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Porn movie sex stories brazzers com
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"Why, hello there, Jane!" Adam yells as I walk down the street in the morning. My skirt that barely covers my bottom flutters in the wind, giving anyone who cares to look a stunning view of my naked private parts; my bikini sways along with my perky c-cup breasts, only covering my nipples; my wavy long hair flows gently in the breeze, shining beautifully in the reflection of the sunrise.

The guys in this town have always enjoyed my choice of clothing, and I've ruined more than a few relationships with my "talents".

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It seems Adam is going to be the first catch of the day, but I'm not going to be satisfied with just one victim. Adam finally catches up to me from across the street, and immediately smiles his fakest, most disgusting smile he can muster, letting me know that once more he's simply looking for a "good time". I sigh mentally and smile back at him while biting my lips, letting him know that I was all up for it, and his smile grows even wider.

"So, what are you up to today…" He begins, but I don't waste any time.

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"Call Robert, James and Geoffrey if you want me. Meet me at my house in ten minutes, or I'm locking the door." I say bluntly.


One would think that he'd be shocked by the lack of politeness, but all he does is smile even more and pick up his phone. I sigh out loud this time and turn left to my street, walking for just over a minute before walking up to my house. As I walk across my lawn I check my watch: 08.15. Smiling I stop briefly to pull down my skirt to my ankles and quickly step out of both them and my flip-flops; while I start walking again I undo the string on the front of my bikini and let it slide down my shoulders and arms until I'm at my front door, stark naked.

I push the lock button on my door, and a big robotic eye opens in front of me, scanning me from head to toe. The red light that represents the pupil turns green, and the door swings open without a sound.

I smile and walk straight through the door, knowing that my punctual peeping tom neighbor is already walking across the street to knock on my door, and that his next-door neighbor has already called the cops, confirmed by the voices heard on my police radio.

"Really now, one would think that she would have learned by now…" I say to myself as I per routine pick up the ringing phone. "We're coming Jane, don't worry. Who else is coming?" Officer Murdoch says, just like every other time.

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I giggle slightly and moan teasingly into the mike on the phone. "Robert, James, Adam, Geoffrey and Charlie; I'm expecting the former four in seven, so don't be late." I say, and officer Murdoch laughs. "As busy as ever, eh?

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I'm bringing the new recruit, Russel, as well as Tom, John and Terry. Hope you're ready for some fun." He says and hangs up. "Russel, huh…?

Must be that 19-year old from New York…" I mutter to myself, thinking about the young black mans' cock stuffing my pussy with all nine and a half inches of his dark meat. By the time the doorbell rings about half a minute later I'm already there to open it. Charlie doesn't even hesitate before he picks me up, shuts the door behind him and carries me to the bedroom right next to the front door, throwing me onto the bed. My body trembles slightly with excitement as Charlie walks to my glass wall, pulling the curtains apart.

I personally had that wall changed into glass, as I simply love when people are watching. A jogger runs by, and glances at the wall/window. Charlie pulls his pants down, revealing his already hard cock, and the jogger trips from the chock.

My heart begins to beat faster as I walk up to Charlie from behind, grab his cock and slowly stroke it, reveling in the sensation of holding a man's cock in my hand. The jogger, revealed to be Harry from down the block, slowly gets up while not letting us go with his eyes. His cock makes a bulge in his tight jogging pants as he stands there, embarrassed and aroused, staring at us as I make my way to Charlie's side while not letting go of his cock.

Charlie responds by turning to face me, and my mind takes off into a state of ecstasy as I get down on my knees and while not looking away from Harry gently put the tip of my tongue against Charlie throbbing dick, licking the tip of it free from pre-cum.

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Charlie shudders from the sensation, and I savor the taste; a salty thick taste that together with the sweet smell of his cock plays a harmonic symphony of pleasure in my mind. I struggle to regain my composure and stubbornly fight the urge to shove his entire cock inside my hungry mouth, opting to savor the moments I have left before my entire body will be heavenly ravaged by no less than ten, maybe even eleven men in less than five minutes.

I gently caress Charlie's balls while licking a bit more of his cock, and when he groans in his unique, humming way I smile, filled with happiness and a strange satisfaction from gaining appreciation from this perverted peeping tom. I reward both him and myself by slowly placing my lips on his head, prompting Harry to run to my front door and banging on the doorbell. Completely focused on the task of slowly pushing Charlie's cock into my mouth without going crazy from the sheer ecstasy produced and the erotic nature of the entire situation I only barely hear my own recorded voice from the door: "I'm sorry, but I'm busy right now, as you've probably noticed.

About seven to ten men will be here in about [calculating…] four minutes, so feel free to wait for them. While you wait you are welcome to watch the show to your left." Like "I" instructed Harry quickly runs back to the wall/window and his jaw drops when he sees the entire length of Charlie's meat inside my mouth.


My cheeks are red with tears running down them, but contrary to what one would think I'm not suffocating, nor am I sad in any way; these tears are pure happy-tears. I was blessed with a huge reward center in my brain when I was born, as well as an extremely low threshold for sexual pleasure, and so I have effectively fallen in love with sex (no exaggeration).

I guess you could say that I am a sex addict, but in this town that's no problem, seeming as almost the entire population is composed of sex-starved men, all of whom are endowed with huge dicks. The few women here are prudes, and so the men cannot go anywhere else but to me, and that's fine by me. After a couple of minutes of blissful happiness the doorbell finally rings again, and once again my voice can be heard from the door: "Finally, you're here.

I'm inside to the left, as you should know, and I'm ready for you. So take your clothes off and put them in the basket to your right so that the eye can scan you, and then you can come in for yet another rowdy day." I hear, and after hearing the sound of rustling shirts and the clinking of belt buckles I also hear the low humming sound of the scanner.


Ten seconds later a click is heard as the light turns green once more and the door swings open. Everyone rushes to the bedroom naked, and I calmly climb up, dry my mouth and lay on the bed on my back.

"So, who wants to do what?" I ask, flustered.

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My body can barely take the suspense, and my mouth hungers for more, as well as my breasts, pussy and ass. I wink at Russel who steps forward, embarrassed and with his huge hose hanging down.

I think I'm dreaming, is my only thought as I motion with my finger for him to lay on the bed next to me. Everyone sighs. "Typical; it's always the one with the biggest dick." Murdoch says, and everyone nods silently.

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I ignore them completely, and just straddle Russel's stomach. "I hope you don't mind if we skip the foreplay; I sort of have a lot to do." I say with a gentle smile, trying my best to hide my excitement. I may be 30, but in my head I'm just like when I was thirteen.

Russel smiles nervously and nods, and I grin as I raise my hips, grab his cock and slowly move backwards until his massive meatstick is aiming right at my hole. I hear the others whispering about how much of a slut I am, and how my pussy and body should be like a sixty-year-olds' considering how big their cocks are, and I doubt they'll understand how I manage to stay this tight and young. I once again ignore their constant yammering, and start to lower myself onto Russel's dick.

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As soon as the head of it touches I finally give in to my own desires and let out a loud scream as I push his cock all the way up my tight pussy. Russel groans, but my head is already getting hazy, and by the time everyone else joins in my body is officially on auto-pilot, merely acting by instinct; something they never seem to notice. In my dreams, however, I can really let loose… Just a teaser, I'm going to write more as soon as possible.