My brother in law fucks me hard against the couch at home

My brother in law fucks me hard against the couch at home
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Our family always had a strange connection to one another. We were always closer than other families and could share things with each other that most families couldn't.


I'm Ashley and I'm 13 years old. I have an older brother. He's 17 and his name is Ricky. Call me crazy, but he has hot six-pack abs. It turns me on. But no one knows that but me of course. We share a room and we have 1 closet and a bathroom connected to our room, so we change in front of each other. It doesn't bother us.

But sometimes I can see Ricky, sneaking a peek at what I have to offer. I can't lie, I sneak at him too sometimes.

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I wonder if he notices. My mom and dad and I, tell each other everything. I have a lot of friends, but I come to them first always for advice. My dad is a tall 6 foot 5 man, with dark brown hair and he's very buff and strong.

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I'm attracted to the boys in my family. And I hope they're attracted to me. It's summer time and I can't wait to go to the pool this morning. " Ricky, do you know where my bikini is? " I asked. " Yeah, it's in the closet, " said Ricky. I slipped off my jeans, then shirt, and then panties, then I put on my bikini top first, and lastly the bottom because I hope he would see.

I was starting to mature, and get curvy and get the perfect boobs. I loved my body. But not as much as I loved his. Maybe playing around with him a bit couldn't be too bad. " So Ricky, can you find your swimming trunks? " I asked as he was naked and looking for it. " No, where is it? " asked Ricky. " Gee, I don't know, could it be these? " I asked holding up his swimming trunks in my hand. " Ashley, come on, give it back! " said Ricky in shock.

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I could see his large cock bouncing every move his made towards me. I got so wet. I ran around the room and then he tackled me. I could feel his dick rubbing against my pussy.

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I was surprised he didn't feel the wetness, but I could feel him getting hard. I just wanted to fuck him right then and there. I could hear one of my parents coming up the stairs, it was my dad. He didn't know we changed in front of one another, we quickly got up. " Rick!

Put on your swim trunks before dad catches you! " I wasn't staring at Ricky, I was staring at his hard and big dick. " Okay!

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" said Ricky. " So you guys ready to go? I sure know I am ," said my dad. We all went down the stairs and into the car. We sat in the car for 30 minutes, just listening to music and talking about the regular stuff.

Then we saw this huge water resort right in front of us. Since it was really hot, no one really came and got out of their house. It was basically only us. We got out the car. " Okay kids, I know this isn't far from home. Think of it as a mini-vacation kind of. We'll stay here for 3 days. Now for the water resort, there's the adults part, and the kids part. You two will go to the kids part.

Now it's nice because there's basically no one here." Said my mom smiling. We all got out the car. We went up to the receptionist table, and got our room keys. Me and Ricky ran up to our room.

It was beautiful! But we couldn't wait to get down to the water part. So we said bye to our parents and went off to the water. Once we arrived, we both jumped into the swimming pool. I got my long dark hair all over my face.

Ricky looked so hot when he was wet.

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I had to have him. I wanted him in me so bad. I had to find a plan to make him want me too. " Hey Ricky, you wanna go on the water slides together? " I asked.

" Sure, I'll go grab the tubes for it, so we can go at the same time, " said Ricky. We walked up to the water slide and put our tube right at the beginning. I sat in the front and he sat in the back.


I could feel his dick pressing against my back. We slid down and we went down a big slope his dick pressed harder against me than ever. Once we got off, we started getting hungry.

" Hey, you wanna get some pizza? " asked Rick. " Yeah, " I said. Once we got our pizza, we sat down at a nice table. " Ricky, I know you saw me naked before we left for the resort, and I saw your dick, and you got hard when you tackled me. " I said just very clearly. " Okay Ashley, I might be attracted to you since your maturing and changing, don't you feel the same way?

" asked Ricky. " Yes! All the time, ever since your were 14. I just wanted you so bad, and I want to do something about that don't you? " I asked. " Yeah, but we'd have to find a way to not get caught, " he said.

" Follow me, " I said winking. I lead him into the lady's locker room and we sat down all the way in the back. No one was there so we were safe. I kissed him and then pulled down his trunks, and I touched his hard dick. I started rubbing up and down. " Oh yea, that feels good, you make me so fucking hard ," moaned Ricky. I kept rubbing faster and faster. I'm a virgin so I don't know how far he wants to go.

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He kept moaning, then he laid down and I laid on top of him. He started rubbing my boobs. I was so wet the wetness dripped out of my bikini bottom and got a little on his dick.

I made out with him. And then we went 69 style. The warm tongue going into my hot pussy was an incredible sensation. "Oh yea Ricky, your so hot, oh yea tongue fuck my hot pussy, " I moaned. I rubbed his dick faster and faster and then sucked on it harder and deeper. " OHH!!! I'm cumming!! " screamed Ricky. " OHH… me tooo!! " I screamed in pleasure. "Ohhh.

uuhhh. Oohh.!!" moaned Ricky as he cummed all in my mouth and all over my face. " Ohhhh…!!!" I moaned loudly as I cummed on his mouth as he lapped it all up. " I think we should get back to the hotel room, it's getting late sexy thing. We can continue this tomorrow.

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Come on, I'll wash you up. End of part 1.