her. Setting her back down, he grabbed the base of his cock and guided it inside Laura.

She nearly came again when Ulysses settled in, his entire cock unable to fit its length inside her. Running his hands all over her tired back and body, he slowly thrust in and out of her, working toward his own orgasm finally.

Laura was used to this, Tony was capable of marathon fucking sessions almost every day. Her hair no longer wild and frizzy, but straight due to sweat, Laura came again. Ulysses pulled her up by her hair, her head turning to kiss him. "Where do you want it?" he asked, looking into her green eyes. Flashbacks of Tony spraying his cum all over her face, tummy, and back entered her mind. "My mouth," she answered. Ulysses nodded, sitting back on his knees, letting Laura drink from him.

He nearly came when she turned around and engulfed his cock. He moaned, feeling his cock pump and spurt cum into her mouth. Laura sucked and sucked, wanting to get every last drop his black balls could produce. When Laura was done, Ulysses lay back on the bed, his arms extending to pull her against him. He held her light-brown body against his and drifted off to sleep. A few hours later, eight am, Ulysses was in the shower. Denise, after her own wild night, joined him, pulling him in for hard kiss.

"She's asleep?" Denise asked. "Yes," Ulysses answered, picking Denise up, her legs wrapping around him, his cock sliding inside. "We'll take turns driving to Tampa. We can nap at TJ's this afternoon," Denise said. "I'll take the first driving shift, since I'm guessing you didn't sleep at all." "I didn't." "You're a bad woman," Ulysses joked, driving his cock deep inside her.

"I love black cock. But yours is my favorite," Denise smiled, kissing him. "Thanks," he chuckled. *** A few hours later, Denise nearing the end of her driving shift, glanced in the rearview mirror. She watched Laura and Ulysses stir, waking up. Denise smiled seeing her cousin glance longingly toward Ulysses' crotch.

Denise cleared her throat, "Laura, if you want to suck it go right ahead. You don't have to be shy in front of me. Go ahead, just save some for me." Laura nodded, smiling awkwardly. Denise watched Ulysses lean back in the seat, Laura's head bobbing up and down. Later that afternoon, they were greeted by another huge, muscular black man TJ, Tony's son, Laura's half-brother.

He was Ulysses' half-brother too, but on their mother's side. Laura and TJ hadn't seen or spoken to one another since Tony was caught cheating with his former step-daughters. Laura went to confront her father that day, saw him naked, fell under his spell, and had been his sexual captive ever since.

TJ vehemently suggested they call the police. He wasn't a cop anymore, but he assured Laura that would be the best route. Laura wouldn't listen. She told TJ her sisters would act like nothing is wrong, the cop that went by would see everything was fine, reply over the radio and that'd be the end of it. TJ nodded his head, "How do you know that Laura?" "Because they want to be there, trapped in his basement, his sex slaves." "Why?" "I know firsthand what he's like.

How controlling, how," Laura paused, tears welling up, "how pleasurable he is." "Laura are you saying you and him," "Yes. I was there for over a year.

I went to confront him, he disrobed in front of me, I couldn't resist." TJ got up from the table, heading to the kitchen, "That's our father." "I know," Laura cried. "Which is why I want your help, to save Jada and Rena." TJ paused, letting this sink in. "I just can't deal with him or all that.

What happened, what they did to your poor mother." "TJ," Denise piped up, "Joanne is doing fine now. She's happier than ever after leaving Tony. She talks about her kids, hoping they'll come see her.

Trust me. If what Laura is saying is true, please help us get Jada and Rena away from your father." TJ shook his head, running his hands over his smooth, shaved head. "You can use my place to stay here, as a safe haven, but I can't see him." "I understand, and thank you," Laura said. "How do you plan on getting them out anyway?" Denise smiled, thinking of her plan. She went over how she'd go visit Tony and pretend she had no idea he and her aunt had divorced.

