Gay indian sex videos Runaway Twink

Gay indian sex videos Runaway Twink
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Panties for Sale? Chapter 5 I was fixing a tray of goodies when she came out of the bathroom. She had gone in after me and came out now in two large white towels, one around her waist down to her knees, and another around her shoulders down to her taught tummy. She had thoroughly dried her blonde hair but was folding it up on top of her head with a third towel.

"Hi." she said with a smile and kissed my shoulder. She bit her lip when I kissed the back of her neck as she turned to the table to help me. Even after our talk I wondered for the first time if we would really be able to just mutually masturbate.

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I didn't think it would be this hard to resist.or this exciting. But what a rush. Anyway, showering together was completely out of the question.

My desire hovered around that of a man in a strip club with a cock ring. The very nature of her presence and the overwhelming sense of her femininity made me very reactive. I stayed semi hard and she could raise me up full in a few short moments if she wanted to. But nature demanded a refuel and I don't know if I had another drop of cum left in me. Still, the cannon doesn't always need the ammunition. Her hand slapped over my bulge through my own big white towel. "What for dinner?" she asked.

"Sausage and mayonnaise." "Oh gawd that was so bad." she rolled her eyes and we went back in the living room together. She tidied up the place as I set down the trays and pulled the coffee table a little closer.

We kept glancing at each other. "We're you serious when you said you're still turned on? Even after doing it twice?" she asked, fluffing pillows. I could see as she bent over her towel fell away from her breasts. "I said this was the most singular hottest moment of my life and I meant it." I smiled. "Were you serious when you said I could make you cum over and over?" I asked.

She picked up a little cracker with cheese and shoved it in my mouth. She was blushing and smiling and looked a little embarrassed. For quite some time we sat on the sofa eating and talking as we faced each other. We kept it pretty casual but not until she forgot herself and crossed her legs. She caught my stare and looked down at her wide open legs and the soft fold of her clean little pink pussy. She looked back up at me with a smile, her cheeks going pink.

Licking her thumb she sat her cracker down and still chewing, scooted back to open her legs. She undid her towel and laid it open. "I guess there's no time like the present hmm?" she said. "Want to admire my pussy a little?" she asked, beginning to show me the soft lips, pink folds and tiny clit.

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I stayed where I was, leaning back against the sofa and admiring her. It seemed like this was going to be the pace for the rest of the night as we discussed things openly.

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I asked her freely about her shaving and she was quite serious when she talked of ways to keep it soft and free of razor burn. Her legs and under her arms too. She even went as far to stand up and take off all her towels and show a little tour of her body, pointing out areas she didn't like and exercises she did to stay toned. "All your parts are perfect to me." I teased.


"You like them all!" She slapped my shoulder as she stood in front of me. She let me run my hand across her smooth stomach. "You're the perfect woman." I sighed, making no attempt to hide my obvious erection. It was my turn next. She left her towels on the floor as she climbed back up on the sofa. Based on our ground rules she could touch me but instead, after she sat back down and crossed her legs, she chose to hug a pillow against her breasts and study me as I took my turn.

I turned more towards her, half sitting on one foot and leaning back on my hands, my erection in between us. For lack of something better to say, I was explaining how best to jerk off with her panties. This was the very thing because she kept looking up and smiling. "This is turning me on. I didn't know men liked so many different things to touch their cocks." "Lots of stuff.

Open toe high heels. Stockings. They work real nice." "Really? Wow." "Yes, it's that easy. Think of it like all the different items made for female stimulation. It's all in how he knows what he's using to jerk off with and where it's been. And I suppose whatever his fetish is." "What about bras?" "It can be done.

Just hold the cups together.

Like putting a hotdog in a hamburger bun." I slapped my hands together. She laughed hard. I sat up and reached out to close my hands over her knees, caressing her skin with my thumbs. "Yes masturbation is its own kinky little world and reward." Her laughter died away and we stared at each other. "Can you masturbate using.her body?" "Blindfolded.but." "What is it?" "Can it really be called masturbation?" "What do you mean?" "You're thinking something like his cock between her breasts or feet right?" "Uh huh." "It's hard to call it masturbation then.or even stimulation.

At that point a guy is having sex with your tits. Sex with your feet etc." She nibbled a cracker and looked around the room a little. The storm was pattering the window with heavy rain but we were tucked inside warm and cozy with the living room glowing with candles. We wouldn't notice the power going out even if it happened. "I have a request." she smiled. *** I lay back as she brushed her hair back with both hands, shaking it out down her back.

