Busty girlfriend rides and tit fucks guy

Busty girlfriend rides and tit fucks guy
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"You ain't gonna believe what I just found on the internet." It was the first words my brother, Bill, spoke when I answered the phone. "Do you have your laptop handy?" "Sure, hold on a second… okay, I got it, what's up?" "Go to XNXX.COM, it's a helluva good porn site." "Bill, I don't need to watch porn to get my dick hard.

I'm not old and decrepit, like you." "Don't give me any shit, Don, just go to XNXX like I told you." I pulled up the site and saw all kinds of options for fucking and sucking videos, pictures that expose everything a person could want to see (or NOT want to see), sex stories and more.

I had watched a few things that friends had sent me, before, but I had never surfed, looking for stuff like that. "Okay, I'm on XNXX, now what?" "Go to the search bar and type in 'barely legal'." I did as Bill asked and a completely different set of video options popped up, "Alright, now what?" "The third video says 'Fresh and Young', click on it.

When it comes up, click 'play' and go to full screen." "You're a sick bastard, Bill, but we've known that all our lives." The video started and I maximized it.

All I could see was a clean shaven, beautiful, young pussy being stroked by the girl's own fingers. It was a home video, alright, but there was someone else operating the camera. Then I heard a familiar voice… "Hi there, my name is Nickole.

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I just turned eighteen and decided to share my pretty pussy with the world. I've only been fucked four times, but I love it. Please leave me a message if you like what you see." She was quiet for a few seconds, then she stuck her middle finger inside her hole and added, "Right here is the place, guys… the place where Nickole would love to feel your dick; your big, long, fat, slick dick. Be sure you don't wait very long, someone else might beat you to it." I was stunned.

To start with, Nikki is my eighteen year-old daughter… EIGHTEEN! She was smart enough to keep her face hidden, but her voice is easy to recognize for my family.

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Why in the fuck would my baby girl do something like this? "Holy Mother Fucker!… I can't believe what I'm seeing, Bill. It sounds exactly like my Nikki.

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Shit! It can't be her." "Face it, little brother, it's Nikki alright. I couldn't believe it, either, but Eddie was the one who ran across it and showed it to me. They're almost the same age and he knew right away it was her. What're you going to do?" "Goddamn it… FUCK! Shit, Bill, I don't know what to do. Guess I'll have to figure something.

I'm gonna send a hot, fucking message to XNXX right now. "Right, but it's not really their fault. The video never shows her face and she says she's eighteen. It is a fine looking cunt, though." "FUCK YOU, GODDAMN IT! THAT'S YOUR FUCKING NIECE, BILL!" "Sorry, Don, my mouth slips a little too often, you know that.

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I really am sorry. If you need anything, let me know.


Oh, by the way, you have to be registered to send anything to XNXX. Don't bother doing that, I'm already registered and I'll contact them for you.

Good luck, bro." I stewed for a few minutes, then watched the video, again. There was no doubt; my daughter's voice was plain and clear. Since I wanted the option of confronting Nikki with it, I downloaded the video. It was unquestionable evidence. I couldn't face my daughter with a big, fat boner, so I jacked off as I watched her clip for the fifth time. God, it really was a gorgeous, young, wet pussy.

Just before Nikki got home from school, I checked XNXX again. True to his word, Bill had contacted them and it had been removed.

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"I'm home, Daddy!" It was the same voice I had been listening to all afternoon, "I'll be back down in about an hour! I have to do my homework!" With that said, Nikki ran up the stairs. Until today, I never noticed how fine my daughter's ass looked in tight jeans. I watched it until she topped the stairs and turned into her room. I picked up my laptop, eased my way to the top of the stairs and stopped at her door.

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I could hear that she was complaining to someone, "Are you kidding me? It's not there! I did type in the right keywords. No… I'm telling you, it's not online anymore. Yeah, I'll try again in a little while. Bye." I tapped once, turned her door knob and walked into her room. She had pulled off her jeans and was sitting on her bed, wearing a t-shirt and her panties. She has always been comfortable dressing that way, every since her mother left us in Las Vegas.

Because I had been watching the video, and her luscious pussy… that afternoon was the first time I felt uncomfortable with her in those skimpy clothes. Nikki closed her own computer and smiled, "Hi, Dad, you need something?" "What were you searching for on your laptop?" "Just some stuff for school." I grabbed the computer and opened it.

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She hadn't had time to close the site before I walked in, so XNXX.COM popped right back up. In the search bar were the words, 'barely legal'. "School stuff, huh? What class covers pornographic searches?" Her mouth dropped open and she began to stammer.

I pitched her computer on the bed and opened mine to the video I had recorded earlier, When she heard her own voice say, "Hi, there, my name is Nickole," she covered her open mouth with her hands and said, "Oh, my God." I played the entire clip and each time she tried to speak, I told her to shut up.

Once it was finished, I asked her why she did it and why she lied to me. "I…" "Shut the fuck up, liar! I don't want to know! Take off your panties, I'm going to bust your ass!" "No, please, Daddy… I didn't…" "I told you to shut up and get those off.

Take off your shirt, too." "But, you don't…" I raised my hand to slap her, something I had never done, "STRIP, GODDAMN IT!" She had probably never undressed so fast in her life. In three seconds, her dazzling teen body was naked and she was lying on her stomach, expecting her spanking. I swatted her right butt cheek with my hand when she tried to speak again, "I warned you, Nickole!