She'll act shocked, perhaps showing sympathy for him, maybe even inviting him out to dinner. Laura and Ulysses would sneak in and get the twins out. Laura admitted sneaking out from a window in the basement; she hoped the twins could be convinced to do the same.

Chapter 4 Tony was sliding his cock in and out of Jada and Rena. The girls were on all fours, Tony switching from one to the other after a few minutes. He heard his door bell ring. Confused as to who it could be this late at night, he peeped out the small basement window.

Shrouded by darkness, he saw a busty brunette in a sexy, tight dress. "Is that?" Tony wondered. "Denise? I haven't seen that bitch in a few years. Stay here and stay quiet," Tony ordered the twins. He put on a robe, covering himself, and headed upstairs to answer. "Hi, Tony!" Denise smiled widely. "Denise, hey," Tony looked over her, confused by her presence. "You're probably wondering why I'm here. I was in town and thought I'd see if Joanne wanted to go out." Tony chuckled, "I guess you haven't heard." "Heard what?" "Joanne and I divorced.

She moved up north somewhere." "Oh no!" Denise pretended not to know. "I'm so sorry. I had no idea." "It's fine." "Geez, I was going to take her out and catch up." "You can come in if you like," Tony said. Denise looked him up and down and followed him inside. "So very easy," she thought to herself. She sat next to him on the couch, patting his thigh. "Ugh, such a shame you two split up. I'm out of the loop, I wished I had known." She rubbed his thigh, "Poor guy, you're here all alone." "Heh, it's not so bad." "I bet it isn't.

I mean, look at you, you probably have several girlfriends!" Tony chuckled, "No." "So you're a single man," Denise shook her head, looking down. "Gosh." "Something wrong?" "Just my mind spinning." "About?" "Here I am, alone with a big, gorgeous black man. Given my addiction, that could be a problem," Denise said. "Addiction?" Tony knew what she meant. "To black cock. I know you used to be married to my aunt, but I don't care!" Denise laughed.

She threw her leg over Tony, straddling him, grabbing his face. "Let's fuck." Ulysses was looking in from the front window, careful not to be seen. He saw Tony, stand with Denise straddling him and disrobed. The naked man walked out of the living room to the stairs. "Let's go. I think the door was left unlocked, at least I hope," Ulysses whispered.

"Follow me," Laura motioned. Kissing frantically, Tony entered his bedroom upstairs, avoiding the basement so Denise wouldn't find out who was down there. "Give me that pussy," Tony demanded as he slammed her on the bed, pulling at her dress, forcefully removing it. She wasn't wearing a bra or underwear. "Give me that dick," Denise countered, rising up, jumping back in Tony's arms, sticking her tongue in his mouth.

"Shh, careful," Laura whispered, tiptoeing through the kitchen toward the basement door. Slowly opening, revealing darkness, she entered with Ulysses behind her.

The steps creaked, causing Laura to panic, hoping not to draw attention to them. She had nothing to fear. Her father was too busy. "Yes! Fuck me!" Denise yelled, Tony slamming her against the wall, knocking a small lamp off the table next to them. Back at the bottom of the stairs, Laura saw a single candle in the corner, her twin half-sisters there, naked, cuddling. They saw someone approach, having heard them travel down the stairs. As Laura got closer, she could see their faces better; it looked like tears had been streaming down them.

Tony was behind Denise now, grabbing her big tits, merciless taking her from behind. "Yessss, yesss, give me that big black dick!" she ordered. A book fell off the shelf next to the bed. "Laura?" Rena said. "I'm here. Let's go." "Go?" Jada asked. "Yes, we're leaving this place, leaving Tony. Mom will be happy, please, let's go," Laura said. "It's safe," Ulysses added. The twins glanced at him. "He's here to help, but we need to hurry." "Ahh!

Ahh!" Denise was cumming, screaming. Tony pulled out from behind, pushing her over, he slapped her. "Ooh, you want to be rough with me?" Denise asked, wiping her mouth.