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From kneeling between my knees, she then put her hands on my chest and looked me in the eyes. "Are you sure?" she asked. "I'm scared." I laughed. "Scared?!" she seemed genuinely shocked. "It's.close. This way. To do it this way." "You said it would be worse in the chair." "It would but like this is only a little better. It wouldn't be so scary if it just wasn't so.amazing." "Maybe we shouldn't then." I reached out and took her by the shoulders.

"I can't imagine turning you away now. But damn is it hard to keep a promise." She kissed my arm. "It'll be ok." And together we lay her down on me. The touch of her body was as cool as silk as she laid down between my legs, pressing her firm tummy against my cock and slowing pushing it flat against my own.

Her breasts nuzzled in across my ribs and her face was even with my chest. Satisfied, she held herself up with one arm and played with my nipple as she began to do a slow sensuous rub against me. Laying higher than her like this, all I could do was caress her shoulders as she slowly humped her body against my crotch. We lay on a bed of blankets on the floor by the sofa with soft music playing but she had no intention of doing any kind of dance to the beat.

Now she just simply let her body rub against mine, her smooth firm abs sliding up and down my cock. I could feel the little dip of her belly button against my balls, it made me ached to feel where her hard nipples moved across me. She looked me straight in the eye the whole time. Her hair tickled and was soft and silky, scented with jasmine perfume. The warmth of her against me was like no other.

Putting her hands along my sides she lifted up then, running her body side to side, caressing my cock across her skin. She even leaned down to kiss me.

Finally we parted so we both could look down between us as she moved against me. She was more aggressive with it and was swirling herself against me.


Her nipples were hard little erasers. This was to much for me, feeling the little valleys of her dainty ribs rub over my cock one by one. To feel her slide all the way down so my cock nudged the bottom of her petite breasts. That in itself was like a motion she was sliding down to suck my cock and the tease of it was intense. She even dragged her tongue down my chest and then back up.

But to look past her breasts and see my cock gliding over her mid-section, her stomach, and leave tiny little trails of wetness on her skin from my hot tip? To look past that and see her apple ass perched between my knees and the perfection of her flawless legs lying down between the rough toughness of my own? And when she looked up at me flashed her smile is what did it. You can't hardly imagine what it was like to look down the length of her sculpted body and realized that it's your cock she's body humping.

Her perfect proportions and flawless sex appeal is right against you and she's not stopping. The world's hottest woman is using her body to get you off. We both gasped as cum spurted from my cock without warning. She looked down to watch. It lanced right up between us, covering our skin like white hot lotion. I was amazed at this point there was even that much inside me. She bit her lip watching it, already dipping her stomach against it and admiring the cream as I kept on spurting.

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She gave a surprised shout of delight when one spurt even reached her breast. She looked back at me. "I can feel it on my tits!" she giggled and kept right on rolling her body against mine, my cum hot between us. She pressed herself back to me as she then slid one hand down between her legs. As I felt my orgasm die off, I stared down at her and held her shoulders while she fingered herself.

I could hear the sound of her and she was dripping. I dreamed of all that precious juice between her legs. She was still rubbing herself against me. Her eyes closed, she was gasping a little. "I love. Your cum. On my skin." she gasped, lowering her face and moaning. But we had agreed. To do this, she had to stay where she was.

If she moved one inch to lift her pussy any higher, even now I think we both knew we would fuck on the spot. She looked up at me as if sharing the same thought and dragged her fingers down my chest, dropping her head back down with a groan. She came hard as she rubbed her cum covered body against mine and while I didn't see it, when it was over she dragged her hand up and rested her arm on my chest.

The scent of her was incredible and at first she dabbed her wet fingertip against my nipple but then I took her hand and slowly sucked each of her wet fingers. I tucked my leg a little further under her and felt the wet kiss of her pussy on my thigh. She sighed and relaxed and dropped her head onto my chest. I caressed her back for a while.

The rain kept coming down. She had stopped moving and lay on my chest with one hand tucked up around her cheek, breathing softly. I kissed the top of her head once more and as arranged, pulled a full warm blanket up over the two of us and tucked us in. I lay my head back on the pillow and sighed, wanting this one moment to never end.

I looked down at her. She was cuddled against me like a kitten. And she was already asleep.