I told you I didn't want to hear a single, fucking, word!" She nodded her head and began crying into the pillow. I took one foot in each hand and spread her legs a little.

When she tried to squeeze them back together, I slapped her ass again, What's wrong, Nikki? The whole world can see your pussy but Daddy can't?" She shook her head 'no' but widened her feet, far enough that I could see her asshole and the slit that led through her meat curtains to her vagina and on, toward her clit.

Needless to say, my cock was in pain from straining to get out of my shorts. I simply turned the top button loose and pulled the zipper down.

My dick was standing hard and proud, wanting to be where cocks were meant to be. I had put the video on 'repeat' so it was playing over and over.

When Nikki said, "I've only been fucked four times, but I love it," I shoved her legs outward and crawled onto the bed. "NO, DADDY! IT WASN'T. OWW, OWW! BUT PLEA. OWWWW, NOOOO&hellip." A little spit on Ol' Fat Boy and I grabbed her waist, jerking her ass into the air and exposing my target better. I had no problem finding her entrance… but as I gave a second push, I felt her hymen pop.

"Oh, Shit!" I thought, "She hasn't been fucked even once. She's a virgin!" The video was saying, "Hi there, my name is Nickole. I just turned eighteen and decided to share my pretty pussy with the world." That's all it took, I slammed my fat, six and a half inches as deep as I could and emptied my nuts into her guts. Only then did I hear the screaming, "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE… STOP!! IT HURTS!

OH, GOD, DADDY… WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" "Yeah, you fucking little tease. You're Goddamn right it hurts," I screamed back at her as the voice on the video said, again, "I've only been fucked four times, but I love it." Although I knew I had just busted her cherry, I said, "You've been fucked four times, already.

It shouldn't hurt anymore. But I'm gonna fuck you all night and all weekend. You're going to learn to NOT lie to me and to NOT show everybody in the world what kind of a whore you are!" I never softened and never stopped sliding in and out, slowly. As my nuts got a refill, I took my time and rubbed her back, fucking her with full, slow strokes. About five minutes after the last words were spoken, I felt my daughter push her ass back, into me.

It was as if she wanted more. I increased my pace and held her hips tighter. Another five minutes brought her to climax, "Oh, Dad… Oh, Daddy… Oh my God, Daddy! I'm gonna cum… I'm gonna cu&hellip. AHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, OOHHHHHH SHIIIIITTT!!!" I let her fall to the bed and turned her over.

Cum and blood were running out of her, so I told her to go to the bathroom, but come right back… "We're not through, young lady." She washed herself and stood in the door of the bathroom, trying to cover her little tits with her arms, "Can I please talk to you? It's important." "In a minute. Right now I want you to get your little ass over here and lay down, on your back." She didn't question or plead that time.

When she laid her head on the pillow, she raised her knees and spread her legs. "Good girl," I told her. I twisted myself into a position where my eyes were staring directly into her labia. She didn't speak as I lowered my mouth to her clit. As I devoured that delicious pearl, my fingers worked inside her sore cunt, searching for her g-spot… SCORE! The second I let my two fingers 'do the walking', she bucked her hips. She grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled them toward her shoulders.

Everything, I mean everything, became available to me.

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I, quickly, rose up and jammed my shaft into her, during her first orgasm. The timing must have been perfect because she started screaming and begging for more as she rode that high for two or three minutes. As she started to calm down, I withdrew and moved to her face. She knew exactly what I wanted and opened her mouth. Her inexperience was compensated by her willingness. Her hand jacked my cock and she engulfed as much of it as she could. Seconds later, she was swallowing my hot cum, sucking my dick until I nearly passed out.

I fell beside her and lay there, catching my breath, "Now you've been fucked seven times and sucked my cock dry. You're NOT going to put that on the internet, though." "Can I tell you something, now?" "As long as it's not another lie." "It's not a lie, Daddy, I swear. The video you have playing… it's my voice, but it's not my body." "WHAT?

What do you mean?" "My friend, Jennifer, the one with the squeaky voice… we were joking around and decided to make a nasty video. She was afraid that if anybody in town heard her, they would know who it was.

So we decided to show her pussy and I would do the talking. Until a little while ago, I've never seen a real man's dick… just a bunch of them in videos. I'm a virgin, Daddy… or at least I was.

You changed that, though, and it hurt at first. I'm pretty sore, but I think I could do it all night, now; sore or not, I love my Daddy's big dick." I knew something wasn't right when I busted her maidenhood. Jennifer… that explains it. I kissed my baby girl's little tits and asked, "Has Jennifer really been fucked four times, already?" "No, but she's been using her mom's dildo for a while. I've seen it, but I couldn't get inside me… bet I could now, though." She smiled and reached for my dick, "How long before my Daddy can do me, again?" I assured her that we could do it some more, once we took a break, "We have to get something straight, Nikki.

Nobody can find out that I'm fucking my daughter. My thirty-seven year-old ass will wind up in prison with some big mother-fucker's cock up my ass.


You would probably have to go live with your Aunt Liz… the bitch. I know you wouldn't want that. So… you tell nobody, right?" "Never, Dad, I promise. What do I do about Jen?" "Tomorrow, see if she can come and spend the night. Once we get her here, she'll meet the replacement for her mom's dildo. Tonight, it's just you and me, and sin… lotsa sin. Tomorrow night, little miss Jennifer gets a real education in sucking and fucking a real man." Comments are restricted to registered readers, only Part 2 cumming soon…