"Come and get it!" she slapped Tony, jumped on him, tackling the huge man to the bed, and then rolling off him. "Mom will hate us, after what we've done," Jada said. "No she won't. She was upset, hurt, but leaving Tony and getting far away will make things right. You two are crying, come on, I know you don't want this. As much as his perfect cock gave us so much pleasure, it's not right." "He owns us," Rena said.

"We belong to him." "No we don't," Laura shook her head. "This pussy?" Tony said, inches from Denise's face, on top of her, on the floor. "This white pussy. It's mine now." "Oh yeah?" Denise said, clawing down his back, slapping him again, pushing him back. They rolled against the bookshelf knocking more books off it.

"This dick? This big black dick. Is mine!" Denise lied. Using the bookshelf as leverage, she squat up and down on Tony, Joanne's books left in the house, falling down on them as Denise rode his cock endlessly.

"Please come with me," Laura pleaded. "He doesn't love us. He's obsessed with us. Things can be all better if you leave now. I promise you." "Hey," Ulysses extended his hand, smiling softly.

"TJ misses you two." "He does?" Rena asked.

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"Come, let's go to his place. It's safe there," Ulysses added. The twins nodded, took his hand and stood, naked. Laura found a blanket and wrapped it around them. Denise and Tony were in an old rocking chair in the other corner of the bedroom.

She was straddling him and coming down with all her might and weight on his cock. "Come on! Come on!" she ordered him to cum. "Ahh!" Tony tried to hold off, struggling with each cock-milking impact of Denise's pussy. Their concentration was broken when the chair crumpled below them into several pieces. "Ok, shhh, let's move," Laura guided the twins to the top of the stairs, stepping out into the kitchen. "Just have be quiet and keep moving." "Have I met my match?" Tony asked out loud, the rocking chair in several pieces below him and Denise.

"Yes!" She glared, grabbing his face kissing, him hard. Denise had no idea how long it would take for Laura and Ulysses to do their task. She needed Tony distracted. "Now keep fucking me and don't stop. This black dick is mine!" Denise's words reignited Tony. He sat up, taking her with him, threw her over his shoulder and left his bedroom. "I'm taking you to the basement," Tony said, Denise's plan backfired. "No, no, wait!" she yelled. Laura, the twins, and Ulysses, saw a huge man standing in the front door way.

He came into view and nodded, it was TJ. "The cops are on the way, hurry." Denise wiggled out of grasp, falling to the floor. She quickly jumped onto his back, trying to choke him out. He flipped her over, sending her across the hall, landing on and smashing a small table.

"Are you crazy?" Tony glared. Something caught Tony's eyes, he turned seeing TJ rush the twins out the front door. "No!" he yelled. Denise was back on her feet and pushed Tony down the stairs. He toppled over, banging his head and face several times, breaking the wooden vertical columns near the bottom.

He saw his pussy, his twin slaves, run down the front steps. Tony grabbed a wooden column and chased after them. TJ blocked his exit, Tony pushed him over, out the front door. He stood over his son, in a rage, using the column as a baseball bat, trying to beat him.

TJ was rolling and dodging the attacks, a voice was telling Tony to stop, yelling at him to put the weapon down.

Several blows landed on TJ's shoulder, another on his thigh, when finally, they ended. TJ's ears were ringing. He sat up, his father's lifeless body lying on the front porch. He looked to the front yard, the police officer lowered his fired weapon, TJ nodded to him. There were several police cars parked out front. The twins were being tended to by a paramedic, so was Denise. She need a few bandages, but was otherwise fine. They removed Tony's body from the scene.

Laura, her half-sisters, her half-brother, her cousin, and new friend, were safe. Chapter 5 A few nights later, at TJ's apartment, Laura was straddling Ulysses in the guest room. She smiled at him, he smiled back as he caressed her face. "That was great," Laura said. "Yes it was," Ulysses agreed. Laura looked over to Jada and Rena. "One of you want to have another turn?" "Let's do it together," Jada said, taking Rena's hand, smiling at Ulysses as they joined him on the bed.

