Gay sex Trace and William get together with their fresh acquaintance

Gay sex Trace and William get together with their fresh acquaintance
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The next day, I woke up eager to go to school, as most of my concerns and worries about high school had faded and I was ready to just have fun at school with my friends.


I ate breakfast and headed to my bus stop, where I was a little reluctant about running into Layesha again. When I arrived at the bus stop, all the kids were looking at me with a strange face. Eventually they continued their individual conversations and I could hear what they were discussing.

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They all were talking about my penis and how big it was. I was especially trying to hear Layesha's conversation about it with the other two black boys.

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She kept telling them that she heard I had a monster cock, but they didn't believe her. Then Layesha turned towards me. "Yo Joey. How big's your cock?" she asked "Uhmm…like 11 inches." I said hesitantly "I told you motherfuckers. Damn, that's hot. I can't believe that scrawny white kid's got a huge cock.

I'm gonna have to see it for myself sometime." Layesha told the two boys. I couldn't believe it. Layesha actually thought my dick was hot and wanted to see it.

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It was awesome, but I also was confused as to how everyone at the bus stop knew. But once I got to school, I realized that everyone in the whole school knew as every kid gave me a weird look in the hallway. The first three classes were strange, but not as strange as P.E.


was. I walked into the locker room and everyone was quiet and looking at me. Gym class was pretty much the same.

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We played basketball again and I sucked again, but then we all had to take showers just like yesterday. I felt much more comfortable and immediately headed for the shower room naked, not even bothering to wrap the towel around myself. I got into the shower and began washing myself like normal. I was facing with my ass to everyone else and my 7 inch soft penis was hanging, clearly visible between my legs to everyone. There wasn't very much chatter, in fact there wasn't any chatter and that perplexed me a bit.

I turned around to see what was going on and I saw a bunch of kids masturbating their erect cocks and their eyes were set on me.

I wasn't really sure what to do, but I just stayed there facing them and continued to wash myself as I scanned over all of their penises.

The biggest one I saw was probably 6 inches hard, but watching all of these guys stroking their cocks in front of me began to make my own penis hard. After a while my cock was fully erect at its huge length of 11 inches and the other guys began to stroke their dicks faster. They were sexually attracted to my cock and I loved it.

I began to stroke my penis and then three of the boys began to walk over to me. They stood very close to me as they continued to masturbate. One of the boys reached and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it.

The other two got down on their knees and the third joined them. There were now three boys on their knees next to my huge cock as one of them stroked me.

Then he did the unexpected and brought his mouth to my penis. He wrapped his mouth around the head of my penis and began to suck and lick. The other two were fondling my balls and even placing them in their mouth.

As this was going on, there was probably 11 other guys standing around us jacking off as they watched this gay orgy unfold in front of them. And one by one the standing crowd began to ejaculate, and they made sure that all of their cum went on either me or the three boys on their knees.

With all of this going on the three boys on their knees began to cum all over my legs and feet. The sight of this pushed me over the edge and I released my huge load all over the three boys' faces.

No one really said anything. We all just washed up and left the showers. One of the kids pushed me and said that anything that goes on in the locker room stays in the locker room.

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Then he threatened me so I wouldn't tell anyone. As I was drying off, a bigger jock kid came up to me and grabbed my towel away from me and threw it away. "I bet you think you're special or something with that huge cock, huh?" he asked me "No. Not at all." "Well I don't care how big your dick is.


You're still a scrawny little nerd and I'm gonna put you in your place." Then he turned me around and pushed down my back so I was bent over with my hands on the bench. His cock was erect and I figured what he was planning on doing. He bent down and spread my ass cheeks. Then he shoved his finger up my ass and it made me cringe.

He stood back up and shoved his penis into my ass. He began to fuck me and I was in quite a bit of pain. I had never had anything in my asshole let alone a penis that was thrusting in and out.


I knew I couldn't get away from this kid so I decided to try and enjoy it as best as I could. I began to notice that my cock was getting hard again. Pretty soon I had another fully 11 inch erection and began to really enjoy being fucked in the ass. "Damn. That monster cock of yours is back. I guess that means you like it, huh?" he said "Yes.

It feels real good." I said "Well, it's about to feel better. You ready for my load bitch?" "Yes. Cum in my ass. Please." I said Then he grunted a few times and I felt gushes of cum leave his penis and go deep into my ass. He blasted off about 4 streams of cum and pulled out his dick. He demanded I suck it and I complied as I licked his penis dry. I went to the bathroom to wipe my butt as I noticed a lot of cum was leaking out of it.

The rest of the day seemed easy compared to gym class and once again I had completed another day of school. My penis had not caused me to be a freak, but rather a sexual attraction to everyone.