Juelz Venture solo toy plays but wants BBC

Juelz Venture solo toy plays but wants BBC
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I had worked at my job with this big, well known company in Rochester, N.Y. for twelve years and had worked my up to department manager.


I was told that I would be allowed to hire a junior manager to work the job that I was just promoted from. That was great. It would allow me to sit in my new corner office and actually not do a hell of a lot. We advertised the position both internally and externally. It was Monday, three weeks after the company had posted the job opening. I had four interviews scheduled for the day. I already had resumes from all of them and had looked them over.

The first two were young men that worked for the company now. The interviews went well. Either of them should be able to do the job. The two that were scheduled for the afternoon were from outside the company but already lived in the city so there would not have to be a relocation package for the company to pay.

I looked at the resume for the third applicant. It was a twenty-seven year old woman named Carrie O'Brien. I went to my office door and spoke her name. "Carrie O'Brien." She stood and walked to my office. I held the door for her and got my first look at this stunningly beautiful redhead as she walked past me, into my office.

She was about 5'6" and slim. Her skin was white as milk with freckles. Her hair was shoulder length and red, probably redder than it really was. She wore a gray skirt that ended just above her knees and a white front buttoning blouse with the top two buttons unbuttoned, showing cleavage between her well-separated firm tits.

I guessed her measurements were about 34C-22-32.


Her hand lightly brushed against the front of my pants as she past me and then sat in the chair in front of my big new desk. "Ms. O'Brien, thank you for applying for this position. I have looked at your resume and you appear to be qualified, as do the others that I will be interviewing. Let's find out more about you and your goals.

Why do you think that you are the right person for this job?" The interview went on, as expected for about twenty minutes, at which point she pushed her chair back from my desk a little, giving me a view all the way to her feet. Next, while answering my question, she shifted position and her skirt rode up a little more and she spread her legs some.

This gave me a look at her freshly shaved pussy that did not have any panties covering it. "Let me be frank, Mr.

Wilson. I want this job. I am a good worker and I want to get this job on my merits. I will do a very good job for the company and I will make you look good. However, I have noticed that you have spent more time looking at my body than you have into my eyes, especially after I spread my legs.

So I also want you to know that if you are worried about me being prone to yelling about sexual harassment, that won't happen. I love a good sex joke as much as the next person. I also love a good fuck and the feel of a hard cock in my mouth.

Nothing tastes better than a mouthful of cum. As I came in I noticed that you have a very nice package. Hire me and I can and will do an excellent job and you will also find that I can be fun to have around." Guess what. Carrie got the job. When I got home my wife gave me a hug as usual. She felt my erection as we hugged. "Jerry, you're happy to see me today." I took her to bed and gave her a hard fucking before supper but I was thinking about Carrie.

I'm thirty-six years old, 6'1" and weigh 183. My manhood is seven inches and fairly thick. My wife, Joan is thirty-four, 5'4" and 146# with soft D-cups. We don't have any kids. We love each other and have sex about once a week, which is a lot less than we did earlier in our marriage. Joan still has a tight cunt but she is a little boring in bed. We don't try a lot of positions and she seldom sucks my cock.

When she does, she never finishes me off in her mouth. I have tried to talk her into trying swinging but she always said no and I have given up. I love Joan but the thought of having Carrie around the office to look at and maybe more had me excited. Carrie started a week later. The first day was company registration and orientation so I did not see much of her. The second day I showed her around the department, introduced her to everyone and explained her duties in detail.

At the end of the day, Carrie came back to my office and said that she would stay late for a little more training if I thought she needed it. She shut my office door and walked over next to me.

Unbuttoning all but the bottom button of her blouse and unhooking her front opening bra, Carrie placed an erect nipple at my mouth. I didn't hesitate in wrapping my lips around this delightful new toy. I sucked in a mouthful and rubbed my tongue all over the erotic bump of her nipple.

After about five minutes of tit sucking, Carrie pulled away, lifted her skirt up and leaned over my desk. "Guess what I want, Mr. Wilson. Don't worry about a condom. I'm on the pill." I stood up and dropped my pants, got behind her and took my almost painfully hard cock in my hand.

As I looked at her pale white ass on the edge of my desk I knew that I had to pound her twat with my seven inches but that first I had to taste her delights. I dropped to me knees and buried my face between her ass cheeks.

The first thing my tongue touched was her ass hole. Carrie gave a little squeal. She arched her back, giving me better access to her pussy and clit. My tongue slid between her labia and found that she was soaking wet already. I thought that her juices tasted like honey. She moaned.

