Demure chicks are desirous to get their twats screwed during orgy

Demure chicks are desirous to get their twats screwed during orgy
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Betrayal 2 You need to read Betrayal One to understand where I'm coming from. In that first part I explained how an old friend had stayed with me and my beautiful wife of twenty years, Brandi, and how they ended up betraying me also, how I betrayed myself. Brandi is thirty-eight but looks twenty-eight, bright, assertive and strong willed, the most beautiful woman I've ever known.

I've worshiped her from afar since high school, finally got the nerve to ask her for a date in college, and was the most surprised man in the world when she agreed to marry me. I've never thought once of cheating on her, and I know the same is true for her.

Our sex life has been great through the years, and although less frequent now than in our early years, we're still pretty enthusiastic and inventive with it. Continued from Betrayal One. . For the past thirty minutes I'd spied on my wife and an old friend, from our patio door as they conducted erotic foreplay on the sofa in our family room. To her credit, Brandi was reluctant at first, but Lee was very adept at his manipulations.

When it had reached the point where she had begun sucking him off, she'd suddenly stood and walked toward our bedroom. I have to admit that sick as it was, I was extremely excited by what I'd seen, but drastically relieved that she'd suddenly come to her senses and stopped. Then, I was crushed when she'd only peered in, saw that I was "sleeping" and softly closed the door again. Confused and scared as hell by what was happening, I got up and hurried back to the glass patio door just as she reentered the family room.

Lee was still seated on the sofa. He had put his huge cock back inside his sweat suit, but the bulge was still showing. Brandi walked over, stood silently before him for a moment as though making up her mind about something, and then held out her hand. He took it and together they walked toward the guest bedroom without a word being spoken.

That's where I left off my last story. I had few options. I could barge in, at which time they may not even be doing anything; or, she may only be explaining to him why she couldn't do it, and I'd just end up looking like a complete fool in front of my beautiful wife; or maybe, I'd actually catch them in the act. If I did, what then? But, I had to know. Wearing only my robe and house shoes, I slipped out of the patio door and around the house to the guestroom window.

As I knew it would be, the wooden window slats were partially open and the window slightly cracked for ventilation. Lee was already on the king-sized bed, his sweatshirt off, and pulling off his bottoms.

The head of the bed was on the far wall, so his feet were toward me only six or so feet away. Brandi was removing her sweater.

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I'd seen her do this a thousand times. Lee tossed his pants aside and lay sprawled on his back. His legs were spread and I could see his large hairy sacks, and large half-erect cock.

Brandi paused while removing her shorts, suddenly fascinated, staring at his cock, her mouth agape. I'd seen a few porno films during college and none of those guys had a thing on Lee.

He truly had a monster cock. With my hand wrapped around my own average sized dick, there is about two-three inches sticking out. I could've wrapped both on my hands around Lee's cock, and there'd been more than that left over.

I truly felt inferior. I knew this was sick, but I was more sexually charged than I'd ever been. I was trembling, short of breath, and feeling like my dick was about to explode. There was no doubt in my mind now that Brandi was going to let Lee fuck her. She and I were what I'd always thought of as "a good fit." Even when she was extra wet I could feel the walls of her pussy rubbing against the sides of my average-sized cock.

I knew Lee would never be able to stick that thing inside her. Brandi had her shorts off now, crawling across the king-sized bed toward Lee. She cupped his hairy sacs with her right hand and the base of that thing with her left hand, her slim fingers barely reaching half-way around it.

Then she began to make love to it. There is no other way to describe what she was doing. Loose wet lips sliding around the head of it, her pink tongue licking as though it were candy, little bites, loving kisses from tip to its base.

. licking the wet drops from its tip like nectar. I was crying inside. My heart breaking. My dick as hard as it'd ever been in my life. From less than six-feet away, I saw my wife take the huge head in her mouth, suddenly forcing her head down on it. As soon as it hit the back of her throat, she gagged, pulling back. She did this several times. I could tell as soon as she was successful getting the giant cock-head through the opening, because I could see its knot half-way down her white throat.

She paused, resting, breathing through her nose. Then she took it in, all the way to its base, pausing again. I couldn't believe it. She'd taken it all, almost effortlessly, too. Kneeling over him, she began to slowly ease him in and out, pausing at the head each time to lick and suck. I suddenly realized I was lightheaded, forced myself to breathe deeply. Lee was moving upward now, into her clinging mouth, his thigh muscles tight, and his legs straight.

I knew he was getting very close. Brandi pulled back, watched his cock jerk as though fascinated by it. Periodically, she'd flick out the tip of her tongue, taking the clear drop that formed there, then pull back to watch it jerk some more. She was tormenting him. She knew he was ready. Through the partially open window I heard him hoarsely say, "You bitch." Brandi laughed deep in her throat, sliding up to his chest, staring into his face. She moved forward, sticking her tongue in his mouth.

They shared deep kisses for the next few minutes, until she finally pulled back, breathless, gasping for air.


Without a word, she threw one leg over him, hovering there, her wet pussy lips scant inches above his jerking cockhead.

Then she lowered until her swollen, wet cunt lips half-covered his pulsating cockhead, slowly sliding around on it, her juices making it shinny.

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Lee groaned loudly and she hushed him with her tongue inside his mouth. I watched her ass clinch tightly as she pushed downward on his huge cock, the strain making the tendons of her thighs stand out. When he was half-way in her, she rested with her hands on his chest, breathing deeply. I realized my mouth felt like cotton, swallowing quickly to get moisture, trying to resist the shaking in my legs.