Laura watched her half-sisters kiss and caress Ulysses' body. She headed toward the shower; they'd no doubt join her in a little while. Denise and TJ were sitting on the couch, enjoying some wine. The police report was done, wounds were healing. "So you and the girls are moving to Charleston, right?" Denise asked.

"I suppose so," TJ answered. "Joanne has talked about you a lot, she misses you." "I miss her too." "I know you do. You'll have so much fun there. When I told her on the phone earlier today, about everything, saying that I was bringing you home to her, you know what she said to give you?" Denise asked.

"What?" Denise got up, standing in front of TJ. She removed her tank top, exposing braless breasts; she slid out of her shorts, revealing her bare body.

She slowly straddled TJ and kissed him, moaning into his mouth. "This, huh?" TJ chuckled, grabbing Denise's ass. "All night," she whispered. TJ smiled, stood, and took Denise to his bedroom. They made love for hours, just like TJ and Joanne did, long ago. Denise moaned, rolling on top him, her tits sucked by him, her body cumming over and over by him. He licked along her neck and jaw, he slowly, methodically slid his cock in and out of her pussy from behind, running his hands through her thick, dark hair.

He gently pulled her up against him, hands massaging her breasts and clit as he penetrated her all night. "Oh TJ," she whimpered. "So good." TJ kissed her, while rolling his hips into hers. The kiss ended, their eyes met. Denise spoke up, "All of us.

Everyone in the family will service you, this body. You'll love it there." The next night after finishing the pizzas they ordered, Laura, Jada, and Rena ended a phone call with Joanne handing the phone to TJ to speak with her. They finalized plans, all was working out. TJ and Ulysses were cleaning the kitchen when the twins approached them. Jada whispered something to Ulysses, he nodded and motioned for Denise and Laura to follow him to the guest room.

The cousins immediately stripped and pounced playfully on Ulysses. "TJ, Mom, told us to give you something," Rena spoke up. "Huh?" "Something to thank you," Jada added. TJ watched as the twins turned around, removed their shorts, revealing their bare asses. TJ took off his t-shirt, shorts, and boxers. He scooped the twins up and carried them to his bed. As dawn approached, Denise and Laura were asleep in Ulysses' arms. In the other bedroom, Jada and Rena were asleep in TJ's, his hands resting on their plump bubble butts.

Laura stirred awake, so did TJ. They met in the kitchen. She was only wearing a long t-shirt, he was only wearing boxers. They hugged each other, Laura resting her head against his muscular, dark chocolate chest. "So glad to be moving on," she said.

"All of us are, really." "Yeah I know. Time to forgive and heal. Want some breakfast?" TJ asked his half-sister. "Sure," Laura said, moving to the small living room. TJ cracked open some eggs. "Maybe later though," Laura said. TJ turned around to face her, his eyes widened with shock. Laura was standing nude, the t-shirt at her feet. She smiled and shrugged. TJ drank in her curvy, light-brown body.

He put the egg carton down, stepping out of the kitchen. He stood before his sister. TJ pulled down his boxer shorts and shrugged at her. "Might as well." Laura's eyes were drinking in TJ's body; his tree trunk legs, six pack abs, huge chest and arms, then his cock. Her eyes became transfixed on his long, thick, black cock. He was so much like her father, but better.

A small, seductive smile came over her face. She licked her lips and walked toward him. "If we wake them, they can join us," Laura said. TJ caressed her face and nodded. He watched Laura go to her knees in front of him. Like all the women in her family, she loved black cock, no matter who it belonged to. The end. ***Mmmmm so very dysfunctional! Sometimes it's fun to write these stories of fictional screwed up families.

I thought about writing a story with Laura and her father Tony. But I'm not sure I want to go there just yet.

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Anyway, hope you were entertained or even aroused by the crazy debauchery.***