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I found her clit and flicked it several times with my tongue. Her body shook. "Oh, yes, right there. Do that more. Suck it and lick it." I ate her out till Carrie had a hard orgasm and drenched my face with her girl cum. Then I stood and placed my steel hard pecker to her opening and shoved. She was tight but so wet that I easily went full depth the first push. "Oh, yes, fuck me hard and deep with that wonderful big cock of yours, Mr. Wilson. Fuck me hard." I held her hips and plowed into her repeatedly, hard enough that we made my large executive desk move.

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I knew that I couldn't last long in this exciting new cunt and I didn't. After about five minutes of pounding her, I filled her with my hot sticky seed.

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She came again at the same time. After a few more pumps while my excitement eased, I pulled out and started to pull my pants back up but Carrie turned and put her mouth over my cum covered cock and sucked me clean.

She kept her lips tight around it and licked all over the tip, especially spending a lot of time at the sensitive spot under the head. Soon I felt that if she kept that up much longer, I would be getting hard again, but I had to go so I reluctantly pulled out of her hot wet mouth.

"When we are alone, you can call me Jerry." "No, I would rather call you Mr. Wilson or Sir. You can call me anything you want. I want you to talk dirty to me. Call me slut or call me your whore or whatever you want." That was the end of my first day with Carrie. I gave Joan a hard fucking again that night and I made her suck my cock a little first. The next day Carrie came to my office at lunchtime and gave me a great blowjob.

She could take me all the way into her throat and she enthusiastically throated me till I filled her stomach with my man juice. "Suck my cock deep you fucking cum slut. Swallow my dick down your whore throat till you drink every drop of cum that is in my balls. Don't leave a drop in it or on it." "That was a great appetizer Sir. I hope I made you happy but now I'm off to lunch." She kissed my cockhead and left. Even though I would have been happy to fuck Carrie every day, we only managed to get it on once or twice a week but it was great.

About a month after Carrie started, I was out on the receiving dock, seeing how everything was looking when I noticed shadows move and heard moaning in the corner behind a stack of boxes. Out of the way, I moved to where I could see what was happening. There was Juan, our nineteen year old stock boy standing with his pants down and on her knees in front of him was Carrie, giving him head.

I watched for about a minute when I saw Juan grab her head and pull her tight to him and hold her there. Juan tilted his head back and moaned as he came in Carrie's mouth. She happily swallowed his load and smiled up at him. Juan thanked her and pulled up his pants and left back into the plant and to work. As Carrie stood up, I stepped out where she could see me.

She smiled at me and wiped her lips, licking the cum that had spilled out of her mouth off of her fingers. "Juan has been doing a very good job and I thought he deserved a little reward. I think it will encourage him to keep doing a good job. You don't mind, do you, Sir?" My first thought was that I did mind. I think I was starting to think of Carrie as my own personal fuck slut. But I realized that that was not how it was. "No I don't mind but be very careful not to get caught and get it trouble.

I can't protect you if you get caught." Joan was noticing that I was hornier than I had been in years and she was starting to enjoy it more herself.

She still didn't encourage me to do anything more than basic fucking. For the next couple of months my affair with Carrie continued and we fucked and sucked as often as we could find the time and place to do it. I even took her on a company trip with me when they sent me to some training. That trip was wonderful. I fucked her so often that I thought I was a kid again.

During the two nights we were together I must have filled her cunt and her mouth six times each.

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We even did something that I had never done before. At Carrie's suggestion, after we had finished fucking, she got into the shower and kneeled down and had me give her a golden shower. I had to go bad so I pissed long and hard. I pissed a bright yellow stream in her hair and on her tits and all over her face. When my flow slowed, she took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the last of my urine till no more came out. Then we showered and went to bed.

In bed she asked, "Are you and your wife swingers? I like being with women too and if you would like it, Sir, I would really enjoy having her sit on my face and eating her cunt while you fuck me." I told her that I had never been able to get Joan interested in swinging and that she had never been with another woman or even with another man. I told her that I would work at trying to see if I could get Joan interested. Maybe I could show her some porn movies that included girl on girl scenes.

Over the next couple weeks I carefully worked at trying to get Joan interested in swinging and being with another woman. To my surprise, I got her to tell me that in college, she had done 69 sex with her room mate a couple of times and had enjoyed it.

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I was starting to think that maybe I could make this happen. I excitedly told Carrie that I might be able to make our hot threesome happen but she shocked me by telling me that she was getting a job change and would be leaving to take a personal assistant job with one of the company vice presidents over at the main office.

I was very sad and told her that we could still get together some times for some fun. "I'm sorry Jerry but I work for a different Sir now and I have to give myself to doing a good job for him." 311

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