Brandi's face looked as she was in constant pain now, as she fought to get Lee's obscene length inside her.

At last, she was sitting on his stomach, but not moving a muscle. She looked down, her hand finding the bulge under the skin of her soft belly that was Lee's cock buried there.


She seemed fascinated by it, rubbing it gently, cupping it in her small hand as she made small slow circles on Lee's stomach with her ass. I wanted to scream that's my wife! Leave her alone! I couldn't utter a sound around my dry tongue.

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Lee reached out at took the nipple of her perfect breast between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it around. I knew she loved that, but what he did next is what I always did to send her over the edge; he tugged on it, gently but steadily, just a little painfully. She grunted, the circles of her ass becoming bigger. Instantly recognizing this was an important button, Lee leaned forward, closing his teeth around the nipple.

Brandi tossed her head back, closed her eyes, and began wiggling against his giant cock. Who was this woman I now saw before me.

There was such an air of innocence, yet wildness about her that I yearned to have experienced just once during our twenty years together. Suddenly, she rose from her knees to her feet, now squatting over him. She raised herself up almost off his cock, then slid back down and then again, his cock shining with her juices.

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He bit her tit again, and Brandi went wild, slamming herself into Lee's rampant cock, crying out each time. Lee grabbed her hips, holding her still, now doing the slamming himself. I watched that awesome cock entering her, pulling back, slamming forward, as she opened herself, offering herself to him.

On its withdrawal, Lee's large cock literally pulled her vaginal walls out with it. Suddenly, he thrust upward to the base, holding it there as she squirmed down on it.

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His tightened thighs and clinched buttocks told me he was coming. I heard him grunt loudly each time he spurted inside her. Then Brandi also cried out, her toes curling as I knew they did when she came.

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During sex throughout our marriage, she'd obviously enjoyed our intercourse, usually moaning softly, occasionally crying out quietly, but still, rather sedately. I watched now as she went absolutely wild. I'd never seen her like this, slamming herself down on Lee's big cock, her hair flying, eyes glazed, whimpering with pure joy as wave after wave racked her slim body. It went on a long time.

When it was over she settled onto his body, lying limply, breathing raggedly. It was only then I realized I'd shot my own load inside the robe. I braced myself on the window sill to keep my knees from buckling, gasping for breath. Only a few feet away I could see Lee's huge cock, still half-buried inside my wife. It was softening a bit, and his semen was seeping from around the once tight fit inside her. He turned onto his side, and Brandi whimpered again, throwing a leg over his hip to hold his cock inside her.

The head finally slipped out, clearly exposed to me, a river of cum following, coating his balls and her inter-thigh. Soft, his cock still looked like something one would find on a small horse.

It glistened with fluid, and although limp, was still formidable. He said something I couldn't hear and Brandi softly giggled. I hated them both. I wanted to bust in, confront them, but realized that would be difficult to do with my robe splattered with cum. Confused, unsure, I just stood there, watching my beautiful wife and another man.

Brandi sit up, muttering something about having to go. Lee touched her shoulder and I heard him say, "Stay with me." "I will. I promise, only not tonight. I have to tell him first." My world crashed with her comment. I suddenly realized she was staring at Lee's glistening cock lying against his thigh.

She reached out and took it in her hand. Not once in twenty years did she ever touch my cock when it was messy. I was the one who always had to get a washcloth to clean her up. Now, she stroked it, then sliding down, began to lick it.

I was devastated. She cleaned the head, then down its long stem, licking the cum away. At the base, she continued downward, licking his balls, nibbling the loose skin around his balls, taking one gently into her mouth and sucking it. She appeared to be in total bliss. In horror, I watched as she lifted his sacs, licking under them, downward into his steaming crack. She seemed to go a little crazy then, licking, sucking, and biting his anus like she was a starving person.

I could not believe what I was seeing. This was a woman who wouldn't even touch a wet cock! I looked down at my cock and was astounded to find it hard again. When I looked back up Brandi had Lee's cock buried in her throat all the way to the pubic hairs.

She sucked it hard for about five minutes, then I saw his legs go ridged and he started grunting again as he pumped his cum deep into her gullet. I watched her throat muscles milk his cock as she swallowed quickly to keep from choking. She kept working on it even after it grew soft. Finally, she let it fall from her mouth, slid up his chest, and took his entire mouth inside her own.

They kissed for a long time. Then she rolled off the bed and started gathering up her clothing. Frantic, I rushed back to our room, jumped under the cover and a few minutes later, heard her quietly opening the bedroom door. I heard her in the bathroom, showering, brushing her teeth, and finally she stood beside the bed, dropping her white nightgown to the floor before slipping into bed.

I did a half-sleep groan, stretched and rolled against her back, my hard cock poking her ass. She stopped breathing. Mumbling as I reached around and placed my hand on her tit, I poked her again but she lay as though frozen in place. I whispered sleepily against her neck, "Hey Baby. Glad you came to bed." I lifted her leg slightly, placing the head of my cock against her puffy, stretched lips. "Oh Honey," she said, "Not tonight.

I am beat." I felt angry, a little cruel. I shoved my cock between her pussy lips and thrust hard, slipping in easier than I ever had before. I may have hit about six strokes before I exploded.

Through it all, she never moved. I finally turned my back to her, wondering what would happen tomorrow.